D&D 5E MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools

MPMB's D&D 5e Character Tools are a set of fully-automated PDFs that help create and maintain your D&D 5e characters. You can no longer get them through ENworld, but instead you can find them on MPMB's website Flapkan.com.

For the old MPMB's Excel Spell Sheet Generator, please refer to the download page here on ENworld for more information. Be aware that this Excel has not been updated in a long time and is no longer being actively maintained.
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This character sheet looks amazing and I love the Spell sheet, now that I have managed to get it to work properly on my computer.

I have an issue with the character sheet, however. In the Racial features and Background features sections of the sheet, my text doesn't line up with the lines on the sheet. Is there an easy way to correct this?

Edit: So, apparently, this is a problem with Foxit Reader. I don't know if there is anything you can do on the authoring side to make it work with Foxit, so I'll use Adobe Acrobat for your sheet.

Thanks! :)
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So I just found out this forum post was auto-generated when I posted the sheets I made.

Thank you for the positive feedback! Hope this sheet brings you a lot of fun. Foxit reader has some compatibility issues with Acrbat forms. So if you have the option, use Adobe products for this sheet.

Please let me know if you find anything missing/wrong with either of the sheets.
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Wow what a beautiful sheet. Shame I use freeware - I can't get the macros to load but I may be able to delegate to my dad's laptop :)

One tiny thing - a human fighter will need up to 8 feat slots.

I think what would make this sheet perfect is having an optional supplementary sheet with similar fonts and headers with some freeform sections including boxes for magic item descriptions (you can only attune to three but likelihood is you will have more), a power and feats spill over section for the main document, character notes/journal section, a section for boons, charms etc from the DMG, and maybe a character portrait box.

But this is a really phenomenal effort as is.

Thank you for your feedback!

Human fighters that only take feats are the exception to the rule, fortunately. Most characters won't take that many feats, and designing for the exception will always leave a lot of unused space for most characters IMHO.

I agree that a sheet with room for more documentation of your character/familiar/mount/cohort could be a useful addition. Unfortunately, I didn't design this sheet, I just added the form-fillable elements (and made some minor changes). So I don't have the original documents to simply make some more in the same style and thus would have to start from scratch. If you have a good lay-out in mind I would be willing to give it a go and brighten your lay-out with the style elements of this sheet (so with lay-out I just mean an example of how much room everything should take up, where it should go, what information should and shouldn't be part of it, etc.).

The things I think would be good supplements (just spit-balling):
- Stat block and stuff for 1 familiar/mount/cohort/animal companion
- Rewards section with description of (the functionality) of magic items and other rewards (boons/charms/blessings)
- Background story section (more room to expand on story and not just background traits/features)
- Spill over space for equipment
- Place to record level of fatigue (and what that level entails)
- Summary of what the different conditions entail
- Lots of space for notes (campaign journal/notes etc.)


I love the export / import function! I had several characters in the previous version of the sheet and I was able to use the export/import function to get there info moved over to this new sheet. I had to re-enter their hit point value, but I think that's a minor inconvenience, really. :)

Thanks again for uploading this! :)


Very nice character sheet, very thorough!

I recently downloaded a bunch of "classic" D&D fonts (Souvenir, Friz Quadrata, Futura etc) and, using Acrobat Pro, might try to create my own version, though probably first by changing around WotC's "Adventurer's League" sheet.
Though Acrobat isn't good to align stuff (or maybe I just don't know its full potential) so I might use Photoshop (which I have pretty solid knowledge of) instead.

Making your own sheet is always a load of fun IMHO. I wouldn't recommend using Photoshop. Photoshop is useful for making pictures, not for making documents. InDesign is much more suited for that. Also Illustrator in the case of sheets with mostly graphics and little text, like character sheets, but I'd still recommend InDesign.


Here's a quick preview of the "classic fonts" version of the official Character Sheet I'm working on. It's far from finished but it gives a good impression of what I have in mind.


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