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My races and setting back ground for them 1

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This is races i adapted to fit in a campaign setting i had for d20 modern, of which i adapted to 5th edition, this is an old setting i had been adding to for years. Please be respectful on feed back, if you find it necessary, other wise my ignore list just gets bigger. I am going to be using this with the kick starter i backed called the spy game https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/287589860/the-spy-game-5th-edition-action-espionage-roleplaying-game/description I have some magic elements that will be added after i get the book that were adapted from the old modern d20 by another guy here https://decisionparalysis.blogspot.com/ together i hope to complete the setting and start running again. I am just sharing this as put much work into trying to inc operate the magic and fantasy into real world history and such, i took liberties in many of the cases to make some things fit
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