Scheherazade Quickstart - The One Thousand and One Nights RPG -

Scheherazade Quickstart - The One Thousand and One Nights RPG - 2019-11-27

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The One Thousand and One Nights. You surely know them: how the beautiful and wily Scheherazade saved her life by telling the Caliph one thousand and one stories, one each night.

This is how things went in the book.

In the game, it is a little different: after the one thousandth night, Scheherazade went to bed and fell into an enchanted slumber from which no sage, hakim, or fakir could wake her.
Nobody, apart from you, the Chosen Ones of Scheherazade, the persons on which she based the stories she told to the Caliph. Only you can save Scheherazade and the Caliphate of the Eternal Moon. Are you ready to venture into a land of hot sand and tall minarets, scimitars and flying carpets, genies and lamps, heroic orphans and evil viziers?

In this Quick Start you'll find everything you need to get a taste of the game!
Gio Dal Farra
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