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'Simple' Form Fillable Character Sheet for Complex Characters, Form fillable tracker too! Final version of Form Fillable

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Update: Here it is the current functional version of my Form Fillable charater sheet. Streamlined, efficient, and fully capable of being read compared to the previous version. Very slick to my eyes, but I can understand if others might not like it. Never could figure out how to bump text from one box to the next so if you want to use it you still gotta tab when the line is full, but I did ensure all the tabs go to the next appropriate field. Have fun with it.

Heyo all, I'm a bit of a weird one but I've been itching find a character sheet that suites my need for a sheet that multi-class characters can grow into. What I came up with borrows a couple blocks from other more popular sheets but fits ideally my preference for a single page form. I've also included my custom made Adventure League tracker for people people who can write small enough to fit 8 adventures on the same page.

Special Thanks for the sadly unasked permission to use a bit of the layout from SpadaBastarda's form and a couple armor graphics from elSwitchblade.
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