"Wiesbaden 1.17 (Excel) Character Sheet" D&D (v1.11)

"Wiesbaden 1.17 (Excel) Character Sheet" D&D (v1.11) 1

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Here is the full dynamic Excel version. It has a LOT of options. You should be able to create any kind of character based on the PHB and the MM alternate race options. It also has power, initiative and magic item cards you can fill in. You still need the PHB for the exact details of the powers and rituals though. By Matthias Schäfer & Anna Werner.

The excel sheet should pretty much explain itself. Here are some points you might need to understand the mechanics:

- You need to understand the D&D 4E rules. The sheet does not explain these to you.

- You need the D&D PHB 4E to completely fill in all fields. The power descriptions do not
automatically fill in. Only the power names can be selected. The rest you need to manually
type in using your PHB.

- Every character needs a unique version of the whole excel file. Simply save the file under your
character's name. There's currently no way to import data from on older version to the current one.

- Rule of thumb: If it's a yellow field you can/need to fill in the content yourself. All yellow fields
can be manipulated by you. You will see yellow fields on the charsheets as well.
Feel free to change the content as you wish.

- If you want to override an autogenerated value use the associated OVERRIDE field

- If you do not like certain aspects or if you want to change font sizes etc. Simply "UNPROTECT"
the sheet in your excel version. You can now freely change the formats to your liking.

- The Pro sheet relies on information on charsheet 1. If you want to benefit from any misc bonuses
add them on charsheet 1 to make them appear on the pro sheet.

- The damage fields on the Pro sheet are intended to give you maximum flexibility with different
weapons. In this case we suggest to type [W] instead of damage dice. Ultimately this is up to you.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask the friendly folks under:


Is the Heroforge 4th Edition?

No, it isn't. There will be an own Heroforge Version for 4th Edition. The heroforge team is simply so kind to host the "Wiesbaden Charsheet" on their website. Please DO NOT post bugs or comments on the heroforge yahoo group.

What does "Wiesbaden" mean anyway?

It's the name of the German hometown of the programmers and designers of this sheet.

We are programming the Wiesbaden Charsheet for Excel version 2007. Older versions are limited
to the amount of different formats a single Excel file can have. For these users we seperated the
original file in two smaller Excel files:

wiesbaden_charsheet_v????_XPversion.xls has all dynamic features.
wiesbaden_charsheet_v????_XPextras.xls has all non dynamic features.

Everyone else using Excel 2007 or newer only need:


Thanks for your interest in the Excel sheet.

If you find any spelling issues and bugs we're happy to fix it for the next version. But we need your
feedback. Any comments welcome. We recommend to send your feedback directly to
Lead Excel programmer Anna loves to get e-mail! Or post the bug on this eworld thread:

If you find this little Excel Sheet usefull you can donate a dollar if you want via paypal to
You are not paying for the software but donate for the work done.


Anna & Matthias
(Anywhere & Amurayi)


Version 1.06: RELEASED 06-06-2008
1st release

Version 1.08: RELEASED 06-07-2008
New features:
- Freely accessible "Notes" field added on char page 3
- "Equipment": Field for bonus for Neck item
- "Mundane" as option for non-magical items. Shows no value as it's up to the DM to allow these items to be sold.
- Total value of rituals selected
- Spelling issues
- Page 2 Charsheet: Sellprice can have more than 4 digits now
- "Feats": Proficiency fields are now unprotected
- "Feats": "Long Jumper" is now accessible if you are trained in Athletics
- "Cleric multiclass feat, Initiate of the faith" fixed
- "Tactical Assault or Inspired Recovery" fixed for Warlords
- "Dragon Breath": Added poison type
- Ranger Bonus trained skill fixed
- Wands now appear on Equipment section on charsheet
- "Channel Divinity" feats avaiable for paladins, too

Version 1.09: RELEASED 06-09-2008
New features:
- "Attacks": Chosen Powers and Class feature powers can be selected from drop down
- you can now not set a trained (through class) trained anymore
- Minor Design Fixes
- Feats: "Warlock Pact" fixed. You do get a Pact power, not Eldricth Blast
- "Acolyte Power" and "Adept Power" now show the correct powers
- Skills: The "Custom" field can now be edited again
- Special Armor Materials don't produce errors anymore
- renamed Unarmed attacks
- Date not country dependant anymore

Version 1.10: RELEASED 06-12-08
Bug fixes:
- Linebreak for text on Charsheet page 3
- Feats: "Arcane Initaite" fixed (can be selecetd if trained in Arcana
- Feats: "Initiate of the Faith" description fixed
- Paragon Path: Pit fighter adds 1/2 level to damage now
- Half-Elf extra power now appears on charsheet, too
- Fighter's "Sweeping Blow" added
- Wizard: Proficieny bonus of staff and dagger now shows correctly on attack page
- Backpack Item cells can be edited again
- Halfling Bonus now listed correctly

Version 1.11:RELEASED 06-20-08
New features:
- Expanded Spellbook is featured now
- Design Update: Some fields vanish if you do not need to select anything (like no Extra Power selection if you are not a Wizard)
- Override field for race
- Override field for abilitys (works up to 50)
- Under "equipment" you can select a weapons you noted on the "attacks" page in Weapon slot 1
Design changes:
- Potions can now be deleted from backpack
- Shield will appear on charsheet even you don't enter a description
- changed postions of "rituals" and "utility" powers field so all powers are closer together
- Human and Half-elf extra powers are now listed under the regular power table
- If you select a skill you are already trained in, the X turns red
- "Power Attack" feat got a bit longer description
Bug fixes:
- Several spelling erros
- "Toughness" appears on Feats list of you pick the Ranger's Two Wepon fighting style (hp were calculated correctly before though)
- Override fields for armor skill and speed penalty fixed
- East Rift now selectable as LFR region (now for sure! :cool: )
- Eladrins now gain their proficiency with Longswords as intended
- All "Range" fields don't give out dates anymore
- Tiefling Fire resistance bonus was calculated incorrectly
- Attack bonus override now is a real override
- Armor Check bonus override now works as intended
- "Toughness" now correctly appears if you select the Ranger's Two-Weapon fighting style
- "Rogue Weapon talent" now works as intended
- "Arcane Initiate" feat: You can now select powers
- Fighter attack bonus for one-handed or two-handed weapons now shows up in all BAB fields

Version 1.12: RELEASED 07-07-08
New features:
- Power cards in trading card size!
- Magic item cards in trading card size!
- Initiative card for your char!
- Custom tab - enter everything hot and fancy you find in new non-PHB sources
- More custom fields for homebrew rules
- Instead of writing 1d8+0 you can write 1d8
- Some fields disapear if you selcet certain options
- You can edit different bonuses of your damage like attack bonus
- Override field for languages
- you can select "no weapon" for your attacks to give you no proficiency
Design changes:
- The Attack and Damage fields are now more organized
- Damage is now split up
- The "Used" box dispears for At-will-powers
- The Ability name colors itself according to At-Will/Enc/Daily power
- Made At-Will powers field smaller and moved them closer to the oteh rpowers on page 2 of the sheet
- Removed "Temporary effects" on charsheet III to make space for more powers
Bug fixes:
- Minoor Spellling issuez
- Magic Cloth armor gives your Dex or Int bonus as it should
- Eldritch Blast can be selected as Half-Elf power as well
- Nature not a class skill for rogues anymore
- Feats: "Warrior of the Wild" sets the right skills to trained
- Feats: Weapon Focus Polearm added
- Feats: "Dragon Frenzy" is indicated on benefits when bloodied
- Feats: "Shield Push" changed description
- Gods: Avandra appears on your charsheet if you select her
- 3rd Damage field shows correct value now
- Removed the zeros in the weapon 1 drown-down menu
- Misc bonus for fighters weapon talent appears in both basic attack boxes, not only first one
- Item bonus field for speed can now be edited
- Demigod ability bonuses fixed

:area: Version 1.13: RELEASED 08-12-08
New features:
- NEW: New alternative landscape sheet recommended for advanced players. Optimized for US letter and DIN A4. All infos you need to play on a single sheet!
- NEW: Table tent for you character. On the back: Quick infos to ease up gameplay for you
- NEW: Extra bonuses page: Add all benefits you gain from party members to your sheet
- NEW: Living Forgotten Realms Advancement tracker
- More custom fields for homebrew rules
- Updated Warforged race from Dragon Mag #364
- Added Paragon Paths, Epic destinys, Feats and Powers from Dragon Magazin #364 and #365
- Added Artificer playtest class from Dragon Mag #365
- You can also add [W] in the damage fields instead of i.e. 1d8
- Forgotten Realms regional benefits implemented
- Added Drow, Genasi races from Forgotten Realms Player's Handbook
- Added Swordmage class (level 1-3) from Forgotten Realms Player's Handbook
- Added official Living Forgotten Realms Deities
- Added "Dark" pact for Warlocks from Forgotten Realms Player's Handbook
- Added new rituals from Dragon Mag #366
Design changes:
- Improoved Initiative card now in trading card size! Can now be hung on DM screen also!
- Adjusted a lot of terms to fit better to the upcoming LFR campaign
- Smoothed out design for power sheets (2 designs possible: trading card size for powers or broad sized so more fit onto one page)
- "Daily item power uses" moved to first charsheet page so you don't need to flip pages in gameplay.
- Added "Opportunity attack" as attack option
- Removed option to pick a weapon you designated in the ATTACKS tab in the equipment tab (was only accesible in Weapon 1 slot)
Bug fixes:
- Minhor spelling isseus fixed
- Feats bonuses don't stack anymore (Yay!)
- Initiative card passive values fixed
- Multiclass feat option now work as intended
- Override field for languages now works as intended
- Warpriest extra damage now rounds is intended
- Devastating Critical now adds 1d10 as intended
- Deadly Axe updates crit damage as intended

Version 1.14: RELEASED 08-12-08
Bug fixes:
- Fixed "Zirkelbezug" error
- Rogues benefit from Short sword proficiency

:area: Version 1.15: RELEASED 08-15-08
New features:
- Added "Alchimist" feat option
- Added "Formula" tab for alchimists
- Added Rituals from FRCS (they are evil, but hey, you never know where your path will lead you to...)
Design changes:
- To make it work for Excel users with version older than 2007 we seperated the main file into two
smaller ones
- removed gender selection
- Errata: Brew Potion is now a level 1 ritual
Bug fixes:
- Spelling issues
- Feat: "Jack of all trades" fixed
- class features show correctly on char sheet 2 again
- Armor check penalty is not transported correcty to the pro sheet for the custom skill
- Swordmage class fixed
- Eladrins get their racial bonus to dex again
- Wizards have their correct weapon proficiency shown on charsheet 2
- Warlord weapon prof. fixed
- Wizard's "Staff of Defense" now works as intended
- Race Override is now shown correctly on the Inicard
- Damage on the Pro sheet now works as intended: Write ydx (i.e. "2d6" or "1d8" if you want it to
show the exact dice, or write y[W] (i.e. "1[W]) if you want to be flexible to use different weapons
with your powers, which is the recommended method)
- fixed Misc Bonuses for attacks
- the Power Time selection is no longer locked on the Prosheet

Version 1.16: RELEASED
New features:
- Added all Alchemy formulas from AV
- Added "Transfer Enchantment" ritual from AV
- Added all Masterwork Armors and Weapons from AV
- Added all feats from FRPG
- Added all Paragon Paths and the Epic Destiny from FRPG
- Added all regional benefits from FRPG
- Added all Swordmage, Dark Pact and Spellscars powers from FRPG
- New sheet: "Short Sheet". For all those minimal lovers who use powercards exclusively
- Feats, Powers, Paragon Paths of Dragon #366 for Warlocks added
- neue Epic Destiny and more crunch from Dragon #366
- Custom race is now available
- added fields in the "Extra Bonuses" tab so can enter the Warlord's Modifier
Design changes:
- colored the override fields so it's easier to see the essential fields to fill in
- rearranged the fields in the attack power tab so it follows the order of the powers as written in the original books
- added armor bonus fields for Fort, Ref, Will as the new Masterwork Armor gives this type of bonuses
- Activation time on charsheet 1 now looks similar like on the pro sheet: Moved to the far left so it's the first thing you see. Also gained a bit more space for effect descriptions with this.
- a few more things here and there
Bug fixes:
- Minorr Spelling issues
- At-Will Swordmage powers fixed
- Shuriken increase in size in the hand of rogues
- unlocked field for character number
- fixed 1st and 3rd power on pro sheet
- language fixed for Genasi
- fixed Artificer skill training, was acrobatics instead of arcana
- more open office combatible, thanks to Yarthok
- feat bonus for alertness fixed
- class skills gained from home region fixed
- damage modifier fixed, shows now negative and positive modifiers
- Warlock Multiclass feat fixed
- the new Wizard powers from Dragon can now be selected, too

Version 1.17: RELEASED
Bug fixes:
- Magical Item Bonus does not get added twice anymore.

- Make sure you scroll up and down in the pop-up menus. You might miss an option you can pick!
- The bonus to saving throws (Human feat) is not listed on the char sheet. Fort, Ref, Will are NOT
saving throws anymore!
- Skill bonus for humans and eladrins is already included in the amounts of skill you can choose.
Skills you are automatically trained with are preselected as trained for you.
- Wizards DO NOT get an extra Utility power with expanded spellbook
- There ARE magic items which give bonuses to ability checks (see the Gauntlets of Ogre power for instance!)

Known issues:
- Make sure you scroll up and down in the pop-up menus. You might miss an option you can pick!
- Only point-buy system avaiable
- Minor issues with Open Office
- The yellow fields indicate which fields you cen edit in the charsheet. However these fields will also
print yellow on a color printer.
- The charcheets are optimized for DIN A4. If you use US letter make sure you select the "Fit to page"
setting in your printing window
- If you select "Pact Initiate" it shows the pact type not the power you gain

Things we like and probably won't change:
- Adding the full powers might be a step to far to get in trouble with the WotC legal department.
We won't cross this line.
- All PHB Potions are listed in backpack. Just add the number of potions you have next to it.
Sell price is per potion. Only because they are listed it doesn't mean you have them. :)
- No fields for ammunition is a good thing (Do you REALLY count your shot arrows?)
- No fields for character looks, background or traits. You visualize this in your head anyway.
- Worshipping a specific god isn't recognized as a prerequisite for the Channel Divinity Feats.
This way you can use the Override field for custom gods from other settings.
- Using a "staff" (opposed to a "quarterstaff") does not add a proficiency bonus to a Melee Basic
attack power (used with Str). Use the Override field to circumvent this or pick "Quarterstaff" if you
do Melee attacks with your staff implement.
- "Charsheet page 2": "Class powers" don't list the extra Utility and Daily powers Wizards aquire.
- No "Weight" fields. Ask your DM to stop being so anal if he burdens you to keep track of something
like this.
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