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WOIN Character Creation Worksheet 2019-09-20

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A while ago I created this Google docs spreadsheet that is very handy for keeping track of your skill and attribute increases as you're creating a new WOIN character. If you're just using a standard character sheet, it's really easy to get confused about how many ranks you have in a given skill, especially if you want to change things around as you go.

To take full advantage of the sheet, you'll want to make your own copy of it in Google Docs. I don't recommend downloading it, as my scripting doesn't seem to get translated appropriately for Excel or Open Office.

To use (on your own copy): Fill in the deep yellow fields of the sheet. You'll also want to fill some of the lighter yellow colored fields, but you won't need all of them. Usually you'll want four +1s in four of the fields to the right of your careers, and a whatever other modifiers are called for by your choice of home world and race. If you get extra skills from an exploit (like a college degree), you can list them in the extra fields on the far right (as is shown in the example career on the sheet).

Your attributes will be totaled and their pools will be shown at the bottom of the sheet, and your skill pools will be calculated in a list on the lower left.

Here's a copy of the sheet with a full grade 5 character entered on it. This is my current character in a new campaign, and I've picked exploits that give me a lot of extra skills. Most characters won't have nearly as much on the right side of the sheet.
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