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5E ‘Best’ Adventurers League season / adventures


I’ve been spending a lot of time looking for next adventures to use, and started checking out some AL options on dmsguild. It’s turned into a Netflix-like experience, where I spend way more time flipping through things than watching / playing 🙄!

In any event, I checked out a few AL modules and like what I’ve seen so far. I’ve come to find the WOTC adventure books unnecessarily dense, and the more direct format of the AL scenarios suits my DM style and players well.

I did a little digging and came across and old thread from 2017. Obviously there have been dozens released since then, so does anyone care to expand on this?

The Top 20 Adventurers League Adventures

Really impressed with DDEX1-06 The Scroll Thief, as well as DDEX2-10 Cloaks and Shadows. I don’t necessarily want to run a whole single season straight through, ok to jump around.

Our group has done CoS as well as ToA, so not really interested in any scenarios from those seasons. Also done a few from GoS as well as YP, and I don’t care for the Descent storyline in general.

There are also the CCC ones on the guild as well, interested in recommendations for those.

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I've played all of AL season 5 except the tier 4 mods. My other D&D friends and I all rate season 5 as our favorite. Season 1 is also excellent, and there were also some good mods in season 2 - Embers of Elmwood, Foulness Beneath Mulmaster, The Howling Void, and the Sword of Sefaril come to mind. Didn't play much of season 8 and none of 9, so I can't comment on those.


I am interested also but less in the seasons and more in the Convention Created Content. Baldman Games with their Moonshae Isle stuff has gotten a bit of attention lately and we just got the new Borderlands book to supplement Gamehole Con's Borderlands content. I would love to hear from anyone that has played them in their home games and what work was needed to adapt them to an ongoing home setting vs AL. Also, what other CCC content deserves a hard look for home games? There is so much of it out there it's not hard to be stuck browsing like the OP said.


Season 4 is rough around the edges, but if your group likes Ravenloft, it's basically a whole separate Ravenloft adventure. My thread where I talk about my experiences running it (which I do plan to finish, honest) is here:



Rotten DM
CCC modules are all over the place.
CCC-ELO-01 For the Kids ,CCC-ELO-02 The Four Kids are great for kids.
CCC-GHC-BK1-07 The Peculiar Case of the Selptan felines great for cat lovers
CCC-PRIOY-01 Maritime Mayhem nice sea adventure
Avoid Volo's Wake.
The Heir of Orcus has a good rep locally but I have nor played/ran it.

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