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Release “The Dawn-razor” is released, this Friday the 13th!



A new release price of only $1.35!

“From the shadows, the ancient lizard will creep. As merciless as wildfire, it will descend upon you. You might catch a flash of ochre skin, or perhaps the movement of elongated spikes, but by then it will be too late.”

“The Dawn-razor”
is part of our Combat Series which provides Game Masters with a quick, read out loud, combat scenario. The module brings your Players to Acklin Farms Stronghold. This ruined stronghold which has become the hunting grounds for the dreaded “Dawn-razor”.

  • An optional crossword worksheet to foreshadow the encounter.
  • Unique treasure
  • Hidden secrets
  • Interactive environments
  • Maps
  • Original art
For the affordable release price of $1.35, you’re sure to enjoy it, and with the unique treasure, hidden secrets, interactive environments, and adventure, your Players are sure to also.

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