1000 non-RPG websites for RPG ideas

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Double post. Sorry.

As an aside... was there ever an easy to read listing created? If so where is it?


Edward J Kopp
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The links go ever on and on

461. http://www.prairieghosts.com - Haunted America

462. http://www.pbs.org/avoidingarmageddon/ - Avoiding Armageddon

463. http://www.sibleyguidetobirds.com/splash/splash_01.asp - Sibley's guide to birds. You need to pay to gain access but at least you can know what the darn birdie looks like. ;)

464. http://www.enature.com - E-nature; the parent site of Sibley's guide and it has some amazing stuff. All you wanted to knwo about beetles, insects and lotsa other animals. Like Discovery Channel on the web. Where else can you send a Mud Snake as an e-card? ;)

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465. http://www.godecookery.com/ - Gode Cookery. Cookery in the middle Ages. Including the Pestilence Tyme, an account of England during the Plague years. Also a fascinating study of the helmeted [euphenism for chicken]. Um.. don't ask me to explain.

And great text like:

Focas is a see bulle, & is very stronge & dangerous / and he feghteth euer with his wyf tyll she be dede / and whan he hath kylled her, than he casteth her out of his place, & seketh another, and leueth with her very well tyl he dye / or tyll his wyfe ouercome him and kylle hym / he bydeth alway in one place / he and his yonges leue be suche as they can gete.

I mean if you ever wanted to talk like John Cleese crossed with the Swedish chef...
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