1000 non-RPG websites for RPG ideas

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523. http://www.iath.virginia.edu/waters/
An interactive cartographic history of the relationship between hydrological and hydraulic systems and their impact on the urban development of Rome, Italy from 753 BC to the present day. Aquae Urbis Romae examines the intersection between natural hydrological elements such as springs, rain, streams, marshes, and the Tiber River, and tectonic hydraulic elements such as aqueducts, fountains, sewers, bridges, conduits, etc., that together create the water infrastructure system of Rome.


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Ridiculously good thread- clogging my hard drive down with favorites....

Ship names from 1480-1501
A History of English Place Names
One Latin Dictionary
Another Latin Dictionary
529.http://history.smsu.edu/jchuchiak/Images--Lecture 24--Medieval Towns, Guilds and Commerce.htm
Medieval Towns and Commerce


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Some more contributions and a bump!

530. http://www.lehigh.edu/~jahb/herbs/teen.htm
Medieval Use of Herbs
531. http://www.20000-names.com/
All Language Names.
532. http://www.gaminggeeks.org/Resources/KateMonk/index.htm
A Dictionary of names, you have even more names here!
533. http://www.gaminggeeks.org/Resources/KateMonk/index.htm
Explore mythology and art with information about the classic stories of heroes and gods...from the myths of ancient Greece and Rome, to the legends of the Celts.
534. http://www.dc.peachnet.edu/~shale/humanities/literature/religion/religion.html
Resources for Studying Mythology and Religion


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I freely admit to not having read this entire list yet, but so far I love it. Has anyone thought of compiling the sites into a single list?



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Thought about it, yes. But it's a 12-page thread that I haven't completely read yet. :eek:

One day there might - might, I say - be a big ol' list on my web site.

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