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13th Age 13th Age character sheet (if anyone is interested)


I'm a huge - huge- fan of 13th age. I love everything they have done with the d20 system giving the game a large focus on story and much less on rules and specificity. Anyway , if anyone is interested here is the character sheet.


I personally think it's elegant. I would kill for a pathfinder sheet like this , simple and uncluttered. If anyone has the Escalation edition v3 , it's the same sheet. I was just wanting to share with the people that didn't preorder.

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Looks pretty neat, but of course, it omits some information you'll definitely need in play - like the actual spell, feat or power mechanics. I think only Warhammer 4E and D&D 4E really adressed that with their forms of power and talent cards... (and any game that has simpler mechanics.)

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