D&D General The 13th Age 2nd Edition Kickstarter Has Launched

Updated, streamlined, and backwards-compatible!

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13th Age was released 10 years ago as a 'love letter' to D&D. Designed by D&D 3E's Jonathan Tweet and 4E's Rob Heinsoo, it streamlined the game and introduced innovations such as the Escalation Die, and it's One Unique Thing, a trait that every character has which is individual to them.

2nd Edition is now here--streamlined, clarified, backward-compatible, and updated with revised classes, monsters, and more. And, unlike the single book format of the original, this version comes in the form of a 240-page Player's Handbook and a 160-page Gamemaster's Guide.

You can pick up both books for £40 in PDF or £100 in hardcover format, plus dice, a GM screen, and more.

There's a free preview document available (12-page PDF).

Designer Rob Heinsoo spoke to EN Publishing's Jessica Hancock about 13th Age 2E last year on the Not DnD show.


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That's a city guide for an existing system, not an entirely new system, right?

I'd add Tales of the Valiant as an upcoming system vying for attention.
Ulfenkarn introduces lower tier of power, plus adds a setting (the city) that's very Soulslike/Bloodborney.

Tales of the Valiant - I though it was 5E. Care to share details?


Tales of the Valiant - I though it was 5E. Care to share details?
it more or less is, but that still means they are looking for players/ buyers, if the expectation were that everyone would stick to WotC they would not have created it.

That being said, I don’t think 13A has to worry about anyone but WotC in particular, everything else is too small to be a distinct ‘issue’ / worth worrying about


the KS is now, that does not mean the game is out in a month… the estimated delivery is 08/2025, and that is for backers, could be another few months for the general public, so you are basically right in the timeframe you wanted, it’s just a matter of whether you have the foresight to pledge now or get it once it is released ;)
The timing concerns me. The 13th Age team have a Gygaxian disregard for deadlines (for those of my fellow oldies who waited 5+ years for Temple of Elemental Evil only to receive an incomplete slugfest) so I expect the date will slip by at least six months.

That said, I love the game and I love their work. I'm backing it, I'm just not expecting it for two years!


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TBH I have no idea what a F20 game might be. Did you mean D20?
F20 stands for "Fantasy 20." It is a term coined by Robin Laws over a decade ago and has been adopted by portions of the design community, especially Pelgrane Press (i.e. the folks like Rob and Jonathon who created 13th Age and 13th Age 2E). It encompasses fantasy RPGs based on d20 mechanics and descended from and like Dungeons & Dragons.

There was some debate if 13th Age is a version of D&D. I was commenting the creators of 13th Age consider it as such. One can do with that information as they please, of course. On the flip side, one could debate whether they succeeded in their design goals, or not. I think they did but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


So do we know about layout changes to monsters in the 2nd Edition? One of the reasons I've never actually run a 13th Age game is that I find the way monsters are laid out way more difficult to parse than most D&D edition.


So do we know about layout changes to monsters in the 2nd Edition? One of the reasons I've never actually run a 13th Age game is that I find the way monsters are laid out way more difficult to parse than most D&D edition.
Umm. I beg to differ. I've laid out some monster stats for 13th Age and it was way easier or simpler to adjudicate.

Here's a short and sweet example (minus fancy formatting):
(Monsters – 13th Age SRD)

Normal, 2nd level, Troop, Beast
Initiative +4
Bite +7 vs. AC — 6 damage
Natural even hit: The target takes +1d6 damage from a claw swipe.
AC 17
PD 16
MD 12
HP 45

The creature name is "Bear".
No flavor text.
Normal means there are no specials among its stats (i.e. it uses default ability array for its level).
2nd level - use normal values for 2nd level creature.
Troop: this is pretty important as it provides you with a clue as to how to use it in encounter. A troop is a simple creature with no specials, appears in numbers, and accounting upkeep for such creature is minimal.
Beast - a creature type. Sometimes it brings specials to the table. At other times, it means it can be targeted by certain abilities.
Initiative +4 - when you roll initiative, add 4 to the roll.
Bite +7 vs. AC — 6 damage: This is the creature's attack. Its called a "Bite". It has +7 to hit on attack roll. It targets defense stat of AC (armor rating). If it hits it does 6 damage.
Natural even hit: This is what happens when the Bear attacks, scores a hit and d20 rolls an even number. Basically, a random additional damage.
And then we go with defense stats:
AC - armor rating
PD - measure of one's toughness
MD - the ability to resist using sheer willpower
HP - the hitpoints

On the opposite end of complexity spectrum is probably a spellcaster creature like a lich. Actually, there is a whole family of liches, from a Baroness to a Prince, and their statblocks have some spells (as attacks), specials (like Blink and you missed it), and Nastier Specials (a section for stroonger variants of a given creature).

Here's one of complicated attacks (C prefix stands for a Close range attack, Close range attacks do not provoke attacks of opportunity):

C: Soul rend +17 vs. PD (each nearby enemy) — 30 negative energy damage, and ghostly hands reach up from the ground and grab the target (as they try to pull the target’s spirit out of its body)
Ghostly grasping hands: When a creature is being grabbed by the ghostly hands, it takes 30 negative energy damage at the start of its turn and must make a last gasp save. On the fourth failed last gasp save, the creature’s soul is torn from it and it dies. Unconscious creatures take a –4 penalty to their last gasp saves. Note, grabbed creatures take a –5 penalty to disengage checks.
Limited use: 2/battle.

Here's a new type of special ability:
Blink and you missed it: Once per battle when an attack would hit the lich prince, the attack misses instead and the lich teleports to a nearby location it can see as a free action.

And so here's the question:
What did you find to be difficult about the statblock?

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