D&D 5E Do we need a Fifth Edition Revival (5ER)?

There is nothing in 5e that prevents exploration, hex, and dudgeon crawls. You can in fact do those right out of the box (we have), but the official books do not give a lot of guidance on how to do them or how do them well. That doesn't mean those types of play are absent from the game though.
Like so many things in 5e, it relies heavily on the DM porting procedures and rules over from other editions or from 3pp. If you want exploration to involve careful resource management (of light, rations, hp, etc), 5e explicitly and intentionally gets in the way (darkvision for most races, light cantrip, short and long rests, generous encumbrance rules). Granted, the gritty realism rules are a step in the right direction in this regard, but for a new DM I would not say 5e is a game about dungeon crawling in the old school sense.

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