Pathfinder 2E 2 New Pathfinder Videogames Announced (Update: Abomination Vaults game confirmed)

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ORLY? D4 cant be played solo?

According to reports, not offline it can't be. I mean, you could play it solo, while online, but you are still going to be required to be online all the time regardless of version (console or PC). If it comes to the switch I expect switch users to be upset at something like this (seeing the switch is used as a handheld portable device by many switch users).

I expect console users may be as well as many probably will buy without checking first to see it can only be played online. I don't think Blizzard understands (or maybe they understand it better than I, I am not in the console business) console players all that well. Sure, Fortnight is big, but games like GTA, RDR, and others which have offline games as well do exceedingly well on consoles for a reason.

Edit: Bringing it back to the topic, which is why I am looking to see what game I will play in the future that will NOT be D4, but similar to it. I don't like games that demand I'm always online. If the internet dies, or some other item...not fun. Can sometimes work with PC, but as I travel a lot, that's only when I'm not actually travelling and I am in a hotel with internet, otherwise games that require internet don't really work well when I travel.

Well, with Diablo 4 being online only, if this is as good as D2 or D3, this could be the Diablo killer for me as long as it can be played SP Offline.
That was another thought I had: this looks like it could be a good Diablo alternative (I also had Torchlight, but I've burned through that series, already).

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