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D&D 5E 20 New Sentient Items


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20 Talking Treasures is now available!

The powerful ring that wants to return to its master. The chaos blade that forces its wielder into a murderous rage. Magic items with a mind of their own are a staple of fantasy fiction. In fantasy roleplaying games they can add conflict or comic relief.

20 Talking Treasures contains lore and stats for twenty new sentient magic items.

Items included in this book are:
  • Arcane Analysis and Remembering Glasses – Arcane glasses that display text on your field of vision giving you useful facts.
  • Chainbreaker – A scimitar dedicated to freeing the enslaved and fighting tyranny.
  • Cloak of Levitation – A cloak that lets you fly, or can be commanded to ensnare your enemies.
  • Edvor’s Armor – Plate armor home to the spirit of a paladin who was killed while wearing it.
  • Deck of Portents – A deck of divination cards that thinks foretelling the future does more harm than good.
  • Hammer of the Stone Father – A gift from the creator of dwarves, it desires to protect the dwarven people at all costs.
  • Harp of Honesty – A magical harp that communicates by playing music. It senses lies and can inspire heroes.
  • Lawgiver – A scimitar dedicated to establishing order and aiding leaders.
  • Lionheart – A shield bearing a talking lion face. It urges you to glory and renown.
  • Longshot – A longbow able to see and hear through the arrows it fires.
  • Mirror of Visions – A mirror that can show distant lands, the past, and even possible futures, yet it only shows you what it wants you to see.
  • Mask of Teshkar – A mask holding an imprisoned demon. While worn, it grants you tremendous power but also fills you with destructive rage.
  • Rapier of Caution – A rapier that warns you of danger in battle, but it would rather you avoid battle altogether.
  • Raska’s Portrait – The talking portrait of a now-dead wizard who sought a way to continue teaching her apprentices.
  • Ring of Charity – A ring with potent healing magic that demands the wearer help those less fortunate.
  • Staff of the First Oak – A staff with great power over plants that just wants to return to the grove from whence it came.
  • Staff of Wonder – A chaotic staff that “helps” is bearer with random spells or just casts at random if it's left alone too long.
  • Tome of Helpfulness – A magic book that communicates by making writing appear on its pages. It just wants you to be the best person you can be.
  • Velket’s Blade – A powerful two-handed sword. It seeks power through strength and intimidation.
  • Velket’s Cape – A magic cape that seeks power through subterfuge and manipulation.
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