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2010 Ohio Gameday Memorial Day Weekend


First Post
I'll be running Og! Play Cavemen in the prehestoric world. Characters made at the table, more info to come as I create it! Will take up to 6 people.

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First Post
I've got my game description together. Let's make this a morning game.

Title:Scourge of the Mall Rats!
Description: Welcome to the world under the shattered moon, powered by Sorcery & Super Science! This event introduces both the system and the world in an action-packed romp through the post-apocalyptic, broken-down, debris-strewn hulk that once was Gurnee Mills mall where a tribe of Rat Men lurk. They raided a local village and captured two people, and the local chieftain wants his people back and punishment for those filthy mall rats.

GM notes:I'm providing pre-generated characters and teaching the system, so all players need is their dice.

Keeper of Secrets

First Post
In the afternoon slot I will run my annual Sophie and the Supervixens game. With a few slots already going to honorary people - Whirli, scholar, xrpsuzi, Shellbelle, maddman and Ytrai, that leaves two slots.

Either Sunday or the Saturday morning slot, I will run Paranoia. 7 slots.


First Post
I'm up for hosting at least two games.

First game is probably going to be a Deadlands game if I read the rulebook in time. Had a blast playing it at the NC Gameday and think I can do it justice.

Second Game will be Swashbucklers IV (I think we are on episode four). Not sure if I am going to use the Pirates of the Spanish main rules or the d20 rules, but either way Ol' Crazy Pete and crew will be back for more buckling of swashes and other pirate merry making. Bad puns, over-the-top fight scenes, and sound effects* included.

*Sounds effects may vary by player, void in Alaska and/or if you are Fett

I may also be persuaded to add a game or swap an above listed game for Star wars or Paranoia...


Queen of Everything
dshai, I want IN on BOTH those games!!!!!!!

Oh and by the way, Fenris and I are IN! We're coming to the gameday! Yay!! Squeeeeee!! All that jazz!!!

Now entertain us ;-)


I'd like a spot in the Sophie game...hopefully y'all were saving Flint for me.

Also, would love a spot in your game Suzi.

Third, a pox on you all for making me post over here.

*shakes fist*

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