2019 - Dog's Bones -- Creepy Crawly

I decided to start 2019 with a new shiny new thread for my painted miniatures.

Here is the old link for reference

And to kick things off, I give you the Tarrasque (aka Reapers Bones KHANJIRA The World Breaker):

IMG_2462 (Large).JPG
IMG_2463 (Large).JPG
IMG_2464 (Large).JPG
IMG_2467 (Large).JPG
IMG_2470 (Large).JPG
IMG_2474 (Large).JPG
IMG_2475 (Large).JPG
IMG_2477 (Large).JPG

(I tried to get a oily, reflective effect for the back scales (i.e. Carapace)... not sure it captures well in the photos.)
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It's been a while again, and I needed an easy win :) So, I give you a warband of lizardmen. (Also, I've been re-watching Walknig Dead, so I may or may not have added a "Governor" and "Negan" tribute to the leaders.)

IMG_4146 (Large).JPG


Well done! I like the old Reaper basilisk pose better - sadly it never made it over to Bones.