D&D 5E 2022 & 2023 Predictions Thread!

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I'm puzzling over this as well. If it's not a hardcover, and it's not a boxed set, and it's not digital, then... ?
1) Some of all of the above, and/or
2) A series of modules or softcover trade paperbacks, and/or
3) As with 2, but packaged in a slipcase.

Dragonlance is a good setting to be released with an innovative format. Not sure exactly what would be best, but the module series makes it something that can be split into parts, or into a box, or several books.
Yes. Dark Sun, too. As I said here or elsewhere (I can't tell), I could see a starter set/DL or DS hybrid. Take Essentials, adjust the rules to Dark Sun or Dragonlance, add in more setting info, and offer a starting quest. Then, offer part 2 and 3, etc, in a similar format. So we might have:

Dragonlance Box 1: The Quest Begins. Rules for making characters, brief overview of Ansalon with greater detail on Solace. And adventure that starts the PCs off in the region. Levels 1-3.

Dragonlance Box 2: Basically the rest of Dragons of Autumn Twilight. Levels 4-7.

Dragonlance Box 3: Dragons of Winter Night. Levels 8-10.

Dragonlance Box 4: Dragons of Spring Dawning. Levels 12-15.

Or something like that.

Of course that's a ton of resources for what is, ultimately, a secondary setting for WotC, but it would be newish enough to be considered a new format.
I know they'd never do it, but personally I'd love to see a return of the old staple-bound 36-page adventures. Sell them singly, or sell them in bundles of 6 themed ones (maybe a "path") at a slight discount per module.
Yeah, I know, I know. I miss those modules (32-pages, btw).


Autistic DM (he/him)
I want more settings like Eberron. And by that, I don't necessarily mean with magitek/magipunk, dragonmarks, the Progenitor Dragons, its 13 planes of existence, and everything else that's Eberron-specific. I mean "a new setting like Eberron" in the sense that it subverts the classic D&D tropes. We've had a ton of "standard" D&D settings throughout the history of D&D, like Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, Exandria, Nentir Vale, Birthwright, Mystara, and so on. D&D has a ton of settings that are more or less "generic fantasy", but barely any that aren't that (Eberron, Dark Sun, and I guess the Magic: the Gathering settings kinda count, too). I want more of those.

I mean, settings with widespread modern technology (kinda like Ravnica's level of tech, but leaning into combining magic and technology), settings with subversions of the roles of classic races (Dwarves are typically the devout, cleric-y race? How about making that be Goblinoids or Orcs. Minotaurs are a proud warrior race? How about making them farmers? Tortles are peaceful nomads? How about making them proud warriors that serve Dragon Turtles? These don't have to be the specific examples, but something like this.), and worlds with different takes on the gods (from Eberron's "we don't know if they're real" to Theros's "they're differently real, we just saw Heliod last week killing a monster with his spear").

Prehistoric worlds, modern worlds, futuristic worlds, worlds with uncommon races being more common (like Loxodons and Tortles being really common in one of the worlds, or something like that), worlds with different takes on magic and the classes, etc.

That's what I want. More variety in the settings, letting fantasy grow.


What I’d like to see:

Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse - crunch book.

Adventures in Exandria - adventure anthology set in the world of Critical Role. Mostly because everyone over on Giant in the Playground is convinced something like this is happening next year.

Shemeska’s Tour of Sigil - Planescape campaign setting.

Lantan: They came from the Phlogiston! - Forgotten Realms-to-Spelljammer adventure.

The Wanderer’s Guide to Athas - Dark Sun campaign setting.
Exandria would be handled by Darington Press now as Crit Role took over their own publishing.


I'm going to repeat my mantra, the revisited setting is Greyhawk. I don't think FR applies as it is the setting for all the published adventures. It will get a book but Saltmarsh has been a huge success and is is a top D&D book, which is why we got a new Ravenloft setting. I just don't ever see Spelljammer getting a new book but definitely get rules for it at some point. Dragonlance is going to get a book but not in 2022. I think it will even be 2024 when the refresh happens along with Forgotten Realms. If I am wrong about Greyhawk that will be the Plancescape book since technically Avernus is kinda, sorta Planescape. Strongest evidence for Planescape is that the monster books seem to always preamble the adventure like Volo's with SKT and Mordy with AVernus. So Multiverse would, even though it is a compilation, possibly, imply Planescape but it's a bunch of reprints soooooo... not strong enough to convince me.

Greyhawk is also implied by Mordy, headlining two books now, and Saltmarsh being a runaway success.


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I predict that every book will be accompanied by one group complaining they changed too much, and another group complaining they didn't change enough. :p

I'll up you by saying that there will be multiple groups of each kind, but that these multiple groups will certainly not agree about the areas that will have been touched too much or enough... :p

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