3.5 NPC Stat block/Generator?

Does anyone know of a good software program for creating 3.5 NPC? I would prefer stat block output... but anything that can create 3.5 NPC's regardless of output would be most helpful.

you can e-mail or post answers (jennifer@vergewarez.net)

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You can check out my program, DM Genie, at

It has everything you need to create a NPC step-by-step. You can output to a stat block or a character sheet.

For random NPCs I recommend Jamis Buck's NPC generator, but I don't remember the link right now. Google will help you for that.



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Anyone know if PC-Gen is updated to 3.5e yet? I have looked at the Yahoo group, but it wasn't immediately obvious.

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Jamis Buck Generators

Unfortunately the Jamis Buck Generators are not 3.5e. Unless someone snuck in there and updated them while I slept!


Birched's NPC Generator does an *excellent* job. Far better than Jamis Buck's generator by now, IMHO.

Birched is planning on updating his generator to 3.5 as soon as he gets his hands on a set of books. Unfortunately, he's a starving grad student without much cash to spend on new gaming materials. But you can send him a paypal donation to go towards the purchase price of the 3.5 core books, if you want to speed up the process a bit. (link on his generator page).

More details available on this Wizards thread.
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