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D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 Psion Buildguide and Compendium (Carnivore)


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Originally posted by carnivore:

3.5 Psion Build Guide and Compendium


Guide Index:

1: Introduction and basic overview of Psionics and Psion Disciplines
2: Strengths and Weaknesses
3: Role in a Party
4: Races
5: Important Points and Feats
6: Full Manifesting
7: Multiclassing
8: Primary Manifester
9: Secondary Manifester
10: Psi-Gish
11: Equipment
12: Powers
13: EPIC

1:Introduction and basic overview of Psionics and Psion Disciplines

What's this?
This is a guide for psion afficionados with in-depth strategic and tactical discussions of some of the most powerful and versatile options available to psion players. It also discusses powergaming in so far as it relates to psionics and psions. The purpose of this guide is to serve as a resource for those interested in playing Psions. An effort to give suggestions to aid in the creation and Play has been given so that all who choose to play as a Psion will enjoy the experience.

Anyone wishing to explore psionic powers to their fullest extent possible should consider a psion. The psion is the psychic equivalent of the Sorceror. The class boasts a tremendous range of mental powers, placing psions among the most potent and versatile characters in the game.

This guide also will try to keep examples of Psion Builds to illustrate different points and aid in choosing PrCs,feats,equipment,etc.

Considered Sources

Since this is a practical guide that takes into consideration what most DMs would actually allow, it primarily builds on what's available in the SRD. Where it would be of interest to discuss outside alternatives these will be noted in passing, in case they would be allowed at your gaming table. For more details, check out Index: 3.5 Psionics Sources Outside the XPH.

A Word on Powergaming
If you believe that making the most of your character's power, versatility and game mechanics is a threat to role playing, consider the Stormwind Fallacy. If you think psionics are too powerful as compared to other aspects of the game, read Myth: The XPH is overpowered

Having said that, this guide does not attempt to abuse rules or exploit the RAW at all costs. Infact, it considers that even the RAI may be vetoed at certain gaming tables, and adopts a common sense approach.

Powergaming means expending your resources (actions, PP, items, gold etc.) to amass value (XP, gold, information etc.) in an as efficient manner as possible, by carefully optimizing your choices (attributes, skills, feats, powers, race, class, purchases etc.). This means that you're engaging your DM in a battle of wits where you solve problems in an increasingly clever and efficient manner, forcing your DM to come up with increasingly challenging problems. This should not be a problem for your DM, but it may be a problem for your party if they are not up for the increase in challenge. A wise DM will try to balance such differences between players, but the game experience is also partly your responsibility.

Thus, ensure that you're in a like-minded group, or tread carefully. The in-combat strategies in this guide take this fact into account. You have the possibility to go all out offense and "just win" before most other party members will have done anything significant, or you can play a more behind the scenes support role - all depending on how much you can, should or want to stand out.

Psionics and Faerun
Players Guide to Faerun, page 172 wrote:

Psionics and the Weave
Unlike Spells, which derive thier power from Faeruns Weave(or the Shadow Weave), Psionic ability taps only the Inner resevoirs of the manifester. In a sense, each psionic creature is its own Weave, using the magic of its own Lifeforce and Mind to create Psionic effects. Mystra and Shar have no ability to deny Psionic creatures access to powers, and they do not control the promulgation of Psionic Lore and ability throughout the populace of Faerun.

While Psionic does not require the Weave to function, Psionic Power are magical in nature. Spells such as Detect Magic can also detect Psionic abilities at work, and spells such as Dispel Magic or Antimagic Shell can Negate, suppress, or completely cancel Psionic Manifestations.


Basic Mechanics
Tempest Stormwind wrote:The psionics rules for D&D 3.5 are remarkably easy to learn, if you have a handle on how magic works.

The psion, fundamentally, works like a spontaneous spellcaster (sorceror, bard, etc) that does not suffer from arcane spell failure, nor has any need for components. They recover their power points (which are similar to spells per day) after 8 hours of rest, just like an arcane spellcaster, although it only takes a single full-round action to recover them all instead of an hour's concentration (like a sorceror or a bard).

Manifesting a power is fundamentally like casting a spell for a spontaneous caster, in that it functions under exactly the same rules (spend power points/spell slot, provokes attack of opportunity, may require concentration, etc), except where metapsionic feats are used (see below for details). If you are comfortable running sorcerors, then you shouldn't have any problem with this aspect of psionics.

The differences, however, are the two key rules to the Expanded Psionics Handbook, and without them, the system seems terribly broken.

Psionic powers can often 'augment' -- manifest themselves at a stronger power level by expending more power points. This is similar to spell scaling (i.e. Fireball: 1d6 per caster level) except that, unlike magic, it is not free. Psionic manifesters must spend power points to accomplish this feat, and they are subject to a special limit. This limit is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT RULE IN THE EXPANDED PSIONICS HANDBOOK:
You may not spend more power points than your manifester level on a single manifestation.
That is, a 4th level psion can only spend 4 power points on any given psionic manifestation. He could spend fewer, if he wishes, but not more than 4 -- augmentation and metapsionic feats included. (The Overchannel feat and the Wild Surge class feature can allow a manifester to temporarily treat his manifester level as higher than normal for a single manifestation, at the cost of damage or a risk of dazing and loss of a LOT of PP. He still has to pay for the extra boost if he uses Overchannel, though.) This brings us nicely into the second key rule:

Psionic Focus is, essentially, a state that you can be in that serves as a balancing factor. It's described under the Concentration skill in the XPH, although any book that uses psionic material includes its rules in a sidebar. Basically, you can take a full-round action (provoking attacks of opportunity) to make a DC20 Concentration check to become 'psionically focused' -- a state that indicates you are ready to use certain feats. Psionic focus has NOTHING to do with manifesting powers, nor does it do anything by itself. In fact, without special class features or psionic/metapsionic feats, you can only use it on one thing -- you can expend it (lose your 'focused' state) to 'take 15' on a single Concentration check.
Things get more interesting, however, when you have psionic feats. Many psionic feats (i.e. 90%+) relate to focus in some way or another. Some require you to be psionically focused -- for instance, Speed of Thought adds a +10 Insight bonus to your speed when you are psionically focused. If you lose your focus in any way (expending it or being forced to lose it), you also lose this speed bonus, although it returns when you restore your focus. Other feats require you to expend your focus, essentially trading your 'focused' state for a special, powerful, one-time effect that's like a minor spell or power -- for instance, Psionic Weapon adds +2d6 damage to a melee attack, but requires you to expend your psionic focus to trigger it.
Most notable of the 'expend-focus' feats are every last Metapsionic feat. That's right, in order to use any metapsionic feat, you must expend your psionic focus. This prevents, normally, the use of more than one metapsi feat on any one manifestation. Since it takes a full-round to recover, it's similar to (but inferior to) the Sorceror's use of metamagic, although you can use that prep round in advance. Unlike sorcerors, though, use of metapsionics does not alter the time to manifest the power itself, so Quicken Power can be used. Psionic Focus is a powerful balance tool, and many metapsi feats cost slightly less than their metamagic equivalents.
You automatically lose your psionic focus if you fall unconcious or hit zero power points. You can be forced to lose it via the Psionic Hole feat or a creature like a gray glutton. The feats Psicrystal Affinity and Psicrystal Containment allow your psicrystal to become psionically focused, which is similar to your own focus (although being unfocused, with a focused psicrystal, is not enough to count as 'being psionically focused' for things like your feats), and you can even expend both to power two expend feats at once (like Greater Psionic Weapon and Deep Impact). Finally, the feat Psionic Meditation can speed up the focus process, to a move action. Considering how focus is used to power other feats, relying of focus stunts like this can be very, very feat-intensive.

Psions and their Disciplnes : LEARNING POWERS AS A PSION
Discipline: A psion must choose a particular area of psychic study. The psion class includes six disciplines -- clairsentience (information gathering powers), metacreativity (powers that shape items or creatures from ectoplasm), psychokinesis (powers that transform matter and energy), psychometabolism (powers that alter creatures' mental or biological states), psychoportation (powers that move items or creatures in space or time), and telepathy (powers that allow mental contact between creatures or provide mental control over others).

Choosing a discipline gives the psion access to a short list of exclusive powers (and a few class skills other psions don't have). The psion cannot choose powers from other discipline's lists, but this still leaves a broad array of powers available.The next task is to decide on which discipline to pick. If your DM allows all the above power acquisition alternatives, the choice is not a very defining one for your psionic career. You will likely use powers from all disciplines, but generally an Egoist will save you the most research XP. The most significant class skills are obtained as a Seer (Listen and ), Telepath (Diplomacy) and Egoist/Kineticist (Autohypnosis).

A discipline also can serve as an underlying theme for the character's approach to life, adventuring, and psionic study.
Tempest Stormwind wrote:Quote:
A fair bit of confusion has arisen here, mostly due to the overuse of the word "discipline."
"Discipline" is the rough equivalent of "school of magic." It is also the subtype of psion (Egoist, nomad, kineticist, shaper, seer, telepath), and the special list of powers only available to those characters (the 'discipline powers' -- a special addition similar to, but not quite like, a domain. If you are familiar with the Arcane Disciple feat, it is somewhat like that.).
So, in an effort to dispel confusion, I'll try to clarify what, exactly, a psion's discipline (subtype) means for your power selection.

* Egoists can take any power off the Psion/Wilder list, plus any power off of the Egoist (Psychometabolism) list.
* Nomads can take any power off the Psion/Wilder list, plus any power off of the Nomad (Psychoportation) list.
* Kineticists can take any power off the Psion/Wilder list, plus any power off of the Kineticist (Psychokinesis) list.
* Shapers can take any power off the Psion/Wilder list, plus any power off of the Shaper (Metacreativity) list.
* Seers can take any power off the Psion/Wilder list, plus any power off of the Seer (Clairsentience) list.
* Telepaths can take any power off the Psion/Wilder list, plus any power off of the Telepath (Telepathy) list.

They do not automatically learn their discipline powers, nor can they learn any power that is not on the lists mentioned above (without the use of the Expanded Knowledge feat).

Disciplines and thier Roles
Disciplnes and their Roles
FabulousRex wrote:Since you are forced to choose a Disciplne as a Psion, the choice you make -must- match the charecter you want to play. A sneaky, devious type is better used as a Telepath or Seer than a Kineticist. So I've made some basic guidlines on all the Disciplnes concerning their flavor, play style, and suggested Optimization routes.
FabulousRex wrote:Seer-
With Powers and Skills focused on information, a Seer is a great choice for a 'know it all' type of PC (for good or ill). Information can mean alot of different things, though. Out of combat, knowing your enemies, allies, and partners is invaluable. Inside combat, precognitive powers let you cheat the odds, influence your saves, and give you insight bonuses on combat checks.
Suggested Optimization- Psycrystal Affinity is immensely useful to gather information, in addition to it's other benefits. Psion Uncarnate could make you into the ultimate spy, if you wish to lose your connection to the Material Plane.
Gather Information (Cha)
Listen (Wis)
Spot (Wis).

Seer Discipline powers:
1 Destiny Dissonance: Your dissonant touch sickens a foe.
Precognition: Gain +2 insight bonus to one roll.

2 Clairvoyant Sense: See and hear a distant location.
Object Reading: Learn details about an object’s previous owner.
Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions: You can find out about an area’s past.

3 Escape Detection: You become difficult to detect with clairsentience powers.
Fate Link: You link the fates of two targets.

4 Anchored Navigation: Establish a mishap-free teleport beacon.
Remote Viewing: See, hear, and potentially interact with subjects at a distance.

5 Clairtangent Hand: Emulate far hand at a distance.
Second Chance: Gain a reroll.

6 Precognition, Greater: Gain +4 insight bonus to one roll.

7 Fate of One: Reroll any roll you just failed.

8 Hypercognition: You can deduce almost anything.

9 Metafaculty: You learn details about any one creature.

FabulousRex wrote:Shaper-
The Shaper's Skills are almost Rogue-Like, and ideally suited to modifying their signature Power, Astral Construct. They also have a few nifty creation and modification powers (as well as some good save-or-dies), and make ideal Psionic Crafters. If you want a well-rounded Psion with alot of gear, the Shaper is for you. In and out of combat, it's likely you will solve most problems with expendable ectoplasmic Constructs that you create on the spot.
Suggested Optimization- Boost Construct was literally -made- for Shapers, don't pass it up! The online Constructer PrC is also Ideal to maximize your use of the Astral Construct power.
Bluff (Cha)
Disguise (Cha)
Use Psionic Device* (Cha).

Shaper Discipline powers:
1 Astral Construct: Creates astral construct to fight for you.
Minor Creation, Psionic: Creates one cloth or wood object.

2 Psionic Repair Damage: Repairs construct of 3d8 hit points +1 hp/level.

3 Concealing Amorpha, Greater: Quasi-real membrane grants you total concealment.
Ectoplasmic Cocoon: You encapsulate a foe so it can’t move.

4 Fabricate, Psionic: Transforms raw goods to finished items.
Quintessence: You collapse a bit of time into a physical substance.

5 Hail of Crystals: A crystal explodes in an area, dealing 9d4 slashing damage.

6 Crystallize: Turn subject permanently to crystal.
Fabricate, Greater Psionic: Transforms a lot of raw goods to finished items.

7 Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Mass: You encapsulate all foes in a 20-ft. radius.

8 Astral Seed: You plant the seed of your rebirth from the Astral Plane.

9 Genesis: You instigate a new demiplane on the Astral Plane.
True Creation: As psionic major creation, except items are completely real.[/sblock][/sblock]

FabulousRex wrote:Kineticist-
Kineticists are notorius 'blasters', with some of the best Energy powers on their Disciplne list. They are, however, matter manipulators. Their other skills and powers focus on the mind over the enviroment around them. If that means siezing control of an enemy's body, shifting and manipulating matter, or forming terrific blasts of energy is up to the individual Kineticist!
Suggested Optimization- Meta-Psionic feats to boost your energy-power output are a good idea, along with Psionic Mediation and Psycrystal Containment to truly use those MetaPsi feats to their fullest.
Autohypnosis* (Wis)
Disable Device (Dex)
Intimidate (Cha).

Kineticist Discipline powers:
1 Control Object: Telekinetically animate a small object.

2 Control Air: You have control over wind speed and direction.
Energy Missile: Deal 3d6 energy damage to up to five subjects.

3 Energy Cone: Deal 5d6 energy damage in 60-ft. cone.

4 Control Body: Take rudimentary control of your foe’s limbs.
Energy Ball: Deal 7d6 energy damage in 20-ft. radius.
Inertial Barrier: Gain DR 5/–.

5 Energy Current: Deal 9d6 damage to one foe and half to another foe as long as you concentrate.
Fiery Discorporation: Cheat death by discorporating into nearby fire for one day.

6 Dispelling Buffer: Subject is buffered from one dispel psionics effect.
Null Psionics Field: Create a field where psionic power does not function.

7 Reddopsi: Powers targeting you rebound on manifester.

8 Telekinetic Sphere, Psionic: Mobile force globe encapsulates creature and moves it.

9 Tornado Blast: Vortex of air subjects your foes to 17d6 damage and moves them.[/sblock][/sblock]

FabulousRex wrote:Egoist-
Egoists focus on the changes and manipulation of their own bodies, both with their Skills and Powers. Famous for shape-shifting via Metamorphasis, Egoists also pack some impressive self-buff and self-heal powers, making them the most likely to enter melee combat and survive (if not thrive!).
Suggested Optimization- Metamorphic Transfer is fantastic with the Metamorphasis power, allowing you to use some of the target creature's unusual abilites a few times a day. The online Sangehirn is fantastic for applying your powers to your party (especially healing), and the Slayer makes you a formidable melee combatant.
Autohypnosis* (Wis)
Balance (Dex)
Heal (Wis).

Egoist discipline powers
1 Thicken Skin: Gain +1 enhancement bonus to your AC for 10 min./level.

2 Animal Affinity: Gain +4 enhancement to one ability.
Chameleon: Gain +10 enhancement bonus on Hide checks.
Empathic Transfer: Transfer another’s wounds to yourself.

3 Ectoplasmic Form: You gain benefits of being insubstantial and can fly slowly.
Hustle: Instantly gain a move action.

4 Metamorphosis: Assume shape of creature or object.
Psychic Vampire: Touch attack drains 2 power points/level from foe.

5 Psionic Revivify. Return the dead to life before the psyche leaves the corpse.
Psychofeedback: Boost Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution at the expense of one or more other scores.
Restore Extremity: Return a lost digit, limb, or other appendage to subject.

6 Restoration, Psionic: Restores level and ability score drains.

7 Fission: You briefly duplicate yourself.

8 Fusion: You combine your abilities and form with another.

9 Metamorphosis, Greater: Assume shape of any nonunique creature or object each round.[/sblock][/sblock]

FabulousRex wrote:Nomad-
The Nomad is not thought of as the most powerful Disciplne, but it has it's place, and can be especially good at battlefield control, time manipulation, and transportation. It's skills make it a very self-sufficient Disciplne, ideal for low-PC games and outdoors campaigns, while it's powers make the Nomad the king of battlefield mobility.
Suggested Optimization- The Elocator is a fantastic PrC for Nomads, both in flavor and usage. Really crank up that mobility and time control!
Climb (Str)
Jump (Str)
Ride (Dex)
Survival (Wis)
Swim (Str).

Nomad Discipline powers:
1 Burst: Gain +10 ft. to speed this round.
Detect Teleportation: Know when teleportation powers are used in close range.

2 Dimension Swap: You and ally or two allies switch positions.
Levitate, Psionic: Subject moves up and down, forward and back, at your direction.

3 Astral Caravan: You lead astral traveler-enabled group to a planar destination.
4 Dimensional Anchor, Psionic: Bars extra dimensional movement.
Dismissal, Psionic: Forces a creature to return to its native plane.
Fly, Psionic: You fly at a speed of 60 ft.

5 Baleful Teleport: Destructive teleport deals 9d6 damage.
Teleport, Psionic: Instantly transports you as far as 100 miles/level.
Teleport Trigger: Predetermined event triggers teleport.

6 Banishment, Psionic: Banishes extraplanar creatures.

7 Dream Travel: Travel to other places through dreams.
Ethereal Jaunt, Psionic: Become ethereal for 1 round/level.

8 Time Hop, Mass: Willing subjects hop forward in time.

9 Teleportation Circle, Psionic: Circle teleports any creatures inside to designated spot.
Time Regression: Relive the last round.

FabulousRex wrote:Telepath-
Perhaps the most popular Disciplne, the Telepath focuses on what Psionics has a special affinity for, mind manipulation. Wether it's charming your way through social encounters, or forcing your enemy to kill itself, the Telepath views the human mind a clay to be molded however they see fit. This of course means that mind-effecting-immune creatures like Undead can cause a Telepath fits if he's unprepared!
Suggested Optimization- Psionic Endowment can really kick up the DC's to beguile their foes' minds, while the Thrallherd PrC simply attracts followers to you without you having to lift a finger!
Bluff (Cha)
Diplomacy (Cha)
Gather Information (Cha)
Sense Motive (Wis)

Telepath Discipline powers:
1 Charm, Psionic: Makes one person your friend.
Mindlink: You forge a limited mental bond with another creature.

2 Aversion: Subject has aversion you specify.
Brain Lock: Subject cannot move or take any mental actions.
Read Thoughts: Detect surface thoughts of creatures in range.
Suggestion, Psionic: Compels subject to follow stated course of action.

3 Crisis of Breath: Disrupt subject’s breathing.
Empathic Transfer, Hostile: Your touch transfers your hurt to another.
False Sensory Input: Subject sees what isn’t there.

4 Dominate, Psionic: Control target telepathically.
Mindlink, Thieving: Borrow knowledge of a subject’s power.
Modify Memory, Psionic: Changes 5 minutes of subject’s memories.
Schism: Your partitioned mind can manifest lower level powers.

5 Metaconcert: Mental concert of two or more increases the total power of the participants.
Mind Probe: You discover the subject’s secret thoughts.

6 Mind Switch: You switch minds with another.

7 Crisis of Life: Stop subject’s heart.

8 Mind Seed: Subject slowly becomes you.

9 Mind Switch, True: A permanent brain swap.
Psychic Chirurgery: You repair psychic damage or impart knowledge of new powers.



2: Strengths and Weaknesses
1: Poor Attack Bonus: A psion's base attack bonus is +1 per two psion levels, which is as bad as any in the game. Psions can dish out lots of damage with their powers, but they don't do well with weapons.

2: Poor Reflex and Fortitude Saves: Psions have the worst progression for Reflex and Will saves (see Table 3-1 in the Player's Handbook). Psions aren't good at avoiding attacks on their bodies.

3:Low Hit Points: The psion gains only 4-sided hit dice which inevitably leads to a low hit point total.

4:Limited Power selection/powers known: The psion has a fixed number of Powers known, but can increase this thru Class abilities(from PrCs), Feats(Expanded Knowledge), Psychic Chirgury,.

5:Poor Armor Class: The psion has no proficiency with any kind of armor or shield. As a consequence, the character has a low Armor Class. The combination of low hit points and low Armor Class leaves most psions vulnerable in physical combat, especially melee. Many psionic powers, especially those from the psychometabolism discipline, can improve a psion's defenses. Employing such powers, however, expends time and psionic potential that the psion could use for other things.

6:Poor Weapon Selection: The psion has proficiency with the club, dagger, heavy crossbow, light crossbow, quarterstaff, and shortspear -- not a world-beating collection of weaponry.[/sblock]

1:Good Will Saves: A psion uses the best progression for Will saves (see Table 3-1 in the Player's Handbook). This helps the psion resist most effects that attack or fool her mind or assault her spirit, such as charms, compulsions, illusions, fear, and even inflict wounds spells.

2:5 Bonus Feats: A psion gains bonus feats at 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th level. These feats must be psionic feats, metapsionic feats, or psionic item creation feats. A psion's selection of bonus feats can greatly expand her power.

3:Flexible Manifesting: Manifest an Unknown Power from Another’s Powers Known
A psionic character can attempt to manifest a power from a source other than his own knowledge (usually a power stone or another willing psionic character). To do so, the character must first make contact (a process similar to addressing a power stone, requiring a Psicraft check against a DC of 15+ the highest level power in the power stone or repertorie). A psionic character can make contact with only a willing psionic character or creature (unconscious creatures are considered willing, but not psionic characters under the effects of other immobilizing conditions). Characters who can’t use power stones for any reason are also banned from attempting to manifest powers from the knowledge of other psionic characters. Mental contact requires 1 full round of physical contact, which can provoke attacks of opportunity. Once contact is achieved, the character becomes aware of all the powers stored in the power stone or all the powers the other character knows up to the highest level of power the contactor knows himself.
Next, the psionic character must choose one of the powers and make a second Psicraft check (DC 15 + the power’s level) to see if he understands it. If the power is not on his class list, he automatically fails this check.
Upon successfully making contact with another willing psionic character or creature and learning what he can of one power in particular, the character can immediately attempt to manifest that power even if he doesn’t know it (and assuming he has power points left for the day). He can attempt to manifest the power normally on his next turn, and he succeeds if he makes one additional Psicraft check (DC 15 + the power’s level). He retains the ability to manifest the selected power for only 1 round. If he doesn’t manifest the power, fails the Psicraft check, or manifests a different power, he loses his chance to manifest that power for the day.

4:Manifesting from other sources: see above

5:Armor does not interfere with Manifesting powers

6:Self Sufficient:No need for anything outside himself

7:Good Power Selection: The psion power list is unmatched for flexibility and sheer size. With the right power, you can damage or slay foes, whisk yourself (and your friends) to safety, discern hidden truths, throw up impassible barriers, create useful things out of thin air, or work profound transformations on yourself or the creatures and objects around you.

8:High Skill Points: Psions receive a mere two skill points per level, but don't let that fool you. Psions have high Intelligence scores (because Intelligence governs their psychic abilities), and a high Intelligence score boosts the number of skill points they have available.[/sblock]

3: Role in a Party

Think for the Long Term

Among the most critical decisions you'll make as a psion is choosing your personal repertoire of psionic powers. Once you choose a power, you cannot unlearn it and choose a new one, so choose powers that you think you'll want to keep using throughout your career (the psychic reformation power allows you to change known powers if you give up some experience points). Choose powers that will help you deal with as many different situations as possible. It's hard to go wrong with powers that deal damage, but choose powers that deal different kinds of damage or that use different kinds of energy. Don't forget the power list for your discipline -- these lists are short, but they contain powers that other characters usually can't learn. If you choose the Expanded Knowledge feat, you can learn just about any power you like, subject to the limits noted in the feat description.

No matter what your discipline is, it pays to include in your personal repertoire a few powers for travel, defense, and miscellaneous tasks. Always consider powers that you can use in several different ways. The far hand power, for example, is good for performing all sorts of tasks at a distance.

Powers aren't the only tool you have at your disposal. A few weapons, alchemical items, and other equipment can greatly expand your options.

Remember that you are one of your party's most vulnerable members. Make sure you have a proper place in the marching order -- preferably in the middle with at least one ally between you and your foes.

Manifest Early, Manifest Often, but stay in Budget

Your chief asset is your ability to manifest any power you know, provided you have the power points to do so. Unspent power points at the end of the day represent wasted potential. Of course, you should not waste your power points on frivolous or ineffective power manifestations, and it pays to keep a reserve of points available just in case you get in a bind where only a certain power will do (or if you have an encounter after you and your group have retired for the night). As a rule of thumb, keep enough power points on hand to manifest your highest level power once or twice. If you know or strongly suspect trouble ahead, keep more power in reserve. Otherwise, put your powers into play as often as you can.

Another useful Rule-of-thumb... divide your total PP per day by 4, then use 1/4 to do your daily Buffing if any, and you will have 1/4 per encounter for the rest of the day. This assumes an average of 3 encounters per day, you may have to adjust this if you find you are running out of PP too quickly.

Remember Your Friends

The sheer power you command as a psion can make you cocky. Don't forget that physical attacks can defeat you pretty quickly. You need the rest of your party for protection.

In addition, you must be careful not to become your party's worst enemy.

The Party's Front Line: The rogue, ranger, bard, or monk in your group often serve as a scout for the rest of the party and often will locate your foes for you. These characters, along with the party's more heavily armored types (particularly fighters and paladins) form a fighting line that keeps enemies away from you. Be ready to support those characters with your powers in case they get into trouble. When manifesting your powers, be careful to aim them so your friends aren't caught in their destructive effects. Nothing wears out your welcome faster than poorly aimed powers that hurt friend as well as -- or more than -- foes.

Spellcasters and Other Manifesters: You probably aren't the only character in your party who wields psychic powers or spells, so don't act as though you are. Arcane spellcasters can produce many effects that are similar to what you can produce.

Divine spellcasters have potent spells, too. Other psionic classes, such as psychic warriors, have power lists that are slightly more limited but probably more focused than yours.

Learn what spells and psionic powers are available in your group, and be ready to fill in the gaps in each character's capabilities. When your capabilities overlap another character's, try to divide tasks between you in some equitable manner. For example, if you are a kineticist (psychokinesis discipline) with a roster of attack powers good for blasting foes, ask the spellcasters and other manifesters in your group to handle tasks such as transportation, information gathering, and defense. Blasting foes can be fun, however, so don't hog all the action. You might divide up the battlefield into sections that different characters can cover, or develop a sequence of attacks that can really hurt a foe. For example, perhaps you might use energy push to knock a foe back and an allied wizard or sorcerer can hit the same foe with a magic missile spell.

to show the ability for a Psion to fill these roles:

1: Melee Damage
2: Direct Damage
3: Battlefield control
4: Save or Die
5: Information Gathering
6: Transportation
7: Healing
8: Buffing
9: NPC interaction(FACE)​

Other Psionic BuildGuides:

Special Thanks to hovnarr, as Co-Author of some sizeable sections of this guide.

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4: Races

Races with Bonus Feats:

Strongheart Halflings are great, Strongheart Halflings are a forgotten realms specific sub-race of halflings found in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. With Strongheart Halflings, you get +1 AC, +1 to hit, nice stealth bonuses, but most importantly, you get an extra feat.

Humans are nice, too, although I don’t know what you’ll do with that extra skill point. The feat rocks.
Races with a Bonus to Intelligence:

Gray Elf: -2 Str +2 Dex -2 Con +2 Int, medium, 30 ft., wizard, humanoid (elf), monster manual pg.104

Sun Elf: +2 Int -2 Con, medium, 30 ft., wizard, humanoid (elf), forgotten realms pg.15

Silvanesti: +2 Dex +2 Int -2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., humanoid (elf), dragonlance campaign setting pg.20

Fire Elf: +2 Dex +2 Int -2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., wizard, humanoid (elf), unearthed arcana pg.17

Deep Imaskari: +2 Int -2 Dex, medium, 30 ft., spell clutch (su), wizard, humanoid (human), underdark pg.9

Tinker Gnome: +2 Dex +2 Int -2 Str -2 Wis, small, 20 ft., special, dragonlance campaign setting pg.27

Lesser Air Genasi: +2 Dex +2 Int -2 Wis -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., levitate (sp), fighter, humanoid (planetouched), player’s guide to faerun pg.191

Lesser Fire Genasi: +2 Int -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., control flames (sp), fighter, humanoid (planetouched), player’s guide to faerun pg.191

Lesser Tiefling: +2 Int +2 Dex -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., darkness (sp), rogue, humanoid (planetouched), player’s guide to faerun pg.191

Vanara: -2 Str +2 Int +2 Wis, medium, 30 ft. climb 20 ft., spirit shaman, humanoid (vanara), oriental adventures pg.15 – Note: in a 3.5 oriental adventures update found in Dragon magazine, vanara were updated to no longer have any ability score adjustments.

Venerable Dragonwrought Kobold: -4 Str +2 Dex -2 Con +3 Int +3 Wis +3 Cha, small, 30 ft., sorcerer, dragon (kobold, reptilian, dragonblood), monter manual pg.161 and races of the dragon pg. 39

Other Nice choices:
Illumians make great Psions mainly because of two reasons. 1) By taking Sigil Focus (krau), you can gain early access to some prestiege classes.

Whisper Gnomes also make good Psions. Bonuses to dex and con, penalties to only str and cha, smalls size, 30 move speed, and a ton of other goodies make this LA +0 race worth it.

There are three interesting core choices: human, grey elf and elan.

Human: You have no weaknesses, an extra feat, and extra skill points. As we will be taking Psionic Body at level 1, that extra feat will also grant you 2 more hp, and Psychic Reformation will help insure that you get the most out of the extra slot throughout your career. All builds below are based on a human, as it’s a good alround choice for a long term psionic career. It’s also a choice of race that any DM will allow.
Grey Elf: You get +2 to Int but suffer a -2 Con penalty (and get +2 Dex, -2 Str as well, which helps a bit early on). The Int bonus isn’t very significant at low levels, but translates to 10 more pp at level 20. As neither of the below builds depend on int-based saving throws to produce an adequate offense, the boost to save DCs is nice but not decisive. This is probably your strongest option if you’re starting at or post level 7. At that point, your frail health is less of an issue as you have more hp and access to metamorphosis, you can use all day buffs (extended), and the extra boost to Int begins to matter more and more. The elven “alertness” traits are also quite nice.
Elan: This is probably the best choice if you know that you will be playing a shorter campaign, starting at level 1. The extra 2 pp is huge in the early levels, and elan resistance/resilience will save you before you get more adequate defenses in your power repertoire. Being an abberation rather than a “person” can also be significant at low-mid level, and the repletion ability solves the problem of lugging around provisions, that can be troubesome for a low level adventurer. All in all, a powerful and versatile choice for the early levels, but a human will prove the better choice in the long run.
Eberron players should also consider the Kalashtar and the early level cheese that is the Warforged Shaper. You can have neigh unbeatable AC at level 1 at the cost of one feat, and you can heal yourself better than a Cleric starting level 3 with Psionic Repair Damage. An interesting OGL alternative is the +0 LA Aasimar*. You get a freebee +2 Cha, some minor special abilities and most importantly the Outsider type. This means even more flexibility for you at level 7, as outsiders have access to healing and transportation abilities that the other core creatures lack.

List of races and thier suitablity to making a playable Psion
Human(PHB) .....excellent choice,the extra feat give Humans great flexability and a jump start for selecting other feats or PrC(especially Feat intensive ones). The extra skill points also help offset the low skill points that psion gives.
Elf(PHB)+2 Dex,-2 Con
Gray Elf(SRD)+2 Int, -2 Str......these make great Psions, because Str is a Dump Stat......basically: No downside
Star Elf(Races of Faerun)+2 Cha,-2 Con
Sun Elf(Forgotten Realms Campaign)+2 Int,-2 Con
Snow Elf(Frostburn)+2 Dex,-2 Cha

1/2 Elf(PHB)
1/2 Orc(PHB)
Dromites(+1 LA) (XPH)
Duergar(+1 LA)(XPH)
Half-giants(+1 LA)(XPH)
Kalashtar(Eberron)...This is one of the best Races for a Psion. It has few drawbacks and many bonuses, including the ability to choose some powerful Race Specific feats, and use Race Specific Psionic items. The Icing on the top would be the Bonus Power points Per Character level.


Warforged(average)(Eberron)......this is a good race (+2Con,-2 Wis,-2 Cha),Living Construct Type,many immunities.
Warforged(Scout)(Eberron).........This is also good(+2 Dex,-2 Str,-2 Wis,-2 Cha),as Warforged above, and Small size,Fav Class: Rogue.

quick note: All Warforged are refered to as Psiforged if you take the Psiforged Body feat

Phrenic Template +2LA
Phrenic Template
Phrenic Template from SRD:“Phrenic” is an inherited template that can be added to any nonmindless creature that does not already have the psionic subtype (referred to hereafter as the “base creature”). A phrenic creature uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.
Size and Type: The creature’s type does not change, unless it is an animal (in which case it becomes a magical beast [augmented animal]). It gains the psionic subtype.
Psi-Like Abilities (Sp): A phrenic creature possesses the psi-like abilities indicated below, depending on its Hit Dice. The abilities are cumulative. Unless otherwise noted, an ability is usable once per day. Manifester level is equal to the creature’s HD. The save DCs for a phrenic creature’s psi-like abilities are Charisma-based.
HD Abilities
1–2 3/day—defensive precognition; 1/day—force screen
3–4 3/day—empty mind, mind thrust
5–6 1/day—body adjustment, brain lock
7–8 1/day—aversion, blast
9–10 3/day—intellect fortress; 1/day—psychic crush
11–12 1/day—psionic dominate
13–14 1/day—energy current, tower of iron will
15–16 3/day—psionic teleport
17–18 1/day—fission
19–20 1/day—ultrablast​
Special Qualities: A phrenic creature has all the special qualities of the base creature, plus the following special qualities.
Naturally Psionic: A phrenic creature gains 1 bonus power point.
Power Resistance (Ex): A phrenic creature has power resistance equal to its Hit Dice +10.
Abilities: Increase from the base creature as follows: Int +2 (if Int is 3 or greater), Wis +2, Cha +4.
Feats: A phrenic creature can take psionic feats, if it meets the prerequisites for such feats.
Challenge Rating: Up to 5 HD, same as base creature +1; 6–10 HD, same as base creature +2; 11+ HD, same as base creature +3.
Level Adjustment: Same as base creature +2.

The 1/2 Fey Template,+2LA
1/2 Fey Template
The Half-Fey

Half-fey are the spawn of powerful fey creatures and the mortals they find so intriguing. Often confused by the ignorant with half-fiends, some half-fey grow up tormented by their peers, but a few use their gifts to win over others and become quite popular.

"Half-fey" is usually an inherited template, but it could be acquired through other means as well. Certain mortals who are obsessed with the fey study fey magic and dwell in sylvan places in hopes of gaining power, and a few actually do manage to acquire the half-fey template.

Attribute bonuses Dex +2, Con -2, Wis +2, Cha +4

Fey Type: She becomes vulnerable to spells and effects that work on creatures of the fey type but is immune to effects that target her original type. For example, a half-fey/half-human would be subject to the extra damage from a fey bane sword, but she is immune to hold person because that spell affects only humanoids.

Low-Light Vision (Ex): the half-fey gains low-light vision.

Saving Throw Bonuses (Ex): a half-fey gains a +4 racial bonus on saving throws against spells and effects from the Enchantment school.

Spell-Like Abilities: Starting at 1st level, a half-fey with an Intelligence or Wisdom score of 8 or better gains spell-like abilities. The exact abilities gained depend on the half-fey's character level and level in the template class, according to the following table. In each case, the caster level equals the half-fey's character level. Save DCs, where applicable, are Charisma-based (10 + spell level + half-fey's Cha modifier).

Level Spell-Like Abilities Gained
1st Charm person at will, hypnotism 1/day
1st Faerie fire or glitterdust 1/day
3rd Detect law 3/day
3rd Enthrall or sleep 1/day
5th Protection from law 3/day
7th Confusion or emotion 1/day
9th Eyebite or lesser geas 1/day
11th Dominate person or hold monster 1/day
13th Mass invisibility 1/day
15th Geas/quest or mass suggestion 1/day
17th Insanity or mass charm 1/day
19th Otto's irresistible dance 1/day​

The character gains each spell-like ability as soon as she meets both qualifications for it. Spell-like abilities are cumulative, so a half-fey whose character level is 3rd has charm person at will, detect law 3/day, enthrall or sleep 1/day, faerie fire or glitterdust 1/day, hypnotism 1/day.

Immunity to Enchantments (Ex): a half-fey becomes immune to all spells and effects from the Enchantment school. This ability replaces the saving throw bonus against these effects included in the half-fey's base racial features.

Wings (Ex): a half-fey grows insectlike wings (usually similar to those of a butterfly) and may use them to fly at up to twice her base land speed with good maneuverability.
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Master Player Race List Version 2.0
Master Player Race List Version 2.0
Master Player Race List Version 2.0

Originally composed by Wolfen Fenrison
Updated by AZNsupermarket
This is a master list of races available to player for first level characters as described in Chapter 2 in the Players Handbook. As such all the races presented here have a level adjustment of +0 and hit die based on character level.

The races will be presented by Name, Ability score adjustments, size, base land speed, and notes on what extraordinary, supernatural, or spell-like abilities they may have, favored class(es), type and subtype if any, and lastly book and page number for reference. This was made to make referencing character races easier and now includes races that were omitted from the earlier editions. Enjoy!

NOTE: Races in most suitable for Psions

Anthropomorphic Animals

Anthropomorphic Bat: -4 Str +6 Wis -2 Cha, small, 5 ft. (fly 20 ft. average), blindsense (ex), druid, monstrous humanoid, savage species pg.215
Anthropomorphic Lizard: -4 Str +2 Dex +4 Wis -4 Cha, small, 20 ft., druid, monstrous humanoid, savage species pg.215
Anthropomorphic Monkey: -4 Str +2 Dex +4Wis -2 Cha, small, 30 ft., druid, monstrous humanoid, savage species pg.215
Anthropomorphic Rat: -4 Str +2 Dex +4 Wis -4 Cha, small, 15 ft., rogue, monstrous humanoid, savage species pg.215
Anthropomorphic Raven: -6 Str +2 Dex +4 Wis -4 Cha, small, 10 ft. (fly 30ft. poor), rogue, monstrous humanoid, savage species pg.215
Anthropomorphic Toad: -4 Str -2 Dex +6 Wis -2 Cha, small, 5 ft., cleric, monstrous humanoid, savage species pg.215
Anthropomorphic Weasel: -4 Str +2 Dex +4 Wis -4 Cha, small, 20 ft., attach (ex), druid, monstrous humanoid, savage species pg.215

Asherati: none, medium, 30 ft., sandswim (su) body lamp (su), rogue, humanoid (asherati), sanstorm pg.37

Buomman: +2 Wis -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., monk, humanoid (buomman, extraplanar), planar handbook pg.08

Changeling: none, medium, 30 ft., minor change shape (su), rogue, humanoid (changling, shapechanger), races of eberron pg.40

Daelkyr Half-Blood: none, medium, 30 ft., rogue, aberration, magic of eberron pg.37

Darfellan: +2 Str -2 Dex, medium, 20 ft. (swim 40 ft.), barbarian, humanoid (darfellan), stormwrack pg.37

Dragonborn: +2 Con -2 Dex, same as base creature, same as base creature, fighter and the base creatures, same as base creature (dragonblood, same as base creature), races of the dragon pg.5

Duskling: +2 Con -2 Int, medium, 30 ft., totemist, fey (incarnum), magic of incarnum pg.10


Hill Dwarf: +2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 20 ft., fighter, humanoid (dwarf), players handbook pg.14
Aquatic Dwarf: +2 Con +2 Str -4 Dex -2 Cha, medium, 20 ft. (swim 20 ft)., fighter, humanoid (dwarf, aquatic), unearthed arcana pg.7
Artic Dwarf: +2 Con +2 Str -4 Dex-2 Cha, medium, 20 ft., fighter, humanoid (dwarf), unearthed arcana pg.9
Badlands Dwarf: +2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 20 ft. fighter, humanoid (dwarf), sandstrom pg.42
Dark Dwarf: +2 Con -4 Cha, medium, 20 ft., rogue, humanoid (dwarf), dragonlance campaign setting pg.14
Deep Dwarf: +2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 20 ft., Fighter, humanoid (dwarf), monster manual pg.92
Desert Dwarf: -2 Dex +2 Con, medium, 20 ft., fighter, humanoid (dwarf), unearthed arcana pg.11
Dream Dwarf: -2 Dex +2 Con, medium, 20 ft., Dream sight (su), druid, humanoid (dwarf), races of stone pg.88
Earth Dwarf: +2 Str +2 Con -2 Dex -2 Cha, medium, 20 ft., fighter, humanoid (dwarf, earth), unearthed arcana pg.16
Fireblood Dwarf: +2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 20 ft., fighter, humanoid (dwarf, dragonblood), dragon magic pg.7
Glacier Dwarf: +2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 20 ft., fighter, humanoid (dwarf), frostburn pg.34
Gold Dwarf: +2 Con -2 Dex, medium, 20 ft., fighter, humanoid (dwarf), dungeon master's guide pg.171
Gully Dwarf: +2 Dex +2 Con -4 Int -4 Cha, small, 20 ft., rogue, humanoid (dwarf), dragonlance campaign setting pg.15
Jungle Dwarf: +2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 20 ft., ranger, humanoid (dwarf), unearthed arcana pg.14
Korobokuru: +2 Con -2 Int, small, 20 ft., barbarian, humanoid (dwarf), oriental adventures pg.12
Lesser Duergar: +2 Con -4 Cha, medium, 20 ft., enlarge person/1 day (only works on Lesser Duergars), fighter, humanoid (dwarf), player’s guide to faerun pg.190
Mountain Dwarf: +2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 20 ft., fighter, humanoid (dwarf), monster manual pg.93
Shield Dwarf: +2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 20 ft., fighter, humanoid (dwarf), forgotten realms pg.13
Seacliff Dwarf: +2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 20 ft., fighter, humanoid (dwarf), stormwrack pg.44
Stonfire Dwarf: +2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 20 ft., wilder, humanoid (dwarf), expanded psionic handbook pg.6
Wild Dwarf: +2 Con -2 Cha, small, 20 ft., barbarian, humanoid (dwarf), races of faerun pg.23

: -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., resistance (su) resilience (su) replation (su), psion, aberration (psionic), expanded psionics handbook pg.09


High Elf: +2 Dex -2 Con, medium, 30 ft., wizard, humanoid (elf), players handbook pg.15
Aquatic Elf: +2 Dex -2 Int, medium, 30 ft. (swim 40 ft)., fighter, humanoid (elf, aquatic), monster manual pg.103
Artic Elf: +2 Dex -2 Str, medium, 30 ft., wizard, humanoid (elf), unearthed arcana pg.9
Desert Elf: +2 Dex -2 Str, medium, 30 ft., wizard, humanoid (elf), unearthed arcana pg.12
Fire Elf: +2 Dex +2 Int -2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., wizard, humanoid (elf), unearthed arcana pg.17
Forestlord Elf: +2 Dex -2 Con, medium, 30 ft., Treewalk (su), sorcerer, humanoid (elf), dragon magic pg.8
Gray Elf: -2 Str +2 Dex -2 Con +2 Int, medium, 30 ft., wizard, humanoid (elf), monster manual pg.104
Illaeli Elf: +2 Dex -2 Con, medium, 30 ft., psion, humanoid (elf), expanded psionic handbook pg.6
Jungle Elf: +2 Dex -2 Con, medium, 30 ft., wizard, humanoid (elf), unearthed arcana pg.14
Kagonesti: +2 Dex -2 Int -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., humanoid (elf), dragonlance campaign setting pg.18
Lesser Drow: +2 Dex -2 Con, medium, 30 ft., (Cha 10 or better dancing lights, daze, touch of fatigue 1/day), wizard (male) and cleric (female), humanoid (elf), player’s guide to faerun pg.191
Moon Elf: +2 Dex -2 Con, medium, 30 ft., wizard, humanoid (elf), forgotten realms pg.13
Qualinesti: +2 Dex -2 Con, medium, 30 ft., humanoid (elf), dragonlance campaign setting pg.19
Painted Elf: +2 Dex -2 Int, medium, 30 ft., druid, humanoid (elf), sandstorm pg.42
Silvanesti: +2 Dex +2 Int -2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., humanoid (elf), dragonlance campaign setting pg.20
Snow Elf: +2 Dex -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., wizard, humanoid (elf), frostburn pg.34
Star Elf: +2 Cha -2 Con, medium, 30 ft., otherworldly touch (su), extraplanar (su), bard, humanoid (elf), unapproachable east pg.10
Sun Elf: +2 Int -2 Con, medium, 30 ft., wizard, humanoid (elf), forgotten realms pg.15
Wild Elf: +2 Dex -2 Int, medium, 30 ft., sorcerer, humanoid (elf), monster manual pg.104
Wood Elf: +2 Str +2 Dex -2 Con -2 Int, meduim, 30 ft., ranger, humanoid (elf), monster manual pg.104

Faun: +2 Dex -2 Wis -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., bard, fey, deities and demigods pg.133

Rock Gnome: -2 Str +2 Con, small, 20 ft., speak with animals 1/day (Cha 10 or better dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation 1/day), bard, humanoid (gnome), players handbook pg.16
Air Gnome: +2 Dex -2 Str, small, 20 ft., speak with animals 1/day (Cha 10 or better dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation 1/day), bard, humanoid (gnome), unearthed arcana pg.16
Aquatic Gnome: -2 Str +2 Con, medium, 20 ft. (swim 20 ft)., speak with animals 1/day (Cha 10 or better dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation 1/day), bard, humanoid (gnome, aquatic), unearthed arcana pg.7
Artic Gnome: -2 Str +2 Con, small, 20 ft., speak with animals 1/day (Cha 10 or better dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation 1/day), bard, humanoid (gnome), unearthed arcana pg.9
Desert Gnome: -2 Str +2 Con, small, 20 ft., speak with animals 1/day (Cha 10 or better dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation 1/day), bard, humanoid (gnome), unearthed arcana pg.12
Forest Gnome: -2 Str +2 Con, Small, 20 ft., pass without trace (su) speak with animals 1/day (Cha 10 or better dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation 1/day), bard, humanoid (gnome), monster manual pg.132
Ice Gnome: -2 Str +2 Con, small, 20 ft., speak with animals 1/day (Cha 10 or better dancing lights, prestidigitation, ray of frost 1/day), bard, humanoid (gnome), frostburn pg.35
Jungle Gnome: -2 Str +2 Con, small, 20 ft., speak with animals 1/day (Cha 10 or better dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation 1/day), bard, humanoid (gnome), unearthed arcana pg.14
Lesser Deep Gnome: +2 Dex -2 Str, small, 20 ft., resistance, daze, lullaby 1/day, rogue, humanoid (gnome), player’s guide to faerun pg.191
Mad Gnome: +2 Dex -2 Str , small, 20 ft., special, dragonlance campaign setting pg.27
Stonehunter Gnome: -2 Str +2 Con, small, 20 ft., speak with animals 1/day (Cha 10 or better dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation 1/day), ranger, humanoid (gnome, dragonblood), dragon magic pg.9
Tinker Gnome: +2 Dex +2 Int -2 Str -2 Wis, small, 20 ft., special, dragonlance campaign setting pg.27
Wavecrest Gnome: -2 Str +2 Con, small, 20 ft, speak w/animals 1/day (Cha 10 or better, dancing lights, know direction, prestidigitation), bard, humanoid(gnome), stormwrack pg.44
Whisper Gnome: -2 Str +2 Dex +2 Con -2 Cha, small, 30 ft., silence 1/day (Cha 10 or better ghost sound, mage hand, message 1/day), rogue, humanoid (gnome), races of stone pg.96


Goblin: -2 Str +2 Dex -2 Cha, small, 30 ft., rogue, humanoid (goblinoid), monster manual pg.133
Air Goblin: +4 Dex -2 Str -2 Con, small, 30 ft., rogue, humanoid (goblinoid), unearthed arcana pg.16
Aquatic Goblin: -2 Str +2 Con -2 Cha, small, 30 ft. (swim 30 ft.), rogue, humanoid (goblinoid, aquatic), unearthed arcana pg.7
Artic Goblin: -2 Str +2 Con -2 Cha, small, 30 ft., rogue, humanoid (goblinoid), unearthed arcana pg.9
Bhuka: -2 Str +2 Dex, medium, 30 ft., druid, humanoid (goblinoid), sandstrom pg.39
Desert Goblin: -2 Str +2 Dex -2 Cha, small, 30 ft ., rogue, humanoid (goblinoid), unearthed arcana pg.12
Jungle Goblin: -2 Str +2 Dex -2 Cha, small, 30 ft. (climb 20 ft.), rogue, humanoid (goblinoid), unearthed arcana pg.12

Hadozee: +2 Dex -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft, rogue, humanoid (hadozee), stromwrack pg.41

Half-Elf: none, medium, 30 ft., any, humanoid (elf, human), players handbook pg.18
Aquatic Half-Elf: none, medium, 30 ft. (swim 15 ft.), any, humanoid (elf, human), stormwrack pg.45
Artic Half-Elf: none, medium, 30 ft., any, humanoid (elf, human), unearthed arcane pg.10
Desert Half-Elf: none, medium, 30 ft., any, humanoid (elf, human), unearthed arcana pg.12
Deepwyrm Half-Drow: none, medium, detect magic 3/day, disguise self 1/day, 30 ft., any, humanoid (elf, human, dragonblood), dragon magic pg.6
Fire Half-Elf: none, medium, 30 ft., any, humanoid (elf, human), unearthed arcana pg.18
Forestlord Half-Elf: none, medium, 30 ft., Treewalk (su), sorcerer, humanoid (elf, human), dragon magic pg.8
Half-Drow: none, medium, 30 ft., any, humanoid (elf, human), races of faerun pg.62
Half-Human Elf: none, medium, 30 ft., wizard, humanoid (elf, human), dungeon master’s guide pg.171
Jungle Half-Elf: none, medium, 30 ft., any, humanoid (elf, human), unearthed arcana pg.14


+2 Str -2 Int -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., barbarian, humanoid (human, orc), players handbook pg.18
Aquatic Half-Orc: +2 Str -2 Int -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft. (swim 30 ft.), barbarian, humanoid (human, orc, aquatic), unearthed arcana pg.8
Artic Half-Orc: +2 Str -2 Int -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., barbarian, humanoid (human, orc), unearthed arcana pg.8
Desert Half-Orc: +2 Con -2 Int, medium, 30 ft., barbarian, humanoid (human, orc), unearthed arcana pg.12
Frostblood Half-Orc: +2 Str -2 Int -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., barbarian, humanoid (human, orc, dragonblood), dragon magic pg.10
Jungle Half-Orc: +2 Str -2 Int -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., barbarian, humanoid (human, orc), unearthed arcana pg.15
Scablands Half-Orc: +2 Str -2 Int -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., barbarian, humanoid (human, orc), sanstorm pg.43
Water Half-Orc: +2 Str -2 Int -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft. (swim 30 ft.), barbarian, humanoid (human, orc), unearthed arcana pg.18

Lightfoot Halfling: -2 Str +2 Dex, small, 20 ft., rogue, humanoid (halfling), players handbook pg.20
Aquatic Halfling: -2 Str +2 Dex, small, 20 ft. (swim 20 ft.), rogue, humanoid (halfling, aquatic), unearthed arcana pg.8
Artic Halfling: -2 Str +2 Dex, small, 20 ft., ranger, humanoid (halfling), unearthed arcana pg.10
Deep Halfling: -2 Str +2 Dex, small, 20 ft., rogue, humanoid, (halfling), monster manual pg.150
Desert Halfling: -2 Str +2 Dex, small, 20 ft., rogue, humanoid (halfling), unearthed arcana pg.12
Ghostwise Halfling: -2 Str +2 Dex, small, 20 ft., speak without sounds (su), barbarian, humanoid (halfling), forgotten realms pg.17
Glimmerskin Halfling: -2 Str +2 Dex, small, 20 ft., rogue, humanoid (halfling, dragonblood), dragon magic pg.9
Jerren: +2 Dex -2 Str, small, 20 ft., rogue, humanoid (halfling) book of vile darkness pg.13
Jungle Halfling: -2 Str +2 Dex, small, 20 ft., barbarian, humanoid (halfling), unearthed arcana pg.15
Shoal Halfling: -2 Str +2 Dex, small, 20 ft. (swim 20 ft.), rogue, humanoid (halfling, aquatic),stormwrack pg.45
Strongheart Halfling: -2 Str +2 Dex, small, 20 ft., rogue, humanoid (halfling), forgotten realms pg.18
Tallfellow Halfling: -2 Str +2 Dex, small, 20 ft., rogue, humanoid (halfling), monster manual pg.149
Tundra Halfling: -2 Str +2 Dex, Small, 20 ft., ranger, humanoid (halfling), frostburn pg.36
Water Halfling: -2 Str +2 Dex +2 Con, small, 20 ft. (swim 20 ft.), rogue, humanoid (halfling), unearthed arcana pg.18

Hellbred (Body): +2 Con -2 Int, medium, 30 ft, hellbound (su), paladin, humanoid (hellbred), Fiendish Codex II pg.78
Hellbred (Spirit): +2 Cha -2 Con, medium, 30 ft, hellbound (su), spirit (su), paladin, humanoid (hellbred), Fiendish Codex II pg.78

Hengeyokai: -2 Wis, medium, 30 ft., alternate form (su), wu jen, humanoid (hengeyokai, shapechanger), oriental adventures pg.10


Human: none, medium, 30 ft., any, humanoid (human), players handbook pg.12
Aventi: none, medium, 30 ft. (swim 30 ft.), any, humanoid (human, aquatic), stormwrack pg.34
Azurin: none, medium, 30 ft., soulborn, humanoid (human, incarnum), magic of incarnum pg.7
Deep Imaskari: +2 Int -2 Dex, medium, 30 ft., spell clutch (su), wizard, humanoid (human), underdark pg.9
Extaminar: -2 Str +2 Dex, medium, 30 ft., speak with animals (snakes only) at will, charm animal (snakes only) 3/day, rogue, humanoid (human), champions of ruin pg.14
Illumian: none, medium, 30 ft., luminous sigils (su) power sigils (su) illumian words (su), any, humnaoid (human), races of destiny pg.53
Mongrelfolk: +4 Con -2 Int -4 Cha, medium, 30 ft., rogue, humanoid (human), races of destiny pg.98
Neanderthal: +2 Str -2 Dex +2 Con -2 Int, medium, 30 ft., barbarian, humanoid (human), frostburn pg.36
Sea Kin: none, medium, 30 ft. (swim 30 ft.), druid, humanoid (human), races of destiny pg.100
Silverbrow Human: none, medium, 30 ft., any, humanoid (human, dragonblood), dragon magic pg.6
Underfolk: none, medium, 30 ft., any, humanoid (human), races of destiny pg.108
Varsharan: none, medium, 30 ft., any, humanoid (human), book of vile darkness pg.12

Jermlaine: -6 Str +6 Dex -2 Con -2 Int +6 Wis -6 Cha, tiny, 40 ft., rogue, fey, monster manual 2 pg.131

Kalashtar: none, medium, 30 ft., mindlink 1/day, psion, humanoid (kalashtar, psionic), races of erberron pg.55

Kender: +2 Dex -2 Str -2 Wis, small, 20 ft., rogue, humanoid (kender), dragonlance campaign setting pg.28

Kenku: -2 Str +2 Dex, medium, 30 ft., rogue, humanoid (kenku), monster manual 3 pg.86

Killoren: none, medium, 30 ft., manifest nature's might (su), druid, fey, races of the wild pg.102

Kobold: -4 Str +2 Dex -2 Con, small, 30 ft., sorcerer, humanoid (kobold, reptilian, dragonblood), monter manual pg.161 and Races of the Dragon pg. 39
Aquatic Kobold: -4 Str +2 Dex -2 Con, small, 30 ft. (swim 30 ft.), sorcerer, humanoid (kobold, reptilian, dragonblood, aquatic), unearthed arcana pg.8
Artic Kobold: -2 Str +2 Dex -2 Con -2 Wis, small, 30 ft., sorcerer, humanoid (kobold, reptilian, dragonblood), unearthed arcana pg.8
Desert Kobold: -4 Str +2 Dex -2 Wis, small, 30 ft., rogue, humanoid (kobold, reptilian, dragonblood), unearthed arcana pg.13
Earth Kobold: -2 Str -2 Con, small, 30 ft., sorcerer, humanoid (kobold, reptilian, dragonblood), unearthed arcana pg.17
Jungle Kobold: -4 Str +2 Dex -2 Int, small, 30 ft., sorcerer, humanoid (kobold, reptilian, dragonblood), unearthed arcana pg.13

Krinth: +2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., fighter, humanoid (krinth), champions of ruin pg.36

Krynn Minotaur: +4 Str -2 Dex -2 Int -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., humanoid (minotaur), dragonlance campaign setting pg.42

Lupin: none, medium, 30 ft., ranger, monstrous humanoid (lupin), dragon compendium volume one pg.21

Maenad: none, medium, 30 ft., outburst (ex), energy ray 1/day, wilder, humanoid (maenad, psion), expanded psionics handbook pg.13

Muckdweller : -6 Str +6 Dex -2 Cha, tiny, 20 ft. (swim 20 ft.), squirt (ex), monstrous humanoid, serpent kingdoms pg.71

Neraphim: none, medium, 30 ft., ranger, outsider, planar handbook pg.12

Nezumi: +2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 40 ft., rogue, humanoid (nezumi), oriental adventures pg.13

Orc: +4 Str -2 Int -2 Wis -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., barbarian, humanoid (orc), monster manual pg.203
Aquatic Orc: +4 Str -2 Int -2 Wis -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft. (swim 30 ft.), barbarian, humanoid (orc, aquatic), unearthed arcana pg.10
Artic Orc: +4 Str -2 Int -2 Wis -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., barbarian, humanoid (orc), unearthed arcana pg.10
Desert Orc: +4 Str -2 Int -2 Wis -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., barbarian, humanoid (orc), unearthed arcana pg.13
Frostblood Orc: +4 Str -2 Int -2 Wis -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., barbarian, humanoid (orc, dragonblood), dragon magic pg.10
Jungle Orc: +4 Str -2 Int -2 Wis -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., barbarian, humanoid (orc), unearthed arcana pg.15
Water Orc: +4 Str +2 Con -2 Int -2 Wis -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft. (swim 30 ft.), barbarian, humanoid (orc), unearthed arcana pg.18

Lesser Aasimar +2 Wis +2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., light (sp), paladin, humanoid (planetouched), player’s guide to faerun pg.191
Lesser Air Genasi +2 Dex +2 Int -2 Wis -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., levitate (sp), fighter, humanoid (planetouched), player’s guide to faerun pg.191
Lesser Earth Genasi +2 Str +2 Con -2 Wis -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., pass without trace (sp), fighter, humanoid (planetouched), player’s guide to faerun pg.191
Lesser Fire Genasi +2 Int -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., control flames (sp), fighter, humanoid (planetouched), player’s guide to faerun pg.191
Lesser Water Genasi +2 Con -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., create water (sp), fighter, humanoid (planetouched), player’s guide to faerun pg.191
Lesser Tiefling +2 Int +2 Dex -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., darkness (sp), rogue, humanoid (planetouched), player’s guide to faerun pg.191

Raptoran: none, medium, 30 ft. (fly 40 ft. average), cleric, humanoid (raptoran), races of the wild pg.66

Rilkan: +2 Dex -2 Str, medium, 30 ft., incarnate, humanoid (reptilian), magic of incarnum pg.12

Shifter: +2 Dex -2 Int -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft., shifting (su), ranger, humanoid (shifter, shapechanger), races of eberrron pg.25

Skarns: +2 Str -2 Dex, medium, 30 ft., incarnate, humanoid (reptilian), magic of incarnum pg.15

Spellscale: +2 Cha -2 Con, medium, 30 ft., sorcerer and same as base creature, humanoid (dragonblood), races of the dragon pg.21

Spiker: none, medium, 30ft., fighter, humanoid (spiker), planar handbook pg.14

Spirit Folk
Spirit Folk: none, medium, 30 ft. (river/sea swim 30 ft.), (bamboo/river) speak with animals 1/day, any, humanoid (spirit), oriental adventures pg.14
Mountain Spirit Folk: none, medium, 30 ft. (climb 30 ft.), speak with animals 1/day (bird), any, humanoid (spirit), unapproachable east pg.13
River Spirit Folk: none, medium, 30 ft. (swim 30 ft.), speak with animals 1/day (fish), any, humanoid (spirit), unapproachable east pg.14

Synad: none, medium, 30 ft., Threefold Mind (su), Oracle (su), Collective (su), Multitask (Su), any, aberration (synad, psionic), Complete Psionic pg. 140

Tibbit: +2 Dex -2 Str, small, 20 ft., Feline Transformation (su), rogue, monstrous humanoid (lupin), dragon compendium volume one pg.25

Vanara: none, medium, 30 ft. (climb 20 ft. average), spirit shaman, humanoid (vanara), oriental adventures pg.15

Warforged: +2 Con -2 Wis -2 Cha, medium, 30 ft. fighter, construct (living construct), races of eberron pg.07
Warforged Scout: -2 Str +2 Dex -2 Wis -2 Cha, small, 20 ft., rogue, construct (living construct), monster manual 3 pg.193

: -2 Str +2 Dex, medium, 30 ft., burst (su), soulknife, humanoid (xeph, psionic), expanded psionic handbook pg.15

Originally posted by carnivore:

5: Important Points and Feats

important points:
1)Attribute Distribution and Impact on Character playablity

There are two more or less fixed requirements to playing a psion adequately: you need a starting intelligence of 15 to be able to increase it to 19 in time for you to be able to manifest 9th level powers, and you need a wisdom of 13 to qualify for Metamorphic Transfer and Psionic Meditation. Let’s look at the attributes in more detail and consider the elite array, 25-point buy and 32-point buy.

Strength: The least important attribute. You will probably never be making melee attacks without being metamorphed, unless you somehow get a freebee attack of opportunity in your early career.
Dexterity: This attribute also changes when changing shape. It’s significant for initiative, armor class and ranged attacks – all of which are important to you – but it’s still quite far down on the list since the Pixie form is available at level 7.
Constitution: With the recent Polymorph rulings, many DMs may very well rule that your hp does not change even if your Con does when metamorphing. Even if it does, you still need to get there alive, and a solid Con helps a lot in the early levels.
Intelligence: The most important attribute naturally, as it governs saves and power points, and grants you an impressive amount of skill points to boot. Should be as high as you can afford (within reason), and the primary choice for your level up ability increases and item enhancers.
Wisdom: Needed for feat requirements, but not particularly important otherwise. The extra boost to the will save is nice though.
Charisma: Your supernatural attacks from the Metamorphic Transfer feat are Cha based, which means that this attribute is far from unimportant. Especially significant for your class skills if you play a Telepath.

Elite Array: Str 8, Dex 10, Con 14, Int 15, Wis 13, Cha 12. (Con 12, Cha 14)*
25-point buy: Str 8, Dex 8, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 11. (Con 12, Cha 13)*
32-point buy: Str 8, Dex 8, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 14, Cha 12. (Con 12, Cha 14)*
*Numbers in paranthesis should be used if your DM allows hp to change upon metamorphosis.

"Thou shall not lose Manifester levels", and Why.
Manifester levels effect on Powers
The variables of a power’s effect often depend on its manifester level, which is equal to your psionic class level. A power that can be augmented for additional effect is also limited by your manifester level (you can’t spend more power points on a power than your manifester level). See Augment under Descriptive Text, below.
You can manifest a power at a lower manifester level than normal, but the manifester level must be high enough for you to manifest the power in question, and all level-dependent features must be based on the same manifester level.
In the event that a class feature or other special ability provides an adjustment to your manifester level, this adjustment applies not only to all effects based on manifester level (such as range, duration, and augmentation potential) but also to your manifester level check to overcome your target’s power resistance and to the manifester level used in dispel checks (both the dispel check and the DC of the check).​
Manifester Level on Power Points
Manifester Level on Powers Known

3)Power points and Bugeting your spending of them
Economic use of Power Points to get you thru the day.
In general..a good rule of thumb, is to divide the total Daily number of power points you have by 4, use 1/4 for long term buffs , and limit the number of PP you expend for each encounter to around 1/4 also. This assumes an average of 3 encounters per day, you may have only 1 or maybe up to 6+;but as an average you will have 3 encounters per day. Note, each encounter does not mean Combat, some will be Social. With combat encounters try to determine the most effective way to eliminate an opponent while conserving PPs. Sometimes its best to simply use Battlefield Control powers and funnel the combat to your fighters and allow them to be effective. Other times it may be better to avoid haveing the enemy reach your fighters and destroy them at range, especially if they have special attacks that severly weaken your party members. A special caution should be considered...... if combats come in waves with reiforcements comming in a few rounds with more on the way...plan to use some long term buffs to power up with and long term Battlefield control and avoid a lot of direct damage(Direct damage is great vs single opponents) as it can use up your PP quickly. A final note.....ALWAYS keep enough PP to escape Quickly(Teleport or Planeshift)...you will not be able to defeat all opponents the first time, so its better to run away and return with a better plan and Prepared to face the enemy.​

"PP Generation Tactics

Power points are always an issue with any psionic build. Psionic characters always have to ration power points in one point or another. For Psychic warriors, this is even more of a problem with their reduced power point pools. However turning to sources such as magic of incarnum it is possible to circumvent and amplify the power point pools of any psionic character.
This is accomplished through the use of Azure Talent {Incarnum, Psionic}, Azure talent allows you to invest in the feat essentia once per day, the bonus pp is equal to the total amount of invested essentia times two. Further more the feat itself has a built in limit on the number of points invested based on character level.
The second part of the set is the feat Psycarnum Infusion {Psionic}. Thus feat allows you to expend your psionic focus which allows one of the characters essentia receptacles to be treated as if it had been invested with the maximum possible essentia
If you use this tactic its wise to keep Cognizence Crystals on hand, using that you can boost your pp reserve by filling up the crystals with the pp before they expire, another use is to recharge psionic tatoos using the temp pp while preserving your main pool ...quote by Lokiyn "​

What it is and how it affects you.

5)Skill choices
Concentration,Knowledge(psionics),Psicraft....first,then get as much Synergy as you can.
Concentration is a skill that generally Psions need to max out and this is because many effects linked to Powers require concentration checks. Should you fail to concentrate on your Power, you are most likely going to lose it, and the PP. The player's handbook provides detailed information on page 170 on concentration checks, that will cover almost all cases.
Most notably:

  • Injury while Manifesting a Power: In case of continuous damage, you should be able to succeed. The problem here is if damaged by attacks or, even worse, enemy spells/Powers. Since opponents can ready an action to "when the enemy starts Manifesting a Power", they will be able to affect even those Powers that require a standard or move action to Manifest. Miss chance, invisibility and damage reduction can help lessen the inflicted damage, thus making your concentration check easier.
  • Distraction by spell: Mundane attacks only get 1/2 of the inflicted damage dealt to the concentration check's DC. Note that this is not the case with spells that deal damage. They actually add all the inflicted damage to the check. Thus, even a lowly magic missile
    [UNKNOWN=sup]: PHB
    spell (which if of 9th and higher caster level has a damage of 10-25, resulting in an average damage of 17,5) will boost your concentration check to 27,5 + level of the Power you are Manifesting, nothing to scoff at.


    This graph shows how the damage of a spell, which deals 1d6 points of damage per caster level, scales compared to your concentration check with no modifiers.

6)Powers Known and getting more powers known
Making yourself versatile and effective in any situation
discussion on Research
I usually never bother with the research option for gaining access to powers of other disciplines, going Expanded Knowledge instead. It seems that Expanded Knowledge is widely accepted and used on the boards, but since research just seems so much stronger, I was wondering why there's so little talk about it. I'm generally thinking that EK > research at lower levels, while the opposite is true at higher levels. The reasons:

The most attractive low level powers to get are Astral Construct and Energy Missiles. However, AC is not very good at level 1, but is very playable at level 3 when you can EK it. Energy Missile is good from the start (lvl 3) but you can put it off for 2 levels without problem considering other available options (the astral construct for one!). At low levels, the fact that you get both an increase in quality AND quantity from the feat is also quite significant, since you know so few powers. The XP penalty from researching also hurts more at lower levels.

At higher levels, power slots aren't as scarce, and the XP cost is pretty insignificant. Getting "free" feats for a few hundred XP is huge, especially when you consider things like qualifying for PrCs. Most importantly, you can get them 2-3 levels earlier than you could with the EK feat, which could allow you to regain your XP investment pretty quickly if it's a powerful addition to your arsenal.

The missing link between the two options seems to be Psychic Reformation, making level 7 the ideal level to withdraw for a few months of solitude after an adventure that left you with a fair bit of extra XP to spend before you reach 8th. Out goes outdated powers good for low level characters (Matter Agitation, Mind Thrust and friends), out goes the EK feats, in goes the very same powers researched, some qualifying feats to set you up for your PrC of choice, some metapsionics perhaps and anything else that strikes your fancy. With a couple of thousand XP less, you now have a perfect level 7 psion, capable of manifesting any power of your choice (why not a researched Evade Burst as a 3rd level power?) with the most powerful combination of feats imaginable to go with it (go full monty on double foci, meditation, overchannel/talented, metapsionics, metamorphic transfer etc.).

Is this a good idea? I'm worried that it robs the disciplines of their uniqueness. Looking at it this way, choice of discipline seems to come down to what class skills you prefer, as well as how to save the most XP by choosing the one with most combined quantity+quality of powers. :p
7) Manifesting Powers
"Power Manifesting Time Reduction
Obviously getting powers manifested as fast as possible is important, however certain powers have an inconveniently log manifestation time. For example Psionic Minor Creation has a manifesting Time of One Minute. As well as Call to Mind, Powers like Major creation have manifestation time in things like 10 min, with some powers needing a full week to manifest.
For most cases this isn’t an issue, however, we can speed up manifesting of long powers with the following process.
Linked Power {metapsionic} Allows the manifester to manifest one power and link a second power to it as an additional metapsionic cost. The process is simple. Choose a starting power, In this case the power call item {minds Eye}. Then select a second power, in this case minor creation. One of the conditions of linked power is that the second power shares the same target as the primary power, in the event that the first power does not have a target or area (as is the case in call item) the second powers area or target is chosen by the manifester. The next round the second power goes off without any additional cost in actions or power points.
Depending on your reading of the Linked power feat the second power does not cost the manifester anything other than the pp cost, which proves interesting when powers that cost exp are involved" quote by Lokiyn
listing of useful feats
New Feats & Powers........WotC Website
Chance Favors the Prepared Mind........WotC Website

Treatise on Metapsionic Feats..........interesting discussion
Karmic Power Optimization ....discusses Opportunity Power feat

I will try to focus only on feats that are Directly useful to Psions.

NoN-Psionic Feats:

Alertness................you can get this for free if you have a Psycrystal
Combat Expertise.....for Psi-Gish type builds
Combat Reflexes.....for Psi-Gish type builds
Improved Initiative.....good for many types
Power Attack.....for Psi-Gish type builds
Rapid Shot.....for Psi-Gish type builds
Skill Focus(Concentration).............very useful for any Psionic character
Track........................................neccessary to gain entry into the Slayer PrC
Weapon Focus..............Weapon focus(ray) is very nice to have
Shielded Manifesting(Races of Stone)
Steady Concentration(Races of Stone)

Psionic Feats:

Boost Construct...........giving and extra Menu selection is always good
Burrowing Power..........a very useful power especially at high levels
Chain Power..............can be strong...but limited to Single target energy powers
Delay Power..............absolutely necessary if you use Temporal Acceleration and Direct Damage powers
Empower Power.........great boost to all Direct Damage Powers
Enlarge Power............nice
Expanded Knowledge.....a Must for learning extra Powers(unles your DM allows other means:Research,Psychic Chirgury)
Extend Power..............a must for all Psions
Greater Power Penetration
Greater Power Specialization
Greater Psionic Endowment
Improved Psicrystal
Maximize Power
Metamorphic Transfer
Narrow Mind
Opportunity Power
Power Penetration
Power Specialization
Psicrystal Affinity
Psicrystal Containment
Psionic Body
Psionic Endowment
Psionic Meditation
Psionic Talent
Quicken Power
Split Psionic Ray
Twin Power
Unconditional Power
Widen Power

Deep Vision(Races of Stone)........................darkvision increases while focused.....

Deflective Armor(Races of Stone and CPsi).....Armor bonus vs Touch attks, while focused

Earth Power(Races of Stone).......................-1 PP to cost of manifesting any power when you are on stone or earth,....requires you to Expend focus....this is a very nice power to have, for all day buffs

Focused Shield(Races of Stone)...................+1AC when focused

Invest Armor(Races of Stone)......................+3 Armor bonus when expend focus

Energize Armor(Races of Stone)....................expend focus(immediate action)...gain energy resist 10 vs next energy attack

Ectopic Form.............................................
Practiced Manifester(Complete Psionics).........+4 to effective ML when manifesting powers.....will not raise ML above HD, or give extra PP

Elan Resiliance(Complete Psionics)..................
Instictive Consumator(Complete Psionics)........
Mental Juggernaut(Complete Psionics)............
Psybiot(Complete Psionics)..........................
Stygian Archon(Complete Psionics)...............
Dorje Mastery(Complete Psionics).................
Psionic Mastery(Complete Psionics)..............
Knockdown Power(Complete Psionics)...........
Linked Power(Complete Psionics).................
Metapsionic Power(Complete Psionics)..........
Transdimentional Power(Complete Psionics)....
Skin of the ConstructSkin of the Construct
[sblock]"Skin of the construct" is actually a rather mediocre choice...for this reason...the 1d8 Temporary hit points last 1 hour...the rest of the benifits are gone when the Astral Construct
Duration is over(1 round/ML), but it does give you access to this:
skin of the Construct isn't all that bad; it is a feat with no other requisite feats anyway. It only costs you 1 power point and 1 round to activate (manifesting Astral Construct, there is never any reason to throw a construct power higher than AC1, because the benefit is capped at 1 A pick). So look at what you can have temporary access to:

Buff: Same as spending 1 point on Vigor, except they are not treated as temporary hit points.

Celerity: Superior to Burst at second level or higher because for 1 point the movement boost lasts 1 round/level instead of just one round.

Cleave: It gives you the Cleave feat, without needing Str 13 or Power Attack.

Deflection: +1 deflection bonus to AC, superior to Dodge or Psionic Dodge because you don't have to designate an opponent against whom it applies.

Fly: How many other first level characters are flying? Some DM disallow this one, or require you spend enough points to create a construct with enough Str to carry you and your gear as a light load.

Improved Bull Rush: As the feat, normally has the same prereqs as Cleave.

Improved Slam Attack: Gives you Improved Natural Attack, a feat not normally available to PCs.

Mobility: As the feat, you don't need Dex 13 or Dodge.

Power Attack: As the feat.

Resistance: Half the effect of Energy Adaptation, Specified, at 1/3 the cost.

Swim: Superior to Float, except you can't use it on others.

Trip: Free trip attempt for hitting with a hand to hand attack.

It does not amount to powered combat armor (see Ectoskeleton and others for that). Instead it is a feat that lets you spend 1 point and a round to morph it into one of a set of other feats.
Spiritual Force(Complete Psionics)...............expend focus.....add Cha bonus to damage w/ mindblade for all attacks..this round

Illithid Heritage(Complete Psionics).............Intimidate is class skill, bonus to saves vs(spells,spell-like,power,psi-like) = # illithid feats / 2 (min +1)

Illithid Compulsion(Complete Psionics)
Illithid Enthusiast(Complete Psionics)
Illithid Grapple(Complete Psionics)
Illithid Legacy(Complete Psionics)
Greater Illithid Legacy(Complete Psionics)

Here's the challenge:

Find the minimum, most efficient and reliable set of powers for a mid level psion to handle anything a DM can throw at the party within their challenge level!

The purpose of the challenge is to free up slots for defense and utility, and good practice in keeping power redundancy to a minimum. Consider all the possible threats you and your party could be facing around levels 7-15 and try to find as efficient multi-purpose answers as possible. Here's what I have so far:

Astral Construct
Works against almost everything but has trouble against:
*Very high AC/damage reduction
*Swarm and incorporeal type
*Caster anti-measures (anti-magic/psionics, dispel, globe of invulnerability)

Metamorphosis + Metamorphic Transfer
Forms like Annis Hag and Roper are tanks unto themselves, but (Su) blast on a hydra solves the Astral Construct problems of high AC, damage reduction, swarm, incorporeal (unsure if (Su) bypasses the 50% no effect chance) and globe of invulnerability (since hydra blast doesn't have a spell/power level).

Crystal Shard
I have found no other ways around anti magic/psionics than an instantaneous creation effect. Nothing to sulk about though, as this can deal tremendous amounts of damage with Split Psionic Ray + Overchannel.

I'm down to three powers, none of which allows save (except hydra blasting) or power/spell resistance. Things I've considered but don't consider necessary at this point include:

Energy Conversion + Energy Wall: Very PP efficient but allows SR/PR and consumes 2 power slots for little added benefit. Would also bypass Globe of Invulnerability.

Telekinetic Maneuver: Unsure if this is useful against incorporeal creatures - it is a [force] effect, but the type discription specifically states incorporeal creatures can't be grappled... Wouldn't (Su) hydra blast work too?

Ego Whip: Having an alternative strategy to HP beating is both good and bad. It's sometimes more efficient for you, but it's often less efficient for the party if you're splitting up efforts on HP and Cha on the same target. Also [mind-affecting], allows PR/SR and a save (though only partial, which still makes it somewhat interesting).

Psionic Dominate: Perhaps the best offensive effect in the game (converting enemies to allies), but difficult to use at higher levels since it's a save-or-die that allows SR/PR and is [mind-affecting].

Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Mass: No SR/PR "save-or-die" that can be bypassed using purely mental actions. Sometimes very useful as a battlefield control effect, but isn't actually a save-or-die since you still have the problem of killing them, and (contrary to hold monster, for instance), you have to cut through the cocoon first and can expect opposition while doing so.

Fortitude save-or-dies: Crystallize or Decerebrate. I think dealing massive amounts of damage against big brutes go better with the party strategy, and saves + PR/SR is always a problem at higher levels when they are available. Useful as mage killers, but so is a simple Crystal Shard or hydra blast.

Ok, the challenge is on. Good look with coming up with powerful and synergistic packages! All suggestion welcome.
Re: Entangling Ectoplasm. A debuff, as like Bacris notes. Making room to add potent and PP efficient effects like that (man, there are so many good level 1 powers) is part of the reason I offer this challenge. It's not an effect that can allow you to win a battle in itself, but it can turn the tides in battle much like an ectoplasmic wall etc. As such, it wouldn't be part of such a "minimalist set" that I'm looking for, but still an excellent pick for the slots you save from having a minimum of efficient damaging powers.

Re: Telekinetic Thrust. Hm, this could be used similarly to Astral Construct (though less powerful/versatile). If we assume that "instantaneous" means that it's not a sustained thrust, this could also be an alternative to Crystal Shard against null/anti psionics. Theoretically, we could cut both Astral Construct and Crystal Shard and replace them with Telekinetic Thrust, but I feel we'd loose a lot of power in doing so (though we save a slot). There's also the practical problem: how do we present the projectiles in a timely fashion to manifest the power?

Re: Incorporeal subtype. I read it exactly like munin actually. The argument that it should only apply to damage (and also (Su) damage) is definetely not in line with the SRD. Is the MM3 like official errata for previous monstrous info? If so, can someone provide the updated text for the incorporeal subtype as of MM3?
Grease is also a wonderful Battlefield control power

Chained Energy Retort is great fun vs large groups......especially if manifested several times(you may not even have to attack them.........they might kill themselves by attacking you,or at least injure themselves severely)

Ectoplasmic Shambler(or even several:eek:verlaping themselves) .....and Wall of Ectoplasm........battlefield control and continuous damage.......Shambler is controled as a free action, has No save, No SR/PR and is Long ranged, large area(10 cubes 10'x10'x10'), realitvely long duration.......and to damage the Wall they must get thru the Shambler(s)

Minor creation: Set up burn spots with flammable, sticky, and plant based oils (take your pick, there are a number of them, especially if you are lax on just what plant based entails). Make poisons and coat your weapons with it. Create stop gaps, dangerous areas to walk through, useful items, and whatever else you happen to think of. It takes time and careful planning, but it is cheap, easy, and lasting.

Claws of the beast: Pop this on yourself and your psicrystal (if allowed that is). Sure, it isnt a huge amount of damage, but your psicrystals claws are easily coated in poison and you can save more poison for later. It also gives you 4 claw attacks each round. You will also want overchannel and possibly talented. This works even better if you can arrange for yourself to be immune to poison as well.

Time hop: This can help you move obsticles, enemies, and the occasional ally out of or into harms way. Mid levels the save isnt that great however but it still has so many incredible uses anyway it is just plain a great plan. Undead typically have low will saves and are immune to poison so this works great for popping them out and then either getting away or making something with minor creation to take care of them.

Edit: As an aside I was in a party once where we were ambushed by an air elemental that was way beyond our power to normally deal with. I popped off a time hop, just in case, and it somehow failed its save. Over the course of the next several rounds the party buffed and summoned creatures like crazy. When it came back in the fight was over after its next action. The dm was a bit frustrated and nearly banned time hop from the game right then and there..lol

Originally posted by carnivore:

6: Full Manifesting

The most powerful Manifester....full 20 manifester levels and how you can be effective.

1) Psion 20
level by level breakdown of a 20 level Psion
Telepath BuildShow
for the sake of this Example, we are using a 25 point buy:
"General Purpose Build"
Since this is a general purpose build, the feats and power selection will be such that this character can survive and contribute in a meaningful way to any party he is with.

Human Telepath

8 Str
10 Dex
10 Con
16 Int
13 Wis
14 Cha
Psion 1......Power points = (2+ 1 bonus)= 3 PP
New Powers Known: Empathy, Entangling Ectoplasm, Telempathic Projection
Feats: Psycrystal Affinity,Illithid Heratige, Illithid Compulsion
4 ranks Concentration
4 ranks Knowledge (Psionics)
4 ranks Psicraft
4 ranks Bluff
4 ranks Diplomacy
4 ranks Sense Motive

Equipment= Ave 75 GP
10gp....5x daggers
35gp...light crossbow
2gp.....20 bolts
10gp ...leather armor

misc equipment and supplies

Tactics:At this level....his main tactic is Diplomacy.....followed by running away as fast as he can. He can help his party with Entangling ecto...then use missile fire(crossbow). Not very much to do but try to survive.
Psion 2......Power points = (6 + 3 Bonus)= 9 PP
New Powers Known:Crystal Shard, Vigor
5 ranks Concentration
5 ranks Knowledge (Psionics)
5 ranks Psicraft
5 ranks Bluff
5 ranks Diplomacy
5 ranks Sense Motive

total Diplomacy = 5 ranks + 2 Cha + 4 Synergy = +11 minimum + 1d20 + Psionic Bonuses

Equipment= Ave 900 GP
as first level...but add the following:
200gp..2x War Ponies(trained)...one to be riden, one for carrying supplies...both are combat ready and can fight
150gp...6x Guard Dogs(trained).....trained for various things
100gp .10x Acid Flasks
200gp..10x Alchemists Fire
100gp...4x Holy Water

Remainder for misc. items and supplies.

Tactics:Now he can use his powers a little more....but his Skills have jumped, due to the Synergy bonuses for Diplomacy. His actions are mostly the same(Diplomacy focus)....but he is able to help a little more for combat(due mainly to his animals).
Psion 3 ......Power points = ( 11 + 4 Bonus)= 15 PP
New Powers Known:Ego Whip, Share pain
Feats:Illithid Legacy(bonus Powers:Psi Charm,Read Thoughts)
6 ranks Concentration
6 ranks Knowledge (Psionics
1 rank Knowledge (Nobility & royalty
6 ranks Psicraft
5 ranks Bluff
6 ranks Diplomacy
6 ranks Sense Motive

Equipment=Ave 2700 GP
As 2nd level....add more mundane Alchemical items

Tactics: Here he gets a big boost to powers Known and he can make even more use of his Skills(Psi Charm....makes a NPC Friendly....much easier to work with using Diplomacy)....also he can be much less afraid of combat(Share pain+Vigor+ Share Powers with Psicrystal). His combat options now are to Throw a lot of Splash weapons(easy to use, very effective).
Psion 4......Power points = ( 17 + 6 Bonus)= 23 PP,
New Powers Known:Concussion Blast,Psi Suggestion
7 ranks Concentration
7 ranks Knowledge (Psionics
Knowledge (Nobility & royalty)..2 ranks
7 ranks Psicraft
Bluff...........................5 ranks
7 ranks Diplomacy
7 ranks Sense Motive

Equipment=Ave 5400 GP
same as 3rd lvl but add
2000gp.......Handy Haversack....very useful for his entire career

Tactics: Much the same as 3rd lvl.......Psi Suggestion has many uses. Also Concussion Blast can target multiple targets & incorporeal targets...handy power to have. At this level he adds +1 point to Int, so Int = 17.
Psion 5......Power points = (25 + 10 Bonus)= 35 PP
New Powers Known:Hostile Empathic Transfer,Touchsight
Feats: Psi Meditation
8 ranks Concentration
8 ranks Knowledge (Psionics
Knowledge (Nob & roy)..3 ranks
8 ranks Psicraft
Bluff........................5 ranks
8 ranks Diplomacy
8 ranks Sense Motive

Equipment=Ave 9000 GP
same as 4th lvl..but add:
4000gp .......+2 Headband of Intellect

Tactics:much the same as 4th.....but has an added detection ability(touchsight) usefull to keep from being suprised. Also has a major Offensive/Defensive power..Hostile Empathic Transfer...heals him and hurt them.Also he adds 1 point to intelligence ...combined with the headband (total Int 19)...he gets a major jump in PP and the DC of his powers goes up.
Psion 6..Power points = (35 + 12 Bonus)= 47 PP
New Powers Known:Time Hop,Energy Wall
Feats:Linked Power
Concentration ..9 ranks
Knowledge (Psionics)...9 ranks
Knowledge (Nob & roy)..4 ranks
Psicraft.......9 ranks
Bluff......5 ranks
Diplomacy.....9 ranks
Sense Motive....9 ranks

Equipment=Ave 13000 GP
same as 5th lvl..but add:
2500gp .........ring of sustenance
2500gp .........Boots of the Winterlands

Tactics:This level he gets 2 versatile powers....these greatly aid his party in both Combat and Non-Combat situations.
Psion 7......Power points = (46 + 14 Bonus)= 60 PP
New Powers Known:Schism,Psi Divination
Concentration .10 ranks
Knowledge (Psionics)....10 ranks
Knowledge (Nob & roy)..5 ranks
Psicraft....10 ranks
Bluff...5 ranks
Diplomacy...10 ranks
Sense Motive..10 ranks

Equipment= Ave 19000 GP
same as 6th, but add:
4000gp ......+2 Cloak of Charisma

Tactics: With the boost to Diplomacy from additional Synergy and Cha boost, now his Diplomacy Score = 10 ranks + 6 synergy + 3 Cha = +19 + 1d20!!!! Although its not a world record, it is still very nice at this time. Also he can do a lot more in a tight situation, schism will give him more actions(but drain PP quickly). Psi Divination is very useful.....Knowledge=Power...this can give just the edge he and his party needs.
Psion 8......Power points = (58 + 20 Bonus)= 78 PP
New Powers Known:Correspond,Modify Memory
Concentration ..11 ranks
Knowledge (Psionics)....11 ranks
Knowledge (Nob & roy)..5 ranks
Knowledge (Arcana).....1 rank
Knowledge (Religion)....1 rank
Psicraft.....11 ranks
Bluff...5 ranks
Diplomacy.11 ranks
Sense Motive.11 ranks

Ave 27000 GP,Equipment=
same as 7th lvl

Tactics:Here he gets a useful communication power and a helpful power to use in case of a mistake or to provide some player controled memories in some NPC(make them remember you just saving thier lives or something).
Psion 9......Power points = (72 + 18 Bonus)= ,
New Powers Known:Mind Probe,Plane Shift
Feats:Illithid Legacy ,Greater(bonus powers:Dispel Psionics, Psi Dominate)
Concentration ..12 ranks
Knowledge (Psionics)...12 ranks
Knowledge (Nob & roy)..5 ranks
Knowledge (Arcana)......1 rank
Knowledge (Religion).....1 rank
Knowledge (Nature)......1 rank
Knowledge (The Planes).1 rank
Psicraft..12 ranks
Bluff..5 ranks
Diplomacy.12 ranks
Sense Motive12 ranks

Ave 36000 GP,Equipment=
same as 8th lvl ...but add

Tactics:Here he gets a Major Boost in Powers known:
Mind Probe:incredible tool for gathering info.
Plane Shift:very useful transport.....even for healing in an emergency(ie.Positive Material Plane)
Dispel Psionic:a power that usually should be taken earlier....but should always be taken.
Psi Dominate:now he can really control his enemies.
Psion 10......Power points = (88 + 30 Bonus)= 118 PP
New Powers Known:Ecto Shambler,True Seeing
Feats:Expanded Knowledge(Metamorphosis)
Concentration ..13 ranks
Knowledge (Psionics)......13 ranks
Knowledge (Nob & roy)...5 ranks
Knowledge (Arcana).......1 rank
Knowledge (Religion)......1 rank
Knowledge (Nature).......1 rank
Knowledge (The Planes)....1 rank
Knowledge (Arch & eng)....1 rank
Knowledge (Dungeoneering)..1 rank
Psicraft..13 ranks
Bluff.5 ranks
Diplomacy..13 ranks
Sense Motive..13 ranks

Equipment=Ave 49000 GP
total equipment now:
16000gp...+4 Headband of Intellect
4000gp....+2 Cloak of Charisma
8000gp....Third eye Penetrate: While worn, a third eye penetrate grants the wearer a +2 bonus on manifester level checks to overcome a creature’s power resistance.
2500gp....Ring of Sustenance
2500gp....Boots of the Winterlands
2000gp...Handy Haversack....very useful for his entire career
900gp ...Hand of the Mage..gives Mage Hand At Will
10gp...5x daggers
35gp..light crossbow
2gp...20 bolts
3000gp Skin of Ectoplasmic Armor(Complete Psionics)
...+8 Armor,+2 Max dex,-6 Armor chk,25% ASF, no speed penalty
2007gp +1 Heartning Darkwood Medium Shield
200gp......2x War Ponies(trained)...one to be riden, one for carrying supplies...both are combat ready and can fight
150gp......6x Guard Dogs(trained).....trained for various things
800gp Acid flasks(80)
800gp Alchemists fire(40)
150gp Antitoxin(3)
110gp Everburning torch
200gp Holywater(8)
100gp Smoke sticks(5)
600gp Thunderstones(20)
250gp Tanglefoot Bags(5)

Remainder for misc. items and supplies.

Tactics:here is another milestone in his power growth. In addition to 3 new Powers, he has upgraded his headband to +4 and gets additional boost to PP and DC of his powers. He has great flexiblity in the use of his powers and can freely use many skills. He has little to be afraid of in combat...due to his Metamorphosis power and the ability to share this with his Psicrystal. Here he is easily the equal of any other character and the Superior of many.
Psion 11......Power points = (106 + 33 Bonus)= 139 PP
New Powers Known:Disintegrate,Retrieve
Concentration ................14 ranks
Knowledge (Psionics)........14 ranks
Knowledge (Nob & roy)......5 ranks
Knowledge (Arcana)........1 rank
Knowledge (Religion).......1 rank
Knowledge (Nature)........1 rank
Knowledge (The Planes)..1 rank
Knowledge (Arch & eng)..1 rank
Knowledge (Dung)..........1 rank
Knowledge (History).......1 rank
Knowledge (Geography)..1 rank
Psicraft......................14 ranks
Bluff..........................5 ranks
Diplomacy................14 ranks
Sense Motive...........14 ranks

Equipment=Ave 66000 GP
as 10th lvl but add:

Tactics:Here he get a MAJOR boost to offense with the addition of Disintegrate......it is also a versatile non-combat tool. Retrieve also can be very powerful....if you use your imagination as to how to use it.
Psion 12......Power points = (126 + 24 Bonus)= ,
New Powers Known:Temporal Acceleration
Feats:Metamorphic transfer

Ave 88000 GP,Equipment=
Psion 13......Power points = (147 + 26 Bonus)= ,
New Powers Known:Energy Conversion,Mind Blank(Personal)

Ave 110000 GP,Equipment=
Psion 14......Power points = (170 + 28 Bonus)= ,
New Powers Known:Energy Wave

Ave 150000 GP,Equipment=
Psion 15......Power points = (195 + 30 Bonus)= ,
New Powers Known:Bend Reality,Teleport Greater
Feats: Psicrystal Containment, Twin Power

Ave 200000 GP,Equipment=
Psion 16......Power points = (221 + 40 Bonus)= ,
New Powers Known:True Metabolism

Ave 260000 GP,Equipment=
Psion 17......Power points = (250 + 42 Bonus)= ,
New Powers Known:Psychic Chirgury,Affinity Field

Ave 340000 GP,Equipment=
Psion 18......Power points = (280 + 45 Bonus)= ,
New Powers Known:Assimilate
Feats:Extend Power

Ave 440000 GP,Equipment=
Psion 19......Power points = (311 + 47 Bonus)= ,
New Powers Known:Reality Revision,Timeless Body

Ave 580000 GP,Equipment=
Psion 20......Power points = (343 + 50 Bonus)= ,
New Powers Known:Microcosm
Feats:Empower Power

Ave 760000 GP,Equipment=
Egoist Build
[sblock]Sample Character Builds :LEVEL 1-6

Note: The builds below assume assume that you're an Egoist, to save as much research XP as possible throughout your career. Choice of other disciplines may require slight modifications, but are very feasible, especially if you have ample opportunity to research powers. It's also assumed that you progress from level 1, which means that a higher level build (up to and including level 6) is not necessarily optimal for starting at that level (since you don't need to account for actually getting there). Beyond level 7, this is not an issue since you have access to Psychic Reformation then, meaning any level is (theoretically) your optimal level for that build. In practice though, you won’t be reforming at every level if the advantage for doing so is small.

Level 1
Feats: Psionic Body, Psicrystal Affinity (Single-minded), Psionic Talent
Powers: Attraction, Matter Agitation, Vigor
Skills: Concentration, Craft, Knowledge, Psicraft and other [trained only] int-based skills.
Equipment: Studded leather, light wooden shield, light crossbow, bolts.

At level 1, you have 10 hp and 4 pp, + con mod and half your int mod, respectively. Comparing with other classes, you have the hp of a fighter, can cast more, and more varied, spells than a sorceror, and you have the ac of a typical druid. That should almost guarantee surviving to level 2. Instead of fighting with weapons, you use Matter Agitation, which deals about as much as most weapons, but does so consistently every round instead of only when you hit. As an area effect, it's also effective against swarms, and out of combat it can burn down structures/objects, cook food or boil water etc.

Begin more challenging fights with a 5 hp Vigor buff. Use Attraction to lure away guards, negotiate or to avoid fighting all together. The crossbow is useful against weaker enemies when you want to save pp. Use the craft skill to make cheaper items so you can buy better armor and afford more alchemical items sooner. Take advantage of your high int mod by "unlocking" trained only skills with single skill points (a cross class rank in decipher script is not a bad idea), and max out useful class skills depending on discipline (spot, listen, diplomacy, autohypnosis etc.).

Be sure to make use of your psicrystal. It is really three feats in one since you get Alertness, SF: Concentration (single-minded trait), and a construct companion – all in one feat. It's very useful for reconaissance since it's small, climbs very well, has good stealth and perception and communicates telepathically with you. Always share Vigor with it whenever possible, just in case. If you’re wondering about psicrystal gaining feats, this guide will not address the issue. By the RAW, they do get them as their hit dice increase, but the author of the XPH (Bruce Cordell) has clarified that this was not the intention. Either way, you can learn more about maxing your psicrystal’s potential in the Psicrystal FAQ and Building Guide.

Level 2
New Powers: Grease, [any].
Skills: This is the level of skill synergies! Max out what matters.
Equipment: Masterwork chain shirt, large darkwood shield, riding dog (combat trained, light barding), +2 masterwork concentration item for 50 gp (subject to DM approval), everburning item for 110 gp (continual light effect enchanted on a copper piece, for instance), alchemical items.

Grease is an excellent tactical power (disarm, field control, escape grapple), and prefered over Entangling Ectoplasm at this level since your ranged attack is so poor. It is already good for disarming or to get out of a grapple, and its battlefield control use will continue to grow as the duration increases.

For your last level 1 slot, you can pretty much take what suits you best. There are many useful utility powers here such as Synesthete, Control Light, or Missive. Pick what you think will be most useful to you and your party up to level 7 (at which point you will be reforming anyway).

With your new equipment, you now have ac 16 + dex mod, with only -1 ACP. Add 10 hp vigors, riding dog (compares to a level 1 construct, and it can be ridden/controled by your psicrystal) and grease, and you have recipe that will take you to level 3 in one piece. You can craft most of your equipment yourself for 1/3 the cost. Pick up an eternal light source (that can be attached to your psicrystal, for instance) and make/comission a masterwork concentration item as per the PHB. Also consider that your psicrystal can use the aid another action to help you concentrate (it must pass a DC 10 check, but it has the same ranks as you do). Since it's also single-minded, you can potentially have a +12 concentration modifier by level 2 (not counting constitution modifier or the possibility to take skill focus etc.) Also remember that you can expend your focus to take 15 on a concentration check (you have no other uses for focus at this point), which means you can pass DCs nearing the 30 range.

Level 3
New Powers: Levitate, Ego Whip.
New Feat: EK: Minor Creation.
New Equipment: See below.

Minor Creation will solve many, many low level problems and can be used with your craft skills to create poison or alchemical items, food, prepare an ambush (traps, soaking in oil, wooden obstacles), get utility items (such as a ladder, wall or bridge), make incendiary bombs (wooden spheres with oil, great with matter agitation) etc. For a much more in-depth view on this power, see Minor Creation and You, a Small Guide.

Ego Whip is a potent new weapon that incapacitates rather than kills (which means it also has a utility use). Consider a typical CR 3 foe such as an Ogre. It has 29 hp and 7 cha (will save +1). Blasting it continously with Ego Whip will consume much more pp than concentrating with matter agitation, but you can disable it in only 2-4 rounds, single-handedly! Best of all, it can't act during those rounds if it fails the save. And even on a save, the power still deals cha damage.

Levitate means avoiding all ground-based enemies. Just manifest and move 20' into the air - problem solved. From this position, you can use ego whip or matter agitation as you please. If you can't use this defense to any effect, buff with vigor instead. Levitate also allows you to get to hard to reach places, get an overview of the landscape, recover from pit traps, long falls etc.

The level 7 build has a more definitive item list based on available gold at that point, but until then you can pick and choose from the list above whenever you have gold to spend.For a better idea of Cheap useful items...see Bunko's Bargain Basement: Magic Items That Are a Steal!

Level 4-6
By level 3, you have covered most of your fundamental bases. You have varied forms of attack (matter agitation, ego whip, grease, animal minions, alchemical and/or psionically created items, crossbow), strong defense (vigor, levitate, good ac and hp), and lots of utility (minor creation, attraction, psicrystal, grease). This leaves a lot of flexibility before attaining level 7, allowing you to tailor your build to your specific needs and opportunities. A few of the powers and feat slots are fixed, while recommendations are provided for others.

Level 4:
Don’t miss out on Empathic Transfer at this level, since it’s probably the most efficient means of healing (using Vigor to buffer the damage) available to the party until Heal is available. The last level 2 slot can be anything depending on needs and sources allowed. Share Pain is a good core alternative if you often find that you have more than one round to buff before important fights (combine with shared Vigor on your psicrystal). Mass Missive is a very good alternative for the tactically savvy. Crystal Storm and Psychoportive Shelter are wonderful if you can take them.

Level 5: There are no alternatives here, take Time Hop and Dispel Psionics. Time hop solves so many problems it’s scary. Bypass any object without a trace, use it like a Maze spell on an enemy, remove a dying ally from combat and deal with it later (no time will have passed for the ally) etc. Dispel Psionics is fantastic on a manifester since you can use it spontaneously and without components. Being able to take purely mental actions is all you need to get out of binds with this, and you can cast it repeatedly if it didn’t work the first time. A good feat choice here is EK: Energy Missile to really round out your offensive repertoire at this point. You’ll reform it out later, but it will make getting to level 7 easy peasy.

Level 6: It’s recommended that you use this level for some item creation, since you will soon reform to a more powerful build anyway. Take Craft Dorje for your feat and select two powers (levels 1-3) for your level 6 slots that you’d like to put in your dorjes. For example, Identify is a good power to put in a dorje.

Congratulations, you’ve made it to level 7! Now we turn to the true meaning of power and versatility, and create our character from scratch using Psychic Reformation. Level 7 is probably the most significant level in a Psion’s career, since you can basically recreate your character at this level for the first time, and you get access to Metamorphosis , which is in itself offense, defense and utility in a single power. Metamorphosis has an even more profound impact on mid level game play than minor creation had in the lower levels. Before we examine the powers and feats in the reformed level 7 build, let’s take a closer look at what Metamorphosis and the feat Metamorphic Transfer offer at this level.

Let’s make Overchannel our second feat pick after Metamorphic Transfer to get access to up to 8 HD forms at this level. There are many useful combat forms and a few (Ex) utility abilities that come in handy too. Here’s a selection of some of the best forms for a core human.

Ground combat: Annis Hag. This form comes with 25 strength, +10 to natural armor and the full attack routine claw/claw (1d6+7) bite (1d6+3). Even more impressive are the (Ex) attacks improved grab, rake and rend. This form beats face while offering adequate melee protection.
Aerial combat: Wyvern. You don’t get the flyby attack feat, which means you loose out on 2 of the attacks. You still get 4 solid attacks on a decent body, but the most important feature is the (Ex) poison attack that deals 2d6 con damage (DC 17, fort).
Aquatic combat: Aboleth. 4 tentacle attacks and 26 strength! Also good combat abilities overall and great swim capabilities.
Multi-purpose: Cloaker. This is fantastic. High str, dex, con and natural armor, flying 40’ (average), decent attacks (10’ threat range, and engulf to boot) and a very inconspicious appearance. Stupor is what really makes this shine though. As an extraordinary ability (bypassing an anti magic field, for instance), you can launch a hold monster-type attack with a DC 15 fort save, lasting 5 rounds, with a range of 30’. Infinite freebee (Ex) hold monster at range, that are sonic rather than mind-affecting! This will be your default method of attack, so let’s take Ability Focus (Stupor) as our third feat, making that a DC 17 fort save.

Metamorphic Transfer
This feat is a toolbox in itself when you consider all the supernatural abilities that are available to you. You can make no more than three transfers per day, which often means once per encounter. This allows you to cherry pick the most useful ability from your repertoire of available monsters. If the transferred ability is use activated, you may only use it up to three times (even if it was at will for the real monster). That should still be quite enough for the encounter though. Here are some of the most useful abilities available to you at ML 8.

Body Thief (Intellect Devourer): This is almost like mind switch, only more disgusting. Can be used to animate a powerful fallen enemy to continue the fight, or to gain basic information from foes that die in combat before you can get any answers from them.
Destructive Harmonics (Destrachan): The material version of this is particularly interesting for various uses (blast down a door, destroy weapons, or create a hole in the ground where an enemy is standing).
Detect Thoughts (Doppelganger): Reconnaisance and information gathering.
Dimension Door (Blink Dog): You can do this as a free action and act afterwards, which offers superb mobility in combat. Move and manifest as you please, and get out of any bind. Also offers blink (though there are better defensive options) and the track feat.
Enslave (Aboleth): The aboleth comes with a (Su) dominate person effect up to three times per transfer. While useful, dominating someone as a huge, fishlike amphibian has its social issues.
Ethereal Jaunt (Phase Spider): This should probably be treated as a use activated ability for play balance. Still very useful for defense and reconnaisance.
Freedom of Movement (Spider Eater): Not the most useful form normally, but if you really need freedom of movement, you can get it here.
Greater Invisibility (Pixie): This is very good defensive option. Small size, dex 18, flying 60’ (good), and complete stealth. Manifest powers and move about in three dimensions as you see fit, while avoiding most spells and physical attacks. Very good with ranged touch attacks.
Jet (Pyrohydra, Cryohydra): Why bother with energy damage powers when you can do 8x3d6=24d6 supernatural (no SR/PR) fire or cold damage every 1d4 rounds up to three times per transfer? As if that wasn’t enough, you have a 10’ reach and can take 8 attacks of opportunity per round. Between jets, you can also attack with all 8 heads, even if you move or charge. A good form for aquatic combat to boot.
Magic Circle Against Evil (Lammasu): Useful when you need to hedge out evil outsiders or stop mental control.
Quickness (Choker): It’s probably best to treat quickness as a use activated ability for play balance. You can manifest an extra power every round which is fantastic, though the form is quite fragile in itself.
Silent Image (Cloaker): This goes a long way with a little imagination, and makes up for the lack of illusions in psionics. Yet another reason to morph into a cloaker!

Melee Damage: We have powerful fighting forms for all environments.
Direct Damage: Hydra jet for 24d6 fire or cold damage should be enough.
Battlefield control: Few abilities are relevant here, unfortunately.
Save or Die: We have (Su) dominate person and infinite (Ex) hold monster. Sufficient.
Information Gathering: Excellent reconnaisance forms (cloaker, pixie and phase spider - or simply morph into an object such as a coin), body thief, detect thoughts, dominate etc.
Transportation: A much improved dimension door effect (blink dog), but self only.
Healing: Unfortunately, no (Su) healing is available to humans in core. If you play an outsider or have access to other monsters, it's a different story.
Metamorphosis is a prime example of a buff, but also self only.
NPC interaction: Even though you have powers like detect thoughts and dominate, they are inconvenient to use in a non-offensive environment (since you need to turn into a doppelganger or aboleth!). Using Metamorphosis to assume a disguise can be very useful though. But to be honest, this area also needs work.

So it seems we have yet to cover battlefield control and healing, and should also consider improving buffing, transportation and NPC interactions some more. We also want an alternative offensive strategy for when metamorphosis will not work very well. Overall, we’re looking for powers that work well with our primary metamorphosis concept.

Alternative Offensive Strategy
Undead are perhaps the biggest threat to a Metamorphosis strategy. You may want to avoid melee combat due to nasty drain or other close range effects, and your hold monster and dominate options will not work here. Against spell casters, you may also prefer a defensive form such as an invisible pixie, and must be able to produce a relevant threat in that position. Astral Construct answers both these needs as it is immune to most problem undead attacks, and is an expendable threat that can be produced on demand. This also settles our fourth feat pick to Boost Construct.

Yet another back-up alternative is Crystal Shard. Wonderful with the Pixie form and bypasses antimagic field even when the target is immune to your (Ex) hold monster. With Metamorphosis, Metamorphic Transfer, astral construct and crystal shard, you have an offensive repertoire that will last and be fully sufficient up to the epic levels.

Battlefield Control
We have two excellent options here: Entangling Ectoplasm and Time Hop. For only 1 pp, you have a guaranteed 5 round entangle as a ranged touch attack (great with your high dex forms!) that will stop a charger, lower ac and attacks, and force casters to make concentration checks. For a 5 pp time hop, you can displace a friend, foe or object up to 8 rounds - much like a low level maze spell. Also has many utility uses (getting past obstacles without a trace, setting up ambushes etc).

As mentioned previously Vigor and Empathic Transfer is one of the most efficient means of healing in the mid levels. Vigor is also a very good power in itself, though you may not want to use it too liberally. With all the defensive options available to you, it is unlikely that you will suffer much damage yourself. Check with your DM if he or she would allow you to heal yourself with this combo too, or simply rely on the cleric or potions for that. Body Adjustment is hardly worth picking up, but you’ll get an excellent healing power in True Metabolism later on.

Vigor has already been mentioned, but it’s important to understand why it’s suboptimal to use a buff like Vigor liberally with a Metamorphosis concept. Metamorphosis already takes a standard action, and considering the immense versatility available to you, that should really be enough to handle most problems. If you fear a large amount of direct damage headed towards you, morph to an invisible pixie and move away – or use an immediate action response (see below). You don’t want to waste more actions on defense when you could be doing something useful to help your party instead. Vigor is really mostly for healing allies, or buffing up for the BBEG if you have time to prepare.

Primarily, we’re looking for buffs that do not interfere with the Metamorphosis concept and buffs that do something useful for the entire party. Inertial Armor can be cast ahead of time since it lasts so long, and has great synergy with your various morphs since most of them couldn’t otherwise wear armor. To make use of our immediate actions, let’s pick up Mental Barrier and Intellect Fortress as powerful defenses against physical and magical attacks. Both can be augmented to last longer and intellect fortress protects your entire party! While on the topic of buffs, let’s also add Dispel Psionics in this category. Removing debuffs can be viewed as buffing even though you’re merely bringing the target back to his original effectiveness. It has many other uses too of course, such as stripping caster defenses. Speaking of which, Touchsight is also a very important buff to offset invisibility, concealment, blindness, darkness etc. This gives us a powerful buff package that can help ourselves as well as our allies.

At the present level, there’s only one power worth the bother: Dimension Swap. The kind of tricks you can pull with this considering your other abilities are truly amazing though. Let’s say the party is scattered and many are in great need of healing. Rather than simply walking up to each one and healing them (which would take too long), you engage in a round-robin heal fest! Assume the form of a choker and transfer quickness, manifest a big vigor and move to the nearest ally. On your next turn, you heal him with empathic transfer and swap him for the most seriously wounded party member, which you heal and swap on your next turn!

The synergy with astral construct is also wonderful. If some fool tries to grapple you, they may soon find that they are grappling with an astral construct instead. Get the party fighter out of melee with some nasty undead energy draining monster and replace him with an immune astral construct. Or use it with metamorphosis and replace a more frail party member with yourself in a combat form. In fact, you can go completely defensive and accomplish a lot behind the scenes with this and your other powers: Go invisible pixie and get to a good vantage point. Start bringing the enemy down to size for your melee characters with entangling ectoplasm and summon an astral construct mid combat. Maneuver allies into favorable positions with dimension swap for the win!

There are also utility uses. Say a specific party member needs to get to a hard to reach location (for instance, the mechanism to disarm a trap may be placed on a narrow ledge 20 feet up, and the walls are too smoothe for the rogue to climb). Then you assume the form of a blink dog, dimension door up there and swap positions with the rogue. A very versatile power that will last your entire career, very much worth the 400 xp investment to acquire (if you’re not a Nomad).

NPC Interactions
Our first pick here is Tongues to enhance our metamorphosis disguise concept. You can now assume any form and speak any language, which makes you a master of impromptu impersonation. For our last slot, we’ll pick Attraction, which served you well in the low levels. It augments and affects everything that’s not immune to [mind-affecting], so it’s still very useful.

There it is. Six level 1 powers, two level 2 powers, four level 3 powers and two level 4 powers. You’ve covered all your bases very well, and have built in pp economy in your powers and feats. Assuming an Egoist, it will cost you 950 xp to acquire these powers at level 7 (including manifesting psychic reformation down to level 1). It will take 3 weeks of secluded research all in all, during which time other party members could tend to their personal matters (perhaps there are also other casters in the party that also want to do some research, craft items etc.). The xp and time can be spread out over levels 4-6 however, to fit the needs of the campaign.

You have already picked four out of six feats to make the most of your powers. Our fifth pick will be Psicrystal Affinity. At this point, you don’t really need the bonus to concentration anymore, so pick the nimble personality trait for a very useful +2 initiative improvement. Besides the various uses of a psicrystal at your ML, the share powers ability is incredible with metamorphosis and your other buffs. Consider an Annis Hag psicrystal wrapped in you as a Cloaker. You’re also both buffed with Inertial Armor and can use Mental Barrier against challenging opponents. You Hold Monster anything nearby??????? and the hag tears it to pieces. You can heal or do various combat tricks meanwhile, and get AoO in a 10’ threat range. You could also use your psicrystal as a flying mount, or to create an additional individual for a disguise (playing the part of your butler or fiancé, for instance).

Finally, Psionic Body is really too good to pass up when you have 5 psionic feats already. Twelve extra hp at level 7? Sure! That’s 6 extra hp for your psicrystal too.

Summary of Level 7
Here are the feats and powers compiled, along with skill advice and 19000 gp worth of suitable equipment.

Feats: Metamorphic transfer, boost construct, ability focus (stupor), overchannel, psicrystal affinity (nimble), psionic body.

Powers: Astral construct, attraction, crystal shard, entangling ectoplasm, vigor, inertial armor, tongues, dimension swap, empathic transfer, time hop, dispel psionics, touchsight, mental barrier, Metamorphosis, intellect fortress.

Skills: You can change these with Psychic Reformation too, so drop skills that were useful at lower levels (craft skills, healing etc.) for something more useful. Knowledge skills can be very important depending on house rules for shape changing abilities like Metamorphosis (check with your DM). Maxing Psicraft is a good idea, since you’ll be picking up Burrowing Power later on and need it for the epic levels. If you still have points to spend, put them in Listen and Spot.

LEVEL 8-20
The mid-high levels reinforce the strong foundation from the level 7 build. You gain access to a few more useful Metamorphosis forms as your manifester rises, and add new tricks to your psionic repertoire as you acquire more advanced powers.

New Metamorphosis Forms
· Roper: A new fantastic form, especially for your psicrystal, this 10 hd darling becomes available at level 8 with overchannel. Six ranged touch attacks (50’ range) per round that deal 2d8 strength damage each on a failed fort save (DC 18), and a +14 natural armor bonus.
· Behir: This form is good for straight combat against opponents immune to paralysis (Cloaker) or ability damage (Roper). 26 str, constrict, improved grab, rake and swallow whole! It slices, it dices...
· Will-o’-wisp: Remember this form for the future with Greater Metamorphosis and Fusion. Using only Fusion (and normal Metamorphosis), this can slap a +9 dex and +9 deflection bonus on any other (preferably low dex) form. With Greater Metamorphosis, you also get spell immunity and (Ex) invisibility here.
· Dragon Turtle: This form is available at level 10 and allows you to capsize ships. +17 natural armor bonus!

Power and Feat Progression

Level 8: You can now emulate ML 10 with overchannel, and get access to the roper, behir and will-o’-wisp forms. Wall of Ectoplasm adds a useful ability to your repertoire here, and can trap a foe in a hemisphere for quite some time, or divide the battlefield in more managable portions. Psionic Divination also brings something new and useful to the table. Having the DM give you clues on how to best proceed is a sure way to increase your success. Use it liberally.

Level 9: At this level you get Psionic Revivify, which is perhaps the best revive effect in the game, and Plane Shift to round out your transportation portfolio. Revivify also has nice synergy with Time Hop, as you can hop a fallen ally forward in time, clean up the mess, and revive him when he hops back – for no extra xp cost. Plane shifting also offers emergency healing for the entire party if you pay a visit to the positive energy plane. For your feat, take Extend Power here (see level 10).

Level 10: Level 10 means ML12 with Overchannel, which in turn means full day duration for your 1 hour/level powers! For your bonus feat here, take Psionic Meditation, since Extend Power also has a combat use in Entangling Ectoplasm. You will also gather quite a few metapsionic powers in the levels to come, so it will come in handy. At this level you pick up Power Resistance, which is a decent catch all defense power before you get better options at higher levels. There are few good level 5 powers to take at this point (Adapt Body has uses if you plane travel extensively), so it’s recommended that you take Energy Wall in your last slot. Energy Wall has many utility uses, and protects your Wall of Ectoplasm from damage too. Its usefulness will continue to grow as you progress in levels.

Level 11: You only get one power at this level, but what a power it is: Temporal Acceleration. It changes everything. Overchannel and extend it so it lasts 2 rounds immediately when you get it, and handle all your buffing in a swift action! You can now use multiple buffs and go nova if the situation so requires. Choker quickness is a boon here, especially when you can increase the duration further. This also applies to Fission.

Level 12: Yet another multi-purpose power lies in Psionic Disintegrate, especially when combined with Split Psionic Ray (your feat at this level). Disintegrate is good for offense, for battlefield control (walls, ceilings, floors), and as an answer to specific effects (such as Wall of Force). Split Ray also enables you to deal 24d6 damage (no save) with an overchanneled crystal shard at this level. For your final level 6 power, take Psionic Contingency. This is a very cheap life insurance, and can store Temporal Acceleration, Plane Shift or Psionic Revivify, for instance. See the epic build below for more inspiration.

Level 13: Here you simply get a new all day buff: Personal Mindblank. It would be a shame if you were dominated, since you’re so powerful. Use Dispel Psionics if someone else would suffer this fate, and don’t waste a level 8 slot on psionic mindblank.

Level 14: Now you can make even more out of your energy walls with a split Energy Conversion, which is perhaps the most efficient damage dealer in the XPH. Even interpreted as strictly as possible, the pp-for-damage ratio of energy conversion charged with energy wall is unmatched, and you get elemental protection to boot. There’s nothing in the rules that prevent you from charging ahead of time, but you can also set the combo up in the comfort of a temporal acceleration. This level also offers Fission, which is the key to go nova like you have never gone nova before. Manifest temporal acceleration, and metamorph to a choker transferring quickness. For the extra action, manifest fission, and have your fissioned self turn into a choker too, transferring quickness, and using the extra action to do something useful (such as buffing with vigor to prevent overchannel damage). You now have 4 actions each round the TA lasts to play with.

Level 15: Finally, you get Greater Teleport and can travel to any place that’s been described to you, and the entire party can come along for the ride. As you now have, access to level 8 spells, invest in your first power granted through Psychic Chirurgery: Telekinetic Sphere. This is a catch-all defense for the entire party (see the epic section), and you can amazingly continue to be effective within it by taking Burrowing Power as one of your two feats here (Fusion and Choker quickness makes the kill even quicker). For you other feat, take Psicrystal Containment, in case you want to add more metapsionics to your burrowing powers. It also allows extended, split Energy Conversion for even more pp economy, letting you blast for a very long time.

Levels 16-20: You have all the power and versatility you need, so use these levels to prepare for the epic levels. Read through the epic section and adopt the strategies that best suit the needs of your campaign. You’ll probably want to use Psychic Reformation once you reach epic anyway, or you can split it up and do part of the reformation now and the rest later. Powers that you’ll probably want to pick up here include Fusion, Bend Reality, Assimilate (+4 unnamed bonus to all ability scores!) and Greater Metamorphosis. The possibilities with Greater Metamorphosis (and as a result, Fusion) are too vast for this guide, but do visit this thread for a full review of its use. (Complete List of Supernatural Abilities:)


2) Psion 19/ Elocator 1
3) Psion 10/ Anarchic Initiate 10 ...full manifesting
4) Psion 9/ Anarchic Initiate 10/Elocator 1

Green Lantern:

Elan Telepath 20

1 Psionic Body, PsiCrystal
3 Power Penetration
5 E Knowledge (Energy Missile or Ego Whip)
6 Psychic Meditation
9 Practiced Manifester
10 PsiCrystal Containment
12 Twin Power
15 E. Knowledge (Reddopsi), Power Pen: Greater
18 Overchannel
20 Talented

"Power Ring": Base Ring of Counterspells

5 Det. Magic at Will
6 Feather Fall at Will
7 Lesser Extend Power, 3/day
8 Lesser Split Ray, 3/day
9 Comp. Languages at Will
10 Lesser Enlarge, 3/day
11 Lesser Empower, 3/day
12 Extend, 3/day
13 Split Ray, 3/day
15 Lesser Maximize, 3/day
16 [Free Slot]
17 Empower, 3/day
18 Lesser Quicken, 3/day
20 Maximize, 3/day

Why is this a good combo?

The cost for a 15 level Psionic Item of Legacy is -2 ML Penalty (does NOT affect PP or Powers Known, just effect of power and ML checks), 18 PP, 56,000 GP and 3,300 XP.

Here is how you offset the costs:
-Practiced Manifester erases the ML penalty.
-The 30 uses each day of FREE Meta-Psionic augmentation, which do NOT count towards your ML Cap for manifesting or augmenting a power, which equal 78 free power points.
-The GP and XP penalties are offset by the items you don't have to buy.
Excellent use of an Item of legacy...the build is also very nice without it

Originally posted by carnivore:

7: Multiclassing

1)effect of multiClassing
2)base class suitabilty for Multiclassing and PrC choices

Base Classes:

Favored Soul
Psychic Rogue
Psychic Warrior
Spirit Shaman

Prestige Classes:

Psionic Fist
Psion Uncarnate
War Mind

Shadow Mind(CAdv)3/4 BAB,d6 HD,7/10 Manifesting,Good Will and Ref,Poor Fort saves
Cognition Thief(PGtF)
Iron Mind(RoS)3/4 BAB,d10 HD,8/10 Manifesting, Good Will/Poor Ref,Fort saves,Skills 2+ Int lvl
Quori Nightmare(RoE)
Quori Mindhunter(MoE)
Sanctified Mind(LoM)

Crystal Master
.......a nice thread Meditant. Anyone look at this?
Psychic Weapon Master
This PrC is one way I am aware of to gain more than 2 Foci at a time.....the Bonded Weapon can also hold a Psionic Focus thus you can have 3 Psionic foci at one time(neat trick).
....a nice thread Good Sangehirn Build?
The Body Leech
The Psychic Assassin
Soul Manifester
Subverted Psion

Legacy Champion......(Weapons of Legacy)3/4 BAB,d8 HD, Good Will, Poor Fort and Ref saves,4 + Int Skills per lvl....interesting abilities

An interesting note....this is an incredible PrC...at each levels (except 1st and 7th) it gives an effective level of any class of your choice that you previously had with ALL the abilities and specials that it had. Thus it can give you effective levels of psion or PrC.

The things that are not included:
HD....you get the d8 that it provides
Attack progression.....you get the 3/4 BAB
Skill points.....you get 4+ int bonus, but the class skills are:
Concentration,Decipher Script,Gather Info,Knowledge(History),UMD, and /b] Existing skills from any class you already have!!!

Mind Mage from the dragon magazine:

Mind Mage
Mind Mage Requirements
Feats: Any two psi-spell feats
Spells: Ability to cast 3rd level or higher arcane
Powers: Ability to manifest 2nd level or higher
Special: Must have received training in the art of
mind magic, or acquired comprehensive texts from which
to learn its secrets.

Mind Mage Class Information
HD: d4

Skills: 2 + Int modifier per level; Autohypnosis,
Concentration, Craft, Knowledge (all, taken
individually), Psicraft, Spellcraft, Any two skills
not noted above from the class skill list for a
psionic class in which he has taken levels.


All of these in some way enhance the performance of
energy spells. Twin Wells Same Source will enhance
the DCs (mostly double the Int modifier is
Psion/Wizard, for example).

Agitated Causticity - any two spells with the acid
descriptor, the matter agitation power.
Astral Fire - any two spells with fire descriptor, any
two powers with fire descriptor
Bioelectrical Surge - any two spells with electricity
descriptor, control body power
Bull Blast - Harden Energy
Concussive Blast - Harden Energy
Dual Plane Summons - any summon monster spell, astral
construct power
Energy Flare - Agitated Causticity, Astral Fire,
Bioelectrical Surge, or Solid Freeze
Harden Energy - ability to manifest any force power,
cast any spell with energy descriptor
Solid Freeze - any two spells with the cold
descriptor, the control flames power

Saves: Will Good, Fort & Refl poor.

BAB: As Wizard

Arcane progression: 8/10 progression, missing at
2nd/4th levels.
Manifester progression: 8/10 progression, missing at
1st/3rd levels.

Psionic Components (lvl 1): may substitute pps for V,
S, and 1gp or less M components. 2pp per spell level.

Compensation (lvl 2): May reduce cost of metamagic
feat; for each 3 pp spent, may offset spell level
increase by one. May reduce cost of metapsionic feat;
for every spell level spent, may reduce the additional
pp cost by 2pps. May not be used in conjunction with
psi-spell feats. May not reduce below normal cost of
spell or power.

Psionic Reinforcement (lvl 3): As long as MM has pp
reserve of 5 or greater, +1 on Spell DCs. At 9th
level this increases to +2 if the reserve is 10 pps or

Force Touch (lvl 4): May deliver any spell that
requires a touch attack with the following powers:
concussion, detonation, greater concussion, lesser
concussion, mass concussion, true concussion. The
force power has its normal effect in addition to
delivering the spell. The Force power will affect
only a single target, and must have line of sight. SR
applies individually to the power and the spell.

Twin Wells (lvl 5): 1/day, as a full round action that
provokes AoO, he may add his MM levels to either his
psionic or arcane class to determine spellcasting or
manifesting levels. This lasts for 24 hours. Does
not affect number of spells per day or power points.

Magical Reinforcement (lvl 6): 1/day per MM level he
may increase the effective level of one of his powers
by one level, as the Heighten Power feat, at no cost.
Choose to use this at the time the power is activated.

Focus of Disciline (lvl 7): May reduce to lower the
effective spell level by spending 8 power points per
level of reduction. May reduce pp cost of a power by
2 per level of spell spent. Arcane spellcasters who
prepare spells must make this decision when preparing
spells. The reduced level of the spell or power
affects the DC, identification for counterspelling,
and ease of dispelling, and acts in all ways as a
spell or power of the new, lower level.

Painful Premonition (lvl 8) The MM may chose to
augment a damaging spell or power a number of times
per day equal to the ability modifier that controls
his manifester class. The target must make a Will
save against a 6th level telepathic power. Success
negates all effects of the premonition. Failur impses
a -2 penalty on the target's saving throw (if any)
against the incoming effect and deals nonlethal damage
equal to the damage of the incoming spell or power.
If the target somehow reduces or escapes the incoming
effect, then an equivalent portion of the nonlethal
damage is averted. Mindless creatures, creatures
immune to mind-affecting effects, and thos with no
discernable anatomy are immune to painful premonition.

Twin Wells Same Source (lvl 10) This ability replaces
Twin Wells, but functions in a similar manner.
Instead, the MM may increase both his spellcasting
levels and manifester levels by an amount equal to
this MM levels. Further, when using any psi-spell
ability (ie. with psi-spell feats), he adds both the
key ability modifier for his psionic powers and arcane
spells togetehr for all effects based off the key
ability modifier (such as Save DC, etc.).


Originally posted by carnivore:

8: Primary Manifester:85% and above(17th lvl+manifesting)
builds with 17+ manifester levels, Must be able to manifest 9th level powers.....strengths and weaknesses

Manifester Level 19

Usually builds with 19 manifester levels have a Single Dip into another class or PrC , full levels in a PrC that only lose 1 Manifester level, or have a Race or Template that has +1 Level Adjustment. There are other situations that also may arise, but those will be covered individually.

Here are some examples:
Monk 1/ Psion 19

Manifester level 19
This build has better saves than Psion 20.
Intelligence bonus to AC with the feat "Carmondine Monk" from "Heros of Valor"
Rogue 1/ Psion 19

Gives lots of skill points and with the feat "Able Learner", you can make the most of a High Intelligence.
Also this allows your Psion to be the Trapfinder/Semi-Skillmonkey for your Party.
Psion 10/ Slayer 10

Gives a +15 BAB and good Hit points,also great skill selection.
Psion 10/ Meditant 10
Very Powerful choice...+12 BAB, and good bonuses to many abilities
+1 LA Template or Race/ Psion 19
not bad depending on the Benifits the race provides.
Manifester Level 18
Usually builds with 18 manifester levels have Dips into another class or PrC , full levels in a PrC that only lose 2 Manifester levels, or have a Race or Template that has +2 Level Adjustment.There are other situations that also may arise, but those will be covered individually.

Psion (Seer) Build 1

This build starts playing as a "Information manager", with the help of your powers, and your psicrystal as a scout. Then, he takes a level of ranger, and from then on, the build becomes more of a gish, but with the help of the anarchic initiate and his low requirements/medium BAB/full manifesting, you can get 16 BAB and powers known as a 18th level psion, with 20th manifester level.

Seer 5/ Ranger 1/ Anarchic Initiate 2/ Illithid Slayer 10/ Anarchic Initiate 2

Total BAB: 2+1+3+10=16
Manifester level= 20
Learns up to 3 9th level powers. (powers known=33+EK)

Race: Human
Skills: Prioritise Listen and Spot for your scouting crystal, knowledge (psi and dungeoneering) and concentration.

Hu: Psicrystal Affinity
3: EK(astral construct) (if you are using the nerf, take able learner at first level, and get your psicrystal now)
Psi5: Psionic Meditation
6: Practised Manifester
9: Linked Power
12: EK(metamorphosis)
15: ??
18: ??

Powers known:
On construction
Nice build that shows the importance of Skills......another way to go might be to take Ranger first(for the Skill boost)....and take a feat that will help later, but that is Non-Psionic(Imp Initiative,Able Learner,Earth Sense(later taking Earth Power,etc..)

Other Builds:
Psion 6/ Quori nightmare 4/ Slayer 10

great for touch attack specialist.....+16 BAB
Incarnum Build:
Psion Build 2: Mind and Soul

Human Psion(discipline of your choice, but telepath works wonders)8/Incarnate 2/Soul Manifester 10

ML 18 (for powers known), 20 (with Practised Manifester)
Meldshaper level 12.

Class Progression:

Psion 1-3
Psion 3/Incarnate 1-2
Psion 3/Incarnate2/Soul Manifester 1-10
Psion 3/Incarnate2/Soul Manifester 10/Psion 4-8

hu: Psicrystal affinity
1: Midnight Augmentation
Psion1: Azure Talent
3: Practised Manifester (Psion)
6: Psionic Meditation
9: Linked Power
12: Psicarnum Crystal
15: Psicrystal containment
Psion5: EK(Mend Wounds)/Split Chakra (Brow)
18: Psicarnum Infusion/Split Chakra (Brow)

Essentia: 15 Soulmeds/day: 6 Chakra binds: 3

Powers known (I'll mark the essential ones):
1: Vigor, Crystal Shard
2: Damp Power
3: Bestow Power, Share Pain
4: Open Chakra

Essential Equipment:
Torc of Power Preservation

Combos for this build:

Torc of power preservation+Midnight augmentation+Bestow power: If you invest 2 essentia to MA, then you have that when manifesting Bestow Power, you can spend 6-2-1: 3 pp to gain 4pp-->Unlimited PP.

the Share Pain , Psicrystal, Vigor combo.

Recommended Soulmelds:

If telepath: Charming Veil: to heighten your compulsion and charm DC's is extra useful.
Astral Vambraces
Incarnum Build:


Psion(shaper) 9/ Incarnate 1/ Soul Manifester 10 (...... not in this order)


Azure talent
Shape Soulmeld
then your choice for the rest

Open Chakra(Psion 4)...allows you to bind a Soulmeld to a Chakra....which will qualify for Soul Manifester(you need to be able to shape 3 soulmelds and bind one.......Incarnate 1 gives you the ability to shape 2,and the feat gives you the third....the power allows you to bind it)

look to your Incarnum based powers for most of your LONG term Buffs.....the Psion side should give the rest
here's a Gish-like build:
assumptions: you can research cross-disciplinarian powers, you can afford a +5 book at level 17, dragon is allowed, and monk abilities and regular damage stacks when you use Control Body on yourself (fuzzy RAW). Everything here is XPH + BoED + 1 dragon feat (wanted to maximize abilities/minimize books, thus no flaws since they don't add enough).

start as: Venerable Sun Elf, start w/ 23 INT, the rest (who cares? make the wis and con good, the rest crap)

1. Monk-IUS, SF, Kung Fu Genius (dragon 319, p68)
2. Psion (until 9th) Psicrystal Affinity
3. Psicrystal Containment
6. Quicken Power, Psionic Meditation
9. Track
10. Slayer (until 19th)
12. Sacred Vow
15. free feat (might need exp. knowledge: schism, but Insightful Reflexes...)
18. VoP, bonus exalted feat: Touch of Golden Ice
20. Psion, exalted feat: sanctify ki strike

Powers (not all worked out): scism, control body, metamorphosis, fission

So, the whole build revolves around using Control Body on yourself to get Int to damage, Int to AC (twice), and Int + BAB to hit. To this end, Quicken Schism and Quicken Control Body are both doable, even multiple times per day.

Use metamorphosis, sharing it w/ your psicrystal, and fission, sharing it w/ your psicrystal, for 4 beings to control.

At level 16, the character buys a dorje for True Mind Switch to switch into a normal (or insanely powerful) body, then at 17 sells everything he owns to get a book +5 Int.

In the end, this gets a 23 + 5 book + 5 levels + 8 VoP = 41 Int, or +15 to most combat stats, on top of having +14 BAB already + 5 exalted, for +34 to hit when under the influence of control body. Your stunning fist DC is a measly 25. I haven't my BoED w/ me, but the AC bonus from VoP is around 10 + 3 deflection + 2 Natural = +15, I think, for 40 AC under Control Body pre-monk, and AC = 55 b/c Monk AC stacks w/ Control Body.

IF you can flurry while under control body, you really start to see insanity (4 attacks at 32/32/27/22).

You also have Int + exalted damage = +20 damage, with no str modifier.

Plus you can't be affected by mind-affecting abilities (if you're focused), and are proficient with all weapons and armor, have all sorts of damage and energy reduction, true seeing, and +3 to all saves.

There's 2 epic feats which allow you to use reflex saves instead of the others... combine with Insightful Reflexes and you get +14 to each save. saves: F 11 R 11 W 18 before stats; w/ insightful reflexes R = 23.

18 manifester levels, which nets 33 powers, including 9th level, and 415 pp's per day. pretty good, i guess... you can pick up all the neat powers like greater teleport, synchronicity, telekinetic maneuver and stuff (plus, if you have 440000 gp pre-book, that leaves 302500 left, or ~ 50 levels of psychic chirurgery gained powers if you pay someone to give them to you). i still think a straight psion that can just research cross-discipline powers is more interesting and you have less role-playing restrictions, and is more fun, but whatever, this is the next build to beat for a VoP psionic character.
Phrenic Human

Psion(Telepath) 18

benifits from Phrenic template:

“Phrenic” is an inherited template that can be added to any nonmindless creature that does not already have the psionic subtype (referred to hereafter as the “base creature”). A phrenic creature uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.
Size and Type: The creature’s type does not change, unless it is an animal (in which case it becomes a Magical Beast [augmented animal]). It gains the psionic subtype.

Psi-Like Abilities (Sp): A phrenic creature possesses the psi-like abilities indicated below, depending on its Hit Dice. The abilities are cumulative. Unless otherwise noted, an ability is usable once per day. Manifester level is equal to the creature’s HD. The save DCs for a phrenic creature’s psi-like abilities are Charisma-based.

HD Abilities
1-2 3/day - defensive precognition; 1/day - force screen
3-4 3/day - empty mind, mind thrust
5-6 1/day - body adjustment, brain lock
7-8 1/day - aversion, blast
9-10 3/day - intellect fortress; 1/day - psychic crush
11-12 1/day - psionic dominate
13-14 1/day - energy current, tower of iron will
15-16 3/day - psionic teleport
17-18 1/day - fission

Special Qualities: A phrenic creature has all the special qualities of the base creature, plus the following special qualities.

Naturally Psionic: A phrenic creature gains 1 bonus power point.

Power Resistance (Ex): A phrenic creature has power resistance equal to its Hit Dice +10.

Abilities: Increase from the base creature as follows: Int +2 (if Int is 3 or greater), Wis +2, Cha +4.

Feats: A phrenic creature can take psionic feats, if it meets the prerequisites for such feats.

Challenge Rating: Up to 5 HD, same as base creature +1; 6-10 HD, same as base creature +2; 11+ HD, same as base creature +3.

Level Adjustment: Same as base creature +2.
basically you get a Major Boost to Social abilities...and since Telepath has some of the best Cha based Skills...there is a lot of synergy there
Manifester Level 17
Usually builds with 17 manifester levels have Dips into another class or PrC , full levels in a PrC that only lose 3 Manifester levels,or have a Race or Template that has +3 Level Adjustment,(or some combination of these).There are other situations that also may arise, but those will be covered individually.

heres an interesting idea: The False Nomad

Psion(Egoist or Telepath) 5/ Quori Mindhunter 8/ Elocator 7

+13 BAB
17th lvl manifester

bonus powers:
Teleport as 3rd lvl power
Planeshift as 3rd lvl power
Dimensional Anchor
Psi Dissmissal
Psi Etherial Jaunt

many of the Nomad special abilities and powers without being a Nomad
heres a fun Build:

Fire Starter


Psion(Kineticist) 17/ Pyrokineticist 3

BAB +11
ML 17th(20th with Practiced Manifester)
9th lvl powers

Pyrokineticist gives the following:
Fire Lash (Ps): A pyrokineticist gains the ability to fashion a 15-foot-long whip of fire from unstable ectoplasm as a move-equivalent action. She takes no damage from a fire lash she creates, and if she releases her hold, it immediately dissipates. The lash deals 1d8 points of fire damage to a target within 15 feet on a successful ranged touch attack. A pyro can take Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization (if she otherwise meets the prerequisites) in conjunction with the fire lash, as well as any feats that apply to the use of a standard whip. The whip remains in existence as long as the pyrokineticist holds it.

Fire Adaptation (Ex): At 2nd level, a pyrokineticist becomes resistant to fire, gaining a +4 bonus on all saving throws against fire and heat spells and effects. In addition, she gains resistance to fire 10.

Hand Afire (Ps): A pyrokineticist of 2nd level or higher can activate this ability as a move-equivalent action. Flames engulf one of the pyrokineticist’s hands (but do her no harm). Her unarmed attacks with that hand are treated as armed. Such attacks deal an extra 2d6 points of fire damage.

Bolt of Fire (Ps): Starting at 3rd level, as a standard action, a pyrokineticist can launch a bolt of psionically manifested fire at any target in line of sight within 60 feet. This effect is treated as a ranged touch attack and deals 1d6 points of fire damage for each class level the pyro has.

Practiced Manifester

Powers of Note:

1st lvl:
Control Fire......for 1 PP he can animate a Fire the size of an INN that does 7d6 damage/round for 17 minutes
he can also put out fires
3rd lvl
Energy Retort
5th lvl
Fiery Discorporation....fun power ...works with the Fire Theme...keeps him from being killed
7th lvl
Energy Claw...fun way to keep casters busy
Rage of the Remorahaze....damages any who want to melee
9th lvl
Tornado Blast

Skill trick: Swift Concentration.....Maintain Concentration on power as a swift action

Always have combat power without PP cost(Hand Afire,Fire Bolt), resistance to fire constant effect. Better BAB than Psion 20. Not limited to Fire only...has a variety of options for combat and non-combat situtations.

Mr. Face


1/2 Fey Marshal 1/ Psion(telepath) 17

Attributes: assume 25 point buy
8 Str
13 Dex
10 Con
16 Int
12 Wis
18 Cha

1/2 Fey gives this:
The Half-Fey

Half-fey are the spawn of powerful fey creatures and the mortals they find so intriguing. Often confused by the ignorant with half-fiends, some half-fey grow up tormented by their peers, but a few use their gifts to win over others and become quite popular.

"Half-fey" is usually an inherited template, but it could be acquired through other means as well. Certain mortals who are obsessed with the fey study fey magic and dwell in sylvan places in hopes of gaining power, and a few actually do manage to acquire the half-fey template.

Attribute bonuses Dex +2, Con -2, Wis +2, Cha +4

Fey Type: She becomes vulnerable to spells and effects that work on creatures of the fey type but is immune to effects that target her original type. For example, a half-fey/half-human would be subject to the extra damage from a fey bane sword, but she is immune to hold person because that spell affects only humanoids.

Low-Light Vision (Ex): the half-fey gains low-light vision.

Saving Throw Bonuses (Ex): a half-fey gains a +4 racial bonus on saving throws against spells and effects from the Enchantment school.

Spell-Like Abilities: Starting at 1st level, a half-fey with an Intelligence or Wisdom score of 8 or better gains spell-like abilities. The exact abilities gained depend on the half-fey's character level and level in the template class, according to the following table. In each case, the caster level equals the half-fey's character level. Save DCs, where applicable, are Charisma-based (10 + spell level + half-fey's Cha modifier).

Level Spell-Like Abilities Gained
1st Charm person at will, hypnotism 1/day
1st Faerie fire or glitterdust 1/day
3rd Detect law 3/day
3rd Enthrall or sleep 1/day
5th Protection from law 3/day
7th Confusion or emotion 1/day
9th Eyebite or lesser geas 1/day
11th Dominate person or hold monster 1/day
13th Mass invisibility 1/day
15th Geas/quest or mass suggestion 1/day
17th Insanity or mass charm 1/day
19th Otto's irresistible dance 1/day

The character gains each spell-like ability as soon as she meets both qualifications for it. Spell-like abilities are cumulative, so a half-fey whose character level is 3rd has charm person at will, detect law 3/day, enthrall or sleep 1/day, faerie fire or glitterdust 1/day, hypnotism 1/day.

Immunity to Enchantments (Ex): a half-fey becomes immune to all spells and effects from the Enchantment school. This ability replaces the saving throw bonus against these effects included in the half-fey's base racial features.

Wings (Ex): a half-fey grows insectlike wings (usually similar to those of a butterfly) and may use them to fly at up to twice her base land speed with good maneuverability.
Marshal gives this:
Hit Die: d8.

Class Skills

The marshal's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Bluff (Cha), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (Int), Listen (Wis), Perform (Cha), Ride (Dex), Sense Motive (Wis), Speak Language (n/a), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), and Swim (Str).

Skill Points at 1st Level: (4 + Int modifier)x4.

Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Class Features

All of the following are class features of the marshal.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Marshals are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, with all types of armor (heavy, medium, and light), and with shields (except tower shields).

Skill Focus (Diplomacy): Because a marshal has a way with people, he gains this feat as a bonus feat. If the marshal already has the feat, he can choose a different one.

Minor Aura: A minor aura lets allies add the marshal's Charisma bonus (if any) to certain rolls.

* Motivate Charisma: Bonus on Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks.
feats of note:

Psicrystal Affinity(Friendly+3 bonus on Diplomacy checks)
Prtacticed Manifester
Extend Power
Psionic Meditation
Psicrystal Containment

Powers of note:

Telempathic Projection
Conceal Thoughts ............. long term buff
Detect Hostile Intent ................ long term buff
Modify Memory
Mind Probe

Skills of note

Telepath (Telepathy): Bluff (Cha), Diplomacy (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), and Sense Motive (Wis).
all class skills maxed out

Skill trick: Swift Concentration.....Maintain Concentration on power as a swift action

at 3rd lvl(ECL 5) he has a constant Diplomacy roll of:

+3 Skill focus
+3 Psicrystal
+2 Negotiator
+2 Racial
+8 Cha(includes Marshal Aura)
5 ranks Diplomacy
+6 Synergy(Bluff, Sense Motive, Knowledge(Nobility & royalty) all 6 ranks
total 29 +1d20.......and he has an at Will spell-like ability: Charm...and he can boost this far higher with some Psionics.......this Skill(Diplomacy) does not allow saves or SR/PR

not only this...but he can serve as awalking Lie Detector....with Free Sense motive checks each round(Detect Hostile Intent) and +20 bonus(Conceal Thoughts and Inquisitor)

Originally posted by carnivore:

9: Secondary Manifester:65% and above(13th-16th lvl manifesting)
builds with 13-16 manifester levels.....strengths and weaknesses

Psi/arcane Mind trickster by tacoronte

Beguiler 4/Telepath 3/Cerebremancer 10/Mindbender 1/Wild Mage 2
CL 17 (14+1d6): 8th level spells, spell slots: 6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6/4
ML 13: 7th level powers, 25 powers, 147pp (+ Int bonus)
Key Abilities: Huge mind-affecting repertoire of powers/spells, telepathy, trapfinding, No ASF in light armor.
Detailed build: Race: Any<br />HitPoints: 4d6+16d4 (54 avg)<br />Base Saves: F:7 R:8 W:16 <br /><br />Levels Class Feats Class Abilities<br />1-4 Beguiler 1-4 Magical Apt. No ASF in Light Armor, Trapfinding, Surprise Casting, <br /> 1 open +1 DC vs no Dex target, 1 extra spell<br />5-7 Telepath 1-3 2 open<br />8 Cerebremancer 1<br />9 Mindbender 1 1 metamagic Telepathy<br />10-11 Wild Mage 1-2 CL=(CL-3)+1d6, Random Deflector<br />12-20 Cereb. 2-10
BoB the Trap Master Extrordinaire

Dragon Born Gray Elf( +2 Int,-2 Str ...... the other attribute bonuses cancel each other out)
Dragonborn template
[sblock]DragonBorn Template
+2 Con,-2 Dex
+2 Dodge vs Dragon type
Immune to Frightful Presence
Draconic Aspect:
1)Mind:....Immune to Paralysis, Magic Sleep Effects
Darkvision 30'
Low light vision
+2 Racial to Spot, Search, Listen

@6HD ...Darkvision 60'
@9HD ...Darkvision 90', 3x human Lowlight vision
@12HD ...Darkvision 120', 4x human Lowlight vision
@15HD ...Darkvision 120', 4x human Lowlight vision,blindsense 30'

Rogue(Feat Variant) 2/ Psion 3/ TrapSmith 4/ Spellsinger 1/ Sublime Chord 1/ Cerebremancer 9

32 point buy:
Attributes@ 1st lvl:
10 Str
14 Dex
12 Con
18 Int
10 Wis
14 Cha

Attributes@ 20th, with items:

20 Str(base+ 4 Inherrent(Paralyzing arm graft) +6 Belt)
24 Dex(base+ 4 Inherent(tome) +6 Belt)
18 Con(Base + 6 Belt)
32 Int(base+ 4 Inherent(tome)+ 4 Lvls + 6 Belt)
16 Wis(base + 6 belt)
26 Cha(base + 1 lvl + 5 Inherent +6 belt)

1st lvl:Areni Focus(perform)..... gives perform Always as a class skill, and +3 to perform checks(functions as Skill Focus(Perform)
1st lvl :bonus: Blind Fight
2nd lvl :bonus: Weapon Finnesse
3rd lvl: Trap Engineer
3rd lvl :bonus: Psicrystal Affinity(meticulous(+3 search) or Single Minded(+3 Concentration)
6th lvl: Combat Tinker
9th lvl: Improved Counterspell
12th lvl: Trap Master
15th lvl: Trap Sensitivity
18th lvl: Practiced Caster(Sublime Chord)

the Main problem with Trapsmith, is Low Caster Level. This takes care of that and focuses on being a well rounded versatile Trapfinding Character.

Main Points:

Caster Level:
Sublime Chord = 2(1/2 trapsmith lvls) + 10 Sublime Chord + 4 Practiced Caster = 16th lvl Caster
Trapsmith = 5 Trapsmith + 16 Sublime Chord = 21st lvl Trapsmith Caster .....very important with Greater Dispel as 3rd lvl Spell

Manifester Level: 12th Psion
PP= 126 + 66 bonus = 192 PP
6th lvl powers

Powers Known(Kineticist):
Powers Known
1st lvl:
Control Flames
Control Object

2nd lvl:
Share Pain
Elf Sight
Crystal Storm
Damp Power

3rd lvl:
Dispel Psionics
Danger Sense

4th lvl:
Empathic Feedback
Control Body

5th lvl:
Ecto Shambler
Plane Shift
Adapt Body

6th lvl:

Powers Known :Bought...by Psychic Chirgury

Dimension Hop(PW 1)
Psychic Scimitar(Psion 2)
Find Traps(Psychic Rogue 2)
MicroKinesis(Psychic Rogue 3)
Schism(Telepath 4)
Metamorphosis(Egoist 4)
Dispelling Buffer(Kineticist 6)
Teleport(Nomad 5)


200000gp +6 Belt of Magnificense
40000gp Paralyzing Arm (Undead Graft)
xxxxxxxxxgp 13 Wishes cast by 17th lvl Wizard(inherent Bonuses)
21000gp Crystal Mask of Insightful Detection( +9 Insight to Search and Spot)
55000gp Dragons Eye amulet( +10 enhancement to Search and Spot, and 30' Blindsight)
3500gp Lense of Detection(+5 Search)

this should be playable at ALL Levels
under construction

Originally posted by carnivore:

10: Psi-Gish:45% and above(9th lvl and up)
builds with 9+ manifester levels.....strengths and weaknesses

If you do not know what a Gish type build is...try looking at these links:

Optimization Series: Psi-Gish Tank .....by Tleilaxu_Ghola .....a very useful thread

Character Build Spotlight: Gish.....by shadow mage ......a very well made look into Gish builds.

Generally these will focus on Combat, stressing keeping the BAB at +16 or better. Thus even without Power points, they make reliable Combatants with Melee or ranged weapons.

These types of builds can generally be built around a theme orfocus(exa:Melee(attack and damage),Melee(battlefield control),ranged,stealth,etc....).

Generally you will try to get to a Full BAB PrC as soon as Possible.....but 3/4 BAB also works.

The Default Psionic Gish
Ranger 2 / Psion 8 / Slayer 10
ML 17
BAB 16
Excellent starting location, very simple, only one required Feat(Track) and can be played by any 0 LA race.

Ranger 1/Psion 6[Egoist]/Slayer 9/Sanctified Mind 4


1. Track, Power Attack, Iron Will
2. PsiCrystal Affinity
3. Imp. Bullrush
6. Leap Attack
9. Shock Trooper
12. Dodge
15. Mobility
18. Elusive Target
Good use of a second Full BAB PrC that has 4/5 Manifesting.....Good example of a Tactical Manifester and Battlefield control (charging and PA focus).

the Egoist Gish - SRD-only - Tripping Variety

Ranger 2 / Psion 8 / Slayer 10

Psion ML 17
BAB 16

1H: Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Kusari-Gama
1: Combat Expertise
1R: Track
2R: Two-Weapon Fighting
3: Improved Trip
3P: Expanded Knowledge (Expansion)
6: Combat Reflexes
7P: Psionic body
9: Metamorphic Transfer
12: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
15: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
18: Free


Use Metamorphosis to get into a large or larger size creature with hands (such as a girallon - 7HD, Large size) - 20' reach. Use Expansion to get Huge or Gargantuan - 30'-40' reach.

7 attacks with 30' reach. In Huge form, +12 to trip attacks, plus your STR bonus. Kind of MAD-dependent, as you'll need high Wis for the feats, high Int for powers, and high Dex for TWF'ing feats + combat reflexes. STR and CON aren't as important once you hit 9th level (metamorphosis).
excellent Battlefield control Psi-Gish....

heres an excellent job by Tleilaxu_Ghola

Ranger 1/ Fighter 1/ Psion 4/ Anarchic Initiate 4/ Slayer 10

Look here for the complete thread on it!

heres some more ideas:

Psion 6/ Quori Nightmare 4/ Slayer 10

BAB +16
Manifester level 18

this build has many special features:
uses melee touch attacks as a focus for combat
Psi/arcane Gish By tacoronte

Duskblade 5/Egoist 1/Slayer 9/Cerebremancer 5

16 BAB
ML 14: 7th level powers, 27 powers, 170pp (+ Int bonus)
CL 10: 2nd level spells, spell slots: 6/6/5 , 13 spells known (+ Int bonus)
Key Abilities: Weapon-channeled touch spells, Immune to mind effects, Melee hits lower Power Resistance, No ASF in medium armor.
Detailed build:[sblock]Race: Any<br />HitPoints: 14d8+6d4 (78 avg)<br />Base Saves: F:8 R:5 W:16 <br /><br />Levels Class Feats Class Abilities<br />1-5 Duskblade 1-5 2 open No ASF in Medium Armor, SLAs, Quicken 1/day<br /> CombatCasting* Arcane Chanelling (touch spells thru weapon) <br />6 Egoist 1 Track, 1 open <br />7-8 Slayer 1-2 FavEnemy+2,Enemy Sense,Brain Nausea<br />9 Cerebremancer 1 open<br />10-20 Slayer 3-9 2 open FavEnemy+6, Cerebral Blind, Breach Power resistance<br /> &Cereb. 2-5<br /><br />From 10 on, you can alternate Slayer & Cerebremancer levels
great use of Cerebremancer in a Gish build

Builds with Soulknife:
Soulknife 8/ Psion 1/ Slayer 5/ Sanctified mind 6
Soulknife 8/ Psion 2/ Elocator 4/ Sanctified mind 6

BAB +17(+16 with elocator)
5th lvl powers
Manifester lvl 10th(14th with practiced manifester)
Soulknife 5/ Psion 2/ Slayer 10/ Iaijutsu Master 2/ Shiba Protector 1

BAB +16
Manifester lvl 11th
6th lvl power
Int to AC
Dex to Attack(weapon finnesse(katana) from IM)
Cha to Initiative
Wis to Attack
Wis to Damage

good saves, powers,and.............is very usable with a VOP , but this requires you to use OA(still 3.0)
Soulknife 8/ Psion 1/ Elocator 1/ Slayer 10

BAB +16
6th lvl Powers
11th lvl Manifester(15th with practiced Manifester)
if the race is Kalashatar..... take the feat that adds 2 lvls to your soulknife enhancement , from Races of eberron.
if you plan to combine soulknife and Pyrokineticist try this:

Soulknife 5/ Pyrokineticist 4/ Psion 1/ Slayer 10

BAB +16
5th lvl powers
10th lvl manifester(14th with Practiced Manifester)
4d6 at will ranged touch attack(fire)
2d6 Weapon Afire
Psion/Pyrokineticist builds
Human or Kalashtar
Monk 2/ Psion(kineticist) 4/ Pyrokineticist 4/ Slayer 10

Monastic Training(Slayer) Monk bonus feat
Combat Reflexes Monk Bonus Feat
Tashalatora(slayer) psion bonus Feat
Robilars Gambit.... @15th or 18th lvl
Imp natural Attack
Superior Unarmed Strike
sacred Vow
Carmondine Monk...can also boost AC,Unarmed Damage or Speed by 2 monk lvls...but must choose which each day
VOP ........... preferably @ 18th lvl......spend all your money on Inherent Bonuses(Tomes and Wishes, to boost ability scores)
feat...if human

now you have the Monk abilities @
15th lvl Monk Unarmed Damage
12th lvl Monk Flurry:...Greater Flurry
12th lvl monk AC

13th lvl Psionic powers(7th lvl Powers)

and everything is Based on Int...... and you get some nice powers also
Re: Core Melee Build

Here is a "psychic rogue gish" build that I just made that I would love to play. Since there are already a couple of psionicists in your group, and you seem to be lacking a rogue, you might consider something like this. It uses material only from the core 3 books + XPH. I think it should be quite fun and reasonably strong.

Edit: Oops. I included Practiced Manifester, which is actually from Complete Psionics. I think that's the only one I missed, though. If you replace that with Overchannel and take Talented instead of something else, you'll still be pretty close to the original. I have a mix of some ranged and some melee things in there, so the build could actually be a bit more focused if you'd rather.

"The Hunter"
Elan Rogue2/Ranger1/Ftr1/Psion(Egoist)2/Elocater7/Slayer7

Manifester Level 13 (17 w/PrM)
BAB +16
Base Saves: Fort +8, Reflex +12, Will +13 (can also add: +2 Fort. psicrystal, +4 Elan Resistance)

1 Rogue1 Dodge (1), [+1d6 SA]<br />2 Ftr1 Mobility (b)<br />3 Psion1 Point Blank Shot (Psicrystal Containment), Psionic Shot (Psicrystal Affinity) (b) <br />4 Psion2 <br />5 Rogue2 [Evasion]<br />6 Ranger1 Track(b), Spring Attack <br />7 Elocater1 Sidestep Charge (b), [Scorn Earth]<br />9 El3 Practiced Manifester<br />12 El6 Craft Power Stone (Empower), [Transporter]<br />13 El7 [Capricious Step]<br />14 Slayer1 [Favored Enemy, Enemy Sense]<br />15 Slayer2 Metamorphic Transfer, [Brain Nausea]<br />16 [Lucid Buffer]<br />17 [Favored Enemy +4]<br />18 Slayer5 Split Psionic Ray (or Overchannel)<br />19 [Cerebral Blind]<br />20 Slayer7
(Feats in parenthesis are to be picked up later using Psychic Reformation.)
[Class abilities are in brackets]

1st: Crystal Shard, Entangling Ectoplasm, Vigor, Energy Ray, Body Adjustment
2nd: Share Pain, Animal Affinity, Ego Whip, Energy Adaptation: Specified
3rd: Dispel Psionics, Touchsight, Time Hop, Body Adjustment, Plane Shift, Teleport
4th: Metamorphosis, Correspond, Divination, Wall of Ectoplasm (Psychic Reformation originally), Trace Teleport (or Intellect Fortress)
5th: Psionic Revivify, Power Resistance, Psychofeedback, (took 4th)
6th: Disintegrate, Temporal Acceleration, Contingency
7th: Fission

Gloves of Object Reading, Third Eye of Remote Viewing

Tactics: The psicrystal is there to use Share Pain on, to use Aid Another, and to make separate skill checks. If you start at low levels you're better off taking Psionic Shot instead, and then Psychic Reforming it away at 7th level, if you think you can get access to the power.

In the low levels, you're basically just the party "trapmonkey"/scout. You won't be doing alot of damage, and you'll be kind of vulnerable. With Psionic Shot + Sneak Attack on a Crystal Shard, you'll at least be able to do a bit of damage.

At level 7, you get access to 2nd level powers. If you can get your hands on it, use Psychic Reformation to exchange Point Blank Shot and Psionic Shot for Psicrystal Affinity and something else (Mage Slayer?). Use Share Pain on your Psicrystal, and you will become much more durable, and can start risking melee. Conveniently, you just got two feats to help you there, proficiency with all Martial Weapons, and the ability to "fly".

At level 12+, turn into a Hydra and use Capricious Step to move up, bite with all your heads, and move back again. Do this while hovering over your enemies head, and use your reach to stay out of theirs, if possible. You should be able to dish out quite alot of damage.

You can also share Metamorphosis with your Psicrystal, if you want. You'll be able to dish out even more damage, but will be more vulnerable defensively because your Psicrystal could easily die (and not be sharing your pain anymore).

At level 13, get Psychic Reformation and use it as discussed earlier, if you haven't already. Make yourself a Power Stone of it, then get rid of the feat and the power. Your feats should look like the ones in parenthesis at this point. This option is really only here for campaigns in which you couldn't do this at level 7.

At level 15+, you'll have alot more tools thanks to Metamorphic Transfer.

At level 20, you can use Fission to double all of this, if you want.
under construction

Originally posted by carnivore:

11: Equipment
equipment selection...goals and recomendations

try to always fill all available body slots

many small cheap items can do more than a few big expensive ones.

combat is only a small part of the game(unless you are playing an Arena fight type game)...weapons and armor are not the most important things....

Some Key Equipment

Your powers are more important to you than your gear, but a few pieces of the right gear can make your career longer and happier:

Melee Weapon: You're not much good in combat, but you never know when you'll need to resort to hand-to-hand combat. The club, quarterstaff, and the shortspear have the best damage potential of the few melee weapons available to you. Among the three, the shortspear is arguably the most flexible, because you can throw it a fair distance if you need to, ready it against a charge, or use it as a probe.

Ranged Weapon: A light crossbow can prove as effective as a low-level attack power against some opponents. Use it when necessary to conserve your power points, such as when the opposition isn't threatening enough to merit power use. A heavy crossbow deals more damage with a single hit but has a slower rate of fire than a light crossbow. In many cases, you will find using a power to be more useful than taking multiple shots.

Backup Powers: You never know when you'll run out of power points, and you never know when you'll need a particular power and need it very badly. It's hard to beat a cognizance crystal for keeping a few power points in reserve.

A dorje is useful for manifesting powers that you use often, such as energy ray, body adjustment, or detect hostile intent. Best of all, you can use a dorje to manifest any power on the psion class list or your discipline's list, even if you don't know the power.
from the SRD:

Helm of telepathy.......... Substitute power for spell
Pearl of power.............. Treat in all ways as a cognizance crystal with power point capacity appropriate to the equivalent power level
Crystal ball .................Substitute power for spell
Ioun stones ........

Vibrant purple................... Stores three levels of psionic powers

Pale lavender ...................Absorbs powers up to 4th level (burns out as normal)

Rainbow....................... Provides 5 power points per day (regenerates) New item: Treat as a cognizance crystal in ioun stone form, except that it regenerates its stored power points each day; Price 16,000 gp

Dull gray..................... Provides 1 power point to a psionic character, then disintegrates. Dull gray stones are useless for magic but still harbor just enough resonance that a psionic character can eke out 1 power point before the stone is gone forever.

3000gp Skin of Ectoplasmic Armor(Complete Psionics)
...+8 Armor,+2 Max dex,-6 Armor chk,25% ASF, no speed penalty

Stacked Psionatrix

under construction

Originally posted by carnivore:

12: Powers

This section isn't dedicated only on listing the best Powers out there for Psions, but also to present information that will make you able to identify if a certain power is good or bad.

Save-Based Powers:
Unless you are a fairly experienced player you will probably have a problem selecting the right Powers at each level. There are Powers that deal with specific creature types, but what if someone wants to be prepared no matter what? What Powers should he Know for the day when he reaches a certain level? Even worse what saving throws should his Powers allow?
A way to cover this problem is to consult the graph below:


This actually presents the creatures' (of a certain challenge rating) average scores (in saves and SR). Data come from CubeKnight's creature filter and as you can see there are records from lots of different source books.

Fortitude saves are almost always the best saving throws. Even though after mid levels they sometimes are equal to will saves, they never fall below that limit.
On the other hand, will saves are the worst saves at early levels, but they get significantly boosted at mid and late levels.
Reflex saves are probably the worst saves there are. At low levels they are better than fortitude saves, but at mid and higher levels will saves are superior. Reflex saves are significantly lesser at high levels, not the difference between fortitude (23 on average) and reflex (16 on average).

So to wrap it up:

Low to Mid Levels (1-10 CR):

  • Fortitude > Will
  • Fortitude >= Reflex
  • Reflex >= Will

Mid to High Levels (11-20 CR):

  • Fortitude >= Will
  • Fortitude >> Reflex
  • Reflex <= Will

So now selecting your Powers should be relatively easier. If you study the graph, from low to mid levels your will-based Powers are less likely to be resisted. The same goes for reflex-based powers and high levels. Mind you, i am not suggesting that fortitude-based Powers are bad, just that they are less likely to be effective (that is actually correct, since most save or die Powers fall into this category).

Difficulty Class:
Simply put, for your Power to be effective you want your opponent to score on his d20 saving throw check a number less than your DC minus his save bonus:

1d20 check < Your DC - His Save

Early/Mid chances for Powers:
CR 1

  • Fort: 60%
  • Reflex: 70%
  • Will: 70%

CR 3

  • Fort: 60%
  • Reflex: 65%
  • Will: 65%

CR 5

  • Fort: 50%
  • Reflex: 55%
  • Will: 60%

CR 7

  • Fort: 45%
  • Reflex: 55%
  • Will: 60%

CR 9

  • Fort: 40%
  • Reflex: 55%
  • Will: 60%

After studying the results, we come to the following conclusions:

  • If the result of DC - Save is less than or equal to 0, you always fail to affect your target, except for a critical miss. Results in 5% chance of success.
  • If the result of DC - Save is higher than or equal to 20, you can only lose to a natural 20. That gives you a 95% chance of success.
  • If the result is 0 < DC - Save < 20, then your chance of success is calculated by dividing the result by 20 and multiplying by 100 %. For example i have a result of 10. That divided by 20 results in 0,5. We now multiply it by 100% and get: 50% chance of success.
  • Of course, all Psions should try to maximize their DCs to their full potential. That means the biggest chance of success, 95%. Every point of penalty you apply to your opponents' saves results in a 5% raise in your chance of success, but it is capped at 95%. Every point of bonus DC you get, again, is a 5% raise to your chance, with the same limitation.

Spell/Power Resistance:

Enter Spell/Power resistance. Many creatures possess this ability and can prove quite the nuisance, since a creature will be protected even more by your Powers. The main formula is:

1d20 >= His SR or PR - Your CL

As you can see now you are making the check, so the higher you score, the better. You calculate your chance of success by: Calculate: 21 + your CL - his SR. Divide the result by 20 and multiply it by 100%, and you have your chance of success.


e.g. A Psion with Manifester level 10 targets a SR/PR 19 opponent. 21 - 10 + 19 = 12. 12/20 * 100% = 60%. So the Psion's chance of success will be 60%. Which actually means that if you score anything greater than or equal to a 9, you succeed.

A tricky part worth noting is: what if a Power requires both SR/PR and saving throw check? What are my chances of success then? Well simply multiply the success chances between them and you'll have the new one.

e.g. A Psion with ML 10 and intelligence 18 targets an SR/PR 19 and 1 saving throw bonus opponent. What is his chance of 1st level Power that requires both checks to succeed?

  • Saving throw part chances: 15 - 1 = 14. That is the equivalent of a 70% chance of success.
  • Spell/Power Resistance part chances: 21 - 19 + 10 = 12. That's 60% chance of success.

Final calculation: (60/100)*(70/100) = (4200/10000) = (42/100) = 42% chance of success.

Even though the numbers will vary, this is an example of high chance rolls. When you have to make both checks however, as you can see, the chances to succeed are a lot less.

Touch Attacks:
There are Powers that require ranged or melee touch attacks to hit their targets. Failure to do so means your PP is lost. Let's study the touch attacks by challenge rating chart:


As you can see, touch ACs are high in low challenge ratings and they gradually fall even more. This is not the case with normal AC ratings, which are constantly rising.
We assume a Psion with no other bonuses to his attack roll than his BAB. Psions have bad BAB progression, but since touch AC scores get worse as you will be gaining levels, it will be easier for you to get touch spells through. So at first level they get a 45% chance of success, while at twentieth level you get a 95% chance.

To calculate the chances of your success, use the following formula:

1d20 >= His Touch AC - Your Attack Bonus

Calculate 21- (AC - attack bonus) and divide that by 20. Multiply by 100% and then you get your chances.

Again, as with spell/Power resistance, there are Powers that require both a touch attack and a spell/Power resistance check. There are even those who require all three of these rolls. To calculate your overall success, multiply all your separate chances together.

For example, you have a 50% chance of beating SR/PR and a 60% of beating touch AC. Your opponent has a 40% chance of saving against your Power. That means that you get: (50/100)*(60/100)*(40/100) = (50*40*60/1000000) = 12% barely.

A special note, even if you got 95% separate chances of success (which is the higher chance you will ever get) for each roll, you get: (95/100)*(95/100)*(95/100) ~= 85,7%. That said, Powers that require many rolls to succeed are naturally inferior to those that require just one. So to maximize your chances of success you don't only need high DCs for Powers, but Powers with a small number of required rolls, too.
Give Me Your Most Useful Power/Feat Combinations! .......nice resource

Metamorphosis-Your best killer forms! .......nice ideas

Learning Powers
A psion will eventually learn 36 powers throughout his career. Many powers have such broad applicability that 36 slots is more than enough to handle most high level challenges. It's not necessary to be able to handle everything in the low levels however, but it is important to select powers based on problems that may come up at your specific level.

The easiest way to learn powers is simply to pick them as you level up. This applies to all powers on the psion/wilder list and your discipline list. You can also learn powers in the following ways:
Expanded Knowledge: Taking this feat increases the number of powers you know, and let's you choose any power on any list, as long as it is one level lower than the highest level power you can manifest. Very useful at low levels when both power quality and quantity is an issue.
Research: You can research any power and learn it instead of picking a power already available to you. The price you pay is one week of study per level of the power, and 200 XP per of study. A good option for powers not on your list that are useful throughout the remainder of your adventuring career.
Psychic Surgery: You can pay for having any power implanted in your mind for a substantial amount of gold, if your DM allows you to pay for psionic services. Another party member could also impart the knowledge, for an XP cost that may be split between you.
Prestige Class: Some prestige classes automatically teaches your character powers, for example the Elocater and Thrallherd.

The important thing to remember is that you can learn more or different powers than normal by spending feats, XP, gold or taking PrC levels. The builds in this guide make heavy use of the research option. If your DM or campaign makes this alternative unavailable to you, it is recommended that you play an Egoist to make the most of this guide, and that you use expanded knowledge to cover your bases (details are given below).

Power Selection Skeleton:
This is designed to assist in choosing powers for your Psion. The following is a collection of powers that all General Purpose Psions should have:

level powers:
Vigor :....this can be helpful to most any psion, for the entire length of his career.

the next 2 powers are very useful....depending on how much combat you prefer to be involved in:

Pick One:
Precognition(Offensive) or Precognition(Defensive)
Precognition(Offensive) :.......this is very good to have as it affects ALL of your attacks, and it stacks with most other attack bonus boosting sources. If you plan on attacking something...MAKE SURE you can HIT it!!!!

Precognition(Defensive) :........this is very helpful as it affects AC and Saves at the same time......very nice for a defense oriented character.(personally i would rather live by the saying "the best defense is a good offense" and take Precog(off))

level powers:
Ego Whip:
Crystal Storm:
Share Pain:

level powers:

Dispel Psionics :.....absolute must for ALL Psions

level powers:


level powers:

Plane Shift :

level powers:

Disintegrate,Psi :
Temporal Acceleration :

level powers:

Energy Conversion :

level powers:

Teleport,Greater :
True Metabolism :

level powers:

Assimilate :

When choosing powers , remember to consider how you can contribute to the Party in the following aresa:

1: Melee Damage
2: Direct Damage
3: Battlefield control
4: Save or Die powers
5: Information Gathering
6: Transportation
7: Healing
8: Buffing
9: NPC interaction(FACE)

General Psion/Wilder Powers:

Create Sound: Good for distracting foes when you don't want to be caught, and numerous other things.
Crystal Shard: Good for bypassing SR, as well as bypassing Antipsionic and Antimagic Fields.
Deja Vu: Excellent 'save-or-die' for making your foe waste his actions, take damage for things that he had to do last round over again, repeating an ineffective tactic, perform actions that were intelligent last round, but stupid on this round, etcetera.
Detect Psionics: Especially useful if you have full magic/psionics transparency, this power can save your bacon when you can find magical traps, or determine various information regarding puzzles, and such. More versatile than you might think.
Deja Vu: Excellent 'save-or-die' for making your foe waste his actions, take damage for things that he had to do last round over again, repeating an ineffective tactic, perform actions that were intelligent last round, but stupid on this round, etcetera.
Energy Ray: Yes, I know you have Eldritch Blast as a warlock, but given that this power can be used for taking advantage of energy vulnerabilities on the fly, you can cause huge amounts of damage in a single round, if it's fully augmented (and used with either Chain Power or Split Psionic Ray). Also good for sundering enemy weapons, armor, etc.
Entangling Ectoplasm: This is a good power for slowing enemies down. Most flying enemies must fly at a minimum of 1/2 their maximum fly speed or crash-land. Entangling them can be a good tactic for preventing fast foes from reaching you.
Far Hand: Limited telekinesis that is an excellent way for pickpocketing and reaching otherwise unreachable objects, when necessary.
Know Direction and Location: This one's good for preventing getting lost. Who needs the Survival skill when you can automatically know where you are at any given time?
Missive: This could possibly disrupt an enemy caster if you shout loud enough. It's also good for passing on messages silently.
Sense Link: Good for numerous things, including watching your psicrystal while it scouts for you.
Skate: While it doesn't seem that great for a character that can fly at will, remember that it can also be used on objects. If you find a 2,000 lb adamantine door, blast it off its hinges, manifest Skate on it, then tow it back to sell at the largest city you can reach.
Synesthete: Great for when you're blinded or deafened, and for avoiding any and all gaze-based attacks.
Vigor: Share a fully-augmented Vigor with your psicrystal, then manifest Share Pain on it. Great for avoiding damage in combat, as well as for avoiding damage taken from Overchannel.
Concealing Amorpha: While not nearly as useful in most situations as Invisibility (as enemies can see where you are), it's not subject to True Seeing at all.
Control Sound: The uses for this power are nigh-endless. Disrupt enemy spellcasting by garbling verbal components, alter an inspiring speech into an incriminating and/or demoralizing one, use it as a Shatter effect, publicly humiliate a foe...Very useful.
Detect Hostile Intent: It's difficult to get the drop on someone if they know you're there, and that you want to hurt them. In a way, it's more useful than Detect Evil, since not everyone who wishes you harm will be evil. It is not useful versus mindless creatures, or creatures that cannot be manipulated via mind-affecting effects.
Ego Whip: While you have the ability to take something down via hit point damage and your various invocations, this is a great way to take down that raging frenzied berzerker with Deathless Frenzy and a Charisma of 6. It's also a nice way to blast the Tarrasque, or take down an enemy manifester for learning all of his powers known. That the power is augmentable and its Will save is for half-damage makes this an even better power.
Energy Adaptation, Specified: While the higher-powered Energy Adaptation and Energy Conversion powers are more versatile, it's still a good idea to have this handy. Why waste power points when all you need is protection vs fire? It's doubtful that a fire-salamander will utilize ice or electricity spells, so just manifest this low-cost power, and you're good to go.
Energy Push and Energy Stun: These powers are a good way to augment your Eldritch Blast abilities, by doing something that you won't have to spend an invocation on. That, coupled with switching energy types on the fly, makes these two very valuable powers indeed.
Feat Leech: Why bother with learning a feat the hard way when you can take Leadership and have a cohort you can borrow from? This is a good power to suck the feats out of foes with, too. Given that you're an erudite, absorbing someone's Expanded Knowledge feat can get you a new power pretty easily.
Identify, Psionic: Do I even need to explain this one?
Missive, Mass: See the first level Missive power for details on this one. It's good for doing those things to whole groups of creatures.
Share Pain: See the first-level Vigor power for usage of this. It's also good for when you can Dominate (or Charming and convincing) a foe, and forcing him to consent to taking half-damage when you do.
Sustenance: This will keep you from starving to death. Not quite as useful as the elan ability, but it'll do.
Thought Shield: This is a good alternative for Mind Blank at lower levels.
Tongues, Psionic: This is good for understanding your allies as well as your foes. A good investment all around.
Body Adjustment/Purification: These powers will allow you to be self-sufficient. Never worry about going to a cleric for healing again.
Darkvision, Psionic: I believe that warlocks gain darkvision, though it's been awhile since I've looked at the class. Otherwise, this is invaluable for any race that doesn't have darkvision either naturally or other means. Even so, you can use Enlarge Power to increase its range to 120'.
Dispel Psionics: Unless you can get it as an invocation, this is an awesome power. You can't counterspell, but it's darned useful nonetheless.
Energy Wall: A must-have. Just look at the description. Within a matter of a few rounds, you can cause entire buildings to collapse, using the sonic type. It's also good as either an offensive or defensive power. Great for taking out low-level grunts and from shielding yourself from attack. Any objects that aren't immune or highly resistant to this power will likely disintegrate on contact. Who needs Protection from Arrows when this will work just as well or better? Also, if you plan on taking Energy Conversion, grab this ASAP.
Eradicate Invisibility: Nabbing True Sight will invalidate this, but it's still useful prior to that.
Share Pain, Forced: Manifest this on the Bandit King, and his minions won't dare to attack you.
Solicit Psicrystal: Any Concentration-based power can be handed off to your psicrystal buddy so you can do more important things.
Telekinetic Force/Thrust: The possibilities for this are extraordinary. If you're up against an elan that's warding off your single-shot, huge-damage potshots, grab a bundle of arrows or a handful of stones to send careening into his skull. Also useful for hurling enemies off cliffs, or raining death from above with a small field of boulders.
Time Hop: Quite possibly the most useful power in the XPHB, along with Quintessence. Use it on allies (or yourself) for when danger is unavoidable or if someone is bleeding to death and is about to be coup de graced, or if the healer won't be available for a few rounds. Use it to make obstacles in your way disappear; traps, doors, locked chests, walls, enemies, magical and mundane items, mounts(!), and more!... Intelligent use of this power can have far-reaching consequences for your survivability-rate. When used offensively, it's much better to target something that can't make a save, and allow that to do the damage. Dropping a chandelier on your enemies by Time Hopping the chain holding it up is much better than using it on a foe that could easily shrug its direct effects off.
Touchsight/Ubiquitous Vision: These are great powers for various purposes, especially when conjoined with Synesthete and the Transdimensional Power feat (from Complete Psionic). They can do things that even True Seeing can't do.
Aura Sight: This is the Detect Alignment spell on steroids. Quite handy.
Correspond: Like Missive, but it's both two-way communique, AND it can be done at any distance.
Death Urge: It's a decent save-or-die power, and can be used with various other effects (such as Deja Vu) to make a foe perform a dangerous action that was not deadly last round due to sheer luck.
Dimension Door, Psionic: Depending on your invocations, this might be a waste of time. Otherwise, it's an incredibly useful power in a number of situations.
Divination, Psionic: Excellent for gathering information about...well...just about anything.
Empathic Feedback: Similar to the Share Pain powers, but with unique enhancements of its own.
Energy Adaptation: A useful generic buff, great for shrugging off numerous different energy types.
Freedom of Movement, Psionic: Again, depending on whether you can get the effect elsewhere, this might not be the best choice. It is, however, incredibly useful against a number of monsters and other effects. Grapplers beware.
Personality Parasite: Useful against spellcasters and manifesters. Let them blow themselves up, rather than doing it for them.
Power Leech: Good for restoring your own supply of power points at the expense of your enemies. If the DM will let you, it might even work against spellcasters and creatures with spell-like and psi-like abilities. Definitely a boon against soulknives, as once their power points are drained, they can no longer use any of their class abilities.
Psychic Reformation: An absolute must-have. With this power, you're ready for literally anything, given 15 minutes' notice. If you want item creation feats, you've got 'em. If you want more powers, Reform them in after creating a few power stones. Need help on a skill check? Reform ranks in. Be careful with this one, though; you'll need to remember exactly what you took at each level, else you'll just get yourself confused. Also great for making money!
Telekinetic Maneuver: This power is AWESOME, especially with Solicit Psicrystal. Have your crystalline buddy grapple a baddy, then proceed to thwack it while it's near-defenseless. Great against creatures with high Dex or evasion, but low grapple-check modifiers.
Wall of Ectoplasm: While not as overpowering as a Wall of Stone, Wall of Force, or Prismatic Wall/Sphere, it's still very useful as a form of battlefield control. It's also good at cordoning enemies off while you deal with their companions a handful at a time, or as a defensive measure.
Adapt Body: Useful any time you're plane-hopping, or in the volcanic lair of Volgaxx the Archlich, this can save you a lot of trouble when you're someplace where the very environment itself could kill you.
Catapsi: If it's a high-psionics campaign, such as Dark Sun, this is a must-have. Otherwise, don't bother.
Ectoplasmic Shambler: This isn't that great of a power until you realize that it will force Concentration checks against any casters and manifesters within its reach, create problems with targeting, and so on. Using this power can certainly give you the edge against casters and manifesters of any flavor.
Incarnate: This can give you full-time abilities that that you might otherwise have to spend an invocation on. Very nice.
Major Creation, Psionic: Very good for a multi-purpose power, though I'd rather have Minor Creation, myself, for most things.
Plane Shift, Psionic: Useful for numerous things, including escaping from battle when you've been incapacitated, via Contingency.
Power Resistance: A useful defensive measure against spellcasters, manifesters, and monsters of all flavors.
True Seeing, Psionic: Sure, you could use an invocation for this, but why, when you could be doing so much more with it?
Aura Alteration: This can be useful for appearing to be Chaotic-Evil to a group of fiends, or Lawful-Good to a party of celestials. It would be even MORE useful if it could be used on objects, but that's another story. It's good for when you're Metamorphosis'd, and want to fit the part even more closely.
Contingency, Psionic: Another must-have. Excellent for setting up a buff before a really difficult battle as a non-action, or escaping from battle when you're overmatched. It's also quite useful for learning powers for your erudite, as you can just toss in a manifestation of Second Chance without the possibility of ruining it.
Co-opt Concentration: While not normally that useful, it can be used by your Schism'd mind, or to co-opt a foe's power (or spell!) and use it against him, or dismiss it.
Retrieve: This is an awesome power, as you can teleport objects to your person instantaneously. Are you in a race with an NPC to see who can get to the middle of the room and grab an artifact? Don't worry about running; simply teleport it to you, instead. It can also be used similarly to Time-Hop, though it brings it to you, rather than making it disappear.
Temporal Acceleration: The hallmark of almost any nova, this can be used for a number of different things, from offense to defense. Very, very, very useful.
Divert Teleport: Very useful for any situation where you're afraid a bad-guy might escape. Many BBEGs, especially, prefer to skip out of town as opposed to being slaughtered, robbing you of all the lovely treasure on their persons, as well as the satisfaction of watching them fry. You can either have them teleport elsewhere in the room, or teleport them to that nice little vacation-spot near that explosive volcano you recently visited (though *in* the volcano, rather than just near it).
Energy Conversion: This is a good power to share with your psicrystal. Take half an hour each morning to set this up with Energy Wall, and you could be pumping out a few thousand points of sonic damage, along with your psicrystal. Toss in a Schism'd mind for extra blasting, the Chain Power and Split Psionic Ray feats, as well as Greater Psionic Shot, and you have some serious damage potential, in addition to your Eldritch Blasts.
Evade Burst: Though it might seem a waste of power points, using this power is like getting the Evasion class ability for free. Don't underestimate it.
Mind Blank, Personal: Completely invalidates any form of mind-reading, scrying, or mind control. TAKE. THIS. POWER.
Oak Body: This one is great to have, as you gain numerous immunities for a decent duration.
Bend Reality: Yes, it costs XP, but it increases your versatility tenfold. Use it in an emergency, or for things that you otherwise couldn't do.
Iron Body, Psionic: Like Oak Body, but even better, for some things.
Matter Manipulation: Protect your psicrystal from harm, improve your Astral Seed, or improve your body-armor and weapons. This one is a single-use power, but if you use your imagination, it has very powerful effects.
Mind Blank, Psionic: Even better than Personal Mind Blank, as you can use it on others. Don't bother with it, though, if you don't have any allies worthy of note.
Shadow Body: More immunities! Yay!
Teleport, Psionic Greater: It's accurate teleportation. This one has lots of uses, from travel to emergency escape plans.
True Metabolism: Essentially the Regeneration spell. Useful if you lose body parts, or want to heal during battle without expending lots of actions to do so.
Affinity Field: Considered nigh-broken if misused, it's an extremely useful power. Anything in the field is subject to your status changes, whether it be hp-gain, damage, energy drain, powers used, etcetera. Good for both an offensive and defensive power, especially if you're buffed up with Vigor and Share Pain beforehand.
Apopsi: Knock out a foe, learn all of his psionic powers, then delete the ones remaining in his mind, making him useless. Very nasty.
Assimilate: Resistance is futile.
Etherealness, Psionic: Good for defense as well as for scouting, in addition to other imaginative purposes.
Microcosm: Turn your foes into mental vegetables until they die. A great save-or-die power.
Reality Revision: Expensive to do, but this power is great for making yourself much more versatile and powerful in the long run.
Timeless Body: Mostly used as a last-resort, this will keep you alive until you can get the heck out of Dodge.
The discipline powers are all useful in their own ways. The ESPECIALLY useful powers are as follows:

Egoist discipline powers are good for buffing yourself up. Everything from direct combat to improving your save DCs, it's a great all-around discipline for making yourself hard to kill.
Egoist powers
2.) Animal Affinity: This is great for increasing save DCs, improving your ranged accuracy, improving your skill checks, and so on.
2.) Empathic Transfer: Only useful if you feel like doing some healing at earlier levels.
3.) Ectoplasmic Form: A poor-man's Etherealness, but very useful near the beginning.
3.) Hustle: Oh yeah, baby. Extra Move Actions are teh pwnzors.
4.) Metamorphosis: This has got to be one of the best discipline powers. *And* you can share it with your psicrystal! Mix with the Metamorphic Transfer feat for extra fun!
4.) Psychic Vampire: Don't take this one unless you're either in a very high-psionics campaign, or it can be used against spellcasters. If so, TAKE THIS POWER!
5.) Psionic Revivify: Contingency this.
6.) Restoration, Psionic: Even more reason to never need a cleric.
7.) Fission, Psionic: You are your own best friend. Share with your psicrystal, then Metamorphosis!
8.) Fusion: While expensive, fusing with a thrall ('scuse me, cohort) can lead to some very interesting and useful combinations.
The kineticist discipline is a split between direct-damage effects, and secondary energy effects. A decent discipline, but ignore most of the direct-damage powers, since you won't need them.
Kineticist Powers
2.) Energy Missile: This is an extraordinary power. It's like a focused energy ball with no collateral damage! The DC also scales better than any other power.
4.) Control Body: While this doesn't seem that great, with a little thought, it becomes excellent. Control Body on yourself, then Solicit Psicrystal. Look at the bonuses it suddenly gives to you! Sure, it ties up your psicrystal a bit, but you can manifest at full strength while hurling Eldritch Blasts.
5.) Fiery Discorporation: This is a good power to use when there's a good possibility of dying. Manifesting it with any source of fire nearby can be a real lifesaver.
6.) Dispelling Buffer: Great for when you're buffed and don't want to be dispelled. Overcoming this power can be a real headache for enemy spellcasters.
7.) Reddopsi: This power is basically Psionic Spell-Turning. A definite mage-killer.
8.) Telekinetic Sphere, Psionic: This is both a good offensive and defensive power. Divide and conquer!
9.) Tornado Blast: Not available until epic, unless you can research it, it's one of the best damage-based powers in the game.
The psychoportation discipline has a few real treasures in there. If you think strategically, this discipline can make you untouchable through normal methods, and can disrupt the abilities of others to move around.
Nomad Powers
2.) Dimension Swap: This is useful if allies are about. That includes your psicrystal.
3.) Astral Caravan: A cheap version of Plane Shift. Time-consuming, but cheap.
4.) Dimensional Anchor: Prevent enemies from teleporting or going ethereal. This can knock the foe's maneuverability down to almost nothing, if used correctly.
4.) Dismissal, Psionic: No summons for j00!
5.) Teleport, Psionic: A great travelling power.
5.) Teleport Trigger: Good for a contingency, without using Contingency!
6.) Banishment, Psionic: Even better than Dismissal.
7.) Dream Travel: Less time-consuming than Astral Caravan, and depending on the cosmology, you may be able to enter places unreachable by any other means.
7.) Ethereal Jaunt, Psionic: Cheaper than the 9th-level psion/wilder power, it has similar results (though for a shorter timespan).
8.) Time Hop, Mass: All the goodness of Time Hop, with a higher DC, and much more widespread effects!
9.) Time Regression: Though expensive, it's a definite must-have, in case something goes wrong (though imaginative use of other powers can often make it unnecessary). Only available at epic, or through research.
The clairsentience discipline is all about gathering information and preventing others from getting it. Bonuses to various die-rolls through limited omniscience, gathering detailed info via scrying-type effects, this is all about gaining power through knowledge!
Seer Powers
5.) Second Chance: This power is definitely worth it when you fail a Spellcraft check upon learning a power (Contingency!). You can also use it during other times you need a reroll.
7.) Fate of One: Unfortunately, you can't Contingency this, but it's quite useful when you need to gain a reroll otherwise.
I consider the shaper discipline to be matched only by the egoist discipline for sheer awesomeness, and even then, metacreativity comes out ahead. Take a look at the powers you can get!

Shaper Powers
1.) Astral Construct: You obviously already know the benefits of this power. Gain a meat-shield, trap-springer, grappler, vehicle for transportation, secondary power-user, door-basher, distraction, etc, etc, etc; the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
1.) Minor Creation, Psionic: Definitely worth getting. Never worry about mundane equipment again! Also, you can create plant-based poisons, (temporary) beer, (temporary) food, and so on and so forth. Get ranks in Craft (Alchemy), Craft (Weaving), and Craft (Sculpting), and you can make just about anything!
2.) Psionic Repair Damage: Definitely get this one, if only to repair your psicrystal.
3.) Concealing Amorpha, Greater: Get this one in lieu of the regular Concealing Amorpha, if you want. It's better all-around.
3.) Ectoplasmic Cocoon: Oh, this is a nice power, here. Especially against smaller creatures. Boost the DC, then take enemies out at your leisure. No SR, no DR, no Strength-check or Escape Artist check to get loose. It's even good as a defensive power, as you can still fly (as a SU ability) and manifest while you're in it, yet virtually immune to all damage.
4.) Fabricate, Psionic: A great moneymaker, as well as utility power. Build a bridge in mere minutes, instead of waiting months for the architects to do so. Reap the rewards (and the appreciation) of the townsfolk when you've just saved them time, money, AND effort! And all for a mere 11 pp and a few minutes of your time.
4.) Quintessence: The rules on this are a bit fuzzy, but with a bit of ingenuity, this is widely considered one of the most useful powers out there. It's an instantaneous creation effect, so you don't have to worry about it being dispelled. It doesn't damage you on contact, so you can handle it safely. If you can create enough of it, you can use it for hundreds, if not thousands, of useful things. Check out the other threads floating around for more information.
5.) Hail of Crystals: It's like Crystal Shard, but better.
6.) Crystallize: It's quite useful as a save-or-die, as it has a decent DC, AND is one of the few psionic save-or-suffer effects that utilizes a Fort save instead of a Will save. AND it's not mind-affecting!
6.) Fabricate, Greater Psionic: Even better than the original Fabricate. Go nuts!
7.) Ectoplasmic Cocoon, Mass: Oh, yeah, baby. It's useful against groups of enemies, and can show those Colossal critters who's boss! Get it ASAP!
8.) Astral Seed: Manifesting this, along with a Contingencied Plane Shift can really save your arse, if you die. Plus, you won't have to worry about losing all your gear!
9.) Genesis: Yes, it's a 9th-level discipline power. But...you get your own mini-universe! How is that not awesome?!
9.) True Creation: Also a 9th-level discipline power, but you can play god by creating...and creating...and creating! Goes great with Genesis!
The telepathy discipline is extremely powerful in its own way; it's great for save-or-dies, and it focuses on mental control, but every single one is mind-affecting, so they're easily blocked. Use them discreetly for best results. (Also just a hint: almost all of them have best results when Psionic Charm is manifested first, as you can pump the DC on that up to horrific levels - which means that the lower DCs on the other save-or-suffer effects won't matter one whit.)
1.) Charm, Psionic: This is a great power for making friends. Use it for negotiations, or to keep from getting killed by enemies that dislike you. Friendly creatures won't attack you until you attack them, so befriend them, then destroy them, according to your preferred tactics.
1.) Mindlink: AKA, telepathy! Useful regardless of distance or differences in language (or lack thereof), its only downfall is that it's mind-affecting.
2.) Aversion: Golly, this is a useful power, especially with Attraction. There's no better way to get the enemy to stop bothering you than by making them WANT to stop bothering you. Once again, it's mind-affecting.
2.) Brain Lock: Make your opponents useless by manifesting this on them. Everything from spellcasters to lowly fighters will become painfully weak when they can't do squat. It is, of course, mind-affecting, and it's better against foes that have weak will-saves.
2.) Read Thoughts: It's much like a mobile Mindlink, but it's one-way communication. Good for spying on what others are thinking, which allows you to solve crimes, gather information, and generally see what others are up to. Once more: mind-affecting.
2.) Suggestion, Psionic: This power has its own uses, mostly to keep the creature occupied while you're taking care of its comrades, or getting it to do something useful for you.
3.) Empathic Tranfer, Hostile: Good for transferring your wounds to another, thereby getting two benefits for the price of one, assuming your target fails its save.
3.) False Sensory Input: This can be good for keeping yourself entertained, for distracting the guard on your cell, or possibly making yourself some money: open a brothel where all of your 'employees' have this power, and then charge a good fee for their 'services'. If you're good, nobody will be the wiser, and you'll have plenty of leeway to prevent their mistreatment.
4.) Dominate, Psionic: This is an awesome power, like Charm on steroids. Take it ASAP, then you can get your victims to do virtually anything.
4.) Mindlink, Thieving: An excellent choice for an erudite, as you can steal someone's powers known, while barring its use to them. Plus, you can see what they have to offer even before you incapacitate them, and depending on the level of the power, you could even use Imprint Stone to create a power stone before this power wears off.
4.) Modify Memory, Psionic: If you're evil or an anarchist, you can easily cover up your crimes by making them NOT HAPPEN. Muahahahahaha... If you're good, you might be able to help someone by softening or deleting particularly horrifying memories that the person can't deal with on their own.
4.) Schism: This power can up your available firepower excessively. You can use it to take over your Concentration (via Co-opt Concentration), make Eldritch Blasts while you manifest, fire rays via Energy Conversion, or even make another Eldritch Blast per round, assuming your DM allows it. It's also a decent defensive power, as it helps you with Will saves and would also be able to take Listen, Spot, and Search checks in addition to your own.
5.) Metaconcert: This one's a bit confusing on the details, but imagine how easy it would be to learn someone else's powers while directly connected to their minds?
6.) Mind Switch: Since all of your abilities are mental in nature, why not find a better body to run around in? There are ways to make this permanent, which means that you're definitely better off than if you manifested True Mind Switch. You can also Ectoplasmic Cocoon yourself, then manifest this on one of your foes to take him out without a fuss.
7.) Mind Seed: Mua...Muahaha...MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
From Complete Psionics:

Adrenaline Boost - PW 1- gives +2 insight bonus to Str & Dex for 1 round,augment: +3 PP = +1 bonus

Analyze Dweomer,Psionic - Manic Mantle 6...as Analyze Dweomer

Burrowing Bonds - Shaper 4 - nice.... med range, 1 rnd/ML, Ref negates,PR:No.....3d6 + 1d6/ rnd...nice augments

Claws of darkness - Light and Darkness mantle 2 - nice...similar to Claws of the beast...but can grapple....very short duration

Cranial Deluge - Psion 5 - very good....short range..Fort Negates.....save or take 18d6...and head can explode...augment: +2PP=+1 DC

Crystal Storm - Psion 2- excellent direct damage power....short range...no save for slashing, Fort save negates Con damage......PR:No....does 2d4 slashing +1d4 Con damage(on failed Fort save)...great augments..1)+1PP=+1d4 slashing damage.....2)+2PP = +1 point Con Damage

Damp Power - Psion 2- very nice especially at high levels even EPIC levels...reduces damage to a minimum

Eidetic Lock -Psion 1 - .....nice non combat power....1 day/ML..augment: +4PP= Permanent memory..handy

Empower Weapon - Psiwarrior 5- permanent until discharged, store ANY power = Manifester lvl -4 in any weapon(limit to 1 Empowered weapon at a time.

Evade Attack - PW?....Excellent...Augment: allows you to evade completely 1 attack

Eyes of the Basilisk - Psion 7 - 30' range.....1 rnd/ML..gaze attack...1 creature/rnd...save or turned to stone..PERMANENTLY

Inconstant Location - Psion 6 - Duration 1 minute, great for tactical movement and frees up your move actions so you can refocus(Psi Meditation) and still move.....give you a swift action teleport

Light Burst - Light & Darkness (Mantle) 8 - like sunburst...but augmentable(Knockdown Power :evillaugh )

Mend Wounds - Life (mantle) 6 - heals 55 points of damage,touch or damage undead for same.....augments for extra damage healed or for 20' radius effect

Perfect Riposte - PW 5 -......nice....1rnd/ML...gives you 1 AoO/rnd vs anyone attacking you and Missing

Planar Embrace - Psion 8 - gain 1/2 Celestial template for a short time

Psychometry - Psion 6 - great info gathering power...see the recent past

Psychoportive Shelter - Psion 2 -like Rope trick......but augmentable to accomodate additional extra creatures of ANY SIZE

See invisibility - Lurk 2 - great augment: for 2 pp each, you can share this power with an additional creature

Spirit of War - Conflict (mantle) 8 - 40' radius....you and allies gain:
1: +4 competence to ATT and Damage
2:+10 insight to one saving throw(during the duration)
3: Auto confirm a single crit during duration

Stygian Bolt - Psion 6 - 120' line.....1d4 Neg lvls.....augment for additional neg lvls.

Touch of health - Life (mantle) 1 - cure 2 pt damage for 1 PP....augmentable...quick cures

Zone of Alertness - Psion 2 - excellent for a Party....gives you an ALL allies in 10' rad...great bonuses.....almost like the axiomatic template

Originally posted by carnivore:

13: EPIC
Epic is very, very different, mostly due to items. Consider:
*SR/PR-items scale quickly and come cheaply, which means everybody and his brother could (and would) have unbeatable SR/PR.
*Saves and save-boosting items scale more quickly than spell/power DCs, so expect every target to save every time unless they roll a natural 1. To be perfectly clear, save-or-dies are only 5% effective IF they DON'T allow SR/PR. If they do, they are completely ineffective.
*Before you consider Crystal Shard, look at the epic deflection feats.
Due to these facts, physical attacks are usually the way to go in epic, and spellcasters focus more on buffing and debuffing than anything else. And all that utility you might need (high level divinations, transportation effects, planar travel and survival etc).

However, psionics have some notable powers that slip between the above restrictions:
*Tornado Blast: [half, no] area damage of unspecified type.
*Swarm of Crystals (and similar effects): [no, no] effect - the low damage matters little since they would save anyway.
You also need to consider defensive options. Taking a long time to defeat a foe is not a problem if you are invulnerable meanwhile. For instance:
*Telekinetic sphere + burrowing power
*fusion with psicrystal (hellwasp swarm + will-o'-wisp)
*true mind switch (or the mind switch/astral seed trick) to a swarm and manifest null psionics field
I'd venture a guess that the biggest loss compared to arcane casters is the Gate spell, but you have direct damage that actually works to compensate.
Heres a Nice EPIC thread disscussion

There is some rules ambiguity concerning the Psion epic progression. The rules state that epic manifesters do not learn new powers automatically as they progress in levels, but the epic psion description lists 2 new powers per level. Unofficial epic errata corrects this so that psions do not learn any new powers in the epic levels, unless they take feats for that effect. It doesn’t really matter though, as 36 powers will prove more than sufficient, so for the purposes of this guide, we’ll assume that you have a total of 36 powers unless you take feats to increase this total.

Epic Problems
Even if you’re just using core rules (SRD), you now have access to any power on any list (through psychic reformation and epic expanded knowledge), which means that the potential for brokenness is very real. Add to that the making of epic psionic powers that is perhaps the most arbitrary collection of rules (more like guidelines really), and you will realise that there will be house rules. For example, consider the power True Mind Switch. If you find, say, a Hellwasp Swarm to switch with, you can make yourself immune to most forms of attacks permanently and non magically (meaning even Mage’s Disjunction won’t work, since there’s nothing to disjoin). Then add a Null Psionics Field and you are truly immune to all forms of attack (except alchemic acid splash damage, epic spells and powers, and instantaneous creation area effects like the Hail of Crystals power – not that it matters since swarms don’t die from damage). Add the Permanent Emanation epic feat and feats that improve your swarm melee damage, and you’re all set. You don’t even need to invest 10k xp for the TMS, since you can get it for only 60k gp on a power stone. It’s not like you’ll be using many other items anyway, since you’re a swarm.

But how do you think a DM would respond to you presenting this idea? While he could certainly make an epic psion with the Hail of Crystals power your archnemesis (the DM always has counter-measures), but how much fun would the game be for the rest of your gaming group? They’d be relaxing in your very own demiplane and try to stay out of your way while you go pawn whatever needs pawning. Certainly, other epic characters are not defenseless either – the party wizard could transform the entire party to swarms if necessary, but what would Joe the epic fighter and Fred the epic barbarian think about that? Perhaps they had envisioned their epic levels in an entirely different manner.

Only you, your DM and your gaming group can answer these questions. For some, the TMS swarm with permanent NPF emanation will be hugely enjoyable, and for others it will spoil the game. The important thing is to realize the need for a dialogue to discuss these things.

Epic Tips and Strategies
This section include advice on use of powers and how to handle general epic problems. The strategies are often powerful, but not unbalancingly so, as there is always some counter measure that the DM can exploit if he’d really want to, and no one strategy is effective against everything. The final section reduces the mentioned concepts to practice in a 21st level psion build.

Buffing: Whenever you even think of buffing in combat, do so in a Temporal Acceleration. For 21pp and a twice augmented, extended TA, you get 6 rounds of free time in the apparent time of one swift action. You can use the choker form with transferred quickness to take more actions than usual during these rounds. If necessary, your epic buffing needs should never, ever consume more than one swift action – the rest is for offense.

Overchannel Damage: Whenever you feel like overchanelling something, manifest True Metabolism first. If you need to do this in combat, remember that True Metabolism is a buff, which means you manifest it within a TA (usually the first thing you do in there). You can heal substantial amounts of hp while metabolising in a TA.

Choose Offense Wisely: Always use your most efficient means of attack. Save-or-dies won’t be very effective in epic, as saves scale faster than DC and unbeatable/infinite SR/PR is cheap with equipment and frequent on monsters. They are still useful for utility purposes though. The same goes for Astral Constructs, unless your DM house rules that you can create epic version of them for effective combat use. There are counter-measures to all your possible attack forms, thus you need varied ways to deal damage:

Energy Conversion rays: The good - low pp consumtion, high damage, the best damage-to-pp ratio in the game. The bad - thwarted by energy immunity, PR/SR, antimagic field, or the epic deflection feats.
Tornado Blast: The good – untyped area damage that doesn’t allow PR/SR, huge range and area. The bad – low damage-to-pp ratio assuming opponents save (they do), antimagic field, the damage cap matters after level 30 when you’ve exhausted metapsionic options.
Crystal Shard: The good – extremely high damage potential with split psionic ray, [no, no] effect, bypasses antimagic field. The bad – epic deflection, globe of invulnerability, spell turning, DR if you’re using the CPsi errata.
Swarm of Crystals: The good – can damage almost any epic foe, average damage potential for an area effect at epic levels. The bad – still thwarted by globe, DR if you’re using CPsi, very short range.
Greater Metamorphosis: The good - a bag of tricks for the unexpected, and it opens up the possibility for melee damage if all else fails. The bad – not always an efficient means of offense, can’t be used in an antimagic field, costs xp.

Choose Defense Wisely: You have various powerful defenses, but each of them can be overthrown by different strategies.
Wall of Ectoplasm + Energy Wall: The good – very cheap way to contain enemies or divide and conquer. The bad – easily thwarted by teleportation effects, disintegrate, energy immunity etc.
Telekinetic Sphere: The good – saves you or the whole party from all attacks while retaining mobility and your ability to use powers with the Burrowing Power feat. The bad – can be brought down with a Disintegrate or a lucky/epic dispel.
Skin of Proteus + Metamorphic Transfer: The good - permanent Greater Invisibility and flight through the Pixie form makes you untargetable an undetectable, doesn’t cost pp so always use this if you expect trouble. The bad – many epic foes can handle invisibility in some way.
Greater Metamorphosis + Fusion: Share GM with your psicrystal and transform into an abberation (any will do) while your psicrystal becomes a Will-o’-Wisp. With your next action, manifest Fusion and fuse with the psicrystal. As a free action, change your own form to a Hellwasp Swarm. The good - you are now a “hellwisp swarm”, and immune to all physical attacks, any magic that allows SR/PR, and anything that targets unless it’s mind-affecting. The bad – you take 150% damage from area effects that are SR=no (such as dragon breath). Evade Burst (researched as a level 3 power) fixes this somewhat, but the defense is very costly as a whole, and will only save you while your other party members will have to fend for themselves. Usually, the TK Sphere defense is better.

Optimizing Powers Known: You may have a mere 36 power slots, but you have access to far more actual power effects than that, by making the most of specific powers, feats, items and rules mechanics:

Bend Reality: For a reasonable XP cost, you have a fail safe that will get you any psion/wilder power up to level 6, or any other power up to level 4. Best used with powers that already have an XP cost, so that you don't pay extra (other than the pp increase) for using Bend Reality and/or powers that don't need pp augmentation.
Manifesting an Unknown Power from Another's Powers Known: You can manifest powers you don't know from a power stone (this flushes the stone, according to CPsi errata and custserv) or another psionic character. This makes leadership a good non-epic feat investment, taking a Psion cohort. The Cohort should know powers that need not be manifested in a pinch, but are good to have, such as Contingency. See this thread and the below build for details.
Your 36 slots: This should contain powers that are used often and that are needed immediately, often at full augmentation and/or use of your manifester level. Buffs that you use every day and offensive combat powers are good examples.
Items: More situational powers (such as social powers) are good in psicrowns
Psychic Reformation: Any power is available you using this and (if necessary) Expanded Knowledge or Epic Expanded Knowledge. Use it on a case-by-case basis to solve problems that can't be solved with what you already have.
Incarnate: Several useful powers can be made permanent for a small (considering your level) xp cost. Dispel effects would risk this investment, but you have various ways to be untargetable (invisibility, swarm type etc) and you have contingency for Mage's Disjunction (see below).
Epic Powers: If all else fails, you can spend time, xp and gold to research a custom solution to whatever problem is troubling you, subject to your DM’s approval (as everything really should be in the epic levels).

How to Cheat Death: Not being able to die permanently is very useful in the epic levels. Not having your equipment destroyed in the process is also very useful. This can be accomplished through a synergistic use of the powers Genesis (make your own demiplane), Astral Seed (hide the seed to your rebirth there) and Contingeny with stored Plane Shift (travel there if you die or would be affected by Mage's Disjunction). The Leadership feat plays a part here too - see this thread for details.

XP and Gold Management: Some things cost xp, others cost gold. Item creation feats lets you pay xp where you'd normally pay gold, and paying for services lets you pay gold where you'd normally pay xp. Since one xp can be "bought" for 5 gold in services, and 25 gold can be saved for 1 xp in item creation, the rule of thumb is to buy as many services you can, and create what you can yourself. Of course, item creation feats can be reformed out when adventuring.

Sample Epic Build
21st lvlEPIC build
Poster= Hovnar
Level 21 Human Egoist

Powers Known (36+3)
1st level:
Defensive Precognition
Entangling Ectoplasm
Offensive Precognition
Astral Construct
Crystal Shard

2nd level:
Detect Hostile Intent
Empathic Transfer
Dimension Swap
Swarm of Crystals
Mass Missive

3rd level:
Dispel Psionics
Energy Wall
Time Hop
Evade Burst

4th level:
Freedom of Movement
Wall of Ectoplasm
Psionic Divination
Intellect Fortress

5th level:
Plane Shift
Psionic Revivify
True Seeing
Adapt Body
Major Creation

6th level:
Temporal Acceleration

7th level:
Energy Conversion
Personal Mindblank
(Fate of One)

8th level:
Bend Reality
Greater Teleport
(Telekinetic Sphere)
True Metabolism

9th level:
Greater Metamorphosis
(Tornado Blast)

(Powers in parenthesis are granted through Psychic Chirurgery, powers in bold are researched)

Epic Powers Developed
Epic Inertial Armor:
Spellcraft DC: 0
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: Personal
Target: You
Duration: 24 hours
To Develop: 4500 gp, 1 day, 180 xp; armor seed (DC 14), increased armor bonus [+16] (+32), change from target, touch or area to personal (-2), increased casting time [10 minutes] (-20), additional participants [one level 8 slot] (-15), 9d6 backlash damage (-9).

An invisible but tangible field of force surrounds the manifester, providing a +20 armor bonus to Armor Class. Unlike mundane armor, epic inertial armor entails no armor check penalty, arcane spell failure chance, or speed reduction. Because epic inertial armor is made of force, incorporeal creatures can’t bypass it the way they do normal armor. An additional manifester must contribute a level 8 power slot (15 pp) when this power is manifested. The manifester takes 9d6 backlash damage when manifesting this power.

Feats (14)
Epic Manifestation, Psionic Meditation, Psicrystal Affinity (Nimble, knows Greater Teleport, 15 pp), Psicrystal Containment, Burrowing Power, Extend Power, Split Psionic Ray, Twin Power, Quicken Power, Metamorphic Transfer, Overchannel, Leadership, Psionic Body, Improved Initiative.

Long Term Buffs (ML 24, overchanneled)
Pixie with Greater Invisibility (Skin of Proteus + Metamorphic Transfer)
Epic Inertial Armor (Psicrystal contributes 15 pp, True Metabolism to regain backlash and overchannel damage, 15 pp)
Extended Detect Hostile Intent (8 hours duration, 5pp, always active, manifested 3 times per day)
Extended, Split Energy Conversion (universal energy resistance 30, 8 hours duration, 17pp + 4x Energy Wall to charge = 20pp, only manifested in potentially hostile environments)

Common Offensive Options (ML 24)
Split Energy Conversion Ray: 2x72 energy damage [no, yes] (no further pp cost)
Burrowing, Twinned Tornado Blast: 32d6 damage [R half, no] +16d6 damage (touch)
Split, Twinned Crystal Shard: 3x18d6 dmg (touch) [no, no] (189 dmg total on average)
Twinned Swarm of Crystals: 2x18d4 dmg [no, no] (90 dmg total on average)
Greater Metamorphosis (Balor) + Augmented Offensive Prescience: +31 attack bonus (+10 BAB, +13 Str, +8 insight).

Equipment and Services

Psychic Chirurgery (Fate of One, 36530 gp)
Psychic Chirurgery (Telekinetic Sphere, 41530 gp)
Psychic Chirurgery (Tornado Blast, 46530 gp)
Genesis (6530 gp)
Psychic Reformation (reform 21 levels, 5530 gp)
Permanency (Resistance, 2950 gp)
Continual Light (on gray ioun stone, 110 gp)

Created Items: (cost = half price, see below for xp costs)
Skin of Proteus (42000 gp cost)
Torc of Power Preservation (18000 gp cost)
Developed Epic Inertial Armor (4500 gp)

[Custom] Crystal Mask of Trap Finding (15400 gp cost): This mask allows the wearer to use the search skill to detect traps just as a rogue can. In addition, you gain a +10 competence bonus on Search checks while wearing the mask.

Moderate divination; ML 7; Craft Wondrous Item, Danger Sense, creator must have 10 ranks in Search; Price 30600 gp;
*Continous Spell Effect (Find Traps); level 2 spell, level 3 CL, 1 min/level duration; 2*3*2*2000 = 24000 gp
*+10 skill bonus = 10000 gp
*Item requires skill: 10% reduction

[Custom] Psicrown of Social Finesse (4125 gp cost): This Psicrown has 400 power points. It resembles a Headband of Intellect and allows the use of the following powers:
Conceal Thoughts
Telempathic Projection

Standard Items:
Tome of Clear Thought +5 (137500 gp)
Manual of Bodily Health +4 (110000 gp)
Manual of Quickness of Action +4 (110000 gp)
Animated Large Darkwood Shield +5 (49000 gp)
Headband of Intellect +6 (36000 gp)
Gloves of Dexterity +6 (36000 gp)
Amulet of Health +6 (36000 gp)
Handy Haversack (2000 gp)
Boots of Speed (1200 gp)
Hand of the Mage (900 gp)
Gray Ioun Stone (25 gp, enchanted with Continual Light, see Services)

TOTAL: about 745000 gp
(A level 21 character should have about 975000 gp. While the above should cover most needs, there is a lot of room for additional items.)

XP Expenditures

(Does not account for any other expenditures at earlier levels)
Researched Powers: 1+2+3 = 6 power levels = 1200 XP
Epic Inertial Armor Development: 180 XP
Contingency: 15 XP

Incarnated Powers:
Danger Sense (fully augmented): 1500 XP
Detect Psionics: 500 XP
Elfsight: 1000 XP
Know Direction and Location: 500 XP
Psionic Tongues: 1000 XP

Created Items:
Skin of Proteus: 1680 XP
Torc of Power Preservation: 720 XP
Crystal Mask of Trap Finding: 616 XP
Psicrown of Social Finesse: 165 XP


Your Cohort (and followers) resides on your demiplane. A suitable ECL 17 Cohort is Tiefling Wizard3/Egoist3/Cerebromancer10, with access to level 7 spells and powers, outsider forms etc. Plane Shift to your Cohort to Identify items, renew your Contingency (manifesting from another powers known), heal (outsider forms, empathic transfer, restoration, restore extremity), renew your pp (mental pinnacle + bestow power) etc. See this thread for more info on how to set up a secure extraplanar base of operations.[/sblock]

23rd level EPIC build

Poster= carnivore

Ranger 1/ Monk 1/ Psion 6/ Slayer 10/ Sanctified Mind 5


Carmondine Monk.....Int to AC
Imp Grapple(bonus)
Imp Unarmed(bonus)
Combat Reflexes
Overchannel(bonus Psion)
Talented(bonus Psion)
Extend Power
Metamorphic Transfer
Twin Power
Quicken Power
Dark Hunter(or Darkstalker)(Lords of Madness)...makes creatures with special senses(Tremorsense,Blindsight,Scent,etc....) have to make Spot and Listen checks...to find you.

EPIC Feat:
pick one
also for featsnotice this:
Psionic characters can acquire epic “psionically flavored” feats. Some feats require so much translation that converted feats are provided. Whenever a feat concerns conferring or altering a spell in some fashion, some translation must be done to use it with psionics. Sometimes this translation is as straightforward as changing a few names. Translating epic metamagic feats to epic metapsionic feats requires that Spellcraft prerequisites be replaced with Psicraft. It also requires a little math-instead of casting a spell at a higher level, a psionic character pays more power points. For every spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level the metamagic feat requires, the metapsionic feat requires a character to pay a power point cost equal to its standard cost +2. Likewise, when a feat allows a spellcaster to “pay” one less level to use a metamagic feat, the psionic version allows a character to pay 2 power points less for a given metapsionic feat.
very important...but you already have it...it may be worth taking 2 times or even 3 later:

You can expend your psionic focus to greater effect.

Prerequisites: Character level 21st, ability to manifest powers of the normal maximum power level in at least one psionic class.

Benefit: When you expend your psionic focus, you can simultaneously use two feats that require a psionic focus to be expended, instead of just one. The feats must be stackable. You must still spend the requisite power points required to use each metapsionic feat, and you cannot exceed the power point limit set by your manifester level.

Special: You can take this feat multiple times. Each time you do so, you can simultaneously use one additional feat that requires a psionic focus to be expended.
modify to be "Power Stowaway"......good vs Timestop or Temporal Acceleration
Prerequisites: Spellcraft 24 ranks, caster level 12th.

Benefit: Choose a spell-like ability the character knows, or a spell the character cam cast. The character is attuned to the magic he or she chooses. If another spellcaster within 300 feet of the character uses this magic, the character also immediately gains the magic’s effect as if it had been used on the character by the same caster. The character must have direct line of effect to the spellcaster in order to gain the benefit of the attuned magic (though the character does not have to know the spellcaster is present, and he or she can be flat-footed). The magic’s duration, effect, and other specifics are determined by its original caster’s level.

Special: A character can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time a character takes the feat, it applies to a different spell or spell-like ability.
as was mentioned by Ichor Spellka:

Prerequisites: Spellcraft 25 ranks, ability to cast the spell to be made permanent.

Benefit: Designate any one of the character’s spells whose area is an emanation from the character. This spell’s effect is permanent (though the character can dismiss or restart it as a free action). Effects that would normally dispel this spell instead suppress it for 2d4 rounds.

Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. Each time, select a different spell to become permanent.
modified to "EPIC Psionic Manifestation"....this is what i would suggest

Prerequisite: Spellcraft 24 ranks, Knowledge (arcana) 24 ranks, ability to cast 9th-level arcane spells. OR Spellcraft 24 ranks, Knowledge (religion) 24 ranks, ability to cast 9th-level divine spells. OR Spellcraft 24 ranks, Knowledge (nature) 24 ranks, ability to cast 9th-level divine spells.

Benefit: The character may develop and cast epic spells. If the character is an arcane spellcaster, he or she may cast a number of epic spells per day equal to his or her ranks in Knowledge (arcana) divided by 10. If the character is a divine spellcaster, he or she may cast a number of epic spells per day equal to his or her ranks in Knowledge (religion) or Knowledge (nature) divided by 10.

Special: If the character meets more than one set of prerequisites, the limit on the number of spells he or she may cast per day is cumulative.
also modified to "AUTOMATIC QUICKEN POWER"...manifest any 1st,2nd,3rd lvl power without increasing cost
Prerequisites: Quicken Spell, Spellcraft 30 ranks, ability to cast 9th-level arcane or divine spells.
Benefit: The character may cast all 0-, 1st-, 2nd-, and 3rd-level spells as quickened spells without using higher-level spell slots. The normal limit to the number of quickened spells a character may cast per round applies. Spells with a casting time of more than 1 full round can’t be quickened.

Special: A character can gain this feat multiple times. Each time a character takes the feat, the spells of his or her next three lowest spell levels can now be quickened with no adjustment to their spell slots. This feat doesn’t increase the casting time for those spells that normally become full-round actions when cast in metamagic form.


274 skill points available..(assume 18 Int, and all level raises to Int, and +5 book at 16th level)

26 ranks Psicraft
26 ranks Knowledge(psionics)
26 ranks Spot
20 ranks Hide
20 ranks Move Silent
26 ranks Search
20 ranks Concentration
20 ranks Sense Motive
15 ranks Tumble

1 Rank Knowledge(Arcana)
5 Rank Knowledge(Architecture and engineering)
1 Rank Knowledge(Dungeoneering)
1 Rank Knowledge(Geography)
1 Rank Knowledge(History)
1 Rank Knowledge(Local)
1 Rank Knowledge(Nature)
5 Rank Knowledge(Nobility and royalty)
1 Rank Knowledge(Religion)
1 Rank Knowledge(The planes)

1 Rank Craft(alchemy)
5 Ranks Balance
5 Ranks Diplomacy
5 Ranks Bluff
5 Ranks Survival
5 Ranks Autohypnosis
5 Ranks Handle Animal
1 Rank Disable Device
1 Rank Open lock
1 Rank Profession(alchemist)
1 Rank Sleight of hand
1 Rank Decipher Script
5 Ranks UMD/UPD


242000gp Mantle of Great Stealth.....+30 unnamed Hide/Move Silent,Constant 20% miss(concealment)
256000gp Boots of Swiftness.....+6 enhancement Dex, Evasion,Double speed,+20 competence:Balance,Climb,Jump,Tumble
200000gp Belt of Magnificense(minihandbook).....+6 enhancement to ALL Ability scores
265300gp +5 Inherent to Int and Dex,(10 wishes cast by 17th lvl Wiz)
125000gp Tunic of Thurrinak(Eberron Explorers Handbook)+5 Natural armor and +5 Deflection AC
90000gp Ring of Regeneration(+23 hit points/hour)
68500gp +1 Bracers of Armor..with Greater Shadow(+15 competence Hide), and Greater Silent Moves(+15 competence Move Silently)
20250gp Crystal Mask of Insightful Detection,(SRD)
[sblock]Crystal Mask of Insightful Detection: The wearer of a crystal mask of insightful detection can make Search checks and Spot checks checks with a +9 insight bonus.
Moderate clairsentience; ML 7th; Craft Universal Item, creator must have 9 ranks in both Search and Spot; Price 20,250 gp; Weight 1/2 lb.[/sblock]
3500gp Lens of Detection,(SRD)
[sblock]Lens of Detection: This circular prism enables its user to detect minute details, granting a +5 bonus on Search checks. It also aids in following tracks, adding a +5 bonus on Survival checks when tracking. The lens is about 6 inches in diameter and set in a frame with a handle.Moderate divination; CL 9th; Craft Wondrous Item, true seeing; Price 3,500 gp; Weight 1 lb.
27000gp Helm of telepathy(SRD)
[sblock]Helm of Telepathy: The wearer can use detect thoughts at will. Furthermore, he can send a telepathic message to anyone whose surface thoughts he is reading (allowing two-way communication). Once per day, the wearer of the helm can implant a suggestion (as the spell, Will DC 14 negates) along with his telepathic message.Faint divination and enchantment; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, detect thoughts, suggestion; Price 27,000 gp;Weight 3 lb.
36000gp Torc of Power Preservation(SRD)
[sblock]Torc of Power Preservation: This item is a band inlaid with precious metal, worn around the neck or upper arm. The wearer of a torc of power preservation manifests all powers by paying power points equal to the standard cost minus 1 (minimum of 1).
A torc is treated as an amulet for the purpose of determining which items can be worn on the body.
Strong clairsentience; ML 15th; Craft Universal Item, bend reality; Price 36,000 gp; Weight 2 lb.
2500gp Ring of Sustenance
2000gp Handy Haversack
1600gp Dukar Hand Coral(champions of Valor)......doubles your natural healing, and will regenerate lost body parts
3600gp Gloves of the Master Strategist(Ghostwalk)...as gloves of storing, and True Strike 1/day
84000gp Skin of Proteus
Skin of Proteus: This psychoactive skin continually affects the wearer as the metamorphosis power. While in a form other than his natural form, the wearer does not appear to be wearing the skin.
Moderate psychometabolism; ML 7th; Craft Universal Item, metamorphosis; Price 84,000 gp; Weight 2 lb.

Pay for several 17th lvl Telepaths to use Psychic Chirurgery on you to get these powers:

5530gp Claws of the beast(1st lvl)
5530gp Metaphysical Claw(1st lvl)
21530gp Metamorphosis(4th lvl)
31530gp Inconstant Location(6th lvl)

as for powers(assume:Kineticist)...try this list(includes bought powers)
Power List
Claws of the beast(bought)
Metaphysical Claw(bought)
Inertial Armor
Force screen

Crystal Storm
Damp Power
Psionic identify
Psychoportive Shelter

Time hop
Dispel Psionics
Energy Wall

Psionic Divination
Wall of Ectoplasm
???.....control body? or freedom of movement

Adapt body
Ectoplasmic shambler
Plane shift
Psionic True seeing

Inconstant location(bought)
Dispelling buffer
Temporal acceleration
pick one:...Disintegrate, retrieve,Anticipatory strike

Energy conversion
Energy Wave

Bend Reality
Teleport Greater
True Metabolism

Tornado Blast
Affinity field(pain)
Reality Revision[/sblock]
32nd lvl Nomad
[sblock]Poster:Retsej Esiw 01-27-06, 05:56 PM
Here is a Psion build I did on Dicefreaks:

Medium Outsider (Native);
Female Planetouched, Aasimar Nomad 32,
HD 32d4+128(Psion) ; hp 225;
Init +16;
Spd 30;
AC:48 (Flatfooted:40 Touch:29);
Atk Quarterstaff of Alacrity +21/16 (1d6+5 20/x2);
SA: Daylight (Sp) ;
SQ: Subtype: Native, Darkvision (Ex): 60 ft., Resistance: Acid (Ex): 5, Resistance: Electricity (Ex): 5, Resistance: Cold (Ex): 5, No Dual Nature (Ex);
SV Fort +24, Ref +28, Will +28;
STR 10, DEX 27, CON 19, INT 41, WIS 15, CHA 14.
Skills: Balance +30, Climb +55, Concentration +39, Jump +57, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +50, Knowledge (History) +50, Knowledge (Psionics) +50, Knowledge (Religion) +50, Knowledge (The Planes) +50, Listen +4, Profession (Astrologer) +27, Psicraft +49, Speak Language +6, Spot +14, Survival +37, Tumble +47.

Feats: Automatic Quicken Power x3, Chain Power, Combat Manifestation, Craft Psicrown, Craft Psionic Armor and Arms, Craft Universal Item, Empower Power, Epic Expanded Knowledge, Epic Manifesting, Extended Life Span, Improved Critical: Spell - Ray, Improved Initiative, Insightful Reflexes, Maximize Power, Multipower, Power Specialization, Psicrystal Affinity, Psicrystal Containment, Psionic Meditation, Quicken Power, Superior Initiative, Weapon Focus: Spell - Ray.
Powers Known (Psion): 609 PP per Day (DC=25+level)
1st -- Control Light, Crystal Shard, Energy Ray, Force Screen, Inertial Armor, Mind Thrust, Vigor;
2nd -- Body Equilibrium, Concussion Blast, Dimension Swap, Ego Whip, Energy Push, Energy Stun, Swarm of Crystals;
3rd -- Body Adjustment, Dispel Psionics, Energy Burst, Energy Retort, Psionic Blast, Telekinetic Thrust, Ubiquitous Vision;
4th -- Aura Sight, Dimension Door, Psionic, Dimensional Anchor, Psionic, Dismissal, Psionic, Freedom of Movement, Psionic, Psychic Reformation, Telekinetic Maneuver;
5th -- Adapt Body, Baleful Teleport, Plane Shift, Psionic, Shatter Mind Blank, Teleport Trigger, True Seeing, Psionic;
6th -- Contingency, Psionic, Overland Flight, Psionic, Retrieve, Temporal Acceleration;
7th -- Divert Teleport, Dream Travel, Energy Conversion, Mind Blank, Personal, Moment of Prescience, Psionic, Phase Door, Psionic, Ultrablast;
8th -- Bend Reality, Recall Death, Shadow Body, Teleport, Psionic Greater, Time Hop Mass, True Metabolism;
9th -- Affinity Field, Apopsi, Assimilate, Etherealness, Psionic, Genesis, Microcosm, Reality Revision, Teleportation Circle, Psionic, Time Regression, Timeless Body.
Epic Psionics: 3/day; Powers Known: Deluge of Sleet (Cold Psionic version of Rain of Fire), Epic Mage Armor (Psionic), Peripety (Psionic), Nailed To The Sky (Psionic).
Weapons: Quarterstaff of Alacrity (231,300 gp).
Magic: Ring: Epic Protection +6 (720,000 gp); Wondrous: Amulet of epic natural armor (+7) (980,000 gp); Wondrous: Bracers of epic armor (+12); Wondrous: Boots of swiftness (256,000 gp); Wondrous: Cloak of epic resistance (+8) (640,000 gp); Wondrous: Headband of epic intellect (+10) (1,000,000 gp); Wondrous: Ioun Stone, Dusty Rose [Prism] +5 (75,000 gp); Wondrous: Goggles of Draconic Vision (46,000 gp).[/sblock]

Originally posted by carnivore:

Sample Builds with Equipment

Current Psionic Character ..........nice thread with some good story ideas

15th lvl Build with 200,000gp to spend
Psion(Egoist) 9/ Elocator 6

Psion 1 ...........Psicrystal Affinity/ Enlarge Power/ Dodge
Psion 2
Psion 3............Mobility
Psion 4
Psion 5...........Quicken power
Psion 6...........Psionic Meditation
Psion 7
Psion 8
Psion 9...........Spring Attack
Elocator 1.......Sidestep Charge(bonus feat)
Elocator 2
Elocator 3.......Psicrystal Containment
Elocator 4
Elocator 5
Elocator 6.......Unconditional power

enlarge power can be replaced with:

Empower power


Boost construct

Crystal Shard
Precognition, Offensive
Entangling ectoplasm
Know Direction and Location
Astral Construct
Claws of the beast

Ego Whip
Concussion Blast
Psionic Knock
Share Pain
Dimension Swap

Dispel Psionics
Touch Sight
Energy Wall
Teleport(bonus from Elocator)
Plane Shift(bonus from Elocator)

Divination, psionic
Wall of Ectoplasm

Adapt Body
Ectoplasmic Shambler
Psionic True Seeing
Psionic Major Creation

Psionic Disintegrate
Temporal Acceleration

Energy Wave



36000gp Torc of power preservation
2500 gp Ring of Sustenance
16000gp +4 Headband of intellect
16000gp +4 gloves of Dexterity
2000gp Handy haversack

pay for the services of a 17th lvl Telepath with Psychic Chirurgery,who knows the following powers:

1st lvl power :Astral Construct
1st lvl power :Claws of the beast
1st lvl power :Expansion
2nd lvl power : Dimension Swap
4th lvl power : Dominate

to implant these powers:
Psychic Chirurgery
Telepathy [Mind-Affecting]
Level: Telepath 9
Display: Auditory, mental, and visual
Manifesting Time: 10 minutes
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target: One creature
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will negates
Power Resistance: Yes
Power Points: 17, XP; see text

You can repair psychic damage or grant another creature knowledge of powers you know, depending on the version of this power you manifest.

Repair Psychic Damage: You can remove any compulsions and charms affecting the subject. In fact, you can remove any instantaneous or permanent effect caused by a psychic power with psychic chirurgery. Unlike with aura alteration, these effects end or are negated as soon as this power is manifested, with no need for another saving throw.

You can remove all negative levels affecting the subject, regardless of how it lost those levels, restoring it to the highest level it had previously attained. Also, you can restore levels lost to energy drain or a similar effect if the level drain occurred within a number of hours equal to your manifester level.

You can also remove all psionic effects penalizing the subject’s ability scores, heal all ability damage, and remove any ability drain affecting the subject. Psychic chirurgery negates all forms of insanity, confusion, the effect of such powers as microcosm, and so on, but it does not restore levels or Constitution points lost due to death.

Transfer Knowledge: If desired, you can use this power to directly transfer knowledge of a power you know to another psionic character. You can give a character knowledge of a power of any level that she can manifest, even if the power is not normally on the character’s power list. Knowledge of powers gained through psychic chirurgery does not count toward the maximum number of powers a character can know per level.

XP Cost: Each time you use psychic chirurgery to implant knowledge of a power in another creature, you pay an XP cost equal to 1,000 x the level of the power implanted. If you and the subject are both willing to do so, you can split this cost evenly.
the cost is as follows:

17th lvl manifester manifesting a 9th lvl power 5 times:

17 x 90 = 1530 gp each + gp value of XP cost for each power transfered

1st lvl power xp cost = 1000XP = 5000gp
2nd lvl power xp cost = 2000xp = 10000gp
4th lvl power xp cost = 4000xp = 20000gp

total cost for all the powers to be transfered = 52650gp

3000gp 4x Dorjes (1st lvl powers)...pick powers that you would like to use a lot, but dont know
4500gp 1x Dorjes (2nd lvl powers)
11250gp 1x Dorje (3rd lvl power)
1000gp misc..Power stones

3015gp adamantine weapon :Long sword

3736gp worth of mundane equipment as follows:
800gp Acid flasks(80)
800gp Alchemists fire(40)
150gp Antitoxin(3)
110gp Everburning torch
200gp Holywater(8)
100gp Smoke sticks(5)
600gp Thunderstones(20)
250gp Tanglefoot Bags(5)

150gp light Warhorse
150gp Guard Dogs(6)..trained...........
300gp Riding dog(2)..trained
60gp exotic Saddles(pack)(4)
16gp saddle bags(4)
200gp Misc Adventuring Gear(5 daggers, 3 short spears,1 light crossbow w/20 bolts),misc supplies , clothing, etc....

151651 gp spent.....48349gp left

this gives the following overview:
offensive powers:

Crystal shard......no save/ no SR-PR...13d6 max
Concussion blast...Force effect,multi target(7 max),full effect vs incorporeal...7d6 max
Ego whip..........ability damage....3d4 max
Disintegrate......major damage vs Single opponent,utility uses.....22d6 max
Energy Wave....major damage vs many targets, large are effect...13d6...enlargeable to 240' cone

Battlefield control:

Entangling ectoplasm
Energy Wall
Wall of ectoplasm
Ectoplasmic Shambler

information gathering:

Know Direction and location
True Seeing,psionic




Dimension Swap
Teleport...............can quicken or use with Unconditional power
Plane Shift

self buffs:

Share pain
Claws of the beast
Adapt body
Temporal Acceleration


Psi Knock
Dispel Psionics
Major creation
Astral Construct
if you really want to have a lot of fun....try this:

Dragonborn Kalashtar

Warmage 1/ Psion(Kineticist) 3/ Cerebremancer 8

Warmage 1 .......Precocious Apprentice
Psion 1 .......(Extend Power :Bonus Feat)
Psion 2 .........Fell Drain
Psion 3
Cerebremancer 1
Cerebremancer 2.........Arcane Thesis(Magic Missile)
Cerebremancer 3
Cerebremancer 4
Cerebremancer 5........Fiery Burst(reserve)
Cerebremancer 6
Cerebremancer 7
Cerebremancer 8........Arcane Disciple(Healing)

33000gp 11x Quori Embeded Shards(Power Link)
6000gp 2x Rod of Extend,lesser
6530gp..........to get a 17th lvl Psion telepath to use Psychic Chirgury to give Knowledge of Claws of the Beast
6530gp..........to get a 17th lvl Psion telepath to use Psychic Chirgury to give Knowledge of Metapsionic Claw
21530gp..........to get a 17th lvl Psion telepath to use Psychic Chirgury to give Knowledge of Metamorphosis

then at the start of everyday....he can manifest the following powers:

Extended Inertial Armor(11 PP + 22PP from Powerlink Shards) to get +19 Armor for 22 hours

Extended Claws of the beast(11PP +8PP from Powerlink Shards) to get maxed out Claws(5d6 medium sized)

Extended Metapsionic Claw(11PP + 22PP from Powerlink shards) to get +8 Enhancement for his claws

other powers of note:

6th lvl
Dispelling Buffer....always up
Temporal Acceleration

Anticipatory Strike.........always be able to buff self

4th lvl
Metamorphosis...............11HD combat form.......CAVE TROLL
10th lvl Build

Human Psion(Telepath) 10

12 Str(Base 10 + 2 belt)
12 Dex(base 10 +2 gloves)
12 Con
22 Int(Base 18 + 2 lvls +2 headband)
12 Wis
14 Cha(base 12 + 2 cloak)

Telepath 1.........Overchannel/ Talented/ Psicrystal Affinity
Telepath 2
Telepath 3.........Psionic Meditation
Telepath 4
Telepath 5.........Expanded Knowledge(claws of the Beast)
Telepath 6.........Metamorphic Transfer
Telepath 7
Telepath 8
Telepath 9.........Expanded Knowledge(control Body)
Psion 10............Quicken power or twin power or Psicrystal containment

Powers Known:

1st lvl
Inertial Armor
Force Shield
Precognition, Offensive
Crystal Shard
Mind Thrust
EK:Claws of the beast

2nd lvl
Ego Whip
Psi lock
Psi Knock
Animal Affinity

3rd lvl
Dispel psionics
Body Adjustment
Telekinetic Thrust

4th lvl
Dimension Door
Wall of Ectoplasm
Energy Adaptation
EK:Control body

5th lvl
True Seeing
Power Resistance
Plane Shift
Ectoplasmic Shambler

Main Form for Metamorphosis

Pixie fly 60(good)
my stats in this form:
Greater Invisibility:Metamorphic Transfer
Small Fey
Hit Dice: 1d6 (3 hp)
Speed: 20 ft. (4 squares), fly 60 ft. (good)
Armor Class: 16 (+1 size, +4 Dex, +1 natural), touch 15, flat-footed 12
Attack: Short sword +5 melee (1d4–2/19–20) or longbow +5 ranged (1d6–2/x3)
Full Attack: Short sword +5 melee (1d4–2/19–20) or longbow +5 ranged (1d6–2)/x3
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Abilities: Str 7, Dex 18, Con 11[/sblock]

other good forms:

found here:
[sblock]Troll, War
Large Monstrous Humanoid
Hit Dice: 12d8+84 (138 hp)
Speed: 30 ft. in breastplate (6 squares); base speed 40 ft.
Armor Class: 31 (-1 size, +14 natural armor, +5 breastplate, +3 Dex), touch 12, flat-footed 28
Space/Reach: 10 ft./10 ft.
Special Attacks: Dazing blow
Abilities: Str 31, Dex 16, Con 29[/sblock]

other forms
Or for flight:
PEGASUS fly 120(average)
My stats in this form:
Large Magical Beast
Hit Dice: 4d10+12 (34 hp)
Initiative: +2
Speed: 60 ft. (12 squares), fly 120 ft. (average)
Armor Class: 14 (–1 size, +2 Dex, +3 natural), touch 11, flat-footed 12
Base Attack/Grapple: +4/+12
Attack: Hoof +7 melee (1d6+4)
Full Attack: 2 hooves +7 melee (1d6+4) and bite +2 melee (1d3+2)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./5 ft.
Abilities: Str 18, Dex 15, Con 16[/sblock]
Or for inside areas:
WILL-O’-WISP fly 50(perfect)
My stats in this form:
Small Aberration (Air)
Hit Dice: 9d8 (40 hp)
Initiative: +13
Speed: Fly 50 ft. (perfect) (10 squares)
Armor Class: 29 (+1 size, +9 Dex, +9 deflection), touch 29, flat-footed 20
Attack: Shock +16 melee touch (2d8 electricity)
Full Attack: Shock +16 melee touch (2d8 electricity)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Abilities: Str 1, Dex 29, Con 10[/sblock]


Class Skills:

Psicraft 5 ranks
Craft(alchemy) 1 rank
Concentration 13 ranks
Knowledge (psionics) 5 ranks
Knowledge (archeticture) 5 ranks
Knowledge (nobility) 5 ranks
Knowledge (nature) 1 rank
Knowledge (arcana) 1 rank

Cross Class skills:
Spot 6 ranks
Listen 4 ranks
Autohypnosis 1 rank
Handle animal 1 rank
Use Psionic Device 1 rank
Use Magic Device 1 rank
Decipher script 1 rank
Disable device 1 rank
Bluff 5 ranks
Sense motive 5 ranks


5000gp +1 Mithral Breastplate
2007gp +1 Heartning Darkwood Medium Shield

4000gp Belt of Strength +2
4000gp gloves of Dexterity +2
4000gp Headband of Intellect +2
4000gp Cloak of Charisma +2
900 gp Hand of the Mage..gives Mage Hand At Will
2500gp eyes of the eagle...Gives +5 Spot
3750gp 5 dorjes:force shield,know direction,grease,empathy,telempathic projection
9000gp 2 dorjes: Energy Missile,Swarm of Crystals
2000gp Handy haversack
2500gp Ring of Sustenance

43657gp total

mundane equipment:
800gp Acid flasks(80)
800gp Alchemists fire(40)
150gp Antitoxin(3)
110gp Everburning torch
200gp Holywater(8)
100gp Smoke sticks(5)
600gp Thunderstones(20)
250gp Tanglefoot Bags(5)

170gp Light Warhorse with Military saddle
150gp Guard Dogs(6)..trained...........
300gp Riding dog(2)..trained
60gp exotic Saddles(pack)(4)
16gp saddle bags(4)
200gp Misc Adventuring Gear(5 daggers, 3 short spears,1 light crossbow w/20 bolts),misc supplies , clothing, etc....

3906gp total for mundane equipment

total for all equipment= 47563gp.......1437gp left to spend
Fred the Cerebremancer


Venerable Human

4 Str (9+1 lvl-6 venerable)
8 Dex(10+4 enhancement-6 venerable)
10 Con(12+4 enhancement-6 venerable)
25 Int (17+1lvl+4 enhancement+3 venerable)
14 Wis(14+3 venerable)
23 Cha(16+4 enhancement+3 venerable)

Warmage 1/ Psion(Egoist) 3/ Cerebremancer 6

Vulnerable -1 AC
Slow 1/2 Base land speed

Warmage 1..........................Precocious Apprentice/ Bloodline of Fire/Earth Sense/Practiced Caster
Psion 1...............................Enlarge power
Psion 2...............................Metamorphic Transfer
Psion 3
Cerebremancer 1
Cerebremancer 2..................Earth Power
Cerebremancer 3
Cerebremancer 4
Cerebremancer 5..................Fell Drain Spell
Cerebremancer 6

9th lvl Manifester
5th lvl powers
Psion Power points=94 PP(22 Int bonus +72 Psion lvls)
DC for Powers= 17 + Power lvl + Augment
10th lvl caster(7th lvl Warmage + 3(maxed out at HD)practiced caster) or 12th(fire spells)
3rd lvl spells
DC for Spells = 16 + Spell lvl
Warmage Spells per day(includes bonus spells for 19 Cha and 1 for Precocious Apprentice)
6-0 lvl spells
7-1st lvl spells
8-2nd lvl spells
5-3rd lvl spells

Psion Powers Known
1st lvl
Inertial Armor
Force Shield
Precognition, Offensive
Precognition, Defensive
Mind Thrust

2nd lvl
Ego Whip
Psi Knock
Animal Affinity

3rd lvl
Dispel psionics
Body Adjustment
Telekinetic Thrust

4th lvl
Dimension Door
Wall of Ectoplasm
Energy Adaptation

5th lvl
True Seeing
Power Resistance

Warmage Spells Known:

0-Level Warmage Spells (Cantrips)
Acid Splash: Orb deals 1d3 acid damage.
Disrupt Undead: Deals 1d6 damage to one undead.
Light: Object shines like a torch.
Ray of Frost: Ray deals 1d3 cold damage.

1st-Level Warmage Spells
Accuracy*: Doubles weapon's range increment.
Burning Hands: 1d4/level fire damage (max 5d4).
Chill Touch: One touch/level deals 1d6 damage and possibly 1 Str damage.
Fist of Stone*: Gain +6 Str and natural slam attack.
Hail of Stone[M]*: Rain of stone deals 1d4/level damage (max 5d4).
Magic Missile: 1d4+1 damage; +1 missile per two levels above 1st (max 5).
Orb of Acid, Lesser*: Ranged touch attack deals 1d8 acid damage + 1d8/two
levels beyond 1st (max 5d8).
Orb of Cold, Lesser*: Ranged touch attack deals 1d8 cold damage + 1d8/two
levels beyond 1st (max 5d8).
Orb of Electricity, Lesser*: Ranged touch attack deals 1d8 electricity damage
+ 1d8/two levels beyond 1st (max 5d8).
Orb of Fire, Lesser*: Ranged touch attack deals 1d8 fire damage + 1d8/two
levels beyond 1st (max 5d8).
Orb of Sound, Lesser*: Ranged touch attack deals 1d6 sonic damage
+ 1d6/two levels beyond 1st (max 5d6).
Shocking Grasp: Touch delivers 1d6/level electricity damage (max 5d6).
True Strike: +20 on your next attack roll.

2nd-Level Warmage Spells
Blades of Fire*: Your melee weapons deal +1d6 fire damage for 1 round.
Continual Flame[M]: Makes a permanent, heatless torch.
Fire Trap[M]: Opened object deals 1d4 +1/level fire damage.
Fireburst*: Adjacent subjects take 1d8/level fire damage.
Flaming Sphere: Creates rolling ball of fire, 2d6 damage, lasts 1 round/level.
Ice Knife*: Magical shard of ice deals 2d8 cold damage plus 2 Dex damage,
or deals 1d8 cold damage in 10-ft.-radius burst.
Melf's Acid Arrow: Ranged touch attack; 2d4 damage for 1 round +1 round/three levels.
Pyrotechnics: Turns fire into blinding light or choking smoke.
Scorching Ray: Ranged touch attack deals 4d6 fire damage, +1 ray/four levels (max 3).
Shatter: Sonic vibration damages objects or crystalline creatures.
Whirling Blade[F]*: Hurled slashing weapon magically attacks all foes in 60-ft. line.

3rd-Level Warmage Spells
Fire Shield: Creatures attacking you take fire damage; you're protected from heat or cold.
Fireball: 1d6 damage per level, 20-ft. radius.
Flame Arrow: Arrows deal +1d6 fire damage.
Gust of Wind: Blows away or knocks down smaller creatures.
Ice Storm: Hail deals 5d6 damage in cylinder 40 ft. across.
Lightning Bolt: Electricity deals 1d6/level damage.
Poison: Touch deals 1d10 Con damage, repeats in 1 min.
Ring of Blades*: Blades surround you, damaging other creatures (1d6+1/level damage).
Sleet Storm: Hampers vision and movement.
Stinking Cloud: Nauseating vapors, 1 round/level.

Main Form for Metamorphosis
Combat :
Pixie fly 60(good)
my stats in this form: 9 Str 20 Dex 11 Con 18 Int 14 Wis 16 Cha
when fully Buffed(animal Affinity x 2(:9 Str 24 Dex 15 Con 25 Int 14 Wis 23 Cha
AC 35 (base 10 +1 size +7 dex +1 natural+8 Armor(inertial armor)+6 shield(Force Screen)+3 insight(Precog:def)-1 flaw)
Greater Invisibility:Metamorphic Transfer
Small Fey
Hit Dice: 1d6 (3 hp)
Speed: 20 ft. (4 squares), fly 60 ft. (good)
Armor Class: 16 (+1 size, +4 Dex, +1 natural), touch 15, flat-footed 12
Attack: Short sword +5 melee (1d4–2/19–20) or longbow +5 ranged (1d6–2/x3)
Full Attack: Short sword +5 melee (1d4–2/19–20) or longbow +5 ranged (1d6–2)/x3
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Abilities: Str 7, Dex 18, Con 11[/sblock]

other good forms:

My stats in this form:25 Str 16 Dex 18 Con 25 Int 14 Wis 23 Cha
AC 36(Base 10 + 10 Natural + 8 Armor + 3 Dex + 4 shield +3 Insight-1 size-1 flaw)
Saves F/R/W +9/+7/+12

+12 Attack bonus (+4 base+8 Str)
+12/+12/+7 Full attack claw/claw/bite
+16/+16/+11 with Offensive Precognition
Damage Full Attack: 2 claws (1d6+7) and bite (1d6+3)

Large Monstrous Humanoid
Hit Dice: 7d8+14 (45 hp)
Speed: 40 ft. (8 squares)
Armor Class: 20 (–1 size, +1 Dex, +10 natural), touch 10, flat-footed 19
Attack: Claw +13 melee (1d6+7)
Full Attack: 2 claws (1d6+7) and bite (1d6+3)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./10 ft.
Special Attacks: Improved grab, rake 1d6+7, rend 2d6+10
Abilities: Str 25, Dex 12, Con 14[/sblock]

other forms
Or for flight:
PEGASUS fly 120(average)
My stats in this form:20 Str 11 Dex 15 Con 25 Int 14 Wis 23 Cha
AC 16(Base 10 + 3 Natural + 4 shield -1 size)
Large Magical Beast
Hit Dice: 4d10+12 (34 hp)
Initiative: +2
Speed: 60 ft. (12 squares), fly 120 ft. (average)
Armor Class: 14 (–1 size, +2 Dex, +3 natural), touch 11, flat-footed 12
Base Attack/Grapple: +4/+12
Attack: Hoof +7 melee (1d6+4)
Full Attack: 2 hooves +7 melee (1d6+4) and bite +2 melee (1d3+2)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./5 ft.
Abilities: Str 18, Dex 15, Con 16[/sblock]
Or for inside areas:
WILL-O’-WISP fly 50(perfect)
My stats in this form:1 Str 33 Dex 14 Con 25 Int 14 Wis 23 Cha
AC 35 (+1 size, +11 Dex, +9 deflection +4 shield +8 armor +3 insight -1 flaw)
Small Aberration (Air)
Hit Dice: 9d8 (40 hp)
Initiative: +13
Speed: Fly 50 ft. (perfect) (10 squares)
Armor Class: 29 (+1 size, +9 Dex, +9 deflection), touch 29, flat-footed 20
Attack: Shock +16 melee touch (2d8 electricity)
Full Attack: Shock +16 melee touch (2d8 electricity)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Abilities: Str 1, Dex 29, Con 10[/sblock]

Class Skills:
Spellcraft 5 ranks
Psicraft 5 ranks
Concentration 10 ranks
Knowledge (psionics) 1 ranks
Knowledge (archeticture) 1 ranks
Knowledge (nobility) 1 ranks
Knowledge (nature) 1 rank
Knowledge (arcana) 1 rank
Craft(alchemy) 1 rank

Cross Class skills:
Spot 6 ranks
Listen 4 ranks
Autohypnosis 1 rank
Handle animal 1 rank
Use Psionic Device 1 rank
Use Magic Device 1 rank
Decipher script 1 rank
Disable device 1 rank
Sense motive 5 ranks[/sblock]

4000gp Mithral Breastplate
257gp Darkwood Medium Shield
3015gp adamantine weapon :heavy Mace
110gp 11 orc shotputs 2d6 damage each

mundane equipment:
800gp Acid flasks(80)
800gp Alchemists fire(40)
150gp Antitoxin(3)
110gp Everburning torch
200gp Holywater(8)
100gp Smoke sticks(5)
600gp Thunderstones(20)
250gp Tanglefoot Bags(5)

150gp Guard Dogs(6)..trained...........
300gp Riding dog(2)..trained
60gp exotic Saddles(pack)(4)
16gp saddle bags(4)
200gp Misc Adventuring Gear(5 daggers, 3 short spears,1 light crossbow w/20 bolts),misc supplies , clothing, etc....[/sblock]

the most dangerous targets are Spell casters(Psionic,Arcane,Divine) and Warlocks

next are Ranged combatants: Archers......

non-flying Melee combatants are least dangerous ignore them unless you have the opportunity for a quick kill

the first thing to do is:manifest Metamorphosis(Pixie form) ......then if no one in range of spells..... Hide, then continue buffing:

Major Tactic tip:
if you see any character with a glow(Saints "Nimbus of light") use telekinetic thrust with Orc Shotputs or Alchemists Fire.

if you see any flying characters without a glow.....they probably are Warlocks...use Fell Drain Magic Missiles(uses 3rd lvl spell slot)(each hit gives a Negative level) you will be firing 5 at a time so casting the spell 2 times will kill them.

if you are in range of several NON-GLOWING characters.......fire 1 missile at each(they lose a level of spell casting,BAB,Saves,etc..... with each Neg lvl)

use any opportunity to end the fight as quickly as possible......you may not have to buff any further.........

For ANY Character to target you with spells, they must be able to SEE you.....so they must have SEE INVISIBILITY or some Detection spell already cast....if not....you can cast/Manifest at will with full Concealment(they will not have LINE OF SIGHT to you)

remember:All PP cost are -1 due to earth power(shoes have layer of dirt in them)

Metamorphosis 6 PP......give main form(PIXIE..get Greater Invisibility from Metamorphic Transfer)
inertial Armor 8 PP.......+8 Armor
force Screen 8 PP.........+6 Shield
Precog : Offence 6 PP.....+3 insight to Attack
Precog Defensive 6 PP.....+3 insight to Saves and AC
Chameleon 1 PP.............+10 Hide
Animal Afinity x2 14 PP.......+4 Enhancement to Dex,Con,Int,Cha
Power Resistance 9 PP...............PR/SR 23
total cost in PP of All buffs= 57 PP.....leaving 56 PP left to manifest Offensive/Defensive/Detection powers....use them wisely...if your metamorphosis is dispeled...focus all attention on destroying the dispeller and REBUFF(manifest Metamorphosis(PIXIE form)

save you Psionics for Detection if needed.....in the Dungeon Labryinth, or healing.......your most powerful attack(Telekinetic Thrust using 9 Alchemical Fire Vials(2d6 fire damage EACH = TOTAL 18d6 , and set character on fire)or use Acid....only for Warlock and other Ranged Spellcaster types

your main Arsenal is Spells from the Warmage list...especially Fire Spells and FELL DRAIN MAGIC MISSILES(each gives 1 negative level), they should be used first(with few exceptions)...Scorching Ray should be used a lot(3 rays 4d6 each,ranged touch attack), but is a short ranged spell

next remember ranges:
Short range for all Psionic powers= 95'
Medium range for all Psionic powers= 380'
long range for all Psionic powers= 1502'

for Spells these are the ranges:
Short= 75'
Medium= 200'
Long = 800'

for FIRE Spells these are the ranges:
Short= 95'
Medium= 220'
Long = 880'

if you run out of spells and get down to just a few(12 or less PP), Shift to a Melee combat form and use Physical Attacks.....your cambat forms gain the benifit of ALL your buff powers..also remember...use your ALCHEMICAL Weapons....THROW LOTS OF ACID and ALCHEMICAL FIRE!!!!!!!!!
use the Annis Hag form and use the special attacks it provides:
My stats in this form:27 Str 18 Dex 18 Con 22 Int 14 Wis 20 Cha
AC 36(Base 10 + 10 Natural + 8 Armor + 3 Dex + 4 shield +3 Insight-1 size-1 flaw)
Saves F/R/W +12/+10/+15

+10 Attack bonus (+4 base+8 Str-2 flaw)
+10/+10/+5 Full attack claw/claw/bite
+14/+14/+9 with Offensive Precognition
Damage Full Attack: 2 claws (1d6+8) and bite (1d6+4)[/sblock]
Elf Shaper build

Gray Elf

Psion (Shaper) 20

(26 point buy)
8 Str(10 base -2 racial)
12 Dex
12 Con
34 Int(16 base +2 racial+5 lvls+6 item+5 Tome)
10 Wis
12 Cha


Psicrystal Affinity
Boost Construct
Twin power
Extend Power
Psicrystal Containment
Psionic Meditation
Metamorphic Transfer
Link power

Powers Known

total Powers(assuming Psion 20.....keyed on VERSATILITY):

1st level:

Astral Construct
Minor Creation
Precognition, Offensive
Inertial Armor

2nd level:

Crystal Storm
Psychoportive Shelter
Share pain

3rd level

Dispel Psionics
Energy Wall
TK thrust

4th level:

Burrowing Bonds
Wall of Ectoplasm

5th level:

Hail of Crystals
Anticipatory Strike
Major Creation
Plane Shift

6th level:

Fabricate Greater
Temporal Acceleration

7th level:

Mass Ecto coccon
Energy Conversion
Mind Blank, Personal

8th level:

Recall Death
Teleport greater
True Metabolism

9th level:

Affinity field
Reality Revision[/sblock]
Warforged(+2 Con,–2 Wis,–2 Cha)

Psion(Shaper) 10/ Constructor 10

(32 point buy)
10 Str
10 Dex
16 Con(14 +2 Racial)
16 Int
12 Wis(14 base-2 racial)
12 Cha(14 base -2 racial)

Note:...need to get Wis to 13 before 18th lvl


Max out Craft(Sculpture) for Astral Construct and Craft(Alchemy),(Weaponsmithing),(Armorsmithing),(Trapmaking),(Bowmaking),(Jewelsmithing)


1st lvl:Mithral BodyShow
[sblock](Your body is effectively wearing Light Armor at all times.
+5 Armor bonus to AC. Max Dexterity bonus to AC is +5.
–2 Armor check penalty. 15% Arcane Spell Failure chance.)[/sblock]
Psicrystal AffinityShow
[sblock](Personality...pick one:
Artiste: +3 bonus on Craft checks....needed for Forming Astral Constructs and Fabricate
Meticulous +3 bonus on Search checks
Nimble +2 bonus on Initiative checks
Single-minded +3 bonus on Concentration checks​

3rd lvl:Boost Construct
5th lvl:Extend Power
6th lvl:Overchannel
9th lvl:EK:Metamorphosis
12th lvl:Talented
15th lvl: Psicrystal Containment
18th lvl: Psionic Meditation

Powers Known

total Powers(assuming Psion 10/ Constructor 10.....keyed on VERSATILITY):

1st level:

Astral Construct
Minor Creation
for ways to use Minor Creation
Ecto Protection(...sucky power but required for Constructor)
Channel the Psychic Dragon
Channel the Psychic Dragon

Channel the Psychic Dragon .. Psion 1/ PW 1
Swift action to manifest
1 min/ML duration

1PP = +5 Competence to Diplomacy Checks, Cold Resistance 5

3PP = +5 Competence to Climb Checks, Electricity Resistance 10
5PP = +5 Competence to Balance & Escape Artist Checks, Immune to Magic Missiles, +5 Saves vs Spl/Powers with Force Descriptor
7PP = +5 Competence to Bluff & Sense Motive Checks, Sonic Resistance 20
9PP = +10 Competence to Intimidate & Swim Checks, Cold Resistance 30

2nd level:

Crystal Storm
Psychoportive Shelter
Share pain
Psionic Repair Damage

3rd level

Dispel Psionics
Energy Wall
TK thrust

4th level:

Gemstone Breath
Planar Apotheosis

5th level:

Hail of Crystals
Anticipatory Strike
Major Creation
Plane Shift

6th level:

Fabricate Greater
Temporal Acceleration

7th level:

Mass Ecto coccon
Energy Conversion
Mind Blank, Personal

8th level:

Recall Death
Teleport greater
True Metabolism

9th level:

Affinity field
Reality Revision

forms for Metamorphosis:
Slaughterstone Eviserator(+20 Natural Armor,great Strength, Great (EX) Attacks)

Nimblewright(24 Dex, great (EX) attacks)

you could even take the Form of an ASTRAL CONSTRUCT(and get a variety of different (EX) Special Attacks)

Always Share Metamorphosis with your Psicrystal


Originally posted by carnivore:

Expanded Classes, Part Two
Egoist, Kineticist, Nomad

Expanded Classes, Part Three
Seer, Shaper, Telepath

Expanded Classes, Part Four

Spell List from Complete Arcane, including Warmage
Class Chronicles Archive



links to additional sources:minds eye articles,previews,PrCs from WotC Archives

New DM's and Player's Guide to Psionicsgreat source of info and location where i shamelessly quoted some excellent info
The Mind's Eye Archive
- Wizard's online psionics stuff, with feats, prestige classes, monsters, and other articles, etc.
Everyone should know this one. There are lists for everything as downloadable pdf's (which are searchable), and they contain basic info as well.

Psychic Theurge
- prestige class that advances both psionics and divine
Psychic Rogue
-a Psionic rogue Base class
-the Master of the Astral Construct
Crystal Master
Psychic Weapon Master
The Body Leech
The Psychic Assassin

Previous Psion Threads:

Psion/Wilder Build Guide & Compendium....by Law...nice work

other links
Index: 3.5 Psionics Outside the XPH

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Treatise on Metapsionic Feats
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Epic Psion Build
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Best Psi-Gish?

Untapped Potential Preview


Originally posted by carnivore:

Homebrew .... Astral Constructs above 9th lvl and additional Ability choices:
as for EPIC astral constructs

try this, it includes upgraded choices for the menus also:

Menu A
A manifester creating a 1st-level, 2nd-level, or 3rd-level astral construct can choose one special ability from this menu.

Buff (Ex): The astral construct gains an extra 5 hit points.
Celerity (Ex): The astral construct’s land speed is increased by 10 feet.
Cleave (Ex): The astral construct gains the Cleave feat.
Deflection (Ex): The astral construct gains a +1 deflection bonus to Armor Class.
Fly (Ex): The astral construct has physical wings and a fly speed of 20 feet (average).
Improved Bull Rush (Ex): The astral construct gains the Improved Bull Rush feat.
Improved Slam Attack (Ex): The astral construct gains the Improved Natural Attack feat.
Mobility (Ex): The astral construct gains the Mobility feat.
Power Attack (Ex): The astral construct gains the Power Attack feat.
Resistance (Ex): Choose one of the following energy types: fire, cold, acid, electricity, or sonic. The astral construct gains resistance 5 against that energy type.
Swim (Ex): The astral construct is streamlined and shark like, and gains a swim speed of 30 feet.
Trip (Ex): If the astral construct hits with a slam attack, it can attempt to trip the opponent as a free action without making a touch attack or provoking attacks of opportunity. If the attempt fails, the opponent cannot react to trip the astral construct.​
Menu B
A manifester creating a 4th-level, 5th-level, or 6th-level astral construct can choose one special ability from this menu. AlterNatively, the Construct can have two special abilities from Menu A.

Aerial Manuvers(EX)The construct can Perform the following manuevers:Hover,Snatch,Wingover. Requires Fly, or Improved Fly.
Energy Touch (Ex): If you are a kineticist with the Expanded Knowledge feat tied to this power, the astral construct’s physical attacks are wreathed in your energy type of your choice (acid, cold, electricity, or fire), dealing an extra 1d6 points of energy damage. Otherwise, the astral concstruct deals an extra 1d4 points of damage of an energy type of your choice (acid, cold, electricity, or fire).
Extra Attack(EX): If the astral construct is Medium or smaller, it gains two slam attacks instead of one when it makes a full attack. Its bonus on damage rolls for each attack is equal to its Strength modifier, not its Strength modifier x 1-1/2. If the astral construct is Large or larger, it gains three slams instead of two when it makes a full attack. Its attacks are otherwise unchanged.
Fast Healing (Ex): The astral construct heals 2 hit points each round. It is still immediately destroyed when it reaches 0 hit points.
Heavy Deflection (Ex): The astral construct gains a +4 deflection bonus to Armor Class.
Improved Buff (Ex): The astral construct gains an extra 15 hit points.
Improved Critical (Ex): The astral construct gains the Improved Critical feat with its slam attacks.
Improved Damage Reduction (Ex): The astral construct’s surface forms a hard carapace and provides an additional 3 points of damage reduction (or damage reduction 3/magic if it does not already have damage reduction).
Improved Fly (Ex): The astral construct has physical wings and a fly speed of 40 feet (average).
Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, the construct must hit with its slam attack. A construct can use this ability only on a target that is at least one size smaller than itself.
Improved Swim(EX): The astral construct is streamlined and sharklike, and gains a swim speed of 60 feet.
Muscle (Ex): The astral construct gains a +4 bonus to its Strength score.
Poison Touch (Ex): If the astral construct hits with a melee attack, the target must make an initial Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 astral construct’s HD + astral construct’s Cha modifier) or take 1 point of Constitution damage. One minute later, the target must save again or take 1d2 points of Constitution damage.
Pounce (Ex): If the astral construct charges a foe, it can make a full attack.
Smite (Su): Once per day the astral construct can make one attack that deals extra damage equal to its Hit Dice.
Trample (Ex): As a standard action during its turn each round, a Large or larger astral construct can literally run over an opponent at least one size smaller than itself. It merely has to move over the opponent to deal bludgeoning damage equal to 1d8 + its Str modifier. The target can attempt a Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 astral construct’s Hit Dice + astral construct’s Str modifier) to negate the damage, or it can instead choose to make an attack of opportunity at a -4 penalty.
Menu C
A manifester creating a 7th-level, 8th-level, or 9th-level astral Construct can choose one special ability from this menu. AlterNatively, the astral Construct can have two special abilities from Menu B. (One or both of the Menu B choices can be swapped for two choices from Menu A.)

Blindsight (Ex): The astral construct has blindsight out to 60 feet.
Concussion (Ps): The astral Construct can manifest concussion blast (manifester level 7th) as a free action once per round.
Constrict (Ex): The astral construct has the improved grab ability with its slam attack. In addition, on a successful grapple check, the astral construct deals damage equal to its slam damage.
Dimension Slide (Ps): The astral construct can manifest dimension slide (manifester level equal to Hit Dice) as a move action once per round.
Energy Bolt (Ps): The astral construct can manifest energy bolt (manifester level 8th) as a standard action once per round. The creator sets the energy type that the astral construct can manifest when he creates it.
Energy Resistance(EX): The construct gains Resistance 15 to All Energy Types.
Extra Buff (Ex): The astral construct gains an extra 30 hit points.
Extreme Damage Reduction (Ex): The astral construct’s surface forms hard, armor-like plates and provides an additional 6 points of damage reduction.
Extreme Deflection (Ex): The astral Construct gains a +8 deflection bonus to Armor Class.
Natural Invisibility (Su): The astral Construct is constantly invisible, even when attacking. This ability is inherent and not subject to the invisibility purge spell.
Powerful Charge(EX)The construct Gains the Powerful Charge Feat.
Power Resistance (Ex): The astral construct gains power resistance equal to 10 + its Hit Dice.
Rake(EX): The construct gains the Rake special attack with its slam attacks.
Rend (Ex): The astral construct makes claw attacks instead of slam attacks (it deals the same amount of damage as it would with its slam damage, but does slashing damage instead of bludgeoning damage). An astral construct that hits the same opponent with two claw attacks in the same round rends its foe, which deals extra damage equal to 2d6 + 1-1/2 times its Str modifier.
Spring Attack (Ex): The astral construct gains the Spring Attack feat.
Whirlwind Attack (Ex): The astral construct gains the Whirlwind Attack feat.

Epic levels Requiring a Feat
EPIC Feat:
Manifest Epic Astral Construct
Pre req: Psicraft 24 ranks, Craft(sculpture)12 ranks, manifester level 21
Benifit: You can now augment the Astral Construct power to form constructs above 9th level.
The power cost to manifest EPIC constructs is 4 more per Additional Construct level,
EXA: to manifest a 10th level construct the cost is (1 + 16 to manifest a 9th lvl construct +4 for an EPIC construct)= 21pp,
to manifest an 11th lvl construct the cost is (1+16+8)= 25pp, etc...
Normal: Manifesters can only Augment Astral construct to Manifest 9th level Max.
Menu D
A manifester creating a 10th-level, 11th-level, or 12th-level astral Construct can choose one special ability from this menu. Alternatively, the astral Construct can have two special abilities from Menu C. (One or both of the Menu C choices can be swapped for two choices from Menu B, Etc....)

Alacrity (Su): Once per round, may take an extra standard action (either before or after its other actions in the round).
Awesome Blow(EX): The construct gains the Awesome Blow Feat.
Breath Weapon (Su): The construct gains a breath weapon of either cold, fire, electricity or sonic (decided by the manifester at the time of manifesting) that does 1d6 damage for every 2 HD in a 120' cone. This breath weapon is useable as a Free Action for the duration of the construct.The save DC is equal to 10 + the number of damage dice rolled. Eg. A 30HD construct does 15 d6 damage in a 120' cone with a save DC of 25.
Construct Compression(EX)Decrease size 1 size Category, similar to the Compression power
Construct Growth(EX) increase size 1 size category,similar to the Expansion power
Ectoplasmic Cocoon(PS)The astral Construct can manifest Ectoplasmic Cocoon(manifester level equal to Hit Dice) as a free action once per round
EPIC Deflection (Ex): The astral Construct gains a +16 deflection bonus to Armor Class.
EPIC Fast Healing(EX):The astral construct heals a number of Hitpoints (=1/2 its HD) each round. It is still immediately destroyed when it reaches 0 hit points.
Flexibility(EX) gains +10 to Dex score and the feat Combat Reflexes.
Magic/Psi Immunity(SU) gains immunity to all spells/powers that allows SR/PR
Retributive (Su): When the construct is reduced to 0 hp or below it explodes dealing force damage equal to 1d6 per HD to everything in a 40ft radius.
Swarm Form(SU): Construct Gains the Swarm Subtype and Swarm Traits, including Attacks(Swarm attack does normal Slam damage), movement, and all special abilities. The construct loses its normal movement, Attacks in this form.​

Astral Constructs over 9th Level

10th-level Astral Construct
Huge Construct
25HD(137+40= 177 Hit points)
1 ability from Menu D
Speed 50'
Attack/grapple (3/4 HD + Str) +36/+44
2 Slams
Damage Slam 3d8+18
Saves F/R/W +8/+8/+8
Str 47, Dex 11, Con -, Int -, Wis 11, Cha 10
AC 37(-2 size +39 Natural)

11th-level Astral Construct

Huge Construct
30HD(165+40= 205 Hit points)
1 ability from Menu D
Speed 50'
Attack/grapple (3/4 HD + Str) +41/+49
2 Slams
Damage Slam 3d10+20
Saves F/R/W +10/+10/+10
Str 51, Dex 11, Con -, Int -, Wis 11, Cha 10
AC 41(-2 size +43 natural)

12th-level Astral Construct
Huge Construct
40HD(220+40= 260 Hit points)
2 abilities from Menu D
Speed 50'
Attack/grapple (3/4 HD + Str) +52/+60
2 Slams
Damage Slam 4d10+22
Saves F/R/W +13/+13/+13
Str 55, Dex 11, Con -, Int -, Wis 11, Cha 10
AC 45(-2 size +47 natural)

Originally posted by carnivore:

Minor Creation
Although the Majority of Minor creation uses are out of combat, involving the production of tools or other materials to act as enablers. Minor creation with the addition of link power (cpsi, allows you to use minor creation in 2 rounds rather than 10) has many possible in combat uses as well.

For a simple example.


Take a character that is an average height, roughly 5'8"

Round that up to 6'

So at level two, using Link power you could in theory generate a hemispherical structure that is a latticework of holes 6 inches in radius to produce holes with an area of .78 square feet which is less than the minimum needed for line of effect, producing a sort of wooden shield that you can see out of but remain untargeted by most things needing line of effect, or with less than a 10 foot reach.

Now (very) roughly the math is you are losing about 66% of your volume in the hemisphere to these holes. (its a little more complicated, but rough estimates are best to keep the game simple.

(13x13 inch square - 6 inch radius hole)= (169-113= 56 => 56/169= ~33%)

Its all very rough, but i like to keep the math down to simple algebra and geometry for ease of play and simplicity.

Now the hardest wood in dnd with statistics is Bronzewood from eberron, with a hardness of 10 and a hp value of 20 hp per inch of thickness.

DiameterRadius (Ft)SphereHemisphere<br />126904.77452.38<br />5.975893.51446.75<br /><br />Volume<br />Inches5.631337556<br />0.3<br /><br />Volume after 33%<br />1.877112519<br /><br />Caster Level<br />2<br /><br />Dome hp 6hp Hardness 10
At this level the dome is immune to "most" attacks, as at this low level most mobs won't deal 10 points of damage in a hit to overcome hardness.

The real trick is to place small doors with a craft check into the dome so that you can open up holes larger than 1 foot to manifest from.

So your round works like this.

Move action => open door
Standard Action => Manifest power
Psicrystals action => Close hatch

And thats just "one" possible tactic with minor creation. With the right combinations it is possible to use minor creation in many creative ways.

Another example is,

Call item =Linked=> Minor creation.

to summon

Sprayer(Round 1)=> Pure Grain Alcohol (Round 2)

With a source of fire, the sprayer creates a 1d6 line of fire 10 feet long, and lasts three shots.

(not really time effecient but its a fun trick.)

In This Thread i listed out some stats and tables for the use of minor creation.

For a game introducing dnd to children you could use it in all sorts of ways, from creating lures to distract lions or tigers, to creating insect repellents to hold vermin at bay.

A bunk to sleep on or a coracle to float down a river on.

Light in the dark or surgar for treats, the abilities are limited only by the immagination of the user.

I would even encourage the children to think up thinks for you to create, you would be amazed at how much children will "work" researching things for something they consider a game.
Minor creation and its counterparts are one of the most single useful powers in dnd, given a choice i would be hard pressed to decide between astral construct and minor creation, its that awesome.

However minor creation as presented has little data to support uses for most creative players. So rather than go through the effort of calculating all the numbers each time i use it, i've decided to compile many of the charts into one location.

the First block of data is what is presented for minor creation, Volume and its size as a cube.Base Data Block
C1C2C3C4C5C6C7<br />LevelVolumeLengthInchesInch^2Feet ^210 Foot Wall Length<br />111.0012.0041.573.461.20<br />221.2515.0058.794.902.40<br />331.4417.2872.006.003.60<br />441.5818.9683.146.934.80<br />551.7020.4092.957.756.00<br />661.8121.72101.828.497.20<br />771.9122.92109.989.178.40<br />882.0024.00117.589.809.60<br />992.0824.96124.7110.3910.80<br />10102.1525.80131.4510.9512.00<br />11112.2226.64137.8711.4913.20<br />12122.2827.36144.0012.0014.40<br />13132.3528.20149.8812.4915.60<br />14142.4128.92155.5412.9616.80<br />15152.4629.52161.0013.4218.00<br />16162.5130.12166.2813.8619.20<br />17172.5730.84171.3914.2820.40<br />18182.6231.44176.3614.7021.60<br />19192.6631.92181.2015.1022.80<br />20202.7132.52185.9015.4924.00

Column legend

  • Manifester Level
  • Volume of Created Matter
  • Length of each side in a cube in feet
  • length of the same cube in inches
  • Side Length (L or W) of a one inch thick panel in inches
  • Same panel in Feet
  • Length of a 10 foot tall wall one inch thick (as usual half the width to double the thickness)

Thats just the basic Power.Liquids block
VolumePoundsGallonsQuartsPintsOunces<br />1627.402959947<br />212414.80591181,894<br />318622.20881772,841<br />424829.601182363,788<br />531037.001482964,736<br />637244.401773555,683<br />743451.802074146,630<br />849659.202364737,577<br />955866.602665328,524<br />1062074.002965929,472<br />1168281.4032565110,419<br />1274488.8035571011,366<br />1380696.2038476912,313<br />14868103.6041482813,260<br />15930111.0044488814,208<br />16992118.4047394715,155<br />171054125.805031,00616,102<br />181116133.205321,06517,049<br />191178140.605621,12417,996<br />201240148.005921,18418,944

This chart is based off of water. To keep things simple water is assumed to weigh 62 pounds per cubic feet, also there are 7.4 gallons in the cubic foot (rather than 7.44~~~~blah blah blah).

So say at level 5 we want to make some poison, unless the specific gravity of the poison is significantly greater or lesser than water. One can simply take the value from the ounces table and thats how many doses. Plese not that because of rounding the numbers are roughly 5% off but in most cases you don't need that level of accuracy.

Once we have this base table it becomes easy to calculate other units. All one needs to do is take the specific gravity value of a material and multiply the pounds value on the table by the specific gravity value.

So Specific gravity of various woods
Apple.66-.83<br />Ash, black0.54<br />Ash, white0.67<br />Aspen0.42<br />Balsa0.17<br />Bamboo.30-.40<br />Birch (British)0.67<br />Cedar, red0.38<br />Cypress0.51<br />Douglas Fir0.53<br />Ebony.96-1.12<br />Elm ( English )0.6<br />Elm ( Wych )0.69<br />Elm ( Rock )0.815<br />Larch0.59<br />Mahogany ( Honduras )0.545<br />Mahogany ( African ).495-.850<br />Maple0.755<br />Oak.590-.930<br />Pine ( Oregon )0.53<br />Pine ( Parana )0.56<br />Pine ( Canadian ).350-.560<br />Pine ( Red ).370-.660<br />Redwood ( American )0.45<br />Redwood ( European )0.51<br />Spruce ( Canadian )0.45<br />Spruce ( Sitka )0.45<br />Sycamore0.59<br />Teak.63-.72<br />Willow0.42

These are some common wood types
Common organic materials
Alfalfa, ground.256<br />Apples.641<br />Bark, wood refuse.240<br />Barley.609<br />Beans, castor.577<br />Beans, cocoa.593<br />Beans, navy.801<br />Beans, soy.721<br />Beets.721<br />Bran.256<br />Brewers grain.432<br />Buckwheat.657<br />Cardboard.689<br />Chocolate, powder.641<br />Clover seed.769<br />Coconut, meal.513<br />Coconut, shredded.352<br />Coffee, fresh beans.561<br />Coffee, roast beans.432<br />Copra, medium size.529<br />Copra, meal, ground.641<br />Copra, expeller cake ground.513<br />Copra, expeller cake chopped.465<br />Cork, solid.240<br />Cork, ground.160<br />Corn, on the cob.721<br />Corn, shelled.721<br />Corn, grits.673<br />Cottonseed, dry, de-linted.561<br />Cottonseed, dry, not de-linted.320<br />Cottonseed, cake, lumpy.673<br />Cottonseed, hulls.192<br />Cottonseed, meal.593<br />Cottonseed, meats.641<br />Cottonwood.416<br />Flaxseed, whole.721<br />Flour, wheat.593<br />Glue, vegetable, powdered.641<br />Gluten, meal.625<br />Grain - Maize.760<br />Grain - Barley.600<br />Grain - Millet.760-.800<br />Grain - Wheat.780-.800<br />Linseed, whole.753<br />Linseed, meal.513<br />Malt.336<br />Oats.432<br />Oats, rolled.304<br />Oil cake.785<br />Oil, linseed.942<br />Paper, standard1.201<br />Peanuts, shelled.641<br />Peanuts, not shelled.272<br />Peat, dry.400<br />Peat, moist.801<br />Peat, wet1.121<br />Pecan wood.753<br />Rice, hulled.753<br />Rice, rough.577<br />Rice grits.689<br />Rosin1.073<br />Rubber, caoutchouc.945<br />Rubber, manufactured1.522<br />Rubber, ground scrap.481<br />Rye.705<br />Sawdust.210<br />Soy beans, whole.753<br />Starch, powdered.561<br />Sugar, brown.721<br />Sugar, powdered.801<br />Sugar, granulated.849<br />Sugar, raw cane.961<br />Sugarbeet pulp, dry.208<br />Sugarbeet pulp, wet.561<br />Sugarcane.272<br />Tobacco.320<br />Turpentine.865<br />Walnut, black, dry.609<br />Wheat.769<br />Wheat, cracked.673
Copra is the meat of a coconut
Turpentine is distilled pine resin (so a plant product)
Rosin is remaint after the turpentine is produced from heated resin and is highly flamable. More common uses involve powder forms used to increase friction. (personally i would say its worth a small bonus in climb checks or when you need a better grip)
The uses of most of the materials is obvious. Rosin is something i use in place of candles. As beeswax is an animal product. More common uses is to blend it with alchohol (it disolves in it) to produce as sticky firestarter. (think weak alchemist fire we)

Aloe Vera is another good plant product. (no real mechanical effect other than we use it as parts of healing kits

Check Here for more plant products

Sphere Diameters, Based on Shell Volume
CLRadiusShell VDiameterR FeetD FeetOpen VolAmount<br />1121241.<br />2172341.42.811.988.06<br />3203401.73.319.3142.82<br />4234461.93.829.4217.56<br />5265522.24.342.6315.24<br />6296582.44.859.1437.34<br />7317622.65.272.2534.28<br />8338662.85.587.1644.54<br />9359702.95.8103.9768.86<br />103710743.16.2122.7907.98<br />113911783.36.5143.71063.38<br />124112823.46.81671235.8<br />134213843.57.0179.51328.3<br />144414883.77.3206.41527.36<br />154515903.87.5220.81633.92<br />164716943.97.8251.61861.84<br />174817964.08.02681983.2<br />1850181004.28.33032242.2<br />1951191024.38.5321.52379.1<br />2052201044.38.7340.82521.92
This chart is the maximum size of a one inch thick sphere with the listed internal radius. By caster level 10 (and before) you can can encase someone with say a wooden sphere or something else. Although not needed i restated the gallon volume of the sphere in the last collum.

Spheres/Hemispheres Based off of Internal Volume
[sblock]CLV(i)R(i)R(s)V(s)~Cl<br />117287.448.44794.12000.46<br />234569.3810.381,227.490.71<br />3518410.7411.741,587.640.92<br />4691211.8212.821,907.451.10<br />5864012.7313.732,200.381.27<br />61036813.5314.532,473.571.43<br />71209614.2415.242,731.411.58<br />81382414.8915.892,976.801.72<br />91555215.4816.483,211.841.86<br />101728016.0417.043,438.041.99<br />111900816.5617.563,656.592.12<br />122073617.0418.043,868.422.24<br />132246417.5018.504,074.282.36<br />172937619.1420.144,848.842.81<br />183110419.5120.515,032.292.91<br />193283219.8620.865,212.293.02<br />203456020.2121.215,389.093.12
This Data set below this text is a hemisphere with the listed VolumeCLV(i)R(i)R(s)V(s)~Cl<br />117289.3810.38613.74000.36<br />2345611.8212.82953.73000.55<br />3518413.5314.531,236.790.72<br />4691214.8915.891,488.400.86<br />5864016.0417.041,719.020.99<br />61036817.0418.041,934.211.12<br />71209617.9418.942,137.391.24<br />81382418.7619.762,330.831.35<br />91555219.5120.512,516.151.46<br />101728020.2121.212,694.541.56<br />111900820.8621.862,866.941.66<br />122073621.4722.473,034.071.76<br />132246422.0523.053,196.511.85<br />172937624.1225.123,807.912.20<br />183110424.5825.583,952.762.29<br />193283225.0326.034,094.902.37<br />203456025.4626.464,234.512.45
V(i)=Internal Volume (how much it can hold)
R(i)=Internal Radius (open air radius)
R(s)=Outer Radius of the Shell (Shells are one inch thick)
V(s)=The total Volume of the Shell
~Cl=This is the casterlevel needed to spontaneously produce the shell, If we were using link power or call item we would need the listed caster level to produce the bowl/sphere then fill it the next round with a substance
[Largest Possible Hemisphere by Shell Volume]​
<br /><br />CLV(i)R(i)R(s)V(s)~Cl<br />48583808073.6974.6934,584.2220.01<br /><br />
[Largest Possible Sphere by Shell Volume]​
<br /><br />CLV(i)R(i)R(s)V(s)~Cl<br />34058752051.9652.9634,580.4920.01<br />For Reference.
Aside from the uses of wooden spheres, (if only for amusement) the spheres were for sieges
Siege weapons
Siege WeapWeightVolumeRadiusInchesPintsAoE<br />Mangonel, Heavy751.2100.1992.387126.00031<br />Mangonel, Light400.6450.0881.05455.00020<br />Scorpion751.2100.1992.387126.00031<br />Trebuchet, Heavy1502.4190.4905.879311.00049<br />Trebuchet, Light1001.6130.2893.470183.00038
You can pour a pint of oil on the ground to cover an area 5 feet square, provided that the surface is smooth. If lit, the oil burns for 2 rounds and deals 1d3 points of fire damage to each creature in the area.

AoE section is calculated as the area idealy covered by the amount of oil/flamable liquid in each sphere. Although the idea never saw use its always good to have siege stats on hand. As a bonus the sphere itself is wooden and can be lit on fire pre launch to help ensure ignition.[/sblock]

Tubes and Troughs
[sblock]A1A2A3A4<br />161.633.26<br />267.6315.26<br />364.919.82<br />466.5413.08<br />568.1816.36<br />669.8219.64<br />7611.4522.90<br />8613.0926.18<br />9614.7329.46<br />10616.3732.74<br />11618.0036.00<br />12619.6439.28<br />13621.2842.56<br />14622.9145.82<br />15624.5549.10<br />16626.1952.38<br />17627.8255.64<br />18629.4658.92<br />19631.1062.20<br />20632.7465.48
B1B2B3B4<br />1150.711.42<br />2157.6315.26<br />3152.144.28<br />4152.865.72<br />5153.587.16<br />6154.298.58<br />7155.0110.02<br />8155.7211.44<br />9156.4412.88<br />10157.1614.32<br />11157.8715.74<br />12158.5917.18<br />13159.3118.62<br />141510.0220.04<br />151510.7421.48<br />161511.4522.90<br />171512.1724.34<br />181512.8925.78<br />191513.6027.20<br />201514.3228.64
C1C2C3C4<br />1300.360.72<br />2307.6315.26<br />3301.102.20<br />4301.472.94<br />5301.843.68<br />6302.214.42<br />7302.585.16<br />8302.955.90<br />9303.326.64<br />10303.697.38<br />11304.068.12<br />12304.438.86<br />13304.809.60<br />14305.1710.34<br />15305.5411.08<br />16305.9111.82<br />17306.2812.56<br />18306.6513.30<br />19307.0214.04<br />20307.3914.78

  • This tube or Trough is 1 foot in diameter, 5 per square
  • This Tube or Trough is 2.5 Feet in Diameter, 2 per square
  • This Tube or Trough is 5 Feet in diameter, 1 per square

  • This Column is the caster level
  • This Column is the radius of the tube in inches
  • This Column Is the length as a trough (half a tube)

As a point, the average width of the human hip is greater than 10 but less than 20 inches so you could create tubes to slide down with little effort. The main problem is time. Currently i'm looking at using Link power and using Call item as the initial power, and Minor Creation as the linked power.

Reserved for both other posters ideas and for minerals (major creation) as well as possible knowledge Dc's for odd chemicals.

Alchemical Substances.
More Substances
what i propose is that we limit our discussions to substances discovered by alchemists.

One possible Dc set is a Knowledge Nature check Dc 10 for alchemical substances that are found in nature (ores and such) A Dc 15 Alchemy Check to produce items that are one step extractions (soak seaweed for iodine) Multiple step chemicals are a dc25 an only if the items can be produced with basic tools (Heating with flame, Cooling to distill, and such) anything a classic beaker/ coal fire and water cooling system can make. No electrical processes or anything beyond say 1500's at the latest.​
This second post is going to be rambly as I research alchemy in my spare time for this

One interesting thing I’ve already turned up is that gunpowder as produced in the ancient times did not explode, rather it was an incendiary. Gunpowder with sufficient power for what we consider a proper explosion required a process known as corning(1429). Actual exploding gunpowder appears to have been developed around 1240 or so.

One possible interpretation of Smokepowder in dnd is that gunpowder hasn't been discovered as gnomes and inventors are working with Gold hydrazine or some other exotic explosive. After all nothing says that science progresses the same everywhere. While in our world we discovered gunpowder early and Fulminating gold and silver late (1600's) there is not reason that in another they discovered these substances the other way around, and without any sort of science they just muddle through trying to improve what they have.

Resin is a hydrocarbon secretion of many plants, particularly coniferous trees, valued for its chemical constituents and uses such as varnishes, adhesives, as an important source of raw materials for organic synthesis, or for incense and perfume. Fossilized resins are the source of amber.
  • Amber
    of course as a gem amber can simply be sold off. Other than that amber as amber is only good as a static generator​
  • Turpentine
    Fractionally distilled from Resin. This is a highly effective lice treatment, cleaning agent, and of course burns.​
  • N~Heptane
    Flammable, doesn't dissolve in water​
  • Copal
    Its an incense and a cheap amber substitute for jewels​
  • Dammar
    used in foods to preserve them longer​
  • Sandarac
    more incense​
  • Frankincense
    More incense, often used in religious ceremonies​
  • Rosin, formerly called colophony or Greek pitch
    After heating the resin to get the more volatile compounds out you get a Semitransparent cake like substance. Very flammable it burns with a Smokey flame, and works as a pitching agent to stop leaks in casks.​

Poppy (Papaver somniferum or Opium Poppy)
The opium poppy, Papaver somniferum, is the type of poppy from which opium and all refined opiates such as morphine (up to 20%), thebaine (5%), codeine (1%), papaverine (1%), and narcotine (5-8%) are naturally present and extracted from the poppy.

  • Opium:
    Dried, the brownish Raw Opium is heated and the gasses inhaled. a pea sized Dollop is sufficient for about an hour If we assign a "pea sized dose" to 1/8th x 1/8th x 1/8th of an inch that’s 884,736 Doses per Cubic Foot.​
  • Morphine[1804]
    Orally, it comes as an elixir, concentrated solution, powder (for compounding) or in tablet form. Taken orally (as we will assume in dnd) is 1/6th - 1/3 as strong as other methods.
    A small dose provides relaxation and slight euphioria [-1 init?],
    a medium dose relieves pain[+2 to con based checks?],
    larger dose puts one to sleep[Fort [sleep 1 min/sleep 1 hour]?],
    and an even larger dose kills [Con Damage?[1d10/1d10]?]​
  • Thebaine
    A Stimulant, rather than a depressant (like morphine) used in production of other chemicals, naturally occurring​
  • Codeine
    Slight addiction, Moderate to severe pain relief, Slight depressive (drowsiness), kills sex drive.... Kobolds on Codeine!​
  • papacerine
    Basically this drug is used to treat muscle spasms​
  • Narcotine
    Reduces spasms in involuntary muscle systems (aka Coughing) [give it to that horse that keeps giving you away]​
  • Laudanum
    A Tincture of Opium, Basically Raw opium mixed with alcohol and sugar, same effects as opium with a slightly diluted virtue​

Deadly nightshade, Belladonna
Deadly nightshade or belladonna (Atropa belladonna) is a well-known perennial shrub, with leaves and berries that are highly toxic. It is in the nightshade family (Solanaceae), Children have been poisoned by eating as few as three berries. Ingestion of a leaf of the Belladonna can be fatal to an adult. The root of the plant is generally the most toxic part, though this can vary from one specimen to another.​
Belladonna is an entirely poisonous plant, for the purposes of dnd it is safe to assume that the plant is dried, ground and then seeped to produce a liquid form of belladonna. The main active ingredient of Belladonna is Atropine.​
  • Ophthalmic
    Used topically a single drop of Diluted Belladonna causes the pupil to dilate, this lasts for 2-3 days and often results in blurred visions.​
  • Other than that Belladonna is a poison and works to suppress the parasympathetic nerve system.

Belladonna Ingested, Fort 13 [1d6 Str]/[2d6 Str]​
Calabar bean​
The Calabar bean is the seed of a leguminous plant. Highly poisonous the been has few beneficial uses. It contracts the pupil (possibly acting as a counter to light sensitivity) in small topical doses to the eye, however its main importance (for our purposes) is that it is a counter to Belladonna, Equivalent doses cancel each other out, however according to the 1911 encyclopedia Britannica, in 1/4 cases the two drugs combine to hasten death. Understand however that this is something that could be considered extremely high level alchemy, Knowledge of the ability of one deadly poison to counteract another is not something that would be widely known.

Calabar Ingested, Fort 13 [1d6 Str]/[2d6 Str], (heals strength damage dealt by Belladonna, then deals remainder of damage) ? Something like this?​

Nepeta, Catnip
Nepeta cataria (Catnip, True Catnip, Catmint or Field Balm) is a 50–100 cm tall herb resembling mint in appearance, with greyish-green leaves; the flowers are white, finely spotted with purple. Although there are many species of "catnip" the species of interest is the cataria species.​

  • Feline Crack
    Its most famous property, Catnip affects roughly 2/3 cats, for a few minutes after first comming into contact the cats full attention is on the catnip, in which it plays with it, rolls in it and generally focuses its attention on it. After words the cat needs up to two hours before it will be affected again. Larger cats are more sensitive than smaller cats.​
  • Oil of cataria
    When the plant is rendered into an oil the lions share of the chemicals is the substance Nepetalactone, Its basic properties are as follows.
    In humans, the compound has a number of very mild effects; it is a weak sedative, antispasmodic, febrifuge and antibacterial. In high doses it also has an emetic effect.

    It also has an effect on some insects, repelling the cockroach and mosquito, poisonous to some common flies, but a sex pheromone to aphids.​

So what i was thinking about for Dc's was something like this

DcMaterial<br />10Common Base Materials<br />15Uncommon Base Materials<br />20Rare Base Materials/Common Extracts<br />25Uncommon extracts<br />30Rare Extracts/Common multisteps<br />35Uncomon Multisteps<br />40Rare Multisteps
Since its impractical to list a dc for every single material in existance we generalize

So we have 6 categories of items.

  • Common
    Something like pine or oak in a temporate zone, apples or other common foodstuffs​
  • uncommon
    Something thats not mass cultivated or grows in abundance, like many spices or woods that are not normally avalible in abundance (like fruit tree wood)​
  • Rare
    things like Cocoa beans, or ebony wood, or such​

  • Base
    Something that is naturally occuring and simply has to be grasped, woods, plants, foodstuffs and such​
  • Extracts
    Things that are extracted from base plants, Surgars, resins, honey, and such​
  • Multisteps
    Complicated substances that require significant alchemical equipment to produce as well as other ancilary chemicals and steps to produce the end product, while the creation powers allow you to produce the end result one still needs the knowledge to produce it before the power can work​

So we have a "creation check" and a "knowledge check"

The creation check would only apply to using the power to create something
The knowledge check is 5 less than the creation check and represents if the character knows about the substance. Not everyone knows about say, chocolate, and of those that do few would know all the steps to refine it from the bean.

So for example we take the arms and equipment guide

    • Borage0.02<br />
    • Caraway0.02<br />
    • Chives0.02<br />
    • Anise0.03<br />
    • Bergamot0.03<br />
    • Costmary0.03<br />
    • Cumin0.03<br />
    • Dillweed0.03<br />
    • Mint0.03<br />
    • Horehound0.04<br />
    • Parsley0.04<br />
    • Angelica0.05<br />
    • Hyssop0.05<br />
    • Marjoram0.05<br />
    • Mustard seed0.05<br />
    • Clary0.08<br />
    • Basil0.1<br />
    • Coriander0.1<br />
    • Fennel seed0.1<br />
    • Garlic0.1<br />
    • Horseradish0.1<br />
    • Lovage0.1<br />
    • Sage0.1<br />
    • Salt0.1.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br /><br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.

    • Sweet cicely0.1<br />
    • Thyme0.1<br />
    • Woodruff0.1<br />
    • Woodruff 0.1<br />
    • Lemon balm0.2<br />
    • Oregano0.2<br />
    • Fenugreek0.3<br />
    • Juniper0.3<br />
    • Liquorice root0.4<br />
    • Rosemary0.5<br />
    • Cardamon1<br />
    • Cinnamon1<br />
    • Tarragon1<br />
    • Laurel4<br />
    • Rose hips5<br />
    • Poppy seed8<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br /><br />.<br />.<br />.

    • Ginger10<br />
    • Cubeb15<br />
    • Cloves20<br />
    • Mace25<br />
    • Turmeric25<br />
    • Turmeric 25<br />
    • Nutmeg30<br />
    • Pepper30<br />
    • Saffron65<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.<br />.

So sort by cost. Half the List is Common the next third is Uncommon and the last sixth is rare.

Since these are (mostly) plants the Dc would range from 10/15/20 and 15/20/25 for extracts

Originally posted by carnivore:

Demi Planes and Genisis
Since the original thread got pruned I’ve decided to rewrite the original concept and post it into a new thread.
So let’s restate the original concept.
Genesis, a ninth level power is often considered a weak ninth level power and, for the most part it is not for combat. Combat wise you are never going to us genesis as an attack power and even its antigenesis function, while total, is far to slow to be used as more than a wide scale demolition technique, I think the phrase “walk for your life” is appropriate.​
Anyway, Genesis is one of those spells that is clearly designed for out of combat purposes, with its long manifestation time, and its long time reaching completion even after completed manifesting, the Powers works best for those pc’s who are interested in world building, In other words if your campaign isn’t the type of campaign where the characters build fortresses and found kingdoms this probably isn’t the right power for you.​
Any amount of world building requires the players to spend quite a bit of their own time on the research and development of their chosen spheres of interest, unless of course they plan on using said area for the most minor of functions.​
So lets look at Genesis

Metacreativity (Creation)
Level: Shaper 9
Display: Material
Manifesting Time: One week (8 hours/day)
Range: 180 ft.; see text
Effect: A demiplane coterminous with the Astral Plane, centered on your location
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Power Resistance: No
Power Points: 17, XP
You create a finite plane with limited access: a demiplane. Demiplanes created by this power are very small, very minor planes .

This power works best when manifested while you are on the Astral Plane (various powers allow access to these planes, including astral caravan and plane shift). Manifestation of this power creates a local density fluctuation that precipitates the creation of a demiplane .

At first, the fledgling plane grows in radius at a rate of 1 foot per day to an initial maximum radius of 180 feet as it rapidly draws substance from the surrounding astral ectoplasm. Once the new demiplane reaches its maximum size, it doesn’t really stop growing, but its growth rate decreases to only 1 foot per week (approximately a 50-foot increase in radius per year) .

Once your demiplane is created, you can travel to it using astral caravan, plane shift, or some other power or permanent link that you arrange for separately .

You determine the environment within the demiplane when you manifest genesis, reflecting most any desire you can visualize. You determine factors such as atmosphere, water, temperature, and the general shape of the terrain. This power cannot create life (including vegetation), nor can it create construction (such as buildings, roads, wells, dungeons, and so forth). You must add these details in some other fashion if you desire. You can’t create lingering psionic effects with this power; you have to add those separately, if desired. Similarly, you can’t create a demiplane out of esoteric material, such as silver or uranium; you’re limited to stone and dirt. You can’t manipulate the time trait on your demiplane; its time trait is as the Material Plane .

Once your demiplane reaches 180 feet in radius, you can manifest this power again to gradually add another 180 feet of radius to it, and so on .

Antigenesis: If genesis is manifested on the Material Plane, the power takes effect and the demiplane begins to grow at the rate noted above, but it gets no larger than a radius of 1 foot per level. The energies of the new plane are exactly canceled by the energies of the original plane, creating a dead spot like a limited cancer on the original plane. The expanding boundary of the dead spot wipes away all construction, crumbles natural land forms, and evaporates water, leaving behind a uniformly level area of inert dust. Living creatures that pass the boundary of the growing dead spot are not directly, but plants can fi nd no sustenance in the dust of the dead spot, water-breathing creatures die quickly when water turns to dust, and mobile animals know enough to leave the area alone .

Once the wave of change passes, no special essence remains in the dead spot, and it may be colonized naturally over the course of several years by bacteria, plants, and animals .

XP Cost: 1,000 XP .


So, our question now is what can genesis do, After all the only common grounds we have as games is that the rules say you can do “X’ anything else is up to either the dm or a houseule. So lets list Genesis’s Traits

You can explicitly Control
  • Environmental Traits
  • Atmospheric Composition
  • Water Presence or Absence
  • Temperature
  • Terrain Shape

You explicitly Cannot
  • Create Lingering Psionic Effects
    The version of Genesis presented in the 3.0 Psionics handbook allowed the manifester to duplicate any effect they wanted up to a 3rd level power as environmental effects​
  • Create Life
  • Create Constructions
  • Create a plane of other than Stone and Dirt
  • Create esoteric Metals (such as silver or Uranium)
  • Cannot Manipulate the Time Traits

Now this is what the power says you can and cannot do, explicitly. It is implied in the power though, because it calls out time traits that you can manipulate the physical traits of the plane (since Time is a subset of the physical and is an exception, the “logic” is that since the other physicals aren’t called out as can’t, you can).

So what are the physicl Traits of Plane, Keeping as Core as possible, we find these traits listed in the Dungeon Masters Guide

  • Physical Traits

    • Gravity
      • Normal Gravity
      • Heavy Gravity
      • Light Gravity
      • No Gravity
      • Objective Directional Gravity
      • Subjective Directional Gravity

    • [UNKNOWN=del]: Time
      • Normal Time
      • [UNKNOWN=del]: Timeless
      • Flowing Time
      • Erratic Time

    • [UNKNOWN=del]: Shape and Size
      • [UNKNOWN=del]: Infinite
      • Finite Shape
      • [UNKNOWN=del]: Self-Contained Shape

    • Morphic Traits
      • Alterable Morphic
      • Highly Morphic
      • Magically Morphic
      • Divinely Morphic
      • Static
      • [UNKNOWN=del]: Sentient

So Since Time, Shape, and Size are fixed, and the power cannot create life, this leaves us with (in theory) these possible Traits.

So lets look at Genesis in its most Restricted State, No Manipulation of the Traits except listed in the first list, and The Plane is Basically half filled, resulting in the main area of intrest being roughly equivalent to a circle with the same radius of the Sphere itself.

In this Case the Area controlled and produced is roughly modeled by the following Formula


With the Following Definitions

“X”:Is the number of times Genesis has be manifester on or in this demiplane for the purpose of planar formation or expansion
“Y”:Is defined as the Number of week the demiplane has been in existence after the completion of the first manifestation, or (([Days – 180], Min 0)/7)
“(pi)”:Equals 3
Since most of the time, Dungeons and Dragons resovles their calculations by rounding losing large percentages, and the results they fo get, appaear to be produced with using whole number multiplications rather than the more decimaled results using Pi rounded to Three we will use this value of pi for all calculations, while this results in the loss of 4.7% of the maximum value of the numbers, assume that that “loss” is compensated by the general tendency to ignore things like, building area, roads, wells, trees, etc etc that reduce the usable areas. Further more expect the results to also be compounded by rounding down to the nearest whole number, whole ten, or whole hundred. Meaning that all results are slightly larger than presented. That all being said….

The First thing we look at is the initial Genesis, in Most games this is all that the players really care about, so we will place this section first, and add the rest as expansions upon this foundation.

180^2*3= 97,200

Now to put that into perspective, one Acre is 43,560 Square Feet, This is Slightly less than the area of a football field, So a single Genesis is Roughly the size of the standard Highschool Football Stadium, With a second Manifestation of Genesis adding the parking lot. While one Acre is Roughly 209 Feet on the side, for ease of calculations we will round up (since in this case rounding up decreases the end results) to 210 feet squares.

So For players only interested in the basics. A single manifestation of Genesis, nets you the Following.

A Circle of Land 180 feet in diameter, That is approximately 2 acres of land, or 210 Stronghold spaces (using the Stronghold Builders Guide) in Flat area.

This Land, if entirely land with no significant reductions from lakes or mountains, using data gathered from research on medieval English farmlands uses these numbers

Seed Yd Rat Y(b/a) NetGain Pounds<br />Oats 03.0 2.63 07.89 04.8 0132.0<br />Peas/Beans² 03.0 2.30 06.90 03.9 0203.5<br />Wheat 02.0 3.85 07.70 05.7 0295.8<br />Rye¹ 02.0 5.00 10.00 08.0 0385.2<br />Barley 0.40 4.32 17.28 13.2 0541.7<br />Sunflower, Oil 0.14 314 43.96 43.8 1182.6<br /> <br /> Tons/ Acre<br />Hay Yield 2<br /> <br /> Gallons/Acre<br />Sun(Oil) 50
Seed= Bushels per Acre
Ratio= Multiplier
Y(b/a)= Gross Yield (Bushels per Acre)
NetGain=Net Yield After Seed crop Removed
Pounds= Bushels of Crops converted into respective pound Weights.

So What’s all this for? Well assuming that you are eating roughly 1.5 pounds oc cereals per day,(550 a year) the Psion could, in fact provide the bulk of his or her food stuffs with wheat, with the two acres land producing 590 Lb of Wheat, or 770 Lb of Rye, or 1080 Lb of Barley a Year. If the Psion maintained an underground fish pond, in theory someone could live fairly well on a reasonable, if not very varied, supply of food in their private domain.

So That’s your Basic Single Manifestation of Genesis, The Formula for Acres to Manifestations is roughly as Follows

2.2041*”x”^2 with “X” equaling the number of manifestations. Of course each 3.5 years following the initial manifestion you will need to add a correction of +1 to the manifest counter to account for natural expansion.Manif Acres<br />01 2.2<br />02 8.8<br />03 19.8<br />04 35.2<br />05 55.1<br />06 79.3<br />07 108<br />08 141<br />09 178.5<br />10 220.4
That is the Simplest and Most RAW example for Genesis

Now we move on to Genesis 2.0


Taking Genesis one step further depends on one factor, Manipulation of Gravity as an environmental trait, being classified as a physical trait of planes.

Genesis two is the exact same as the previous genesis, except that it has a different formula for calculating available land. This Formula is, quite simply, the Surface area of a sphere.

By selecting Gravity as pulling toward the outer edge of the demiplane, rather than simply “down” the Gravity field produces a spherical shell of earth and stone about a hollow core. The Formula for this is as Follows


With the Following Definitions

“X”:Is the number of times Genesis has be manifester on or in this demiplane for the purpose of planar formation or expansion
“Y”:Is defined as the Number of week the demiplane has been in existence after the completion of the first manifestation, or (([Days – 180], Min 0)/7)
“Z”:Is defined as One minus the percentage of the spheres radius is allocated to Soil (Declared 10%)
“(pi)”:Equals 3

As you can imagine, the Area for this is much larger than a simple circle, The outer Surface area (in Acres) of the demiplane is equivalent to

8.8”x”^2 with “X” equaling the number of manifestations. Of course each 3.5 years following the initial manifestation you will need to add a correction of +1 to the manifest counter to account for natural expansion. That is of course the Outer limits of the Sphere, The internal Acreage (Defined as the surface of the Soil) is 7.1”x”^2

These Number Result in a productive area of Manif Acres<br />01 007.1<br />02 028.5<br />03 064.2<br />04 114.2<br />05 178.5<br />06 257.0<br />07 349.9<br />08 457.0<br />09 578.4<br />10 714.1
If you Compare the two the Productive area of a spherical demiplane is roughly 325-360% greater than a circle demiplane of equivalent radius. Meaning that in our above example our hermit psion could triple the above yield numbers, at least.

It’s perhaps best to mention that part of the Definition of an Acre is that it is the amount of Land that a single farmer can plant and plow, with the aid of an ox, in a single day. So Eventually the Psion will reach the point where he is unable to use all the land provided. If the environment is set to follow a seasonal pattern allowing only a single crop per year, this is roughly 30-40 acres, depending on how large the planting and harvesting season is programmed. In theory if the psion chose to maintain optimal conditions year round, the Psions growth and harvest would be limited only by the growth and harvest times the crop, which would vastly increase yield, In fact in theory if two farmers were to ofest themselves in such an environment, one farmer could plant one acre of crops a day, while the other farmer would be harvesting an acre of crops per day, in and endless circle of fertility.​
Now Genesis Three is an extension of two whose use of Genesis is still within the listed implicit boundaries while pushing the explicit boundaries of the power to its farthest extension


How the Third and final version of Genesis worked was by using the gravity trait, Objective Directional Gravity. Using this Trait the psion declares that gravity is directed to Stone and tapers off rapidly so that the field of gravity does not extend very far from the stone (20-30 feet), When the Genesis power generates its demiplane it then creates the demiplane as listed above in genesis two, but as its size grows larger creates more and more internal spheres like a Russian nesting doll.

You use the Same Formulas as above with some minor changes.

First of Surface area ceases to be a simple formulas, but then becomes a chain of formulas.

For example

(R-20)^2*12= R1
(R1-30)^2*12= R2
(R2-30)^2*12= R3

Until R(n)<30

Each sphere is a 10 foot thick layer of stone, with a 10 foot thick layer of earth on each side of the layer with a 30 foot air gap separating each sphere’s outer soil layers, Each Sphere is kept in position by an never ending succession of pillars that form as the sphere expands. This method is similar to the others but produces an increase orders of magnitude above the other two methods. While the first two methods expand exponentially on the power of “2” the Third methods formula for surface area winds up roughly equivalent to this

23.7”x”^2.877 With the power approaching three the smaller the distance between “R” Values.

This ends up with this result
Manif Acres<br />01 24.8<br />02 170.2<br />03 541.9<br />04 1,245.6<br />05 2,387.3<br />06 4,072.6<br />07 6,407.4<br />08 9,497.4<br />09 13,448.5<br />10 18,366.5
Which leads us to the end Comparison tables of
Manif Gene 01 Gene 02 Gene 03<br />01 002.2 007.1 00024.8<br />02 008.8 028.5 00170.2<br />03 019.8 064.2 00541.9<br />04 035.2 114.2 01245.6<br />05 055.1 178.5 02387.3<br />06 079.3 0257 04072.6<br />07 0108 349.9 06407.4<br />08 0141 0457 09497.4<br />09 178.5 578.4 13448.5<br />10 220.4 714.1 18366.5

surface area = 4r2

Manifestion time= 7 days

Growth period= 180 days
Exp gaining Period 7 days
Cycle day length= 14 days.

Cycles per period= 12
Period Length= 174 days.

The period length assumes that you can start manifesting so that immediately after the growth period (the next day)

Area of united states (total including water area of lakes and what not) = 3,537,441

Number of spheres 12. (the hub sphere counts not)

Formation Pattern
Each layer is 5 ft stone under 10 ft of soil 30 ft of air 10 more feet of soil and 5 feet of stone.

So that the solid area is 30 feet with 10soil/10 stone/10 soil.

yes I know you can make it smaller

1/12 the area of united states = 294,786.75 square miles

Minimum number of periods to get equal or more to than that number= 16 periods

Cycles = 192 cycles.

Time = 2784 Days / 7.6273973 Years

Final areas per sphere

Miles = 307,988.03 square miles
Acres= 204,433,653.29 Acres

Total Areas

Miles = 2,453,203,839.52

Since all of this is arable note that this is actually 230% the arable land of the us.

Now lets assume that 20% of this land will be devoted to constructions/rivers and what not.

Acres =1962563072
Miles = 2956685.07

So we go convert that into farming
Whole grain flour is abou 98% weight of the grain while refined (white) flour is about 74% weight of grain.
Seed (bu/acre) Y. Rat Hvst Net Acres Bushels<br />Wheat 2 3.85 7.7 6 1,962,563,072 11,186,609,508<br />Oats 3 2.63 7.89 5 1,962,563,072 9,596,933,420<br />Barley 4 4.32 17.28 13 1,962,563,072 26,062,837,591<br />Rye/flour x x x x 1,962,563,072 15,700,504,573<br />Peas/beans 3 2.3 6.9 4 1,962,563,072 7,653,995,979<br />Wheat/flour x x x x 1,962,563,072 11,186,609,508<br />Barley/flour x x x x 1,962,563,072 26,062,837,591<br />Rye 2 5 10 8 1,962,563,072 15,700,504,573
<br />Bushels Price/ Bu Grain Value <br />11,186,609,508 .6 6,711,965,705 <br />9,596,933,420 36.4 349,328,376,496 <br />26,062,837,591 48 1,251,016,204,372 <br />15,700,504,573 82.32 1,292,465,536,445 <br />7,653,995,979 180 1,377,719,276,276 <br />11,186,609,508 176.40 1,973,317,917,250 <br />26,062,837,591 94.08 2,451,991,760,569 <br />15,700,504,573 280 4,396,141,280,424
Pounds Material<br />Peas/beans 459,239,758,759<br />Oats 499,040,537,851<br />Wheat/flour 657,772,639,083<br />Wheat 671,196,570,493<br />Rye/flour 861,643,690,963<br />Rye 879,228,256,085<br />Barley/flour 1,225,995,880,285<br />Barley 1,251,016,204,372
Assuming u can feed people for 3/lb of material per day you can support

People<br />Peas/beans 419,397,040<br />Oats 455,744,783<br />Wheat/flour 600,705,606<br />Wheat 612,964,905<br />Rye/flour 786,889,215<br />Rye 802,948,179<br />Barley/flour 1,119,630,941<br />Barley 1,142,480,552
Shrugs and that’s the refined set up

Also this starts off at level 17 when you get genesis

during the off week of the 14 days per cycle you must deal with 3 Cr 10 monsters.

Doing this on your own the party ecl is 13 to the monsters 10 so its not to dangerouts. You can deal with up to 2 cr 10's at once which raises the encounter to ecl 12.

As for treasure If you take them singly you get 5800*3 or 17400gp per week, if you take them 2 at a time you get 9800*2 or 19600gp per week
so between 3.3-3.7 mil

Here are a list of Cr 10 creatures that you can fight.

Animated Object, Colossal
Brass Dragon, Young adult
Cryohydra, Nine-Headed
Demon, Bebilith
Formian Myrmarch
Giant, Fire
Golem, Clay
Hydra, Eleven-Headed
Monstrous Scorpion, Gargantuan
Naga, Guardian
Pyrohydra, Nine-Headed
Red Dragon, Juvenile
Salamander, Noble
Silver Dragon, Juvenile
White Dragon, Adult

I would suggest Demons from the blood war or Formians on mechanus as they are the most plentiful.

Other things of note

4 hours per day is 2400 rounds. Assume that someone pulling a plow has his speed reduced as per heavy load reducing movement speed to 48,000 ft. Using a 2 ft furrow width one person can handle 2.285714 acres per day or 68.57142857 acres per 30 planting period.

What this means is that you will need to employ 28,620,712 farmers to take care of the crops. Assuming a family of four subtract 114,482,846 people from the above totals for population supported

Of course the money will go toward setting up the infrastructure of the realms.
Now a quick glance through the FCS shows that Faerun has a population of around 70,569,000 for the listed kingdoms.

Also note that the above is only for one crop a year.

Personally i would specilize and grow one unique crop per domain.
under construction

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Congrats Carnivor! I'm sure that this is the beginning of a great thread!

Originally posted by bacris:


I'll have to dig out my builds once I get home from work

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Great. Is this going to eventually include an evaluation of all of the powers?

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Definitely need to put in a section on the diferent disciplines (seer, nomad, etc).

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Best Wishes on this BG&C!

Originally posted by zombiegleemax:

I'll start here posting a build I think would work.


Psion (Seer) Build 1

This build starts playing as a "Information manager", with the help of your powers, and your psicrystal as a scout. Then, he takes a level of ranger, and from then on, the build becomes more of a gish, but with the help of the anarchic initiate and his low requirements/medium BAB/full manifesting, you can get 16 BAB and powers known as a 18th level psion, with 20th manifester level.

Seer 5/Ranger1/Anarchic Initiate2/Illithid Slayer10/Anarchic Initiate 2

Total BAB: 2+1+3+10=16
Manifester level= 20
Learns up to 3 9th level powers. (powers known=33+EK)

Race: Human
Skills: Prioritise Listen and Spot for your scouting crystal, knowledge (psi and dungeoneering) and concentration.

Hu: Psicrystal Affinity
3: EK(astral construct) (if you are using the nerf, take able learner at first level, and get your psicrystal now)
Psi5: Psionic Meditation
6: Practised Manifester
9: Linked Power
12: EK(metamorphosis)
15: ??
18: ??

Powers known:
On construction

Originally posted by zombiegleemax:

I know people are still up in the air about this, but if you took Erudite you would get Psicrystal Affinity for free, plus a bonus feat at level one along with your human feat and level 1 feat. We've been a lot of work with the Erudite in one of my games, and I'm really liking him.

Originally posted by bacris:

Just to start (lost my build doc)

The Default Psionic Gish
Ranger 2 / Psion 8 / Slayer 10
ML 17
BAB 16

Feat progression is pretty much whatever you want it to be.

Originally posted by skb:

My iconic psi-warrior:


Race: Human

1. Track(ranger), Power Attack(human), Iron Will
2. PsiCrystal Affinity(psion)
3. Imp. Bullrush
6. Leap Attack
7. Practiced Manifester(psion)
9. Shock Trooper
12. Dodge
15. Mobility
18. Elusive Target

Originally posted by zombiegleemax:

Here's a build I've tried to push a couple of times using an Item of Legacy. Practiced Manifester removes the last drawbacks to using one.

Green Lantern:

Elan Telepath 20

1 Psionic Body, PsiCrystal
3 Power Penetration
5 E Knowledge (Energy Missile or Ego Whip)
6 Psychic Meditation
9 Practiced Manifester
10 PsiCrystal Containment
12 Twin Power
15 E. Knowledge (Reddopsi), Power Pen: Greater
18 Overchannel
20 Talented

"Power Ring": Base Ring of Counterspells

5 Det. Magic at Will
6 Feather Fall at Will
7 Lesser Extend Power, 3/day
8 Lesser Split Ray, 3/day
9 Comp. Languages at Will
10 Lesser Enlarge, 3/day
11 Lesser Empower, 3/day
12 Extend, 3/day
13 Split Ray, 3/day
15 Lesser Maximize, 3/day
16 [Free Slot]
17 Empower, 3/day
18 Lesser Quicken, 3/day
20 Maximize, 3/day

Why is this a good combo?

The cost for a 15 level Psionic Item of Legacy is -2 ML Penalty (does NOT affect PP or Powers Known, just effect of power and ML checks), 18 PP, 56,000 GP and 3,300 XP.

Here is how you offset the costs:
-Practiced Manifester erases the ML penalty.
-The 30 uses each day of FREE Meta-Psionic augmentation, which do NOT count towards your ML Cap for manifesting or augmenting a power, which equal 78 free power points.
-The GP and XP penalties are offset by the items you don't have to buy.

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Metamorphic Transfer Tricks

I've been pondering some highly potent abuses of metamorphic transfer. I've not seen a comprehensive thread devoted to this cause, but I think it is a noble goal. I'm aware that there are threads devoted to good supernatural abilities (usually in the context of shapechange), but these threads aren't geared towards the more limiting nature of metamorphic transfer.

So without further ado:

The important restrictions are highlighted in red, and the important benefits are highlighted in green. It should be fairly straight forward. Of course it's not, though. There's a raging debate over whether or not continuous supernatural abilities count as multiple transfers or not.

Here is my interpretation:
Case 1: Abilities of this case are specified in the rules in terms of quantized usages. Example: breath weapon. Clearly these abilities may only be used a total of 4 times per day.

Case 2: Abilities of this case are specified as continual with a finite or infinite duration per activation. Example: true seeing. These abilities count as one transfer per activation.

Case 3: Abilities of this case are outside the box of the other two cases. They are quantized effects, yet the creature is able to benefit from them every round without requiring any actions. I am of the opinion that unless an action is required to use the ability that it does not constitute a use of the transfer beyond acquiring the ability. Example: choker's quickness. This is the controversial case and as such I will avoid most of these abilities like the plague.

I welcome discussion on the three cases I show and I definately will appreciate any tricks that you may provide. When I find more I'll add them.
Trick List:

(I'll add more as they are inspired or suggested. Here's the running total).

  • Nightmare (Outsider) [6HD]: Acquiring this form is most easily done by using Neraph as your race. This form grants etherealness as the spell at will and Astral Projection as the spell at will, both as supernatural abilities. 20th CL. Available as soon as 7th level. The implications of being able to use astral projection with 20 CL at 7th level should be obvious.
  • Sarrukh (Monsterous Humaoid) [13 HD]: The key to ultimate power. See the pun-pun thread. (a link is provided in my signature).
  • Barghest (Outsider) [6 HD or 9 HD]: A neraph psion can use this form to gain access to feed. If at 8th level, one can use feed once to then acquire the Greater Barghest form. You gain 1 outsider hit-dice for doing so and I believe the effects are permanent.
  • Formian Queen (outsider) [20 HD]: Requires that you have already obtained telepathy innately by some means (mindbender dip is the way to go here), and have taken the mind-sight feat. Now assume the telepathy of a formian queen and act like a god with your now 50 mile radius radar scan.
  • Spellweaver (Monsterous Humanoid) [10 HD]: Same as Formian Queen, except fewer HD reqs, and a 1000 mile telepathy.
  • Yakfolk (monsterous humanoid?) [5HD]: Summon Genie as a su ability. Genies are handy.
  • Hoary Steed (Magical Beast) [12 HD]: Similar to the nightmare, but offers a broader selection of abilities including etherealness, astral projection, air walk, Magic Circle against Good, and Obscuring mist.
  • Spellgaunt (Magical beast) [18 HD]: Forceweb, Disjunctive bite: Magic items bitten suffer a Disjunction (DC 23) Artifacts as well, (33% chance), but Dc 25 fort or spellgaunt implodes. Bite also disables spellcasting for 1d2 rounds on dc 23 save.
  • Symbionts (Aberration) [Varied, usually 2 HD]: You can gain share spells with this precious creature. For a psion this is fantastic. Morph into a symbiont attach yourself to your party fighter and you can buff him (and yourself). Blast away, while he fights. It's better than fusion.
  • Living Spell (Ooze) [Varied HD = CL of spell]: Questionable, since you cannot morph into a creature with a template... but this is a spell with a template that happens to be a creature. Weird. Anyways, you can now deliver many of your favorite arcane/divine spells without having to have any levels in a casting class. Living heal sounds good for your allies.
  • Greater Doppelganger (Monsterous Humanoid) [9 HD]: Supernatural ability to suck out the abilities of any medium sized or smaller humanoid. Essentially this enables illithid savant-like abuse. Possiblities are endless.
  • Intellect Devourer (Aberration) (6 HD): Take over a powerful corpse for up to 7 days. Replicates a polymorph ability. Works as a good pre-cursor to mind-switch.
  • Goblin, Forestkith: (Humanoid): HD 1: Tree shape: as 12th level druid, lasts till sunset or damaged.
  • Petal: (Fey): HD 1: Sleep Songs: nifty effects really need multiple participants to maximize this, Metamorphosis Psion and Petal cohort is available at level 7 (100ft radius sleep on each individual in area, nothing super special)
  • Lumi: (Outsider): HD 2: Body of Light: Lots, and Lots of nice immunities as well as immunity to explosion by awesome
  • Mindshredder Larva: (Aberration): HD 2: Though Sense: 20 foot mindsight with some additional limitations, nice for a scout form
  • Mindshredder Larva: (Aberration): HD 2: Wisdom Drain: Nasty versus cleric, not so impressive if you don't rely on it
  • Mindshredder Larva: (Aberration): HD 2: Transformation (ex): important because the text simply states 20 points wisdom drain = nice new body Need a long term effect (month and a week)
  • Redcap: (Fey): HD 4: Eldritch Stone: Sling stone enhancement. Meh
  • Redcap: (Fey): HD 4:Advancement may or may not apply to the HD bonuses they get.
  • Rejkar: (Outsider): HD 5:Freezing Gaze: dc 16 gaze attack, basically designed to get you a coup de grace
  • Runehound: (Aberration): HD 5:Uncanny Blind sight: 500 feet Blind sight
  • Visilight: (Outsider): HD 5:Charisma Drain: I look better, you look worse
  • Visilight: (Outsider): HD 5:Gaze: Let me hold you, 1d4 rounds Paralysis
  • Glastig: (Fey): HD 6: Beguiling Song: 300ft range song call Dc 19, once in 5 feet second save, or 8th level charm monster
  • Mindshredder Warrior: (Aberration): HD 7: Same as larva, larger wis drain (1d2), 40ft Though sense, 80 point wisdom drain needed
  • Phoelarch: (Monstrous Humanoid): HD 7: Healing Fire: Nice fire based Healing effect, other effects are death related and aren't very nice
  • Susurrus: (Aberration): HD 8:Dronesong: Rebuke as cleric of your level, holds (Undead) for 10 rounds
  • Otyugh, Lifeleech: (Aberration): HD 9: Lifeleech aura: piggyback healing effects within 60 feet, nice for your psiwar using meta helps cleric out immensely
  • Stonesinger: (Aberration): HD 9:Shattering Shriek: 60 feet perform check as attack roll 12d6 nonlethal, dc18 1d6 stun
  • Rot Reaver: (Aberration): HD 10:For two metamorphic transfers one can animate dead affected by its wound rot
  • Naztharune Rakshasa: (Outsider): HD 11: Hide in plain sight
  • Astral Stalker: (Outsider): HD 12: Unearthly Grace: Charisma to saves and AC
  • Knell Beetle: (Vermin): HD 12: Sonic Chime: 1/day 10d5 sonic cone
  • Grimweird: (Undead): HD 12: Energy Drain: Claw = negative level Nice
  • Grimweird: (Undead): HD 12: Unholy Grace: Cha bonus to save, ac
  • Mindshredder Zenthal: (Aberration): HD 13: Blah blah blah same as above, no transformation, Nice thing is that if you gain these forms through transformation you get the abilities as normal without the need of metamorphic transfer.
  • Protean Scourge: (Humanoid): HD 13: Split: self explanatory
  • Night Twist: (Plant): HD 15: Death Curse: Really petty, curses killer dc22 nightmare effect.
  • Night Twist: (Plant): HD 15: Despair Song: Really nasty nasty effect, 5 miles per hit dice, int 6 higher take 1d10 points of damage if not allowed to seek you (dc 22) Crushing despair. Only ended on round after twist uses slam attack on victim or on death on night twist, "Creature X" may or may not apply to any attack, if not you have an emo group searching for you. Note that once affected, it doesn't end even if they leave the area or if they can no longer hear the song.
  • Skindancer: (Monstrous Humanoid): HD 15:Adaptive Energy Resistance: Mutable 20 point resistance, keel some alchemical items on hand to trigger this
  • Skindancer: (Monstrous Humanoid): HD 15:Damage Reduction: DR 15/ Variable
  • Skindancer: (Monstrous Humanoid): HD 15:Reactive Skin: +6 Deflection
  • Dust Wright: (Undead): HD 16: Petrifying Cloud: Passive cloud of dust, living creatures within 5 feet Dc 18 Petrifaction Charisma Based
  • Plauge Spewer: (Undead): HD 16: Vomit Rat swarm: Just because its cool
  • Sorrowsworn Demon: (Outsider): HD 18: Aura of Loss: Radius of despair that forces casters to concentrate on spells, as well as check penalties
  • Drowned: (Undead): HD 20: Drowning Aura: within aura treated as underwater.
  • Siege Crab: (Vermin): HD 20:Force Carapace: Really odd ability, decent bonuses, might be able to retain essence on it.
  • Charnel Hound: (Undead): HD 21: Body integration: once reduced to negatives (enemy) Is absorbed into body for healing
  • Ragewalker: (Fey): HD 22: Control Living spells: a nice little end game high level effect
  • Ragewalker: (Fey): HD 22: Repel Missiles: Nasty surprise for a ubersniper (might affect weaponlike spells, YMMV)


This is monster manual III, all the major (su) abilities that I personally feel are the "best" However if anyone sees anything more useful feel free to add.

Persinally my favorite at the moment is the Phrenic Druid that utilizes Night twist Form. (even more true than "don't sacrifice a caster level" is "Never sacrifice a druid level") Phrenic is one of the better options for meeting the manifester level requirement. Racial Psi/s are 1/2Hd Mani's so you qualify for metamorphic transfer at 10.

If you take Phrenic template (+2) you get metamorphic transfer at 7th ECL (assuming a feat) so 8th Ecl (6th HD feat). blah blah blah. i'm boring myself, sufficed to say you cause a lot of problems in the local 6+ int population.

My personal favorites (su) abilities are the transformational abilities. One of the big problems with those is that the creatures have no la and that there is a large problem with the wording.

The main problem is that the wording says you "become the creature" now read one way you would go from say, human psion 8 to say, Barghest Psion 8/Outsider 1 withough the Barghests racial hit dice. Or the option two is that you become a greater Barghest. Period, and have no psion levels remaining all your feats change, you basically tear out the page from the MM and start playing that. As always your dm will have his or own take.


Forgot to mention LoM feat allows druids to wild shape into abberrations. If you add in a way to get metamorphic transfer you can get a lot nice abilities to ramp up a druid power level even more.
I compiled a list of forms from the Monster Manual (some were from an older thread, but most I gathered), and their useful abilities. Surprizingly, I think the Roper is the best find. You can fire 6 ranged touch attacks per round with a range of 50 feet, each deals 2d8 Strength damage, with a DC 18 Fort. save to resist! They have great Natural Armor, too.

I put the abbreviated creature type in parenthesis at the end, to give you an idea of what kinds of skills you should load up on (Aberrations are the best, so Know: Dungeoneering). I noted the abilities you can gain, but did not distinguish between Su and Ex special attacks. I am going to be using Metamorphic Transfer, and so should anyone else IMO. ;) I included some Constructs in the list, but not Outsiders.

Choker for Quickness (aber)
Beholder eye rays and antimagic cones. (aber)

Mind Flayer's Mind Blast. (aber)

Invisible Stalker grants improved improved invisibility. So does the Phantom Fungus. (Elem, Plant)

Ethereal Stalkers and Phase Spiders allow excellent ethereal travel abilities. (aber?, M. Beast)

Temporal Filcher can take you and afoe into the future, where your party kows the exact moment you'll appear. Talk about a prime ambush situation. (aber)

Blink Dogs can dimension door as a free action and still act afterwards. (Mag. B)

Kolyaruts have enervation rays and vampiric touches. (Constr)
Will O' Wisp. - Great Dex, Weapon Finesse, Electrical attack (Aber)

Treant - reach, high Con, and high Str. (Plant)

For Mobility, Dragon forms fly extremely fast, and if you want manuverability, not much beats the Pegasus. (Drag, Mag. B)

Xeph for Burst (+30 ft) (Hum)
Elan for Resiliance, etc (Aber)
Thought Eater: Drain PPs (6 per 1 Int point) and Ethereal Jaunt. (Aber)
13 HD Astral Construct, Natural Invisibility and Smite
Crysmal - good AC, burrow speed, +8 spot and appraise (Elem)
Intellect Devourer - Body Thief!! +8 bluff, move silently, listen (Aber)
Puppeteer - Enthrall is an Ex Attack... Good AC (Mag. B)
Thought Slayer - Death attack. (14 HD Aber)
Udoroot - Double Manifest is an Ex special attack... (8 HD Plant)
Tendriculous - Improved Grab, Paralysis, Swallow Whole, Con 22, 3 attacks (Plant)
Wyvern - 6 attacks, Multiattack, Poison, flight, Improved Grab (Drag)
Medusa - Gaze (Mon. Hum.)
Harpy - flight, Captivating Song (huge range, free action it seems, decent DC) (Mon. Hum.)
Hags - various Str draining powers
Lamia - Wis drain Touch Attack (Mag. B)
Lammasu - Mag. Circ. Vs. Ev. (Mag. B)
Nymph - Blinding Beauty, Stunning Glance, Unearthly Grace (Fey)
Nagas - Charm Person and Detect Thoughts at will (Aber)
Aboleth - Enslave! (Aber)
Frost Worm - Trill, Breath Weapon (14 HD Mag. B)
Gibbering Mouther - Gibbering, Ground Manipulation (very good if foes can't Move for some reason (stunned, etc)) (Aber)
Gorgon - Petrifying Breath, decent DC, decent AC (Mag. B)
Remorhaz - Improved Grab, Swallow Whole (big damage) (Mag. B)
Roper - Strands (Touch attack!, 6 per round! 50 ft.), Drag, Weakness (2d8 Str dmg. w/DC 18 save!!) (Mag. B)
Androsphinx - Roar (Fear, Paralyze, Str damage) (Mag. B)
Spider Eater - Freedom of Movement, Large w/ Fly 60 (good), Paralysis Poison and Implant (nasty) (Mag. B)
Aranea - Web 6xday (Mag. B)
Behir - nice combat form. Imp. Grab, Constrict, Rake (6 claws!), AND Swallow Whole, Breath Weapon
Belker - nice Dex, 5 attacks, Smoke Claws, Smoke Form (Gaseous Form), Fly 50 (perfect), Good NA (Elem)
Bulette - Burrow speed, Leap (4 claw attacks), decent Con and NA, good damage (Mag. B)
Chuul - Imp. Grab, Constrict, Paralytic tentacles (requires Move Action, though, go Hustle!), good NA (11 HD Aber)
Cloaker - Moan (Paralyze), Shadow Shift (20% Conc, Mirror Image, Silent Image!), Fly 40 (avg) (Aber)
Delver - Corrosive Slime (great vs. Stone), good NA, burrow speed (15 HD Aber)
Destrachan - Destructive harmonics (Shatter, DC 15, < 30 HP, can Tune it, affects all objects in area) (Aber)
Digester - Acid Spray (8d8, 5 ft. range) (Mag. B)
Doppelganger - Detect Thoughts (Mon. Hum.)
Dragon Turtle - Breath Weapon, Capsize, Swim Spd. (12 HD Drag)
Dragonne - Roar (Exhaustion, Will DC 15), Fly 30 (poor) (Mag. B)
Some more interesting tricks:
Metamorphic Transfer can be used to gain the excellent ability Share Spells. (Trick: metamorph into a Symbioint and share spells with a spellcaster to double up on long-duration buffs.) Tentacle Whip and Living Breastplate (both EbCS) have great additional bonuses. (You can have the tank gain all the benefit of a symbiont, and you can still manifest powers as normal.) Shadow Sibling (MoE) form provides a 50% miss chance for a few attacks against the host each day.

Living Spells (MM3)
This is debatable by RAW, since it is a "template" applied to a spell, but not a template applied to a creature. If allowed, this gives you access to all kinds of insanity. Remember that a living spell with 15 HD can include any number of spells of upto 8th level - and each spell effects each of up to 16 medium creatures each round via its special attack Engulf (ex). That's right, (ex).

Silthilar (LoM) has PoA (CL 9) as supernatural ability. Greater Doppelganger (MonOF) has Consume Identity. Either of these forms can be used as a stepping stone to a more powerful form.
PhaedrusXY mentioned this in his big list above, but I'd like to reiterate that the Intellect Devourer's Body Thief ability is potentially quite powerful. As far as I can see, there's no upper limit on the HD of the creature that you can use Body Thief on (other than possibly the 15 HD limit on Polymorph).

So a 7th-level character can manifest Metamorphosis to turn into an Intellect Devourer and then animate the corpse of some much more powerful monster. You just need to find a suitable corpse to inhabit and bring it along with you.
Archons (e.g. the hound archon [outsider, 6HD] and lantern archon [outsider, 1HD]) have the supernatural ability to use greater teleport at will, but they can only carry 50 lbs with them.

However, the bar-lgura from the BoVD [outsider, 6HD] is better since it has the (Su) ability to teleport without error and bring along another creature (up to [UNKNOWN=del]: 500
200 lbs, I think). Plus it's a tool-user with decent stats and the Pounce ability (if you're into that sort of thing).
A Tsochar might be better than an Intellect Devourer. You get the same ability but the maximum duration is one year and a tsochar only has four hit dice. The only down side is you need the victim to be alive.

If you take metamorphic transfer a second time, you can use any arcane spells the body had available at the time it died. This would probably only be three spells per day, but there could still be some use. I suspect that the phrase "the tsochar cannot regain spells or spell slots it expends from the dead character's spellcasting ability" refers only to the normal process of regaining spells. It may be possible to use a few pearls of power to keep a few particularly useful spells on hand.
Here's one that got pointed out to me in my Ability Rip thread:

The Mindstealer.

Need I say more?

EDIT: It seems that you need another supernatural ability (or two) for this to work- this means that you'd probably have to change shape three times for this to work out. Still, gaining 'free levels' is nothing to turn down, even if it takes a bit of effort.

Originally posted by rlrapp:

Hey green lantern, why do you a have practiced manifester on your build?

Originally posted by zombiegleemax:

Hey green lantern, why do you a have practiced manifester on your build?
One of the "Personal Costs" for an Item of Legacy for a Psion is a -2 ML Pentalty. This does not affect base PP or Powers Known, but it does affect your Augmentation Cap, duration, etc.

Practiced Manifester should offset the penalty.

Originally posted by carnivore:

a quick reply:

thanks to:

Todd.....i also appreciate your encouragement in starting this thread.....i have used some of your guides and WyvernSlayers guides to make this.

Bacris...i appreciate your builds and look forward to more in the future

Mucknuggle....welcome back,havent heard from you in a while....looking to hear your input as well

RLRapp.......yes , i will add that as well......forgot to include as i will borrow some excellent work that has already been done.

Istarion.....nice build, will insert it in the right spot, good job

SKB.....nice build, will insert it in the right spot, good job

ck2001wendt.....nice build, will insert it in the right spot, good job

sorry for the cut and paste.....but must be quick so i can add the changes as well

if you have any links you would like to have included...please post them so i can enter them

thanks again


Originally posted by BloodSpill:

I have a question: How does one make a Shaper that can survive post-CP?

I mean think about it, how does a Conjurer that only has creation spells survive? :p

Egoist - Transmuter
Nomad - Conjurer (teleportation)
Kineticist - Evoker
Shaper - Conjurer (creation)
Seer - Diviner
Telepath - Enchanter

Poor, poor shaper.

Originally posted by sir_dwar:

Empty Vessels(Eberron)......This is probably "The Best" Race for a Psion....all the best of both Humans and Kalashtar.
No... The ECS Says straight out, and ROE repeated it, INSPIRED AND EMPTY VESSELS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR PLAYER CHARECTERS... 'nuff said. irtual immortality is bad, but that isn't the worst. The ability to have a quori posess you with NO SAVE is not a good thing... THAT'S why empty vessels are nto good for pc's... In ebberon, charecters get famous pretty quickly, so there's a good chance the guy would be ferreted out by the thousand eyes and turned into a host. Kalashtar would be much better.

Originally posted by tavish:

Just wanted to point out the Psiforged race from Magic of Eberron. You have to take the psiforged body feat at first level, which gives you a free power point, but then you get all the regular Warforged abilities and additionally, your body acts as a Capacitence Crystal. Can't remember the amount, but I think it was 3-5 points could be stored in you body. Also, there are additional feats for the Psiforged that boost its abilities, like one that acts as a generator and produces extra power points.

Originally posted by carnivore:

No... The ECS Says straight out, and ROE repeated it, INSPIRED AND EMPTY VESSELS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR PLAYER CHARECTERS... 'nuff said. irtual immortality is bad, but that isn't the worst. The ability to have a quori posess you with NO SAVE is not a good thing... THAT'S why empty vessels are nto good for pc's... In ebberon, charecters get famous pretty quickly, so there's a good chance the guy would be ferreted out by the thousand eyes and turned into a host. Kalashtar would be much better.
hmm..must have missed that(i was just skimming the text at the time)...i realized Inspired were not for Players,but did not see the rest...i will adjust,to correct

thanks for pointing it out ;)

I have a question: How does one make a Shaper that can survive post-CP?

I mean think about it, how does a Conjurer that only has creation spells survive?

Egoist - Transmuter
Nomad - Conjurer (teleportation)
Kineticist - Evoker
Shaper - Conjurer (creation)
Seer - Diviner
Telepath - Enchanter

Poor, poor shaper.
The Shaper, like any other Psionic Discipline is not limited to Only his discipline powers....he can pick from any general Psion/Wilder power as well

Tavish ......Good catch about the Psiforged.....i was getting to it in the Feat section...


Originally posted by carnivore:

just a quick note:........i just looked it up:

Empty Vessels
ARE allowed for player Characters..see Pg.291 Eberron Campaign setting.

Inspired are Unsuitable for Player Characters..pg.292 Eberron campaign setting book.


Originally posted by bacris:

Ok, the Egoist Gish - SRD-only - Tripping Variety

Human Ranger 2 / Psion 8 / Slayer 10

Psion ML 17
BAB 16

1H: Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Kusari-Gama
1: Combat Expertise
1R: Track
2R: Two-Weapon Fighting
3: Improved Trip
3P: Expanded Knowledge (Expansion)
6: Combat Reflexes
7P: Psionic body
9: Metamorphic Transfer
12: Improved Two-Weapon Fighting
15: Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
18: Free

Use Metamorphosis to get into a large or larger size creature with hands (such as a girallon - 7HD, Large size) - 20' reach. Use Expansion to get Huge or Gargantuan - 30'-40' reach.

7 attacks with 30' reach. In Huge form, +12 to trip attacks, plus your STR bonus. Kind of MAD-dependent, as you'll need high Wis for the feats, high Int for powers, and high Dex for TWF'ing feats + combat reflexes. STR and CON aren't as important once you hit 9th level (metamorphosis).

Originally posted by zombiegleemax:

Use Metamorphosis to get into a large or larger size creature with hands (such as a girallon - 7HD, Large size) - 20' reach. Use Expansion to get Huge or Gargantuan - 30'-40' reach.
From the SRD under the Expansion power,
"Multiple effects that increase size do not stack . . ."

Originally posted by bacris:

Metamorphosis doesn't increase your size. Metamorphosis changes your form, which has a different base size. You assume the natural size of the creature, it is not a size increase. Just like your stats change to the new forms, your actual stats do not get increased or decreased, but are simply changed to match the new form's.

Guess it depends on how you look at it...

You acquire the physical qualities of the new form while retaining your own mind. Physical qualities include natural size, mundane movement capabilities (such as burrowing, climbing, walking, swimming, and flight with wings, to a maximum speed of 120 feet for flying or 60 feet for nonflying movement), natural armor bonus, natural weapons (such as claws or a bite), racial bonuses on skill checks, racial bonus feats, and any anatomical qualities (presence or absence of wings, number of extremities, and so forth). A body with extra limbs does not allow you to make more attacks (or more advantageous two-weapon attacks) than normal.
If the power said your size increases or decreases to match the form, then it would be a size increase.

If it's that big of a problem, just use 2-size expansion + Reach from Mind's Eye (need to use EK to get it) - 35' reach without the argument ;)

Originally posted by carnivore:

Sample Telepath
LN Human Telepath 1

Str 11
Dex 16
Con 15
Int 16
Wis 13
Cha 12



flaw: Illithid Heritage
flaw: Illithid Compulsion
human: Psicrystal Affinity
Level 1: Psionic Body
Psion 1: Extend Power
Level 3: Illithid Legacy(bonus Powers: Psi Charm,Read Thoughts)
Psion 5: Psionic Meditation
Level 6: Psicrystal Containment
Level 9: Illithid Legacy ,Greater(bonus powers: Dispel Psionics, Psi Dominate)
Psion 10: Expanded Knowledge(Metamorphosis)
Level 12: Link Power
Level 15: Overchannel
Psion 15: Talented
Level 18: Metamorphic Transfer
Psion 20: Twin Power


1st lvl
Channel the Crystal Dragon(dragon magic)..nice variable effect, skill boosts and Resistance to certain Energy types, and can Gain Immunity to Magic Missile
Inertial Armor
Entangling ectoplasm
Eidetic Lock - .....nice non combat power....1 day/ML..augment: +4PP= Permanent memory..handy
Psi Charm(bonus)

2nd lvl
Ego Whip
Crystal Storm - excellent direct damage power....short range...no save for slashing, Fort save negates Con damage......PR:No....does 2d4 slashing +1d4 Con damage(on failed Fort save)...great augments..1)+1PP=+1d4 slashing damage.....2)+2PP = +1 point Con Damage
Psychoportive Shelter
Share Pain
Read Thoughts(bonus)

3rd lvl
Dispel Psionics(bonus)
Time Hop
Touch Sight
Empathic Transfer, Hostile
Energy Retort

4th lvl
Divination, psionic
Modify Memory, Psionic:
Gemstone Breath(Dragon Magic)
Metamorphosis(Expanded Knowledge)

5th lvl
Adapt Body
Ectoplasmic Shambler
Mind Probe
Psionic Major Creation

6th lvl
Psionic Disintegrate
Temporal Acceleration
Inconstant Location - Duration 1 minute, great for tactical movement and frees up your move actions so you can refocus(Psi Meditation) and still move.....give you a swift action teleport

7th lvl
Energy Conversion
Eyes of the Basilisk - 30' range.....1 rnd/ML..gaze attack...1 creature/rnd...save or turned to stone..PERMANENTLY
Crisis of Life

8th lvl
Teleport, Psionic Greater: As psionic teleport, but no range limit and no off-target arrival.
True Metabolism: You regenerate 10 hit points/round.
Bend Reality Alters reality within power limits.

9th lvl
Psychic Chirurgery
Affinity Field


Originally posted by carnivore:


Poster Name: carnivore
Character Name: Maximus Mentatus

Class/Level: Ranger 1/ Psion(telepath) 5/ Anarchic Initiate 4/ Slayer 10

Races: Kalashtar

Ability Scores:
Str: 24 TOTAL (Points Spent= 6)
Dex: 18 TOTAL (Points Spent=4)
Con: 24 TOTAL [Base 14+ 6 enhancement +4 inherent] (Points Spent=6)
Int: 32 TOTAL [Base 16+ 6 enhancement +5 Inherent + 5 Level Increases] (Points Spent = 10)
Wis: 16 TOTAL [Base 10+ 6 enhancement] (Points Spent =2)
Cha: 18 TOTAL [Base 12+ 6 enhancement] (Points Spent = 4)

Tactical Statistics:

Hit points = 219

Power Points: 399(280 lvl+ 99 stat+20 racial)

Manifester Level:18th
Shismed mind:12(18 normal -6 Shism )
Initiative = 8
Move Speeds: 30 base
AC: TOTAL [10 + Bonuses]
Conditional Modifiers to AC: List here
Completely Buffed AC: TOTAL [10 + Bonuses]
Conditional Modifiers:
Conditional Modifiers:
Will: TOTAL [Base + Bonuses]
Conditional Modifiers:


Ranger 1: Blooded, (Track)
Psion(Telepath) 1: (overchannel)
Psion(Telepath) 2: Psicrystal affinity
Psion(Telepath) 3:
Psion(Telepath) 4:
Psion(Telepath) 5: (Talented)/quick reconoiter
Anarchic Initiate 1: [Chaotic Surge]
Anarchic Initiate 2:
Anarchic Initiate 3: linked power[Wild Surge +1, Psychic Enervation]
Anarchic Initiate 4 [Clarity of Confusion]
Slayer 1: [Favored enemy +2, enemy sense]
Slayer 2: Psionic Meditation
Slayer 3: [Lucid buffer]
Slayer 4: [Favored enemy +4]
Slayer 5: Twin Power
Slayer 6: [Cerebral blind]
Slayer 7:[Favored enemy +6]
Slayer 8: EK: Spirit of War
Slayer 9: [Cerebral immunity]
Slayer 10 [Blast feedback, favored enemy +8]

Skills of note:

Powers of Note:
1st lvl:
Force Screen
Telempathic Projection

2nd lvl:
Crystal Storm
Ego Whip
Concussion Blast
Share Pain

3rd lvl:
Dispel Psionics
Empathic transfer Hostile

4th lvl:

5th lvl:
Ectoplasmic Shambler
Plane Shift
True Sight, psionic
Mind Probe

6th lvl:
Disintegrate, psionic
Inconstant Location
Temporal Acceleration

7th lvl:
Oak Body
Energy conversion
Energy Wave

8th lvl:
True metabolism
Teleport Greater
Planar embrace
Spirit of War

9th lvl:
Psychic Chirgury
Reality Revision

Items of Note:

Quori embedded shards:
40000gp 5x Ecto Armor(+10 armor bonus)
45000gp 4x Crystaline Eye(+4 spot & search, no flanking,All-around sight)
12000gp 4x Power link
2500gp Pathfinder
6000gp 2x 1st lvl Power Repository shards(claws of the beast,Expansion)
27000gp 3rd lvl Power Repository shard(claws of the Vampire)
48000gp 4th lvl Power Repository shards(Steadfast Perception)

100100gp Bow of Solars
3600gp 2x Efficient quivers
40000gp Paralyzing arm ....+4 inherent Str
200000gp +6 Belt of magnificience
132650gp 5x wishes cast by 17th lvl wizard
36000gp torc of power preservation
77500gp Skin of the hero..........+3 deflection AC, +3 resistance all saving throws, +3 enhancement Attacks
20250gp Crystal mask of insightful detection...+9 insight to Spot and Search


Originally posted by carnivore:

if anyone would like to add something....please do....all assistance is appreciated.

gota go..........till monday


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