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D&D 3E/3.5 [3.5e] Favorite non-Core Base Classes


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What are some of your favorite Base Classes in 3.5e that don't come from the Player's Guide? Most of the time when I hear people talk about the best base classes they'll mention druids, wizards and clerics. Do you have any favorite base classes that you enjoyed playing or have seen someone else play well that come from materials outside of the Player's Guide?

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Warblade. Not the most powerful, but easily the most fun to play, IMO.

With all the boosts, counters and strikes, I felt like I was playing a mini-game of M:TG (one of my all time favourite games) in dnd. :lol:


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Archivists (Heroes of Horror) are pretty nifty and can either be completely overpowered (if you cheese the heck out of them) or fit right into an average-level party (if you don't). I love the flavor.

All of the ToB base classes are fun.

If we include homebrew, the Sagittarius is something I'm looking forward to trying out; it looks like a fun archer class.

Shin Okada

It is a hard choice. But I vote for Duskblade as it is one of the most well-designed standard class which is enjoyable from 1st-level to 20th-level without multi-classing.

Followed by Scout, Warmage & Warlock.


I'm a fan of all the various subsystems, so the classes in XPH, ToB, ToM, and MoI (minus the Truenamer and Soulborn, of course) are among my favorites. Also, the duskblade and beguiler are quite nice because (A) they give you a reason to go all 20 levels and (B) they let me most easily recreate older-edition characters for some of my players who had fighter/magic-users and illusionists, respectively.


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:rant:I prefer the Hexblade personally. I like the personality type and they get some great abilities (Mettle, Arcane Resistance & Dark Companion) to go with the Hex ability, Fighter HD, Fighter Weapon Proficiencies, light armor & Wizard saving throws. A good angst PC that can be maximized as a Hexblade/Rogue if built properly IMHO.:rant:


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I can't pick one...
Binder, Totemist, Dragon Shaman and Shadowcaster would have to be my favorite base classes. None of them hugely strong, stat-wise, but just too much flavor and fun.


I like Warlocks (Complete Arcane), Dragonfire Adepts (Dragon Magic), Techonological Savants (E.N. Publishing Fantastic Science). All three have at will non vancian magic which suits my playstyle preferences (Reduce resource tracking).

Soulknives are a lot of fun too, magical physical combatantants with powers that recharge with a move action (psychic strike) or are always on but can be changed daily (mindblade enhancements).


Hard to narrow it down, I have a lot of favorites.

All of the Tome of Battle classes are fun, though I'd have to rank them Swordsage, Warblade, and Crusader, in that order. Crusader's most powerful, but just a hassle to manage. Warblade I use the most often because it's the simplest, but I enjoy Swordsage the most.

I also like the Scout, Swashbuckler (with C.Arcane variant, though it's still kinda weak...), Hexblade (again, despite being underpowered badly), Warlock, Psion, and Factotem. Spellthief always looked interesting, but I've yet to try it out.


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For me...

Battlesorcerer (UA), Warlock (CoA), Dread Necromancer (HoH), Duskblade (PHB2), Erudite (CoP), Archivist (HoH) and Fiendblade (Lion's Den Press, Classes of Legend, by Ari Marmell) found here in the Enworld pdf store.

My apologies in advance if I violated some naming convention with the book abbreviations.



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Incarnum... (incarnate and totemist): Enjoyable classes, once you wrap your head around the strange new mechanics. Niether are exceptionally powerful, but can be very enjoyable.

Martial Adept (yes, all three rock): I dig all three of the base classes out of Bo9S. Of those three, Swordsage is probably my favorite. Although Warblade is part of my favorite Gestalt.

Psionicist (psion, wilder): Both of these classes are great. Of the two, I'd say Psion is more popular. Wilders seem to be pretty under-rated. I enjoy playing both, but Psion is the other half of my favorite Gestalt.

Warlock (and its dragon-inspired cousin): a great class for beginners, and fun to RP. Not something a veteran takes if he wants *power* though.

#1 favorite non-core class? Psion.


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Hexblade and Duskblade, and not just because I like armored casters.

The Hexblade is a much better opposite to the Paladin than is Blackguard. Both the Hexblade and Paladin are warriors with secondary casting. Paladins are heavily armored, divine, pious LG types; Hexblades are lightly armored, arcane, somewhat sneaky types of sketchy alignment but not dedicated to a particular ideology. Despite the above comments, I would not consider the Hexblade underpowered. They have some superior defenses for facing high BAB opponents, including several ways to get concealment, and their main unique schtick, the curse, is a HD-based Supernatural ability, which means no SR, and the penalties are killer. Against opponents with SR, they would use their spells just for buffing; don't forget, they have full BAB. They have a nice flavor to them. I just like them.

The Duskblade is a good implementation of the full warrior, full caster concept. Not overpowered, but still strong while not completely eclipsing either the fighter or wizard. Compared to the Hexblade, the Duskblade lacks the specialized cursing ability, but makes up for it with greater offensive casting capabilities and some nice utilities (like short range teleports and such).

I like the Marshal. However, they are definitely underpowered. Giving them a specialized set of bonuses that stack with everything does not make up for being, essentially, a 3/4 BAB fighter with no bonus feats with the buffing capabilities of a much lower level bard or cleric and no healing or utilities. Honestly, kicking them up to full BAB and d10s for hit dice would probably rebalance them; they lack a fighter's bonus feats or specialized attacks of their own.


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My favorite is necessarily the warlock, for flavor, utility, and parsimony.

However, there are a number of nice ones; I particularly am fond of the Archivist, Hexblade, Scout, and Knight for flavor.


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I love the:

1) Soulknife

2) Divine Mind

3) Marshal

4) Battle Sorcerer

5) Soulborn

6) Shaman (esp. with the 3.5 update in Dragon #317)

7) Sohei (esp. with the 3.5 update in Dragon #317)

8) Shadowcaster


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I have little actual experience with some of the classes I would now claim as favorites, but their flavor from my understanding jives with concepts I just love to play.

In no particular order

Swordsage(Magic-ish melee combatant, even if he has rogue BAB)

Totemist (I get to have the cool features and stuff of a mess of monsters, keyed on the same stat to avoid MAD? Awesome fun... IMO)

Binder (Basically a class that can change it focus day to day, similar to a totemist but with a slightly less feral vibe and a more 'magical' one... even though incarnum is kinda magic too.)

Warlock(Simplified magic that doesn't run out? Awesome fun!)

Duskblade (Seems a good mix of magic and melee stuff, which is something I always end up wanting, except in my feral berserker characters, usually)


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Psychic (Psychic's Handbook)
Shaman (Shaman's Handbook)
Witch (Witch's Handbook)
Magister (Arcana Evolved)
Greenbond (Arcana Evolved)
Mageblade (Arcana Evolved)
Bruiser (a generic unarmed combatant, by Dr. Awkward of EN World)
Ranger (a non-magic class variant, by me)

Those are the best I can think of right now, that I've actually used, and found highly suitable, and fun while they're at it. Not all of those are classes I've actually played (as a player, that is) - but your players' fun and feedback is a pretty good gauge as well, I think.


If we're going outside of WotC, then I definitely want to add these from Arcana Evolved: Akashic, Ritual Warrior, Unfettered, Witch, Mageblade, and Champion of Death (yes, specifically that one subset of the class). Witch and especially Akashic are possibly my favorite classes ever written anywhere, for flavor alone.

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