D&D 5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

On the D&D Celebration – Sunday, Inside the D&D Studio with Liz Schuh and Ray Winninger, Winninger said that WotC will be shifting to a greater emphasis on settings in the coming years.

This includes three classic settings getting active attention, including some that fans have been actively asking for. He was cagey about which ones, though.

The video below is an 11-hour video, but the information comes in the last hour for those who want to scrub through.

Additionally, Liz Schuh said there would be more anthologies, as well as more products to enhance game play that are not books.

Winninger mentioned more products aimed at the mainstream player who can't spend immense amount of time absorbing 3 tomes.

Ray and Liz confirmed there will be more Magic: The Gathering collaborations.

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Casimir Liber

The new Ravenloft book is actually a sign of hope for people who want a 5E Oriental Asian Adventures setting/sourcebook, since WotC seems to be actually walking the walk about who they get to write non-White/Western European stuff now.

Of course, one needn't wait around for WotC on that score. Asian gamers are already creating settings and sourcebooks like that on their own. Makenzie De Armas, now an associate designer at WotC, wrote Islands of Sina Una, a setting based on Philippine mythology.
Yaarel did you see this

review and context - I did think about getting this

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