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5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

On the D&D Celebration – Sunday, Inside the D&D Studio with Liz Schuh and Ray Winninger, Winninger said that WotC will be shifting to a greater emphasis on settings in the coming years.

This includes three classic settings getting active attention, including some that fans have been actively asking for. He was cagey about which ones, though.

The video below is an 11-hour video, but the information comes in the last hour for those who want to scrub through.

Additionally, Liz Schuh said there would be more anthologies, as well as more products to enhance game play that are not books.

Winninger mentioned more products aimed at the mainstream player who can't spend immense amount of time absorbing 3 tomes.

Ray and Liz confirmed there will be more Magic: The Gathering collaborations.

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I'd love Planescape but I'd never call it Epic High Fantasy. My experience with it was Sigil and Faction focused with forays to the planes as sort of open dungeons. Theros' piety system is an obvious match for the Factions and I'd hope it would ignore Faction War. Ofc what it would need the most is a couple of adventures.

just curious where is/was the birthright guidebook?
Popped up out of the blue on Drivethru RPG a few weeks back, which does make it a complete wildcard choice in all of this.

Birthright has a unique feel to it and I honestly think it distinguishes itself from FR more than Greyhawk or Dragonlance do, plus its big emphasis on kingdom building pretty much means you can sell it as "Big ol' army management and hold building" the setting

Its possible we might see its revival, but.... That's a massive maaaaaaybe on that one simply because of it being, well, Birthright.


If the 2020 survey results still mesh up with the results from the 2015 survey, then I think Dark Sun and Planescape are pretty much assured.

The third setting I'm not sure. Ravenloft was in the top tier with Dark Sun, Planescape, Eberron, and Forgotten Realms so it might get another book. Eberron and Forgotten Realms we have already, so all that would be left is to dip into the settings from the 2nd popularity tier. Those being Spelljammer, Dragonlance, and Greyhawk. I'm really only pining for Dark Sun myself.


True, but I'd wager for 90% of people Barovia is Ravenloft, not the greater Domains of Dread, for right or wrong.

Granted, and it hasn't helped that WotC has more-or-less ignored the larger setting in favor of variations of I6 (Expedition in 3.5, the Castle Ravenloft board game, Curse of Strahd) but I think there is a definite opportunity there to look at the setting again with fresh eyes and look to other types and tropes of horror.


Getting lost in fantasy maps
Not gonna be Greyhawk--there isn't much to add that FR doesn't already have except different fluff. And possibly removal of stuff (like no dragonborn in Greyhawk). No way they are going to do that.
If you expect a new setting book rehashes what has already been done, there’s no reason to redo any classic setting.

But in Greyhawk’s case, WotC could easily pick up the setting’s global war that Gygax himself was writing about. Do something new with it, like use Greyhawk as a vehicle for a 5e campaign wracked by active war. Then bring in an angle of exploration by expanding coverage of the rest of the Oerik continent west of the Flanaess.


True, but I'd wager for 90% of people Barovia is Ravenloft, not the greater Domains of Dread, for right or wrong.

Yep. They've already covered most of what would be covered by a typical player for that setting. with other settings yet untouched, I don't see a dedicated ravenloft setting until those others have been done first.


just curious where is/was the birthright guidebook?
"Guidebook" might be overstating it, now that I think of it, but it's here (and free):

There was some discussion/speculation on whether Birthright might be opened up for the DM's guild when it was released.

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"Guidebook" might be overstating it, but it's here (and free):

There was some discussion/speculation on whether Birthright might be opened up for the DM's guild when it was released.

As much as I would love a new Birthright book, that setting barely even shows up on the survey results. Besides, you can run a Birthright game using the following system with far better results than 5e will get you:




Almost givens: Planescape and Dark Sun
Possible: Greyhawk, Spelljammer, Dragonlance
Unlikely but maybe: Ravenloft, Mystara, Birthright
No chance: Everything else
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Not another setting exactly - but I am thinking they may explore other parts of the Realms. I'm hoping for Kara Tur personally. I think Planescape is almost a given with all the hints of it scattered about recently in Rime and BG3 (and even going further back).


Wizards has been awfully silent about anything and everything to do with Greyhawk, and given the drama going on with Gail Gygax and folks from the OSR crowd, I'd bet we don't see anything Greyhawk any time soon, if ever.

So I'll just repost what I said on Twitter:

It'll be guides for Mulhorand, The Sea of Fallen Stars, and Shadowdale.


Sure but FR is much more than the Sword Coast. By that reasoning, it might be the Forgotten Realms!

More like if they released Icewind Dale and then said "we've covered the most famous area, we're done now".

Even if they don't release a full setting book, it'd be cool to see some other domains done in some fashion, be it an anthology or a gazetteer/adventure again.


Agree with this, except not at all my wish list. Dark Sun yes, rest no

What would be your other 2 to picks then?

Everyone keeps mentioning a combined Planescape - Spelljammer
I like the idea of a multiclass setting. :)

If that was the case I’d be keen on more Ravenloft as well.
Personally, I’ve never met a campaign setting I didn’t like. So I’m pretty easy to please on this one.


I'd say the most likely contenders are Spelljammer, Dark Sun, and Ravenloft. The reason I don't think Planescape is likely is that the main idea of the elemental planes has kind of been made into a vanilla concept in the cosmology at this point. Yeah, there's Sigil and the smaller planes like the plane of lightning. I do think it's likely that it will be 4th place but I also think it's the most likely to be left out.

Ravenloft on the other hand is so much more than just Strahd and Barovia, there's something like thirty-plus other domains of dread and other creatures like the shadow fey.


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