D&D 3E/3.5 3E Wuxia Campaign

So I am prepping a Wuxia campaign for 3E. It has been a while since I played third eition, but it is still popular around here and easier to recruit players than a lot of other games. I have the 3E Oriental Adventures books and intend to use that as the base (ave already identified what feats and prestige classes could make cool wuxia characters). The problem is OA so Japan focused. Anyone have suggestions for working with 3E to attain a wuxia style game? Other d20 books they would recommend?

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1) get Dragon #318 for the OA 3.5Ed update if you intend on using 3.5Ed instead of just 3Ed.

2) add in the Dragon Compendium volume 1 for more martial arts & polearm feats.

3) add in Magic of Incarnum for animist type stuff from a bit further West & South that still resonates.

4) Steal some ideas from Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved (or Arcana Unearthed if sticking to 3Ed), specifically at least the Hands as Weapons feat if you are the kind of DM who does not ordinarily allow Monks to enchant their unarmed strikes like weapons without something like the Kensai PrCl.

5) check my sig for databases with more helpful info


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Oooh! I had a lot of fun running a 3e OA game, once upon a time! It wasn't, strictly speaking, wuxia, but, then again, I did draw a lot of inspiration from Croucning Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Among other sources, of course.

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