Level Up (A5E) 3PP Content Question

Richard Dill

Hello, I'm a DM who has been working on a campaign world in the real world for some time now. I'm working on putting all the notes together and I'm at a section where I'm working on Heritages, cultures, etc. I was wondering if anyone knew of a resource I could easily read which would give me an idea of which races are free to use? Like can I reference the Galeoni from GPG#9? Or the Rockborn from Dungeon Delver. Thank you for any help on this!

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The link to a website with the A5e SRD is in that thread. You can download the current SRD, read what is available to use (under the terms of the OGL), and then look up the other SRDs that are going to be posted under other licenses as they come out. Pick which one you like, read up on its rules, read up on its SRD, write!

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