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3PP Release 3PP: Stranger Sights, on Kickstarter now!

DM Sarah

Hello hello! Over the summer, I've been working on a collection of 40 exploration challenges, each with an associated monster and micro-setting, and they released on Kickstarter today! Stranger Sights is 5e and a5e compatible and is designed to make your game easier to run than ever.

What's in the volume:
  • 40 exploration challenges, one for almost every CR (1/8-20)
  • 40 mini-settings to drop into your existing world or campaign, some with bonus settings
  • a LOT of monsters (CRs 1/2-29) - one creature for each exploration challenge, but some of them, like jotuns, elder hags, and sea dragons, are multiple stat blocks per entry
  • Appendices for converting between a5e and o5e
  • Brand new boons and discoveries tables
The exploration challenges, settings, and monsters all connect thematically. For example, the aforementioned jotuns are paired with a Giantish Causeway setting that describes the ruins of an ancient giant city and an Oversized Terrain exploration challenge. This allows a busy Narrator to select a setting and run a short session from one or two pages. However, you can of course use just one aspect or mix and match! Maybe your party got shrunk by a fey enchanter and you need to describe how they navigate a world that's too big for them.

This book is still in the process of being laid out (hey, it's day 1 of the Kickstarter) but it's going to be around 80 pages, making it an excellent value - and if we hit $1600, we'll be able to bring it to your Foundry VTT as well. I'd love to answer your questions about it, and if you're interested in backing, you can learn more here!

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Rules Tinkerer and Freelance Writer
Backed it, yesterday, but couldn't find this thread 'til today.

I've had the pleasure of talking to DM Sarah on Discord, now and again. I've had the joy of watching Star Crossed Seaways and flinging comments from the peanut gallery.

I'm gonna read this cover to cover in the first hour it's in my hands.

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