Gate Pass Gazette Gate Pass Gazette Annual 2022 now available in hardcover and PDF from our store!


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Did you miss the Gate Pass Gazette Annual 2022 Kickstarter? Well, the hardcover is now available in our store!

This 220-page hardcover book containsall of the published in Gate Pass Gazette Issues 0-10 throughout 2022.

  • 33 archetypes (subclasses) such as the seafaring scourge, the stormwalker, and the bladeseer.
  • 6 backgrounds like the convict or the fey servant.
  • The complete Artificer character class with the bombardier, machinist, and stitcher archetypes.
  • 2 new combat traditions, Beast Unity and Arcane Knight, stocked full of combat maneuvers.
  • 8 new cultures like the fey court, blood pack, and avian sky-seeker Simerengo.
  • 6 new destinies such as death, fire, and light.
  • 12 new exploration challenges including festering sewer tunnels, sucking bogs, and the unique Elsenian Span.
  • 46 new feats enabling you to embrace your inner werewolf, master the shield, or stand out in the city.
  • 7 new heritages, including the constructed, the spiderfolk, and the dreamborn.
  • 42 new magic items, from the defensive umbrella to the fan of whispering and the shackle of the ghostheart covenant.
  • 25 new monsters such as blood maggots, poltergeists, and the mysterious fateholder.
  • 11 new mundane items from spring-heeled boots to sword canes.
  • 14 new spells for a range of classes!

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