Gate Pass Gazette Gate Pass Gazette Annual 2023 Is Imminent!


The Gate Pass Gazette is the monthly magazine for Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition. It contains official rules for the game--new archetypes, monsters, exploration challenges, heritages, spells, magic items, and all the other stuff you'd expect to find. It's currently on Issue #22!

At the end of each year we produce a hardcover Annual--just like the comic books used to!--which compiles that year's issues on one gorgeous hardback book. The 2023 Annual will be coming to Kickstarter in early January!

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In this 242-page hardcover book you will find:
  • Over 30 exploration challenges including Locust Swarm, Hateful Mist, and Icefield Fever.
  • 29 archetypes such as the savant's Archeologist, fighter's Houndmaster, herald's Knight of the Fey, or the artificer's Synaptic Surgeon!
  • 14 cultures including the dog-loving Rovers or the astral pirates known as the Children of Zev!
  • 5 heritages such as the Zevites, telepathic children of the Astral Seas!
  • 10 backgrounds including the Aeronaut and Hedge Witch.
  • 3 destinies such as Return to Glory and Preservation.
  • 4 feats including Improvised Genius and Rally Point Warrior.
  • 3 combat traditions--Eldritch Blackguard, Comedic Jabs, and Gallant Heart.
  • 14 magic items like the mighty Angurvadal, the mysterious rubyglow wine bottle, and the gauntlet of dominion.
  • 8 collections of cultural gear for Eladrin, Wood Elves, and more.
  • Over 20 monsters such as the Rime Ant Queen and Xeraz the Vicious.
  • More than 30 spells for a range of classes, such as animate painting and chromatic beam.
  • 8 Warlock invocations like Part the Veil and Trail of Embers.
  • Plus the new Corruption condition, 8 fantasy holidays, two maladies, 5 notable organizations, 6 fascinating NPCs, a new stronghold type, and rules for rare skills.
Click here to follow the project and get notified when we launch!

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