Level Up (A5E) What's Captain Cobalt's Codicil?

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The Planestrider's Journal is accompanied by a 50-page softcover book of additional material. This plane-related material was all first published in Gate Pass Gazette (and GPG subscribers already have all the material, which is why we've made this a separate book--nobody wants to buy 50 pages of content twice!), but for those who do not have it already Captain Cobalt's Codicil will be available on the Planestrider's Kickstarter as an optional extra in both PDF and softcover formats. GPG subscribers will also have an 'upgrade' option to get a discount on the softcover version.

So, what's in it?
  • Mysterious Mastermind: The Fateholder details the enigmatic spiders of the Ethereal.
  • Weaving Prophecy introduces the Spinner Cults of the Silver Hollows.
  • The Fellspire details a twilit city in the Bleak Gate.
  • Those of the Web includes the Spiderfolk heritage and the Ethereal Scout culture.
  • Ways to Be Fey outlines the Dreamborn heritage, the Dreaming Wilds and the Fey Court.
  • Those of the Astral Sea contains the Zevite heritage and the Children of Zev and Zevanchist cultures.
  • The Court of Dawn & Tribunal of Twilight talks about two realms within the Dreaming.
  • The Labyrinthine Library details a location in the Ethereal Veil along with the Lexican culture.
  • Harvest Hall describes a wild feast of the Dreaming and the enigmatic Ruler of the Hall.
  • Shadows of the Self presents the shadowcast heritage, native to the Bleak Gate, along with a pair of new backgrounds.
The Planestrider's Journal Kickstarter launches next week. Be sure to click here to get notified!
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