D&D 5E 3rd Party 5E products. Will people want them revised, too?

This first paragraph of questions is for 3rd party publishers/designers who plan on adopting 2024 changes to their future 5E design. Are you also planning on revising/updating your pre-2024 mechanical content (subclasses, monsters, spells, magic items) to more closely conform to the 2024 rules when they arrive? For example, if a 5E clone bases their Cure Wounds on the 5E SRD Cure Wounds spell, would they update it to the higher value if that survives the UA process?

And for fans/buyers of pre-2024 5E products, would you want those older products to get updated? Does it even matter to you? Would you pay for this upgrade? Or would you expect the 3rd party to do the work to update it for free?

For fans of 2024 design, would you be more interested in, and specifically look for, post-2024-compatible designs, or would that not matter as much? For instance, back in the day, I stopped buying 3E character option splatbooks once 3.5 came out.

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Moderator Emeritus
Seeing as I use material from every edition of D&D (except 4E b/c I don't have any and it is the most different), updated material to whatever the most recent edition is doesn't really interest me. I tend to update stuff myself as needed and rarely see eye-to-eye with how companies do that work anyway so end up tweaking regardless.

I know this opinion is not that helpful to what you are asking, but I buy whatever looks interesting and useful regardless of its specific rules iteration.

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