D&D 5E 4 Horsemen

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I crit!
Have the players slowly find out throughout the campaign that they are the four horseman. Only really confirming it at the very end. Maybe they are led to believe they are here to protect the world from them, but then discover that the world must end so that others can live. And it will be their job to end their own world.


If your party consists of an American cleric of the God of Dream, a champion fighter wielding a russian sickle, and a pair of Battlerager dwarves clad in spiked armor and facepaint... the best place for them to fight the Four Horsemen is in a fully-enclosed double steel cage.


Nah... it's after the PotA campaign.
I was looking for a lead in to the epic boss battle by using the Horsemen to lay waste to the countryside.
(Even though it should be a global thing )

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With them being Horsemen trying to make it a combat at speed might be interesting.

Maybe they leave trails behind (like thron bikes) as war rides he might stream a blade barrier behind him as he rides.


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Plenty of Divine intervention in the campaign. Some sort of Infernal (probably devilish rather than demonic) influence, too.

The Four Horsemen themselves could be treated mechanically as demon lords, so the back of OotA would be useful to you.

Not knowing more about you and your players - especially, How 'itchy' are you on matters of IRL religion? - it's hard to get very far into this.

In the Pathfinder campaign setting, the four daemons (read: yugoloths) in charge of the Neutral Evil outer plane are the four horsemen.
That'd be one way. Basically beating or defeating four arch-daemons.

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