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4e D&D GSL Live

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Thanks to Scott, Linae and the team. Now I must read and digest all of this.

First question: when the GSL says "no referencing artwork", what do you mean by referencing? I can paint a dragonborn, but I can't paint a new picture of, say, the specific dragonborn in the Fighter entry?

Michael Morris

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Well, I guess I'm sticking with 3.5e and the OGL.

5.5 Licensed Products. This License applies solely to Licensed Products as defined in Section 3 and to the specified uses set forth in Section 4. For the avoidance of doubt, and by way of example only, no Licensed Product will (a) include web sites, interactive products, miniatures, or character creators; (b) describe a process for creating a character or applying the effects of experience to a character; (c) use the terms “Core Rules” or “Core Rulebook” or variations thereof on its cover or title, in self-reference or in advertising or marketing thereof; (d) refer to any artwork, imagery or other depiction contained in a Core Rulebook; (e) reprint any material contained in a Core Rulebook except as explicitly provided in Section 4; or (f) be incorporated into another product that is itself not a Licensed Product (such as, by way of example only, a magazine or book compilation).

When does ENWorld get a cease & desist notice? <-- Ok, that's a bit too sarcastic, but still - the way I read this no one can sell PDF's because you sorta have to have a website in order to sell a PDF don't ya think?

Other limitations aside, this is a dangerously and uncomfortably broad brushstroke.

It's also personally disheartening. I am a programmer - it's what I do. While I understand WotC not wanting video games or full reference libraries online on the other hand banning out character generators and campaign management software is a bit much. Many of the plans I had for 4e are now officially dead and I will most likely be selling the books I got to a used book store at considerable loss because I don't want to own something I cannot use. Telling me I can't program is like telling Claudio he can't draw any illustrations for D&D - it robs me of something I enjoy doing in connection to the game.

Long live the OGL.
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Hi Scott & Linae,

Hope you're ready for a million (or several) questions... and I hope this is a good spot to get them to you (since Klaus started it already... and he was reading my mind... really).

Regarding Section 6.1 OGL Conversion.

Here's my example situation: I've licensed Sword & Sorcery and products released for 3.X edition under the Sword & Sorcery banner by White Wolf. I'm going to release 4E versions of Creature Collection, Relics & Rituals and the Scarred Lands Campaign Setting through my company, Fiery Dragon Productions.

So... does White Wolf have to kill all of their 3.X Sword & Sorcery releases... or do they not fall under section 6.1 because they are not the licensee for the GSL in this case?

Thanks for your ongoing efforts, and I hope to impress you with some kick-butt 4E releases.

- James


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Logo Placement Question:

Am I to understand that the compatability logo may not be placed on the front cover of any printed or electronic ( PDF) product?

As a publisher of PDf products ( for the time being), that makes it harder for me to indicate compatability with 4th edition.

Am I missing something?


Pedantic Grognard
Urizen -- you get a license to use the logo in promotional materials. So you can (by my reading) have the compatibility logo sitting next to your "Buy Now" button, just not on the cover of the PDF.


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Michael Morris said:
libraries online on the other hand banning out character generators and campaign management software is a bit much.

Apparently, they don't believe that they can build a better mousetrap, so they're going to make sure that they have the only mousetrap.


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