D&D 4E 4e Poachable Powers List: A list of good powers to poach from other classes


This is a condensed list of the powers that I found to be notable for my hybrid handbook. Here they all are in one place. Now with extra skill power ratings!

Link to Original Thread: This is a link to the original thread in the Wayback Time Machine if you want to access commentary.

The powers are rated by color. In general, I’ve tried to stick to powers that I consider at least good as Black. Note that most powers that are in this guide, even the Purple ones, are rated either Sky Blue or Dark Blue in their respective handbooks. There should be almost no powers in this guide that are bad choices in and of themselves, just that the cost might be too high to get them to work properly. Here are the colors:
Gold - I have a character and I should strongly consider going hybrid or MC of that class, simply because the power is that crazy good. There are currently no Gold powers listed and I don’t expect that to change.
Sky Blue - I have a character and I should consider going hybrid or MC of that class, because a power is that amazing - these powers are often part of the reason that a particular hybrid is considered strong.
Dark Blue - I’m already an MC of class X, here’s a good power to spend a feat on, because the power is that good
Black - I’m already a hybrid of class X, here’s a good power to take. As each hybrid class needs to take 4 choices - an A, an E, a D, and a U, some choices here are here because you have to pick a power from the hybrid class. If such a power belonged to a class with better support, it likely wouldn’t have made the list. On the other hand, some strong powers didn’t make the list because there are so many great choices from the class.
Purple - There’s either a weird corner-case build or option that makes this power a good one to take. If you’re taking this, you know exactly what the purpose of the power is. Unlike typical guides, Purple is likely a relatively strong power all things considered, it just isn’t as valuable on the whole.
Red - Not worth taking ever. If a power isn’t listed, it isn’t by default Red, it just means I didn’t think it was as potentially as useful as the other choices. There are currently no Red powers listed and I don’t expect that to change.

This is not intended to be a list of best powers. This is a list of powers that many characters ought to find easy to poach for their own use and will then find very useful, even if they don’t belong to the base class. Note that lots of attack powers here tend to either attack the same target multiple times or attack more than one target — multi-attacking is Gold in 4e at higher levels

I’m sure there are powers I’ve left out. Feel free to offer suggestions.

Ways to Poach
MC Novice Power/Acolyte Power/Adept Power
Order Adept for Wizard Utilities
Psionic MC equivalents Psionic Conventionalist, Psionic Complement, Psionic Dabbler
Tiefling Secrets of Belial
Half-Elf Dilettante
Paragon Multiclassing(especially Half-Elves with Versatile Mastery)
MC Entry Feats: Arcane Initiate, Binding Initiate, Pact Initiate, Initiate of the Old Faith, Acolyte of Divine Secrets, Primal Sharpshooter, Disciplined Talent, Monastic Adept
Resourceful Magician(
Epic Destinies: Eternal Seeker, Soul of the World, Martial Archetype
Multiclass Mastery feat
Corellon’s Boon of Arcane Might
Wand of X with Artificer, Wizard, Bard, and Warlock encounter attack and utility powers. Note that Wands of Immediate Interrupt/Reaction powers tend to not function very well if you're doing free action item swapping - the pulling out of the wand will be after the action completes usually. Unless you know you can have the wand in hand in advance and don't expect to ever make OAs...if you search the page for 'W)'(control-F on Windows, command-F on Mac), they'll all show up for you.

Ways to Alter Base Attack Stat
Bracers of Mental Might
Combat Virtuoso(Bard) - use Cha for attack roll on MC powers.
Adept Dilettante - use Con, Wis, or Cha for attack roll/damage roll for Half-Elf Dilettante Power. Uses up MC slot for class of Dilettante power.
Daring Blade(Bard Paragon Path) - use Cha for all martial melee attacks
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Strength-Based Powers


Barbarian: Howling Strike
Cleric: Righteous Brand(with Power of Skill)
Paladin: Ardent Strike
Ranger: Throw & Stab(move+spread damage+mba. Pales before Twin Strike though), Twin Strike
Runepriest: Word of Exchange, Word of Diminishment

Barbarian: Thundering Howl (3), Storm of Blades (13), Hurricane of Blades (27)
Cleric: Mighty Hew (1), Words Are Not Enough (3), Union of Three Fates(ETV - could be a triple-tap on initial target) (13)[/COLOR]
Fighter: Rain of Blows (3), Come and Get It (7), Trip Up (7), Warrior’s Urging (23), Cruel Reaper (27)
Paladin: Fortune’s Spurned Smite (3), Castigating Strike (13), Champion’s Call (23), Stunning Smite (27)
Ranger: Off-hand Strike (1), Disruptive Strike (3), Ruffling Sting (3), Off-hand Diversion (13), Nonchalant Collapse (23), Death Rend (27)
Runepriest: Rune of the Astral Phalanx (17), Rune of Rising Fury (23), Word of Divine Battle (27)
Warden: Wildblood Frenzy (1), Thunder Ram Assault (1), Guardian’s Pounce (7), Warden’s Lure (17)
Warlord: Hail of Steel (17), Sudden Assault (23), Hold that Thought (23)

Barbarian: Rage of the Death Spirit (9), Rock Tree Rage (19), Torrent of Destruction (19)
Cleric: Weapon of Astral Flame (1), Divine Power (9), Righteous Might (25)
Fighter: Dust Storm Assault (15), Strike of the Watchful Guard (19), Devastation’s Wake (19)
Ranger: Blade Cascade (15), Cruel Cage of Steel (19)
Runepriest: Rune of Endless Fire (1), Rune of the Undeniable Dawn (1), Rune of Warding Light (19), Rune of the Penultimate Step (25), Rune of Awakening (29), Rune of Pacifism (29)
Warden: Form of the Oak Sentinel (9), Form of the Crushing Mountain (15), Form of the Imperious Phoenix (29)
Warlord: Lamb to the Slaughter (1), Lead the Attack (1, Int), Create Opportunity (5), Victory Surge (19), Break the Tempo (19, Int)

Sorcerer: Draconic Majesty (16), Platinum Scales (22)
Warden: Cleansing Earth (16)
Warlord: Draw Their Eyes (10)
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Constitution-Based Powers


Battlemind: Twisted Eye(1), Lodestone Lure(3), Lightning Rush(7), Forceful Reversal(7), Brutal Barrage(13), Intellect Snap(13), Brilliant Recovery(27), Mind of Mirrors(27)
Warlock: Eldritch Blast, Eldritch Strike, Hellish Rebuke

Cleric: Valorous Charge(27)
Warlock: Arms of Hadar(1), Elder Constellation(7), Banish to the Void(27)

Artificer: Icebound Sigil(1), Lightning Sigil(15)
Battlemind: Iron Tomb(9), Mind Blade(15), Omniscient Strike(29)
Warlock: Vestige of Baatar(5), Feast of Souls(9), Vestige of the Onyx Queen(9), Word of the Sorcerer-King(25)

Shaman: Protective Roots(2)
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Dexterity-Based Powers


Monk: Blistering Flourish, Five Storms, Lion’s Den
Rogue: Deft Strike(Daring Performer+Arena Champion or Ghostwalker Style+Permastealth), Disheartening Strike, Piercing Strike(Elf+Criterion of Balic Practice+Permastealth), Riposte Strike(Vigilante Justice Style or Defender Mark), Sly Flourish(Halfling+Deft Hurler Style)
Vampire: Vampire Slam - mainly about Adept Dilettante+Martial Vampire

Assassin: Flurry of Talons (13, ETV), Shadow Fire (17, ETV), Shadow Knives (17)
Monk: Drunken Monkey (1), Dance of the Stinging Hornet (13, ETV), Furious Bull (13), Death’s Chilled Embrace (17, ETV), A Feather’s Weight (17, ETV), Fist of the Whirling Tempest (17), Heart-Sundering Strike (27, ETV, but almost who cares) ,
Rogue: Darting Strike (3), Low Slash (3) , Startling Offensive (3), Snap Shot (7), Stunning Strike (13), Tumbling Strike (17)
Ranger: Disruptive Strike (3), Pounding Barrage (17), Triple Shot (17), Manticore’s Volley (23)

Monk: Spinning Leopard (1), Water Gives Way (5), Lightning Leap (9), Tsunami Throw (9)
Ranger: Five-Missile Dance (29)
Rogue: Press the Advantage (1), Compel the Craven (5), Knockout (9)

Fighter: Kirre’s Roar (6)
Sorcerer: Dominant Winds (16)
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Intelligence-Based Powers


Artificer: Magic Weapon(Con or Wis)
Psion: Dishearten (Cha)(1), Dimensional Scramble(1), Mind Thrust(Cha)(1), Kinetic Buffer(Wis)(7), Brilliant Thought(Aug 4 only - expensive until Epic), Thunder Tether(Aug 1 in particular)(13), Forced Opportunity (Cha)(17), Sudden Control(23)
Swordmage: Booming Blade , Sword Burst
Warlord: Commander’s Strike
Wizard: Beguiling Strands , Freezing Burst, Hypnotism , Winged Horde

Artificer: Shocking Feedback (3), Gale-Force Infusion (7), Prismatic Strike (23)
Swordmage: Dimensional Vortex (3), Dual Lightning Strike (3), Hypnotic Swordplay (13), Surprising Transposition (17), Thundering Vortex (17)
Wizard: Color Spray (3W), Charm of the Defender (7W), Twist of Space (7W), Dark Gathering (13W), Prismatic Burst (13W), Charm of False Glory (17), Charm of Puppet Strings (27), Impenetrable Gloom (27), Steal Time (27)

Artificer: Punishing Eye (1), Simulacrum (29)
Invoker: Pennant of Heaven’s Armies (16)
Psion: Living Missile (1), Mind Blast (9), Living Barrage (15), Far Realm’s Embrace (25), Thrall (25)
Wizard: Sleep (1), Face of Death (9), Visions of Ruin (9), Mirage Arcana (9), Summon Succubus (9), Symphony of the Dark Court (9), Slumber of the Winter Court (15), Phantom Reality (25), Prismatic Spray (25), Summon Abyssal Horde (25), Summon Marilith (25), False Reality (29), Flash Freeze (29), Visions of Wrath (29)

Invoker: Word of Urgency (10)
Warlord: Reorient the Axis (6), Help or Hinder (16)
Wizard: Illusory Wall (10)
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Wisdom-Based Powers


Cleric: Icon of Fear, Sonnlinor’s Hammer, Fell Strike
Avenger: Overwhelming Strike(w/Power of Skill)
Druid: Firehawk, Magic Stones, Grasping Claws, Savage Rend
Invoker: Hand of Radiance, Divine Bolts(with Power of Skill and RBA granter)
Seeker: Tidal Spirit Shot, Grappling Spirits, Biting Swarm

Avenger: Raging Tempest (1, ETV based on how die rolls of damage do you get), Fury’s Advance (3), Relentless Stride (3), Lifedrinking Covenant (13), Soulforge Hammering (17), Spark of Hatred (27)
Cleric: Cause Fear (1), Fey Beguiling (7), Deadly Lure (13), Remorse (13), Healer’s Reproof (27)
Druid: Wind Wall (3), Charm Beast (7), Infiltrating Drone (17)
Invoker: Thunder of Judgment (1), Compel Action (27)
Seeker: Feyjump Shot (7), Bonds of Moonlight (13), Wisp Shot (23), Fey Commander's Lure(27)
Shaman: Boar’s Toss (17)

Avenger: Strength of the Many (1)
Cleric: Tree of Creation (15), Fire Storm (19), Sacred Word (25)
Druid: Summon Giant Toad (1), Clinging Drones (5)(warning: Beastform power), Writhing Henge (25)
Invoker: Silent Malediction (1)
Seeker: Fey Sinkhole (15), Captivating Missile (19)
Shaman: Spirit of the Healing Flood(1), Sunder Spirit (25)

Artificer: Bag of Four Winds (22)
Avenger: Loyal Sanction (2)
Psion: Forceful Repositioning (22)
Ranger: Master of the Hunt (22)
Warlord: Help or Hinder (16)
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Charisma-Based Powers

Ardent: Demoralizing Strike(1), Focusing Strike(1), Intent-Laid Bare(1), Forward-Thinking Cut (7), Violent Upsurge(17)
Bard: Staggering Note
Paladin: Virtuous Strike
Vampire: Dark Beckoning
Sorcerer: Ensorcelled Blade
Warlock: Eldritch Blast , Eldritch Strike

Bard: Blunder (1W), Rhyme of the Blood-Seeking Blade (3), Chant of Bad Fortune (23), Pounding Rhythm (27)
Paladin: Valorous Smite (1), Fortune-Spurned Smite (3), Astral Thunder (7, Wis), Price of Cowardice (7), Castigating Strike (13), Hand of the Gods (17, Wis), Demand Respect (23)
Sorcerer: Lightning Cuts (3), Spark Form (7), Thunder Summons (17)
Warlock: Delban’s Deadly Attention (3), Otherwind Stride (3W), Touch of Command (7), Strand of Fate (17), Web of Lies (23)

Ardent: Invitation to Defeat(5)
Bard: Arrow of Warning (1), Song of Discord (5), Timeless Trek in Mithrendain (5), Strike Up the Dance (15), Whispers of the Dream King (15), Frenzied Rhythm (25), Arrow of Destiny (29), Horrifying Truth (29)
Vampire: Domineering Gaze (9)
Paladin: Majestic Halo (1), True Nemesis (15), Righteous Inferno(19)
Sorcerer: Slaad’s Gambit (5), Thunder Leap (5), Lightning Daggers (15), Wrathful Vapors(forced movement for 2nd option) Entropic Whirlwind (29)
Warlock: Crown of Stars (1), Decree of Khirad(1), Deathly Conduit (5), Plague of Frogs(15), Delusions of Loyalty (19), Passionate Betrayal (19), Curse of the Twin Princes (25), Word of the Sorcerer-King (25), Curse of the Dark Delirium (29)

Ardent: Evade Attack (6)
Battlemind: Hands of the Titan (10)
Paladin: Call of Challenge (2), Wrath of the Gods (6), Shared Valor (22)
Psion: Intellect Fortress (2)
Sorcerer: Shield of Flames (2)
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Stat-Independent powers

In general, most of these powers are very good, stat or no stat. In some cases, they get significantly better with a good stat and those will have their stat listed in ()

Ardent: Ire Strike(Cha), Exhilarating Strike(27, Wis)
Ranger: Rapid Shot(Massive ETV and probably not worth the headache in most cases)
Shaman: Spirit Infusion(Int)
Warlord: Direct the Strike

Bard: Lesser Flash of Distraction (1), Lesser Dimensional Step (1), Echoing Weapon (3, ETV, W), Dimensional Step (13), Prescient Warning(7), Greater Echoing Weapon (17, ETV), True Prescient Warning (23)
Cleric: Sever the Source (17)
Runepriest: Word of Healing Assault (17)
Shaman: Spirit of the Ram (23)
Sorcerer: Flame Spiral (3, Cha)
Warlord: Powerful Warning (1), Vengeance is Mine (1, MBA), Death from Two Sides (13, MBA), A Plan Comes Together (27), Insightful Assault (27)
Wizard: Mass Charm (17W)

Ardent: Fate Exchange (5), Coordinated Effort(15), Violent Spark (29)
Battlemind: Indomitable Presence(19)
Cleric: Moment of Glory (1, helps if you have Wis, but...), Inspire Fervor (5), Augment of War (5), Weapon of the Gods (5), Servitude in Death (5, ETV, use on Solos), Beacon of Doom (19)
Fighter: Rain of Steel (5), Unyielding Avalanche (15), Goad of Blood (25)
Paladin: Discipline the Unruly (25, Cha)
Sorcerer: Cloak of Winter Storm (25, Cha)
Swordmage: Quicksilver Blade (25)
Warden: Form of Winter’s Herald (1, Str), Boiling Cloud (5, Con/Wis)
Warlord: War Master’s Assault (15, Cha), Relentless Assault (25, Str), Break it Up (29, RBA)
Wizard: Wrath of Battle (19)

Ardent: From the Brink (10), Disbelieve Danger (16), Borrowed Time (22)
Artificer: Slick Concoction (10W)
Assassin: Ghost of the Rooftops (6)
Barbarian: Shrug It Off(2)
Bard: Moment of Escape (2W), Revitalizating Incantation (6W), Illusory Erasure (10W), Mantle of Unity (10W), Aura of Reverence (22), Climactic Chord (22), Invisible Troupe (22), Note of Aggression (22)
Battlemind: Instant Move (16)
Cleric: Word of Vigor (10), Cloak of Courage (16)
Druid: Verdant Bounty (2), Bear’s Strength (2), Camouflage Cloak (6), Eagle’s Splendor (6), Serpent’s Cunning (6), Clear the Chaff (10), Feywild Sojourn (10), Elusive Wind (16)
Fighter: Battle Fury’s Stance (2), Glowering Threat (2), Clearheaded (10), Fighter’s Grit (10), Undeniable Challenge (22), Martial Supremacy (22)
Invoker: Divine Call (2), Demand Justice (6), Shield of Justice (16)
Monk: Cat and Mouse (2), Quicksilver Motion (6)
Paladin: Virtue (2)
Psion: Mind Shroud (2), Mind over Flesh (10)
Ranger: Invigorating Stride (2, Wis), Crucial Advice (2, Wis)
Rogue: Tumble (2), Acrobat’s Escape (10), Counter-Step (10), Hide in Plain Sight (16), Anticipate Attack (16), Leaping Dodge (16), Shadow Master (16), Invisible Stalker (22)
Runepriest: Shield of Sacrifice (2), Rune of Meritorious Alacrity (6), Protective Scroll (10), Rune of Astral Winds (10), Rune of Reinvigoration (16), Rune of the Hero’s Resolve (22)
Seeker: Feywild Jaunt (10), Land Passage (22)
Shaman: Light of the Crimson Sun(6, Int), Twilight’s Veil(10), Medicines of Many Forms (22)
Sorcerer: Dragonflame Mantle (2), Sudden Scales (6), Chaotic Defense (6, Cha), Fog Form (10), Maiden’s Waking (10), Elemental Rift (22)
Swordmage: Borrowed Confidence (16)
Warden: Treacherous Ice (6)
Warlock: Mirror Darkly(6W), Fey Switch (6), Ethereal Sidestep (10), Infuriating Elusiveness (16)
Warlord: Dragon’s Tenacity (6), Rousing Words (6), Tactical Orders (10), Rush of Battle (22)
Wizard: Herbal Healing(2W), Shield (2W)

Skill Powers
Level 6:
Mighty Sprint Move PHB3 - Okay, now we’re talking. Strong opening encounter move option. Not as strong as Quicksilver Motion, the Monk power because you have to use your move action. But a way to get into the combat fast.

Level 10:
Reactive Surge Immediate Reaction PHB 3 - Good power, especially if you have good # of healing surges and a lack of immediate. Heal when you get bloodied.
Enter the Crucible Minor DSH - strong daily power. But it costs a surge, so the question to always ask yourself - will this save me at least 2 surges when I use it?

Level 6:
Timely Dodge Immediate Interrupt DSH - completely avoid an attack usually as an automatic encounter interrupt!
Tumbling Dodge Immediate Interrupt PHB 3 - The better your Acrobatics score, the more useful this is. Sometimes you don’t want to move out of the way.
Graceful Maneuver Move PHB 3 - Shift half your speed isn’t bad. But you may have a better class power if you have Acrobatics on your class skill list

Level 16:
Reflexive Dodge Immediate Interrupt PHB 3 - upgraded Timely Dodge - you might avoid the attack completely as part of the interrupt and even if you don’t quite, you reduce damage. You may get into expected table variation as why would you reduce damage before the attack. If so, drop to Blue

Level 6:
Shrouding Gloom 6 Minor PHB 3 - Useful. Have a much easier time getting to Hidden. Warlocks and Paragon Tier Assassins in particular.

Level 10:
Crowd Cover Immediate Interrupt PHB 3 - Not bad. The potentially redirected attack seems very strong for a lockdown Defender having trapped a couple of targets next to it.

Level 16:
Deepening Gloom Immediate Interrupt PHB 3 - Decent - usually +3 to +5 defenses against an attack, but just to that one enemy. Who might be done for the turn.

Level 2:
Fast Hands Free PHB 3 - Good way to item swap. The 1/round can hurt though.

Level 2:
Arcane Mutterings Free PHB 3 - Very strong power for a PC who wants to participate in Bluff, Intimidate, or Diplomacy-skill challenges and has Int.

Level 6:
Warp in the Weave Immediate Interrupt DrM 385 - A power that costs a surge that might even be worth it. Really useful for simply “No, the party is not all stunned.” type of actions. But again, costs a surge.
Insightful Warning Immediate Interrupt PHB 3 - Mass half-powered Shield. One of the really great skill powers. Compare with Warp in the Weave - doesn’t cost a surge, maybe blocks 1-2 PCs from being burst’d rather than just saving yourself...

Level 2:
Legend Lore Free PHB 3 - the Knowledge version of Arcane Muttering. Especially useful if your Wisdom score isn’t high and want to make Nature/Dungeoneering checks...
Strategist’s Epiphany Free PHB 3 - Strong initiative power. Goes to Sky Blue if your DM typically only has 1-2 combats per day.

Level 6:
Deliverance of Faith Minor DrM 385 - Note that temp hp last until you use a short rest. Does cost a surge, but start battles off with an extra surge’s worth of temp hp.

Level 2:
Stay Back Minor DSH - Tricky. ETV. If a square is already illuminated by another light source, what does this power do? Either Sky Blue or Red depending on DM’s answer.

Level 6:
Dungeoneer’s Guidance 6 Immediate Interrupt DSH - Fantastic ‘Your ally succeeds at that skill check.’ Good for escape checks and skill challenges in particular.
Eyes of the Deep Delver Minor PHB 3 - Strong Blindsight option. Two rounds of ‘No, I’m not blind and I can see where you’re Hidden.’ Useful for Demonskin Adept, too.

Level 6:
Prescient Maneuver Immediate Interrupt PHB 3 - Solid, “Hey, you’re moving? I’ll move out of your way power...” Especially useful for moving into charge lanes...

Level 16:
Insightful Riposte Free PHB 3 - Nearly Gold. If you have a free feat/level 16 slot and don’t know where to spend it, having a +3 bonus to hit after you know you miss is awesome.


Level 6:
Natural Terrain Understanding Minor DrM 385 - Great encounter open up the combat Leader option with some movement and a power bonus to AC.

Level 6:
Guided Shot Immediate Interrupt PHB 3 - Great power. Ally’s miss goes against Reflex instead of AC. You’ll likely use this every combat and generate a hit every other one.

Level 10:
Uncanny Instincts Free PHB 3 - Solid after the fact “Hey, you and I win initiative anyway.” Daily

Level 6:
Fast Talk Free PHB 3 - Reroll common Cha-skill checks if you’re trained in Bluff and get to use Bluff. Opens up some skill slots.

Level 10:
Stall Tactics Free PHB 3 - Win initiative for the party once a day.

Level 10:
Cry for Mercy Minor PHB 3 - Great power. A ‘You can’t hurt me’ choice usable on yourself or on an important ally.

Level 16:
Indomitable Ally Immediate Interrupt PHB 3 - Similar to the ‘Don’t die’ powers available with other skills, except allies instead of you and encounter. Take this over those always. Good leader power. Only downside is the level 16 part.

Level 10:
Snap Out of It Minor PHB 3 - Strong ‘hey, stop not acting power’ - only issue is that the effect needs to be something that can be saved against

Level 2:
Nose for Trouble Free PHB 3 - “I’d like to win initiative” as a Daily skill check power

Level 10:
Navigate Crowds Move PHB 3 - Shift speed and move through enemy spaces as an encounter. What’s not to like?
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First Post
First, thanks for your efforts in doing this.

Much more secondarily, many here use Enworld's dark theme, which uses an almost-black background and a white default font color. When you color the default text black, it becomes almost invisible against that dark background. If it isn't too much of an imposition (I really mean that - if it involves any real work, screw it, we'll deal with that later), it would be easier if you just left default text with the default site color, so it displays properly for people who use different themes.


First, thanks for your efforts in doing this.

Much more secondarily, many here use Enworld's dark theme, which uses an almost-black background and a white default font color. When you color the default text black, it becomes almost invisible against that dark background. If it isn't too much of an imposition (I really mean that - if it involves any real work, screw it, we'll deal with that later), it would be easier if you just left default text with the default site color, so it displays properly for people who use different themes.


One of the basic problems about the color coding system is that it is designed with a white background in mind, not a black one. Black and Sky Blue are very different on a white background, but white and sky blue are kind of similar on a black background...

I'll see if I can figure out how to fix it quickly, but at the moment, just throwing the women and children and orcs onto the lifeboats...

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