D&D General 5.5 Ignorance Is Bliss. The Cycle Continues


In a way i think youre better off going in to a new D&D blind. Early in the playtest I had a quick look at the play test materials and moved on. It's a revision not going to worry about the finer details. I would argue its better to not pay to much attention to what's going on.

2E to 3.0. No internet but I read Dragon. In hindsight they were puff pieces.

3.0-3.5. I knew it was coming and randomly saw it at the book store and bought it.

4E. I read the elf review. I knew product like Races of the Dragon and Bo9S existed but never bought the or saw them. My theory about ignorance might be flawed here I admit.

5E. Checked out the early playtest packets and even tested some. Realized fairly early on the final game would look very different. Checked out about half way through.

So with 5.5 I know weapon mastery exists. No idea what it does. Dont care. For me the rules changes are mostly irrelevant. I'm about as enthusiastic about 5.5 as Pathfinder in 2010. It's been ten years though (Checked out on 3.X circa 2012). Fairly big run for me 3E made 5 years, 3.X made 12 but over 3 rule sets.

Pontificating on ENworld about it is useless WotC will do whatever. If I buy it depends on how enthusiastic I get. Realistically I'm buying it regardless it's more how much I buy.

Wait until you here about my food and war theory. French food is famous for being good how often do you see a German restaurant? British empire, British food.......
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