5.5E, a good timing to make all feats into half-feats.


Why half-feats?

Since feats compete with +2 to primary ability, and we are all counting feat vs. primary ability as you need to raise that 16 to 18 to 20 ASAP for math to follow in CR, a feat must compete with power/utility with your primary ability loss at levels 4&8.

Half feats are nice compromise as you gain your new choice of features and still (slowly) raising your primary ability.

also, then fixed ASI from a feat can be turned into floating for all feats so there is less planing of your ability scores with feats that you like/need.

Every time you gain ASI, you can chose:
+2 to one ability
+1 to two abilities
+1 to one ability and a (half)feat
two (half)feats.

now to tackle the full feats and break them down:

this was all ready hacked in UA but it could get little boost:
prof bonus to init? great.
dump the initiative swap and replace it with:
You can use your Reaction even while surprised. Only reaction.
this will not give immunity to surprise as current, but will give ability to utilize any special Reaction features/spell you do have.

reduce damage bonus to prof mod and you get a half feat.

Crossbow expert:
drop the bonus action attack and there is a half feat.

Defensive duelist: haven't seen this feat taken once in 8 year.
Might see it if it's a half feat.

Dual wielder:
dual wielding is still bad so making this a half feat might boost it up.

Dungeon delver:
half feat without any change. It still might need something

just make it max value out of your HDs to make it simple.
maybe add that you regain all HDs on long rest.

Elemental adept:
pick type of elemental damage, ignore resistance, treat immunity as resistance
drop the reroll part, only slows down game

Elemental master: requires elemental adept.
gain +1 damage for every damage die with your chosen element

being half feat might be decent choice.

Great weapon master:
drop -5/+10 and you have a half feat.

with UA watered down version it may just be enough for a half feat.

Inspiring leader:
works as a half feat, important is that you do not increase temp HP any further.

just delete this.

Mage slayer:
1st bullet of the feat should have been a default rule for all
decent half feat.

Magic initiate:
gain 2 cantrips only. can be taken two times

Magic adept: requires magic initiate:
gain one 1st level spell and one 2nd level spell from chosen class. you can cast these spells once per long rest.

Martial adept:
one superiority die and one maneuver known.
can be taken 3 times

Medium armor master:
half feat, no change

+5ft move
Dash ignores difficult terrain on this turn
When you take Dash action, you can take Disengage as Bonus action this turn.

Mounted combatant:
bad feat, make it half feat with no change.

Polearm master:
Changed to;
Hold your ground:
you can make AoO as a reaction vs any enemy that enters or move through your threat area.

Resilient: slightly chaged;
gain proficiency in one save(dex, con or wis) or two saves from(str, int or cha)
you can take this two times. once for every option.

Ritual caster:
half feat. make it more available

Savage attacker:

change to speed 0 to half speed, 0 speed on a crit.
drop the attack part.

Sharp shooter:
drop -5/+10 and it's a half feat.

Shield master:
drop the Bash thing and it's a half feat.

new- Shield basher:
As a Bonus action you can make one attack or Shove attempt with your shield
attack is STR based, deals 1d6 blunt damage or blunt/pierce if you have shield spikes.

gain proficiency in two skills. can be taken two times.

half feat.

Spell sniper:
drop the extra cantrip. Covered with magic initiate.

gain 1 HP plus 1 HP per max number of HDs. Equal to improving you HD category by one step
Every time you use a HD regain 1 extra HP.
can be taken two times.

half feat.

weapon master:
gain prof with ALL weapons. feat is still bad.

Bountiful luck:
stop with all this rerolling...

Drow high magic:
drop the "high" from name and drop the dispel magic. rename it improved drow magic
add extra usage of faery fire.

Drow high magic: requires improved drow magic
gain dispel magic once per long rest and extra usage of darkness

Prodigy: replaced by skilled expert.

wood elf magic:
fix the cantrip choice to Druidcraft and it's a half feat. Fey touched is still better.

Angelic protection:
half feat.

Firbolg magic.
this is a low pick even as a half feat.

Artificer initiate:
half feat.

Eldritch adept:
half feat, but make it only that can be chosen by level one character. no matter if you are a warlock or not.
also this invocation cannot be changed.

Fighting initiate:
most styles are not worth a feat. or even half a feat.
balance those who are, archery I am looking at you. perhaps +1/+1 attack/damage would be better.

Metamagic adept:
only one metamagic option can be picked.
then a half feat.

half feat.
little change:
DC is 8+2×your proficiency bonus.
damage 1d12, 2d12 at 5th level, 3d12 at 11th level, 4d12 at 17th level

new - power attack:
when you make a weapon or unarmed attack you can take a -1 penalty and gain +2 to damage
at level 5 penalty and bonus damage are: -2/+4
at level 11: -3/+6
at level 17: -4/+8

Linguist and keen mind merged into one half-feat.

Observant adds +5 to passive insight also

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I like the concept but hate the idea of calling them "half feats." Couldn't we just bust up feats and still call them feats?
yes they would be called feats.

I called them half feats just to connect them to current power level of feats vs. half-feats

If every one will be worth +1 ASI and none worth +2 ASI, they are then just feats.


That's against the whole design of 5e feats

The point of 5e feats is that Feats where supposed to be big alterations to your character so you didn't have a bunch of piddly adjustments and not need feat chains just to get those weak features.

"Half Feats with a +1" were a compromise to not force merging 2 small features that didn't go together or doubling their value (which might increase their power or value more than 100%)


That's against the whole design of 5e feats

The point of 5e feats is that Feats where supposed to be big alterations to your character so you didn't have a bunch of piddly adjustments and not need feat chains just to get those weak features.

"Half Feats with a +1" were a compromise to not force merging 2 small features that didn't go together or doubling their value (which might increase their power or value more than 100%)
half-feats gain more traction in XGE and Tasha's over PHB in how much we got feats and how much we got "half-feats".

also, half feats are not just piddly adjustments, they stand on their own in way of mechanics.
better than some original feats: savage attacker, skulker, dungeon delver and similar.

and with all feats being on current half-feat level or just +1 ASI, classes can get those feat slots in addition to +2 ASI slots where some minor power boost is needed and +2 ASI would be too much.
or we might get a feat table based on character level and not class level.
leave class levels for specific class features:

character levels:
1: 2 feats
2: feat/+1 ASI
3: bonus skill + one language, tool or weapon proficiency
4: feat/+1 ASI
5: bonus expertise
6: feat/+1 ASI
7: bonus skill + one language, tool or weapon proficiency
8: feat/+1 ASI
9: bonus expertise
10: feat/+1 ASI
11: bonus skill + one language, tool or weapon proficiency
12: feat/+1 ASI
13: bonus expertise
14: feat/+1 ASI
15: bonus skill + one language, tool or weapon proficiency
16: feat/+1 ASI
17: bonus expertise
18: feat/+1 ASI
19: bonus skill + one language, tool or weapon proficiency
20: feat/+1 ASI

You should not have to choose between stats and feats. Just make feats the only way to get stats.

Also, then you don't have to try to drop every feat down to the level of Athlete, just to make them fit into this idea of 'half-feats'...

And stuff like PAM or GWM or CBE should be within fighting styles, surely.
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Argyle King

Maybe feats shouldn't give ability score boosts at all.

Remove all +N from feats.

Have ability score increases happen at set character levels.


Maybe feats shouldn't give ability score boosts at all.

Remove all +N from feats.

Have ability score increases happen at set character levels.
I'm all for that also, but I do not think it will happen.
I would also like to see split of combat and non combat feats.


1: combat feat, noncombat feat
2: combat feat
3: non combat feat
4: +1 ASI
5: combat feat
6: non combat feat
7: +1 ASI
8: combat feat
9: non combat feat
10: +1 ASI
11: combat feat
12: non combat feat
13: +1 ASI
14: combat feat
15: non combat feat
16: +1 ASI
17: combat feat
18: non combat feat
19: +1 ASI
20: combat feat

you can always change combat feat for non combat, but not vice versa.
if the sum of your abilities is an odd number, you can change 10th level ASI or later for any one feat.


Mind Mage
They are all feats, but distinguish between "full-feat" and "half-feat".

The half-feat is a useful amount of design space. But some effects require a full-feat.

When choosing a feat at each tier, I want the following options:

Choose one full-feat or two half-feats
• Full-feat
• Full-feat (+2 to a score)
• Half-feat
• Half-feat (+1 to a score)


Mind Mage
By definition, a "feat" is a class feature that several class potentially share.

Other kinds of benefits might belong better in a separate silo.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
Here are my concerns.

Narrowing of Choice. Right now, players have a choice of a feat that gives them a specific ability, or one to advance a specific ability and give some power. This removes the first category, and effectively locks in player wanting to raise specific ability scores to a small subchoice of the feats. Or they get a literal half-feat - a feat where only half the power will be of any appreciable use. Which is dangerously close to a trap option. It would be very rare to see unusual and organic combos, like someone taking an interesting feat but it added to their dump stat.

Impact on MAD classes. Some classes require more good ability scores, like the paladin needing STR (or DEX), CHR and CON. Players of these will be hit harder by removing the ASI increase of +2 (or +1/+1). So this adjustment doesn't affect all of the classes the same. The ranged rogue will do better than that paladin with such limited adjustments.

Meaningful choices vs. same-y-ness. Right now the choice is between an ASI which is mostly a useful recurring math adjustment, or a feat which is an interesting option, or a half-feat to split the difference. There's no one right choice, and having meaningful choices like this helps define this character vs. another of the same class. But now there's only one choice - the split the difference. Characters have a much higher chance to end up same-y with others of their class - +1 to their primary ability score, and one of the feats from that limited list that also enhances their features.

Slowness of advancement. Any even scores need to wait 8 levels to see a change in the modifier, which is a long time for payoff. And for four levels of it, you only have "half a feat" in play since the other part hasn't yet made any adjustment to game play.

Speed to cap. Considering that the average campaign tops at 10-11, then with 50Anniversary we're looking at 3 feats (1st, 4th, 8th). For the players that like to go to 20, that requires starting with a 17 after background, and no other ability score can be touched. For a reasonable subset of players, this is a big deal.

feats is the source of all lamentation.
at first whim was about the choice of feat vs ASI.
then with these new all half feats, the concern is about not using optimally the ability bonus.
Then we can try two offer a full feat and a ASI. People would still complain that they could be use of two feats or two ASI.
So I think that it’s the only solution : Give the choice two feats, two ASI or a feat and a ASI!

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