OGL 5 minute explainer video for my players?

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CR 1/8
I think the first five minutes or so of this video really cover it well.

We want to keep the 5e SRD under the OGL 1.0a. The OGL 1.0a isn't broken and doesn't need to be fixed.
And the OGL1.0 needs to stay intact so that the tons of content from the 3e/3.5e SRDs also remain accessible. That includes PF1e among others; lots of 3e era rules supplements, bestiaries, adventures, etc; many early OSR games and supplements; countless hobby projects, publications from extinct 3pps, and other D&D-adjacent 'abandonware'; and even a fair number of no longer supported non-D&D specific RPG materials that used the OGL1.0 simply because it's easy to understand and propagate.
Killing off OGL1.0 would turn all those latent seeds into sterile fossils.

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