D&D Movie/TV 5 (nitpicking)) things the D&D Movie got wrong

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I had my nitpicks like the Bard not knowing any magic at all and the Druid wildshaping like 10 times in a row, but only real complaint is this:

EVERY fight but the Big Boss Battle at the end consisted of all the characters standing around while ONE character did all the fighting.

That is very much NOT D&D. Boredom would set in. The other players would riot.
I saw them taking turns, which happens in D&D

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I saw them taking turns, which happens in D&D
But... no one else got involved in the combat at all.

OTOH, I think I get what you mean. The "feeling" of standing around while someone else fights is absolutely represented in D&D, and this showed that. Yeah, that's probably it. Even if normal D&D combat allows for a lot more teamwork (which they did, thankfully, in the Boss Battle). I'll give it to you.

I just saw the movie.
What DnD got wrong?

DnD pc should start at a much higher level.
Encounter can be solve by only one pc and that could be fun.
Having a PC that just talk and push idea can be fun.
PC are much better without a dump stat, and based on official character sheet they don’t need a 20 to be played.
a single dagger wound can kill a tough barbarian.
Dont follow the MM and DM guide.
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