502 Bad Gateway


A Wicked Kendragon
Getting a lot of these 502 connection errors today. Have to reload each page five or six times before seeing them, and logging in took me fifteen minutes.
I'm not even sure how this message reads, as half of the interface is missing from my screen (well, not missing as such, but all the formatting is gone and I'm looking at the barebones version of the site with everything jumbled together).


I am also receiving the 502s, and clicking on a forum or thread takes about a minute to load when it does get through.

@Morrus just in case....


A Wicked Kendragon
I tried editing my post to insert an image of what I'm looking at, but the edit request times out.

Then I tried inserting a picture into this new post, but the image insert request times out as well.



Well, that was fun
Staff member
Yep, we're all getting them. Don't know why yet; something's clogging up the server somewhere.


Final Form
I couldn't get the site to load at all until literally 15 minutes ago; now everything seems fine


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