D&D General 50th Anniversary WotC live panel at PAX Unplugged 2023.

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Star Wars d20? Hasbro acquired WotC only for the Pokemon CCG (but later this became the jewel of the family). If Embracer Group is not in its best (economic) moment then we shouldn't be surprised if Hasbro was interested.

I don't remember Star Wars TTRPG by Fantasy Flight/Edge End being so popular as the d20 version. We can compare the number of sourcebooks.

Buck Rogers is actually a dead franchise, almost totally forgotten. I guess Hasbro would rather to start from zero with a new IP where they can add the crunch, something like an update of d20 Future, mixing Star Frontier and Star*Drive/Alternity.

If my memory doesn't fail, Edgeent is republishing again Star Wars TTRPG, and this doesn't seem a sign of a change of licence owner.

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