WotC D&D at PAX Unplugged Next Week


Pax Unplugged 2024 is approaching (December 1st-3rd) in Philadelphia, USA, and WotC will be there with various D&D events.

The 50 years of D&D Adventures panel will feature Jeremy Crawford, Amanda Hamon, Chris Perkins, and James Wyatt, who will be talking about D&D adventures of the past and what's coming next year. The panel will be streamed live, so you can view it on the D&D YouTube channel.

There will be various D&D game run by WotC's long-time partner Baldman Games, including the premier of the "special convention-exclusive Planescape mega-event" Powers in Pieces and updated versions of Tomb of Horrors and The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan to celebrate the 50th anniversary early.

There's also hints of "more glimpses of the future of D&D" in the D&D play area.

There are also unconfirmed rumours that the 3d VTT will be available to try.
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I crit!
WotC pulls release dated images shared during PAX Unplugged.

Wizards of the coast has pulled all social media they are in charge of that shared images with release dates. Weather that means the release dates were wrong or just not supposed to be shared is unclear.

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