D&D Adventurers League: New Adventures, Events, and a Glimpse of Planescape

In a series of updates to their service awards, Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League has shown that you can contribute to the community beyond being a player or DM, see “Types of Service” in the document available on the D&D Discord. Effective from October 5, 2023, and continuing until January 2024 these activities extend beyond traditional gameplay, encompassing a suite of off-table activities.


New AL Adventures on the DMsGuild​

In line with these developments, the Dungeon Masters Guild is hosting new adventures from Baldman Games. Two adventures under the Dragonlance series are making their debut. BMG-DL-VOTU-01 Dragons of Revelation, and BMG-DL-VOTU-02 Dragons of Sorrow are both adventures planned for characters of 2nd to 4th levels.

Meanwhile, the AL community contributions continue to thrive with a series of community adventures, available on Dungeon Masters Guild. These include the Halloween inspired Memento Motus: Séance for the Lost by AL Community Manager Ma’at Crook; a supernatural escapade with coloring pages.

New DungeonCraft Adventures on the Guild​

Spelljammer adventures are currently allowed with the DungeonCraft program. New release include SJ-DC-LP-01 Litter Patrol, a salvage adventure set in the Astral Sea by Rick Way; and SJ-DC-ROCK-02 Bral Under Siege by Arthur Marques.

For those inclined to explore a variety of adventures, there is a 50% discount on Matt Brown’s Astral Arcana bundle for the next two weeks. In a notable philanthropic gesture, author Ser Cavytrix has set a 'pay-what-you-want' price for all his titles (CCCs, WBW-DCs, and SJ-DCs) available on the platform.


Planescape for AL​

There are no official announcements to suggest that Planescape will become a regular Adventurers League season. However, it will not be long before we learn more, as the official release of the newest Planescape incarnation arrives on October 17th.

We do; however, have one piece of AL/Planescape news. Baldman Games will offer PAX Unplugged attendees a firsthand Planescape experience with the new D&D Epic adventure, written by experienced designers Shawn Merwin and Eric Menge. In addition they’ll be offering the first chapter of Turn of Fortune’s Wheel, the new Planescape adventure..

In Person Events​

Baldman Games is also buoying its in-person engagement with players via events such as the New York Comic-Con from October 12-15, and PAX Unplugged from November 30-December 3.

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I have trouble navigating around AL content to figure out which things are meant to be part of a campaign story arc... and which things are meant to just be random one-shots.

I know there are "seasons" for DDAL, but is there any resource available that clearly delineates what is meant to be part of a series or adventure path... vs what is just meant to be a separate unrelated one-shot within a season?

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