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ZEITGEIST 5e Adventures in single PDF format?


Hi folks,
I got the 5e version of the Zeitgeist adventures from Patreon, so they came in separated pdfs, with each adventure comprised of 2-3 pdfs. Does anyone know if there's a version of these adventures that keeps each adventure in its own, single pdf. (It looks like the adventures are split into multiple pdfs, even on Drivethru.) It's not a huge issue, but as my group gets into adventure 3, I'm realizing it's a QoL thing, where having to search multiple pdfs when I'm looking for something is becoming a bit tedious.

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the 5e zeitgeist i have has each adventure as a single PDF, but i got it from an add-on option to the level up kickstarter. it looks like you might be able to get it that way through the enpublishing store (i'm not sure on that though, since i didn't buy it through there).


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Yep, many PDF readers will let you join PDFs together. There's online tools which will do that too. It takes a few seconds. The compiled versions on the EN Publishing store I literally just did that to make them.


My favorite (and free) program for that is PDF24(.org)

Just compiled the En5ider files together to:
  • Player's Guide (16 MB)
  • Adventures (196 MB)
and left the Campaign Guide and the other adventure.
The whole process was done in about 5 minutes.

For bookmarks you'd need another tool. I used the Foxit Reader to add the Index to the bookmark of the GPG Annual Vol.1

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