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5E 5e Feats Revised and Expanded


I didn't write this, but someone else posted and I am putting the link here.

The revision is up:
So, my party has just reached 4th level and I'm trying something different. I'm letting them choose from the revised Feats in the document, and I'm also adding Character Options: Talents by Dragonix (who also wrote the wonderful Monster Manual Expanded).

I'm letting the PCs get one feat or two talents which count as half feats. They're suddenly so very excited and poring over all the new options, and planning character builds out six levels ahead. I haven't seen players do this in a long time and it's so nice to see. There lots and lots of good choices, and I'm thinking of slapping some of the talents onto magic items to make them more interesting. This combo really makes 5th feel much more like 3rd edition as far as character design. I know why 5e simplified things for new players, but I do like the game a little crunchier.
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