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D&D 5E 5e Halcyon Academy


It is a dismal morning in late fall. The sky is grey over the port town of Llast, so called because it is typically the last place on the mainland a potential student ever sees. Nestled in a cove with high mountains on every side, there are only two safe ways in and out of the city: through a well known path in the mountains, and by boat.

As you crest a ridge on this path, the town comes in to view. Or at least, it would. A mist has settled over the entire town, which is below you in altitude, obscuring just about everything except the tops of the buildings. On the far side of the town, near the water of the small cove, juts a tower high above every other building. The entire feel of the town gives a foreboding sense of the magnitude of the venture you are about to undertake.

You have been given minimal instruction, which includes the need to report to the Llast Tower by the end of the day, and little else. There is a tavern in town, named The Little Spitter, which is near the Tower. There are also shops if you would like to purchase anything, should you have the coin. You have been warned against bringing weapons of any kind.

It is mid morning when you enter the town, the mists are just starting to lift. You can see you are not the only newcomers visiting. Not by far. Dozens of people in their own wagons have entered over the last week, of every shape and size, and from every nation imaginable. A group of humans from the northern kingdom protectively guard their wagon, while making small talk with a lone Goliath on the side of the road. Elves of all types, including Drow, walk in the open, talking to the traders on the street.

Your eventual goal is the Tower, but you have some time before sunset to explore.

OOC: You are free to roam. If you would like, you may RP in a flashback how you came about your invitation to the Halcyon Academy. Just denote it as such. You are also free to bring along NPC's, such as family members or your patron. I will control them, but will build off of what you bring. While you are not late, most everyone else who is going to the Academy has already been in town for days. This means that the party will be the last ones to the Tower to "Check In", and will be a good place to meet everyone else, if you do not meet each other beforehand.

Besides that, good luck!

RG: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?521077-5e-Halcyon-Academy-Attendance-Sheet
OOC: http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?518311-5e-Halcyon-Academy-(Recruiting-OOC)
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Wandering round down the mountain trail mims thoughts turn to diving from the top of it and hurtling headlonng down to the ground like a stone before unfurling his wings and climbing... Mim comes to with a thud as he walks straight into the Goliath "Squeeeek" Mim apologizes with a bow before carrying his decent into town.

Arriving at the town Mim heads straight for the market, the nerve center of any town, full with sights, smells but more importantly sounds! The voices the sound of knives hitting wood as food is prepared, the bleats of sheep and other livestock.

Then Barnabus saw it a stall made from rough timber with a red and yellow striped cloth over it...... CHEESE! There is a giant wheel of cheese sitting there a flurry of squeeks emerge from the rat sitting in Mim's belt pouch that, the Kenku quickly replies in his own squeeks before the rat let's out one final sauerkraut before dropping his head below the flap of the pouch. Mim shrugs as he heads over to the stall looks at the wares he finds a suitable block of cheese he could easily lift up and conceal in his backpack, Mim knows he shouldn't but Barnabus is so convincing. Mim wanders some distance from the stall before screeching in his best damsel in distress voice"Ahhhhhhh a rat, a filthy rat ahhhhhh its after the cheese ahhhhhhh think of the children think of the children" Mim quickly dashes over and rifles around in the cheese while very slyly slipping a chunk into his belt pouch with the rat while at the same time grabbing the rat by it's tail and putting on his best hero voice"Aha I have the foul beast" as Mim wanders of carrying the rat by it's tail licking clacking his beak.

OOC: Sleight of hand to take the cheese [roll0]. Provided Mim gets away with this he will duck into the nearest ally to gently place Barnabus down with his cheese

Jordy stood outside the gate, watching the coach drive away. The driver had barely given him time to get out, he was in such a hurry to get away. Count Taneer had made it clear - no matter what happened here, Jordan Greenbottle could never return to Novis.

Hefting his sack, he turned toward the gate and an uncertain future.


Late Fall/Morning

Asherah almost bounced giddily as she peeked through the curtains of her palanquin, carried along the roads from the Tabaxi Suzerainty by minotaur slaves. The big, beefy humanoids cut a wide path through the streets as they entered the port city. Asherah’s green eyes took it all in, wide and excited, her tail lashing behind her. She pushed back her auburn hair and called for a halt.

The slaves set the palanquin down and stood at attention in place as one of the tabaxi warriors following pushed the thick curtains aside. Asherah slipped out, her light boots scraping along the cobblestone streets, and she straightened her sari as she looked around. In her hand, she idly toyed with her lucky glass eye she had one in a parcheesi game from a human trader.

“There is a tavern there. Get the slaves some water and a meal before you head back,” she told her escort. “Thank you for your kind care and concern on the trip.” She flashed them a smile before she went bounding off into the tavern herself, now free of her escort.

Asherah looked around the bustling common room at all the various races. Some she had seen as traders, but most she had only read about in books, or heard about from a wandering minstrel.

“What’ll ye ‘ave, lassie?” a short creature with a long beard asked. Asherah guessed he was a dwarf. She towered over him, and most other creatures in the tavern, her frame tall and willowy.

“Ehm...” Asherah looked around, unsure. No one seemed to be drinking milk like she was used to. “I’ll have what he’s having.” She pointed to a human down the bar.

The dwarf nodded and pulled out a mug, filling it from a keg and putting the heady drink in front of her. She tasted it and got her whiskers full of the foamy head. She sneezed, twitching her whiskers, but finally got some of the ale. It tasted strange, but not bad. It would take some getting used to.


[sblock=Mim] The cheese vendor looked up at the Kenku's screaming, hearing something about a rat. Rats were a common enough occurance in a port town, but the cheese vendor, a halfling named Marris, hated them with a passion. Probably because they cut in to his profits.

He saw Mim raise a rat out of the cheese, and by george is it a big one!

"Thank you, kind...um...sir?" he says, uncertain if the Kenku is a male or female. Then he lifts a knife, "Bring the foul beast over here. I can use its meat for my stew. I'll even give you a free wheel of cheese for your efforts!"[/sblock]

[sblock=Asherah] The human Asherah had pointed to looked up when she spoke. He let his eyes roam down her body, especially at her flicking tail. He got up from his seat and made his way over to her.

"You obviously know taste when you see it," he said, sitting at the bar next to her. "My name's Korlin. What could bring a pretty thing like you somewhere so far from home?"[/sblock]


[sblock=Mim]The halfling nods in understanding, then looks confused, "You want me to butcher it for you first?" He reaches for the rat, the knife still in his other hand.[/sblock]

As Jordy walks through the streets, he hears a voice behind him.

"I wondered if you were going to make it in time," it says in a low, sensuous tone. When he turns, he sees a tall cloaked figure, obviously a woman, with the hood pulled low so only the bottom of her face is visible. Her lips are full and red, and turned up in a smirk. She reaches out a gloved hand to the halfling. "Come with me. I have a proposition for you."[/sblock]


Mim makes the sound of a mouse then of cat then back to mouse then cat silence all the time he is wiggling poor Barnabus around. Mim then heads off to find a place for Barnabus to relax and eat his cheese.

As Jordy walks through the streets, he hears a voice behind him.

"I wondered if you were going to make it in time," it says in a low, sensuous tone. When he turns, he sees a tall cloaked figure, obviously a woman, with the hood pulled low so only the bottom of her face is visible. Her lips are full and red, and turned up in a smirk. She reaches out a gloved hand to the halfling. "Come with me. I have a proposition for you."

Jordy steps back, looking up at the woman suspiciously, "Who are you?" He quickly looks around for an escape route, and to see if anyone is coming up behind him.

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