D&D 5E [5E] OotA polearm-wielding human who can see in the dark

Mars Hall

I've been playing a UA Ranger Dark Stalker, which has been fun, but very powerful in combat. Now that Xanathar's Guide is out I checked out the Gloom Stalker. In my opinion it sucks slightly less than the Ranger conclaves in the PHB but it still sucks.

Now I'm looking for ideas to rebuild my character.

There are some requirements:

A human who can see in the dark.
Uses a polearm (the sentient scythe Duskbringer).
Point-buy character creation, feats are allowed, no UA material.

What ideas can the forum come up with?

Thanks in advance.adept can get you
If he must be Human and not Custom Lineage, then the Eldritch Adept feat can get you Devil's Sight, but you need to be a Spellcasting class when you take it.

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