D&D 5E 5E Survivor - 5th Edition Survives! [+]

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I've been voting 2e and 5e as those are the two editions I've played the most, and 2e was what started me off on this wonderful hobby. I see 5e as the spiritual successor to 2e that took everything that was learned from the 3 and 4 eras to make a truly exceptional TTRPG that is both wide and deep, something that works for introducing new players and providing infinite possibility for old. And though I don't have much experience with the box sets and AD&D, the hobby wouldn't be here without them, so I'm deeply appreciative that they exist!



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Not going to lie, I was pretty tempted, but I didn't have a big reason to besides "2e's DNA does continue into 5e" and "it'd be a system I'd maybe want to play if THAC0 was replace" (I do understand how it works, but it's still a confusing calculation for me).


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