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D&D General D&D Survivor: Wrack Dragons


Frumious Flumph (Your Grace/Your Eminence)
@CleverNickName said they wouldn't do another thread and in the Companion thread people wondered if there could be another. Here's a list of the Wrack dragons from the Scarred Lands setting by Sword & Sorcery Studios. When 3rd edition was first published, Wizards of the Coast released the Player's Handbook at GenCon but the Monster Manual was still some months from completion, but the Creature Collection was available; a lot of people picked it up at the con so they could start playing immediately, and the Wrack dragons are therefore the actual first published dragons for 3rd edition. You all know the rules by now, but I'll post them here anyway just in case.

  • Only the dragons that have been published in print for Dungeons & Dragons are included. A few third-party publishers will be included, but I don't have all of the books ever printed, so I'm limited to what I have. If you really wanted to see something else, do you own list!
  • Each entry starts with 20 points.
  • Every day, you vote for one dragon that you like, which gains 1 point. And then you vote for a different dragon, which loses 2 points. It is intentional that a negative vote is worth more than a positive vote, because math.
  • Mark your upvotes in green, and downvotes in red. Or just show them in bold text and use "+1" and "-2" to mark them, if colored text is too difficult on your browsing device.
  • It's easier if you just copy and paste the previous poster’s vote and change the numbers; the Quote function isn't the best for this.
  • You may vote only once per day. This is an honor system, and we are all honorable gamers; please do not abuse it. If this means you vote once at night one day, and once the next morning - that's fine, but don't vote again until the following day. Rule of thumb: if your most recent vote post says "yesterday" in the time stamp, you can vote again.
  • This is just another Internet popularity contest and you do not have to explain an upvote or downvote, but feel free to do so...those explanations are where the fun is! And the more outlandish, petty, or nitpicky your reasons for voting, the better!
  • When downvotes reach 0 the dragon is removed from the list.
  • Finally, if an entry has one point left, then you have to make the choice to use all of your downvotes to eliminate it; there is no vote splitting. In addition, you can't upvote and downvote the same entry (no "see" votes). And you have to use BOTH YOUR UPVOTE AND DOWNVOTE if you vote.
Three important points that you must read before voting--
  • This is just a popularity contest, and it's supposed to be fun. You can cast your votes for whatever reason you want; a dragon that you used a lot, a dragon you wanted to love but hated, a dragon that killed Kevin's character in a hilarious way, whatever. But this is for enjoyment only. If you experience anger, hostility, or other evidence of Not Having Fun, you're doing it wrong.
  • As always, the list is the list. If you have a complaint about the list, please direct it to //dev/null.
So. Onward to the contest!

Ultimately, the whole point of this thread is to have fun. Some people really want this to be a "Best In Show" contest, and they get really worked up when (not 'if') their favorites get eliminated (I am sometimes one of those people). But hopefully we have all figured out how this works by now. For the newly-initiated, remember that this is not an election, nor is it a survey or a job evaluation. Frankly, this is a celebration of the hard work @CleverNickName put into these threads.

(as of April 6, 2024)

Firewrack Dragon (Creature Collection I, 2000, 3E)
Fleshwrack Dragon (Creature Collection III: Savage Bestiary, 2003, 3E)
Icewrack Dragon (Creature Collection III: Savage Bestiary, 2003, 3E)
Seawrack Dragon (Creature Collection I, 2000, 3E)
Woodwrack Dragon (Stormwrack Dragon in 5E) (Creature Collection I, 2000, 3E)

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Frumious Flumph (Your Grace/Your Eminence)
Firewrack Dragon 20
Fleshwrack Dragon 20 + 1 = 21
Icewrack Dragon 20
Seawrack Dragon 20 - 2 = 18
Woodwrack Dragon 20

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