D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Deities (Part 4: Eberron) Olladra Advances!

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Limit Break Dancing
Man, my Eberron players are going to be upset when I tell them their characters can only worship Aureon or Olladra from now on.

I may not understand how these threads work. Is there someplace I report people whose characters still worship gods that have been voted off?
I send all of my Survivor results directly to both Keith Baker and Wizards of the Coast, who are required to immediately issue errata removing them from the game, and to omit them from all future products. They usually scrub the losers from their websites and VTT platforms in a few hours after the results are posted.

I'm kind of a big deal, you see.


Anyway, I'm not a lawyer. But players who continue to use the out-voted options in these Survivor threads are committing like fifteen different felonies, and there's no telling what other game-related crimes they are capable of. You should contact the authorities immediately; I'm sure they could use a good laugh.
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Limit Break Dancing
And Olladra wins! I guess you could say...
...got lucky?

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New thread is up, btw.


I wonder how many drug company name folks think they've found something that sounds good for their product, google it, and go #%@! D&D again.

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