D&D 5E 5E Survivor - Subclasses (Part III: Bards)

Ogre Mage

College of Eloquence 6
College of Lore 30

Both are excellent but the knowledge-focused lore bard is more the style I prefer to play.

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Knew it would be the Lore Bard. :)
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Limit Break Dancing
Congratulations to the College of Lore, who beat out all of the other contestant to advance to the Final Round! That's right, out of so many other great option for the Bard class, the College of Lore beat out all other great contender, and will represent all bards in the Final Round!


Next up: Clerics! Stay tuned...


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Likely to happen, since PHB is the most widely used of the class books (simply because it is the base of the game and the best-selling of all of the books).

Cheers :)
Yep. Time and again, the options in the Player's Handbook will usually win out over the options found elsewhere (subclasses, races, feats, spells...usually the winner comes from the PHB. There are a few possible reasons for this:

Options in the PHB are older, and therefore, more people have seen them, and more people have had more chances to play them. The theory being that since thre are more fond memories of playing a College of Lore bard than there are for a College of Spirits bard, the Lore Bard won.

And for better or worse, options in the PHB are considered the "default, this is always allowed" for most D&D players, since everyone playing any game of D&D needs at least one copy of that book. Unlike stuff in other books, like Artificers and Warforged and the Elven Accuracy feat--those things are perceived as "not default, ask your DM first" because those books are optional.

I believe it's that last one that makes people campaign so hard for/against certain options being included in whatever new edition of D&D is coming up. "You can't include X in the Player's Handbook! If you do, everyone will think that X belongs in D&D!!" or "If you don't include X in the Player's Handbook, nobody will let me use it!"
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In terms of the subclasses, I would think that it's also because the core game includes the most classic/iconic archetypes, while the expansions are more specific and less obvious themes. If I want the most warlock-y warlock, I'd probably go with fiend, and if I want the most paladin-y paladin I'd go with devotion, i.e. the options that are included in the srd.

Anyone want to hazard a guess on which non-phb subclass has the best chance of making the cut? They are all probably dark horses in their respective races but Bladesinger could be competitive. It's from SCAG so it's been around for a long time and many people like a gish. Swashbuckler would be my second pick.


Limit Break Dancing
Anyone want to hazard a guess on which non-phb subclass has the best chance of making the cut? They are all probably dark horses in their respective races...
Well the Battle Smith artificer has already made it to the final round, and it's a non-PHB subclass. ;)

But I know what you mean. As for the Core classes, it's hard to say...I think the Hexblade is probably the strongest contender in the "gish" category.
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