5th edition D&D: Shadow Elves.

Sailor Moon

Anyone remember these lads from the Gazetteer?

I've started converting them over to 5th edition for my homebrew world of Darkmoor. I've decided to make them white as marble with various colours of hair.

The story behind them goes back many centuries to a great elven kingdom. The kingdom was ruled by the elders of the 13 eldest houses and overtime they grew paranoid. After discovering shadow magic, they decided to use it and create duplicate copies of themselves in case they were ever attacked. One evening, a dark stranger visited the kingdom and gave those duplicates life and since they were duplicates of the eldest, they carried all of their memories. The newly formed went to the elders and wanted to share in their birth, but the elves were horrified and banished them from the kingdom. The newly created fled and made their way into the underdark where they formed their own society and became forevermore known as Shadow Elves because they were born of the shadow. Many centuries passed and the elves became adapted to the dark depths. Their skin turned as white as marble and they gained the ability to see in the darkness. They also retained some unique abilities from their being born of shadow. (Just a little summary)

I'm thinking about going +2 to dex and + 1 to charisma. I'm also giving them an ability to transform themselves to where their skin turn dark and looks like whisps of shadow. I also want to give them ability to project just an image of themselves to a limited distance of maybe 20 or 30 feet.

Everything is still under construction but if you have any ideas please share them.